Bayern Munich 0-0 Sevilla (agg: 2-1): Champions League quarter-final – as it happened

Bayern eased into another semi-final with a muted goalless draw against Sevilla, who had Joaquin Correa sent off in injury time

Full time: Bayern Munich 0-0 Sevilla (aggregate: 2-1)

That’s it. Bayern move comfortably, if underwhelmingly, into another Champions League semi-final. Sevilla had a few chances and hit the bar, but for the most part Bayern kept them at arm’s length. Thanks for your company. NOW DO ONE AND FOLLOW THE GAME IN MADRID BECAUSE THERE’S A PENALTY!

90 min Four minutes of added time.



90+2 min There’s an almighty rumble on the touchline after a poor tackle from Correa on Martinez. It was so late that I think the referee missed it, but somebody told him and he eventually produced the red card. I think that’s slightly harsh; it was probably halfway between a yellow and a red. Anyway.


89 min The most striking thing about this Bayern side is their speed - the lack of it, both with and without the ball. Liverpool’s front three would cause them plenty of problems.

88 min Somebody’s going to use the phrase “German efficiency” in reference to this match, aren’t they.

86 min Another Bayern change. Rafinha, who has had a superb game, is replaced by Niklas Sule.

85 min “When’s the draw for the semi finals, Rob?” says Simon McMahon. “On the One Show tomorrow? I hope Liverpool and Roma are drawn together; the thought of them meeting in the final would bring back too many painful memories. Though to be honest, the idea of Dundee United being in the European Cup final, and of a potential nuclear holocaust, seems positively quaint compared to what’s going on today.”

It’s on Friday afternoon. The draw for the final follows straight after.


84 min Sevilla are running out of time, and they look like a team who have accepted an honourable defeat.

81 min Banega holds off Javi Martinez, who goes down holding his face. Banega is booked. That was ridiculously harsh.

81 min Franco Vazquez is replaced by Nolito, the last Sevilla substitution.

80 min Robben’s cross loops across goal and is put behind for a corner by Jesus Navas. Nothing comes of it. I don’t know why I bother with corners.

78 min Bayern have controlled the game a lot more in the second half. They still haven’t looked particularly good, though, and there’s not much for Liverpool to fear.

77 min The wounded Lewandowski is replaced by Sandro Wagner.

76 min Hummels is robbed by Luis Muriel by his own corner flag. Eventually the ball runs back to N’Zonzi, who belts it into orbit from 20 yards.

75 min N’Zonzi, who has been booked, is penalised for an awkward lunge at James. That could have been a second yellow card.

Rodriguez, taken down by N’Zonzi.
Rodriguez, taken down by N’Zonzi. Photograph: Christian Bruna/EPA


74 min “Sticking with this match, not distracted by all the ‘noise’ and ‘goals’ in the other one,” says Zach Neeley. “No thank you sir.”

72 min Robben goes on the outside this time, beating Escudero with ease before slapping the ball into the side netting at the near post. Lewandowski was in a great position in the middle.


70 min A Bayern substitution: Thiago Alcantara replaces Franck Ribery. And Sevilla make another change too, with Sandro Ramirez on for Pablo Sarabia.

69 min The match and the tie are starting to peter out. Sevilla have had their moments but Bayern are in control now.

66 min Robben comes infield on his left foot, spanks it miles wide.

65 min Sevilla make their first change, with Luis Muriel replacing the willing Wissam Ben Yedder.

63 min James’s pretty curler from 15 yards is well saved - and caught - by the diving Soria.

62 min I know Barcelona and Real Madrid like to outdo each other but this is ridiculous.


61 min “Kane has completed his hattrick in Madrid,” says Marie Meyer.

60 min The excellent Banega pings a long-range shot a few yards wide.

Meanwhile, it’s now Real Madrid 0-3 Juventus. No, I am not having a bubble.

59 min: Correa hits the bar! Sevilla almost take the lead. Banega’s curling free-kick from the right was won emphatically in the air by Correa, who flicked an excellent header off the face of the bar with Ulreich motionless.

57 min Bayern have been more dominant in the second half. Heynckes evidently owns more than one type of hairdryer.

55 min “Just remember,” says Peter, “that at this point Sevilla has outscored Bayern.”

And own-goals count double in the event of a draw.

54 min Muller’s shot from 15 yards is punched away by Soria, who seems to be allergic to catching the ball.


53 min Ribery plays another crafty reverse pass – this time to Rodriguez, who drills a low shot from a tight angle that is kicked away by Soria. He was almost caught out at the near post.

Rodriguez has a shot.
Rodriguez has a shot. Photograph: Kieran McManus/BPI/REX/Shutterstock


51 min Rafinha makes his second goal-saving interception of the night! Ben Yedder, found in the area by Vazquez, came inside Boateng and was about to shoot when Rafinha picked his pocket. Brilliant defending.


49 min A lovely move from Bayern. Ribery plays a reverse pass to the overlapping Rafinha, who stands up a superb firs-time cross beyond the far post. Lewandowski hangs in the air for ages but can’t quite get round the ball and heads it into the side netting.

