Bayern Munich 5-0 Borussia Dortmund: Bundesliga – as it happened

A first-half blitz saw Bayern Munich cruise to a 5-0 victory over Borussia Dortmund, nudging them ahead in a tight Bundesliga title race

And with that, we’ll leave you for the evening. In the end, what a let down of a game. Hopefully Barcelona v Atletico Madrid will be more of a contest, so join John Brewin for that one.

Quite so.

So then. Where does that leave the title race? Bayern are two points ahead with six games remaining, but more than the points the magnitude of the thrashing might turn out to be crucial. This was an imposition of will and a severe thrashing that Lucien Favre will have to take care doesn’t impact too much on his players from a psychological perspective.

The referee takes mercy on Dortmund and, despite the six substitutions in the game, allows no injury-time and blows the whistle on the stroke of 90 minutes.

Full-time: Bayern 5-0 Dortmund


89 mins: Simple really. Lovely work by Gnabry down the right side of the box, he zooms towards goal but instead chooses to square it across the six-yard box, where Lewandowski is waiting to dab home.

GOAL! Bayern 5-0 Dortmund (Lewandowski 89)

A 15th Der Klassiker goal for Lewandowski.

Robert Lewandowski dabs home the fifth.
Robert Lewandowski dabs home the fifth. Photograph: Adam Pretty/Bongarts/Getty Images


87 mins: Dortmund have had the ball for a while, but it does them zero good as a pass trickles out for a goal kick.

84 mins: Lewandowski again goes close but Weigl does well to block an effort from close range. Sule then tries a shot from miles out, which goes miles wide.

83 mins: Elsewhere in the Bundesliga today...

82 mins: Weigel and Wolf sandwich Ribery on the left corner of the area, giving Thiago the chance to whip in another zooter of a cross, but he does not take that chance and simply gives Burki catching practice.

80 mins: Sub for Bayern, who are clearly shutting up shot and protecting their lead, as Renato Sanches comes on for Tommy Muller.

79 mins: A frustrated Reus is lucky not to get booked for a rough, high challenge on Lewandowski, who looks at him as if to say “Why do you do me so wrong, Marco? Why?”

78 mins: Lewandowski misses a terrific chance to make it five: Gnabry zips in a low cross from the right, Lewandowski loses his marker and lunges at the ball but spoons the left-footed effort o’er the bar. He was at full-stretch, in fairness.

77 mins: Sub for Bayern, as Leon Goretzka comes on for Javi Martinez.

76 mins: Thiago puts a free-kick over from the right, which is dummied at the near-post by Muller, breaks out to Gnabry but he shanks his shot well over.

75 mins: Well this has been a wet fart of a second half so far.

73 mins: I’m not saying Bayern are taking the piss here, but Kimmich was just quite briefly playing centre-forward.

70 mins: Yikes, well, Lewandowski is very lucky not to be sent off. Delaney clambers all over his back then cynically drags him back by the arm, to which Lewandowski responds by hoofing the Dane up in the air, about five yards in front of the referee, who chooses a yellow card apiece rather than anything more serious.

69 mins: Another sub for Dortmund: Piszczek is replaced by Marius Wolf.

68 mins: Coman is replaced by Franck Ribery, the younger Frenchman holding his right hamstring after a particularly Comanesque sprint a minute ago.

67 mins: Witsel lunges into a challenge with Thiago, getting some of the ball but a lot of the Spaniard’s ankle, and yet is not penalised.

65 mins: Piszczek does good work down the right and picks out Goetze with a cross, but his shot is blocked by Kimmich in the area.

64 mins: Bayern have backed off a bit now. Which is a little disappointing from a neutral’s perspective: if you’re going to have a one-sided game, at least make it spectacular.

61 mins: Here comes Goetze: Dahoud is replaced.

60 mins: A Dortmund attack! Dahoud delays his pass for so long that Reus had run offside. Mario Goetze is getting his instructions and is about to come on.

57 mins: Delaney is lucky to escape a booking after ploughing through the back of Gnabry. Perhaps the referee is being merciful.

55 mins: Alaba finds implausible amounts of room after a lovely delicate dinked pass by Coman, but his low drilled cross is a scintilla too far ahead of Lewandowski and it runs away to safety.

David Alaba drills in a cross.
David Alaba drills in a cross. Photograph: Adam Pretty/Bongarts/Getty Images


52 mins: Piszczek does the unusual and beats Hummels to a header in the Dortmund area. The subsequent corner finds Coman at the back post, but he scuffs the volley and it goes wide.

51 mins: Six minutes in and Dortmund have yet to concede. Again, progress. Muller feeds Gnabry in the area but Delaney arrives to mop things up.

48 mins: Dortmund keep the ball for a minute or so, which is progress I guess, but then Coman wins it back and is fouled by Piszczek.

46 mins: If I was Kovac, I’d be telling my boys to attack, attack, attack. Go for double figures. Noses into the dirt time.

As trailed, Julian Weigl is on in an act of mercy, in place of Zagadou.

