Champions League last 16 draw: Man Utd face PSG, Liverpool v Bayern – as it happened

Liverpool have been handed a Champions League last-16 tie against Bayern Munich, while Manchester City face Schalke and Spurs will play Dortmund

And with that, I’m going to jump off this sinking ship and climb aboard HMS Europa League. If you’ve not already had your fill of draw-based fun, join me for that one right here:

Ian Rush gives his reaction. He seems excited.

It’s been a fantastic week for Liverpool. Two really big games and we came out top in both games. They’re consistent now, they’ve got a settled side now. They’ve got a squad now capable of doing really, really well. There’s some great names in the Champions League. At this stage it doesn’t matter who you get, it’s going to be a difficult game. Our first game’s at home, we’ve got to try to take advantage. The atmosphere’s going to be incredible at Anfield, I just hope that can help us as well.

The Champions League Round of 16 draw in full

Schalke v Manchester City
Atlético Madrid v Juventus
Manchester United v Paris St-Germain
Tottenham v Borussia Dortmund
Lyon v Barcelona
Roma v Porto
Ajax v Real Madrid
Liverpool v Bayern Munich


So there were four English teams and three Spanish teams, but no England v Spain round of 16 ties. There were also three German teams, and there will be three England v Germany ties. What are the odds*?

* You don’t actually have to answer that.

And that concludes today’s Champions League draw. Short and very sweet, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Which leaves Liverpool left in a like-it-or-lump-it match-up with Bayern Munich!

Ajax can now only play Real Madrid, so that’s what’s going to happen.

Roma will play Porto! That’s an excellent draw for both teams.

Next up it’s Lyon v Barcelona! Lyon have never beaten Barcelona, in six attempts.

Now it’s Tottenham’s turn, and they will play Borussia Dortmund! They’ve played each other four times previously, with each side winning two of those games.

Manchester United are picked next. Of the available group winners, they get Paris St-Germain! The clubs have never met in European competition, so this is history we’re watching right here!

Atlético Madrid are the second runners-up to be drawn. They will play Juventus. Juve have won four of their seven previous meetings.

Schalke are out of the hat first (they’re picking runners-up first, you see). And they will play Manchester City!

The draw is happening!

One thing I didn’t mention: After the draw, Uefa will determine which matches are played on Tuesday, which on Wednesday, and which will be played in which week, based on whatever they think is important.

Now a brief pause while the regulations are read out. You know the regulations, because I quoted the way down at the bottom of this page, so you’re missing nothing.

Then García is asked what brought about Liverpool’s fantastic half-timely turnaround in 2005. “I cannot tell you the whole truth,” he says. These interviews are going excellently.

Georges is asked who she thinks will win. “I wouldn’t pick anyone special,” she says.

Bayern Munich’s Laura Georges and the former Liverpool ace Luis García are introduced as today’s special guests and ball-pluckers.

After a lot of chat about which teams deserve particular commendation for their group-stage achievements, Marchatti pauses and says: “Ladies and gentlemen, we are getting closer to the draw.” This is not entirely encouraging.

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The draw will be led by Giorgio Marchetti, Uefa’s deputy general secretary and drawmaster in chief, who has just taken the stage.

We start with a rousing and dramatically-soundtracked group stage highlights package.

The view from the hall. It’s probably better on TV:

Lots of empty seats in the hall still, but then I suppose there are only 16 teams involved. Anyway, action!

The draw starts in 90 seconds!

Schalke are the bookies’ outsiders for the competition, which given that they are the only team that will absolutely certainly get a nightmare draw is probably understandable. Manchester City are the favourites, with three-time defending champions Real Madrid seventh. Here’s the chaps from WhoScored predicting how every team will do:

“Looking at the potential match ups every English team other than city can focus on the EPL after March,” says Krish.

Here’s a team-by-team analysis from last week:

Over on Uefa, they have managed to ask dozens of famous players at Champions League clubs about the draw, and elicited almost identical responses from all of them. Thus Mario Gotze says:

Regardless of which opponent you get in the Champions League last 16, it will be tense and very, very tough.

While Koke says:

Whoever we’re drawn against, we’re going to have to play very well.

And Leon Goretzka says:

You come up against good opposition in every game so we’ll see who we get.

Here’s an English-team can-get-ometer, just so everybody knows where they stand:

Manchester City
Can’t play: Lyon, Liverpool, Manchester Utd, Tottenham
Can play: Ajax, Atlético Madrid, Roma, Schalke

Tottenham Hotspur
Can’t play: Barcelona, Manchester City
Can play: Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Juventus, Paris St-Germain, Porto, Real Madrid

Can’t play: PSG, Man City
Can play: Barcelona, Bayern, Borussia, Juventus, Porto, Real Madrid

Manchester United
Can’t play: Juventus, Man City
Can play: Barcelona, Bayern, Borussia, PSG, Porto, Real Madrid

Hello world!

Today we will mainly be thinking about Article 18 of the 2018-19 Champions League regulations, in which paragraph one sets out the basic rules for this draw as follows:

18.01 The round of 16 pairings are determined by means of a draw in accordance with the following principles:

a. Clubs from the same association cannot be drawn against each other.

b. Group winners must be drawn against runners-up from a different group.

c. The runners-up play the first leg at home (on 12/13 February and 19/20 February), and then the second leg away (on 5/6 and 12/13 March).

And, just for interest:

18.02 The eight winners of the round of 16 contest the quarter-finals. The quarter-final pairings are determined by means of a draw.

Date for the diary: this draw will be held on 15 March

So what this means is that Manchester City, who came top of Group F, can’t be drawn against Lyon, the runners-up in that group, or against Tottenham, Liverpool or Manchester United, who were runners-up in different groups but are from the same association, and so can only play one of Atlético Madrid, Schalke, Ajax or Roma. They have the fewest potential opponents with four, with Atlético next on that list with five. Only two teams have the full house of seven potential quarter-final pairs, with only the other qualified team from their own group ruled out, and they are Porto and Ajax.

Even before the draw poor Schalke know they are going to get royally skewered: having come second in Group D they can’t play the winners of that group – Porto – while the other German sides, Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich, are also ruled out. Thus they know that one of Barcelona, PSG, Manchester City, Real Madrid or Juventus will be their opponents. SAD!

The draw is due to start at 11am GMT/12pm CET. It will feature literally hundreds of balls in 16 separate bowls, because when Uefa holds a draw they like to go all in. So strap yourselves in, and brace yourselves for an hour and a bit of ball-picking goodness.