48 min Sevilla will have a hard-luck story to tell at the end of this tie, having had chances in both legs. The equivalent of the Bullseye Bus Far Home, I suppose, but it’s better than being plugged 10-2 on aggregate.

47 min “Possible semi-final draw: Sevilla – Juventus, Roma- Liverpool,” says Krishnamoorthy V. “How much you would have laughed if someone said this when the group matches started?”

Don’t tell me they’re quantifying laughter as well? ARE NONE OF LIFE’S PLEASURES SAFE FROM THE NUMBERWANG MASSIVE?

46 min Peep peep! Sevilla begin the second half.

“Are you sad to be missing Real v Juve,” says Adam Roberts, “or relieved you haven’t got another crazy comeback game to do?”

I’d like to think the level of ambition evident in all my writing answers that question, Adam. I always want to do the boring easy game.


Half-time chit-chat

“Good evening Rob,” says Grant Tennille. “In the 37th-minute entry, I believe you mean ‘orgasmic’ rather than ‘orgiastic’. What is this minute-by-minute coming to...”

See, I told you I suffer from premature publication. It’s an official medical condition, and frankly I’m getting a bit sick of being stickmatised!

Half time: Bayern Munich 0-0 Sevilla

Peep peep! That was an interesting half, with both teams missing good opportunities. Sevilla are still in this, though you’d expect Bayern to play with a bit more aggression in the second half. See you in 10 minutes.

45+1 min Rafinha is beating treated after injuring himself making that tackle. I think Sarabia followed through onto his shoulder.

45 min Martinez gives the ball away to Vazquez, who cuts a pass into Ben Yedder. He pushes it ingeniously through to Sarabia, who just overruns the ball in the area. That allows Rafinha to come across and make a vital tackle. Sevilla have had some excellent opportunities in this half.

Rafinha slides into the tackle on Sarabia.
Rafinha slides into the tackle on Sarabia. Photograph: Christian Bruna/EPA


41 min Bayern are playing some good stuff now. Robben plays the ball to the overlapping Muller, who guides a lovely angled pass into the corridor of uncertainty that takes the keeper Soria out of the game. Ribery is waiting to put it into an open net at the far post when Jesus Navas appears to slide the ball behind for a corner. Terrific defending from the Spanish Ashley Young.


40 min Robben wafts over from the edge of the area.

39 min Oh my: it’s Real Madrid 0-2 Juventus (aggregate: 3-2)! You may wish to go elsewhere.

38 min Bayern’s best chance. Robben slides a ball across the face of the area to Ribery, who skips inside Jesus Navas and then Mercado before hammering a shot that is beaten away by Soria. It was a spectacular save, though Ribery should probably have scored.

Robben shoots past N’Zonzi.
Robben shoots past N’Zonzi. Photograph: MB Media/Getty Images


37 min “Quantifying orgasms soon?” says Matthew Turner. “Doesn’t everyone always do that? It’s qualifying orgasms that’s the refined trick.”

Ah, good point. I meant quantifying the orgiastic experience. Sometimes I suffer from premature publication.

34 min A Bayern corner is only half cleared and comes to Hummels, who marches into the box from the right and hits a left-footed heatseeker just over the bar. That was a tremendous hit.

32 min A Bayern goal wouldn’t be the end of the world for Sevilla, or even the end of the Europe, as they need to score twice anyway. A 2-0 win would put them through; a 2-1 win would take the game to extra-time.

26 min A patient move from Sevilla ends with a half chance for Escudero. Banega, Ben Yedder and Correa combined to release Escudero on the left side of the box. He slid his left foot around the covering Kimmich to shoot wide of the far post. It wasn’t much of a chance, but the move was lovely. Banega has played some classy, penetrative passes tonight.

24 min “Evening Rob,” says Simon McMahon. “Is talking about ‘conversion rates’ a thing in football now too? Joe Root will be relieved.”

They’ll be quantifying orgasms soon.

22 min Robben combines well with Kimmich, whose dangerous low cross is kicked away at the near post. It’s been an interesting first quarter, with plenty to keep Sevilla interested.

20 min The age of this Bayern side, and the relatively ponderous speed of their play, will interest Liverpool should they play each other in the semi-finals.

19 min Ribery wins a corner off Jesus Navas. Nah, nothing.

17 min Replays suggests that penalty appeal wasn’t particularly strong. It hit Boateng’s arm but it was tight to his body.

16 min Sevilla will be pleased with how much of the ball they are having. Bayern have started in second gear - and they almost pay for it when Correa knees Jesus Navas’s cross towards goal from 10 yards. It’s blocked by a defender and Correa is harshly penalised for fouling Ulreich on the rebound. That was a decent chance too, though it came at an awkward height for Correa, who didn’t have time to adjust his body.

Correa streatches as Ulreich collects.
Correa streatches as Ulreich collects. Photograph: Michaela Rehle/Reuters


15 min Sevilla appeal unsuccesfully for a penalty when Sarabia’s shot hits Boateng, possibly on the arm. That looked a quietly decent shout, though we haven’t seen a replay.