Favre locates door of empty stable.

And the really mad thing is that Dortmund should have been 1-0 ahead after Dahoud hit the post early on. Funny old game, Saint.

Actually in some respects this represents progress for Dortmund: they were 5-0 down at half-time in this game last season.

Dortmund have been lucky to get nil here, and actually ten of their players are lucky it’s only 4-0. The best summary of the first-half I can give you is that Roman Burki has probably been the best player on the pitch and he’s let in four goals. Who knows what Lucien Favre is going to do at half-time, but taking off Zagadou would be a good start: the youngster is going to be traumatised if he has to endure another 45 minutes of this.

Half-time: Bayern 4-0 Dortmund


45 mins: Two minutes added time. Dortmund look like they’d rather be anywhere else.

44 mins: We’re even beyond damage limitation stage for Dortmund now. The damage for today is done, and Dortmund’s priority now is that this doesn’t become entirely demoralising for the rest of the season.

43 mins: Muller pulls out to the right, cuts back on his left foot and clips over a cross. Gnabry loses his marker Akanji with flamboyant ease and then glances a header into the corner.

GOAL! Bayern 4-0 Dortmund (Gnabry 43)

This is just embarrassing now.

Serge Gnabry glances a header into the corner for the fourth.
Serge Gnabry glances a header into the corner for the fourth. Photograph: Ronald Wittek/EPA


40 mins: An action packed minute. Zagadou’s horrendous day continues after he’s booked (a little unluckily) after accidentally clipping Lewandowski. The subsequent free-kick is scooped over the first line of defence, Muller volleys straight at Burki but is somehow allowed time to get up and reach the rebound. From there the ball breaks to Martinez on the edge of the box and he rams it into the bottom corner.

GOAL! Bayern 3-0 Dortmund (Martinez 40)

But dear lord, Dortmund have been terrible.

Javier Martinez rams in the third.
Javier Martinez rams in the third. Photograph: Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images


39 mins: Once more, Hummels wins a header in the area under little pressure, but luckily for this dozy Dortmund defence he sends it well wide.

38 mins: Coman sticks a cross over to the far post for Lewandowski, where it looks like he’s fouled but wins the header anyway, and once more Burki has to bail Dortmund out.

37 mins: Sancho and Bruun Larsen have swapped flanks and the young Englishman seems to be getting a bit more joy. He claims he’s fouled, but nothing doing from the referee again.

34 mins: That corner is easily cleared and Bayern counter at pace, Coman claims he’s fouled on the edge of the area but the referee either decides nothing was awry or was too far behind play to tell. Either way, nothing is given.

33 mins: Dortmund attack: Piszczek pumps over a cross from the right, Delaney runs onto it but Joshua Kimmich gets there just ahead of him as the two collide, the Bayern man putting it behind for a corner.

31 mins: Another Bayern corner, another brilliant Thiago delivery, another Hummels header is too easily allowed, another great save from Burki, this time especially strong because the ball bounced directly in front of him. Dortmund are currently thigh-deep in something nasty, but it would be up to their chests were it not for their goalkeeper.

29 mins: Sancho finally gets the ball on the right and has a chance to cross or shoot, but doesn’t really do either and Neuer casually plucks the ball from the air.

28 mins: “Poor Zagadou indeed,” joshes Ian Copestake. “If only there was a song featuring his name fans could sing to cheer him up. But no tune comes immediately to mind.”

27 mins: Jadon Sancho hasn’t had a sniff thus far, and that’s not necessarily his fault. Dortmund just haven’t been able to get the ball to him.

24 mins: Dortmund have a shot on target, if you want to call it that. Piszczek appears in the middle about 25 yards out, he tries a left-footed effort but it dribbles straight at Neuer.

22 mins: Dortmund look punch drunk. They’re not thinking clearly, which perhaps isn’t a huge surprise given the youth of their team in general, their defence in particular. Zagadou just about gets away with another mistake.

19 mins: Bayern could easily be three ahead after Lewandowski then Muller force Burki into a couple of brilliant saves inside a minute: the first from a snatched shot across goal, the second from the resultant corner. The Dortmund defence are absolutely all over the shop.

17 mins: Bayern double their lead after a calamitous error by 19-year-old defender Dan-Axel Zagadou, who tries to pass square to his central defensive partner Akanji, neglecting to notice that a massive Pole was in the way. Lewandowski intercepts, flicks the ball over a kamikaze Burki, and volleys into the empty net.

GOAL! Bayern 2-0 Dortmund (Lewandowski 17)

Oh Dortmund! Oh Zagadou!

Robert Lewandowski volleys into an empty net.
Robert Lewandowski volleys into an empty net. Photograph: Andreas Gebert/Reuters


17 mins: Diallo nods back to Burki in a rare moment of calm and assurance in the Dortmund defence.

15 mins: Thiago spreads a pass out left but overhits it looking for Alaba. Bayern have started this one like a Bavarian train, Dortmund more of a South Eastern train.

