Brazil 1-7 Germany: the internet reacts to a World Cup humiliation

Germany's destruction of Brazil became the most discussed sports match in Twitter's history as 35.6 million tweets were posted during the game. Most of them were laughing at Brazil

Football fans love schadenfreude, especially if the overly emotional World Cup hosts are being eviscerated to the point of embarrassment in front of their own fans. As the goals rolled in for Germany, the mocking voices rose on Twitter, peaking in the minute Sami Khedira scored Germany's fourth goal, when 580,166 tweets were sent.

Some of those tweets must have offered commiserations to Brazil, but most fans were more interested in gleeful mockery than sympathy. That's football supporters for you: if their team isn't playing they might as well entertain themselves by laughing at the poor losers on show. Isaac Newton said that every action produces an equal and opposed reaction. In football speak, that means that for every great winner we have to admire begrudgingly, there is a bedraggled loser we can mock relentlessly. Last night that loser was Brazil. People can't say that very often, so they made the most of their opportunity.

Twitter reacts to Brazil 1-7 Germany

The waves of derision build

Brazil's new flag

David Luiz says his prayers

But there is no escape

For the player or his new owners

David Luiz is not the only Brazil player to attract Twitter's attention

It's all too much for this fan

Jesus wept

And then took off

To be replaced by Angela Merkel

As Germany crushed Brazil

Germany kept going

Even England fans enjoyed their victory

Alan Hansen had something to discuss

The match reports were filed

The German players reflected on their day's work

And looked forward to the World Cup final

And the world got its breath back

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