14 min Kimmich receives the ball on the right, Robbens infield onto his left foot and shoots wide from 25 yards. This is a pleasant, open game.

12 min “Robben cutting in from the right to shoot with his left, death and taxes,” says ‘Our’ Ian Copestake.

11 min: Great chance for Sevilla! Banega played a sharp angled pass into the area for Sarabia, who skipped smartly inside Rafinha to create a shooting chance - and then whacked it high and wide.


10 min A promising attack for Sevilla, with Correa’s cross booted clear from inside the six-yard box by Hummels. N’Zonzi, meanwhile, is booked for embedding his studs in Lewandowski’s foot.

9 min “Amazing that Bayern reached the semis seven times in nine seasons and they only have one trophy to show for it,” says David Brennan. “A very poor conversion rate. Germany under Low have fine trophy to show from five semi-finals (six if you count his Klinsmann assistance in 2006).”

That’s what fascinates me about Real Madrid – they win as many European Cups as La Ligas, whereas Bayern/Guardiola/pretty much everyone else have nothing like the same ratio.

7 min Lewandowski strains his neck muscles to loop a header towards goal that is tipped over by Soria. A comfortable save. Bayern look like they can score whenever they want.

5 min Bayern are happy to let Sevilla have the ball and hit them on the break. Robben does just that, working the ball onto his left foot and curling a few yards wide of the far post.

4 min “My prediction,” says Marie Meyer. “Your inbox filled with Harry Kane jokes as soon as someone scores.”

That really was a bit … odd, wasn’t it.

3 min James curls the free-kick just over the bar.

2 min Mercado is lucky to stay on the pitch after taking down Lewandowski 25 yards from goal. He was the last man and, though I’m probably missing something obvious, I can’t understand why he was only booked. It looked a clear goalscoring opportunity for a donkey, never mind Lewandowski.

Mercado takes down Lewandowski.
Mercado takes down Lewandowski. Photograph: MB Media/Getty Images


2 min “I can’t hold it in any longer, Bobby my boy,” says Ian Copestake. “WE AE IN THE EFFING SEMI-FINALS!“

You a Roma fan, blud?

1 min Peep peep! Bayern, in red, get the match under way. Sevilla are in white.

It’s nearly time for kick off. Any predictions? I can’t see comeback lightning striking twice: Bayern 4-1 Sevilla (agg: 6-2)

Sevilla are aiming to reach the semi-finals of this competition for the first time in their history. Bayern hope to do so for the seventh time in nine seasons. It’s hard to believe that, between 2001 and 2009, they didn’t reach the last four at all.

Team news

Bayern Munich (possible 4-1-4-1) Ulreich; Kimmich, Boateng, Hummels, Rafinha; Javi Martinez; Robben, Muller, James Rodriguez, Ribery; Lewandowski.
Substitutes: Starke, Wagner, Sule, Thiago Alcantara, Bernat, Rudy, Tolisso.

Sevilla (4-2-3-1) Soria; Jesus Navas, Mercado, Lenglet, Escudero; N’Zonzi, Banega; Sarabia, Vazquez, Correa; Ben Yedder.
Substitutes: Rico, Daniel Carrico, Pizarro, Muriel, Nolito, Arana, Ramirez.

Referee William Collum.



If you type “best football managers of all time” into Google, the first thing that comes up is a row of photos. There are 51 managers in total. Scroll across and you’ll see everyone from Sir Alex Ferguson to Bob Paisley; Arrigo Sacchi to Helenio Herrara; Sam Allardyce to Diego Maradona. Yep.

Jupp Heynckes is not on the list. Nobody really talks about him as one of the great managers. He’s certainly not one for the hipsterati. He doesn’t talk in philosophies; he knows how to use a razor; and his hair looks like a Phil Leotardo tribute. But in six weeks’ time he could become only the third coach to win the European Cup three times, after Paisley and Harry Kane Carlo Ancelotti.

He will be leaving Bayern at the end of this season, which in some cultures would be considered a good omen. Each time Heynckes has won the Champions League, he has left the club at the end of the season: Real Madrid sacked him in 1998, eight days after he won their first European Cup for 32 years, and he retired after winning the Treble with Bayern Munich in 2013.

Bayern have not reached a Champions League final since he was replaced by Pep Guardiola. At the age of 72, having been persuaded out of retirement, Heynckes could become the oldest coach to win a Uefa club competition.

The first job is to finish off Sevilla’s intrepid voyagers. Bayern lead 2-1 from the first leg in Spain and should go through, though Sevilla will take encouragement from a few different sources: Roma’s win last night, their own performance in the first leg, and their win at Old Trafford in the last 16.

But Bayern are Bayern are Bayern. They have been in brutal form since Heynckes returned to the job in October – 28 wins, two draws, two defeats - and have just claimed their annual Bundesliga title with five games to spare. Heynckes is managing side are in his own image: old and underrated. All hail the geriatricos!

Kick off is at 7.45pm.