Chelsea fan ‘denies racially abusing Raheem Sterling’

• Fan quoted as saying he called Sterling Manc not black
• Supporter said to be ‘deeply ashamed’ of behaviour

A Chelsea fan pictured shouting insults at Raheem Sterling has denied racially abusing the Manchester City player but said he was “deeply ashamed” of his behaviour, according to the Daily Mail.

The Mail quoted the supporter as saying: “I’m deeply ashamed by my own behaviour and I feel really bad. But I didn’t call him a black cunt, I called him a Manc cunt.

“I’ve been going to Chelsea for 50 years now and, because of where I sit, I’m picked up on the camera most weeks. If I had a history of saying this sort of thing I would’ve been caught by now.”

Chelsea have suspended four people from attending their matches, pending further investigations into allegations of racial abuse directed at Sterling during Saturday’s match at Stamford Bridge. Police have not made any arrests.

The Mail further quoted the fan as saying he had lost his job and Chelsea season ticket and as adding: “I offer him an unreserved apology. Even if it wasn’t racist, it’s not right what I said.”

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan police said: “Officers continue to review footage and CCTV to determine whether any offences have been committed. Officers are in possession of the details of those reportedly involved – there have been no arrests at this time. The Met continues to work with both clubs and a number of inquiries are ongoing.”