12 mins: Thiago has a free-kick from deep on the left that he tries an ambitious shot aiming for the near-post from, but Burki punches it clear.

10 mins: An almost identical move to that in the first minute, as a corner is whipped in from the left to the near-post where Hummels meets it, the only difference being that the big defender directs his header straight rather than glancing it, and Roman Burki can only flap his arms as it hits the net. Game on, Bundesliga on.

GOAL! Bayern 1-0 Dortmund (Hummels 10)

Too easy for Bayern!

Mats Hummels heads home.
Mats Hummels heads home. Photograph: Ronald Wittek/EPA


9 mins: Coman tries to trick his way down the left with those legs that go on forever, but is muscled out, settling for a corner.

6 mins: Oh my days! Dortmund hit the post! Brilliant work by Reus down the left, he reaches the byline and cuts it back into vast amounts of space on the edge of the box, where Dahoud arrives and drills a low shot that hits the outside of the woodwork. Both teams should have scored in the opening six minutes.

4 mins: Bayern on the front foot from the off, attacking with the desperation of a team that know their season is pretty much done if they lose.

2 mins: Half of Bavaria screams for a penalty: Lewandowski is set through into the box by Muller, miscontrols the pass but Diallo arrives and...well, certainly looks like he barges him over. But the referee says no and doesn’t go to the magic man with the television to clarify things. Juicy start.

Robert Lewandowski goes down under a challenge from Abdou Diallo.
Robert Lewandowski goes down under a challenge from Abdou Diallo. Photograph: Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images


1 min: Bayern win an early corner on the left, whipped to the near post where Mats Hummels reaches it and glances the header across goal and just wide.

The players are out. The formalities are taken care off. The ball is placed on the centre-circle ready for Bayern to kick off. A Dortmund player knocks it about five yards away, in an admirable and fitting act of pettiness. We’re on.

A little reminder of how things went in the reverse fixture in November. Summary: it was spicy.

Just a reminder of how things stand. Seven games remain, including this one, and Borussia Dortmund are two points clear of their old foes.

Bundesliga table
Bundesliga table Photograph: Guardian

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Bayern are not a team known for being especially humble, and the frankly maverick decision by Jerome Boateng to organise a post-game party for the whole squad does rather fit with that image. Perhaps it will turn out to be simply a coincidence, but it does fairly scream of hubris on the face of things. “We need to forget it and delete it,” said Bayern sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic when told about the shindig.

Maybe the masterplan is for Goetze to come off the bench and make the difference. He’s settled right back in after a sticky start to his return from Bayern a couple of years back, as Marcus Christenson writes here.

No colossal surprises with that Bayern team: Javi Martinez comes in to provide a little more ballast in midfield ahead of Leon Goretzka, while Serge Gnabry replaces James Rodriguez. What is more surprising is Mario Goetze on the bench for Dortmund, Mahmoud Dahoud starting ahead of the former Bayern man. Lukas Piszczek was a doubt but he makes it, in an otherwise incredibly young Dortmund defence: his three colleagues are 23, 22 and 19.

Team news

Bayern Munich

Neuer; Kimmich, Sule, Hummels, Alaba; Martinez, Thiago; Coman, Muller, Gnabry; Lewandowski. Subs: Ulreich, Ribery, Rodriguez, Rafinha, Boateng, Goretzka, Sanches.

Borussia Dortmund

Burki; Piszczek, Akanji, Zagadou, Diallo; Witsel, Delaney; Sancho, Dahoud, Bruun Larsen; Reus. Subs: Hitz, Goetze, Philipp, Wolf, Schmelzer, Weigl, Toprak


Uli Hoeness, recognising that sometimes placing too much expectation on a set of players is counterproductive and excess pressure can crush a team, duly chose his words carefully this week. “On Saturday, there can be no excuses,” he said. “We have to win.” All the best, Niko.

Potentially unwise though that statement might be from a man management perspective, he’s not wrong. If they lose, surely that’s game over for the Bundesliga title: Dortmund would be five points clear with six games remaining, five of which are against teams in lower-mid table with not much to play for. Naturally, you never write off the possibility of a cartoon baddie like Bayern coming back with something implausible right at the end, but they could be heading for their first entirely trophyless season since 2009.

In a weird way, a game like this it must be a bit of a relief for Dortmund. In a league where they play 90% of their games against teams digging in trying not to lose, facing a side who have to win, and thus have to attack, must be a nice change. Jadon Sancho must be licking his lips and rubbing his hands together at the same time as he thinks about counter-attacking in this one.

But will defeat spell curtains for Niko Kovac? “Second place is the first loser. We want to win,” he roared this week, in that way alpha male types do when they’re trying to hide feelings of doubt and inadequacy. Lucien Favre was rather more sensible and measured, but thus less fun. “If we win, nothing is decided, if we draw, nothing is decided, if we lose nothing is decided. It’s completely open!” Don’t ruin it, Lucien.

So never mind him. This is do or die. All or nothing. Death or glory. Stay tuned.

Kick-off: 17.30 BST