Barcelona v Juventus: Champions League quarter-final – as it happened

Juventus reached the last four of the Champions League after a defensive masterclass at Camp Nou

The sight of Lionel Messi sporting a black eye, a legacy of that heavy black eye, sums up Barcelona’s evening. Juventus were too tough, too determined, too streetwise, too good. They were no Paris Saint-Germain. There was to be no second miracle. Clinical in the first leg, resolute in the second, Juventus are deservedly through to the last four. For Barcelona, who did miss chances, this has the feel of the end of an era. Luis Enrique will go. Some of these players will probably be replaced in the summer as well. Neymar’s in tears as he walks off, but that makes this tie look more dramatic than it was in reality. Juventus were the better team and there was rarely a prospect of them crumbling. They’ll fancy their chances of going all the way now. That’s all from me for now. Thanks for reading and emailing. Bye.

Dejected Messi reacts after the final whistle.
Dejected Messi reacts after the final whistle. Photograph: Emilio Morenatti/AP


Full-time: Barcelona 0-0 Juventus (0-3 agg)

That’s it! Juventus have knocked out Barcelona and reached the last four of the Champions League!

Gianluigi Buffon of Juventus shows appreciation to the fans.
Gianluigi Buffon of Juventus shows appreciation to the fans. Photograph: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images


90 min+2: “The difference between this game and the game v PSG is that Juve have proven far more adept at keeping the ball,” says Graeme Thorn. “PSG managed a risible number of completed passes in the last five minutes in the previous round, which was one of the reasons why Barcelona were able to score the goals they needed.” They’ve been impressively aggressive from the first whistle. They’ve been under pressure at times and have survived a couple of scares, but they’ve never looked like wilting.

90 min: There will be three added minutes. Juventus are almost there.

89 min: Suarez wallops a cross against Sandro’s arm. No penalty.

88 min: Kwadwo Asamoah replaces Gonzalo Higuain.

85 min: Juventus counter again, Higuain spreading play out to Lemina on the right. He easily beats Iniesta, but scuffs a deflected shot wide.

84 min: Mario Lemina comes on for the outstanding Juan Cuadrado. He’s on in time for a corner. Pjanic lifts it in and Mandzukic heads wide. “Aren’t we in exactly the same situation as against PSG - Barcelona need 3 at this time in the game,” says Craig Trainor. “Except for the fact it would mean we’d go to extra time. And also that it’s not going to happen.”


80 min: Neymar flicks a cross into the middle and Javier Mascherano, who’s never scored for Barcelona, shows why by taking his eye off the ball and completely missing it. Buffon pushes it away and Juventus canter up field. Khedira pops up in the Barcelona area. Under pressure, he could set up Mandzukic for a tap-in, only to slice it straight at Ter Stegen.

Mascherano reaches, but Buffon’s got it covered.
Mascherano reaches, but Buffon’s got it covered. Photograph: Manu Fernandez/AP


78 min: Javier Mascherano replaces Sergi Roberto. Gerard Pique is in the Robert Huth role up front now. It’s come to this.

77 min: Suarez reminds us of his existence by tumbling in the area under a nothing challenge from Alex Sandro. Nope. He does have the temerity to look outraged, though.

76 min: The corner reaches Pique. Chiellini diverts his effort wide. Juventus get the second corner away. Barcelona haven’t stopped trying, but they’re running out of ideas.

75 min: Messi wins a free-kick on the right. Just to make life even tougher for Barcelona’s attackers, though, on comes Andrea Barzagli for Paulo Dybala. Barzagli will join Bonucci and Chiellini at the back. Messi eventually flings the free-kick towards the far post. Barcelona have to make do with a corner.

71 min: Dybala bewitches three Barcelona defenders on the right, stepping inside Umtiti and back on to his left foot, only to curl high and wide from close range. His effort was a little rushed, but what a clever player he is.

Dybala runs at Umtiti after passing Alba.
Dybala runs at Umtiti after passing Alba. Photograph: Emilio Morenatti/AP


70 min: “If Higuain puts the game in bed with a goal, he will cement his place as Messi’s nightmare No.1,” says Admir Pajic. “Higuain has already kept Messi away from the World Cup title, two Copa America titles...and brought him to the edge of a premature international retirement last summer. Ronaldo who, eh?”

69 min: Alcacer cuts the ball back from the right. Bonucci calmly intercepts. Moments later, Messi backheels it to Roberto, who sends a swerving drive inches past the right post.


67 min: Summing up his night, Messi skedaddles down the left and skews a cross out for a goal-kick.

66 min: Iniesta shoots. Blocked. Juventus love a block. Over on the right, Suarez crosses. It’s headed over for a corner. From the corner, Buffon comes and flaps, a rare horror moment in the Juve defence, and Suarez controls at the far post and hooks it back into the middle. The goal’s been vacated, but Messi, of all people, volleys over! “Have been stuck in the chunnel so am a bit late to the acting, I mean the action,” says Ian Copestake. “Has there been much diving about?” Neymar’s indulged in some artistic license.

64 min: Suarez robs Sandro on the right, easily reading the left-back’s attempt to nutmeg him, and hares off after the ball. He nips it round Khedira, who brings him down in a style best termed agricultural. He’s booked and will miss the first leg of the semi-final, assuming Juve get there. Khedira is absolutely livid with Sandro.

Suarez fly’s through the air after tackle from Khedira.
Suarez fly’s through the air after tackle from Khedira. Photograph: Josep Lago/AFP/Getty Images
Suarez is down...
Suarez is down... Photograph: Josep Lago/AFP/Getty Images


63 min: Dybala almost seizes on a loose ball in the Barcelona area. It doesn’t quite run for him. Alba hacks clear. Busquets dithers on the edge of the area, though, and he wants a free-kick when Pjanic tackles him. no dice. Play goes on. Pjanic’s effort takes a deflection and Ter Stegen has to watch it over.

62 min: Neymar whistles a shot miles over. Barcelona are running out of time.

60 min: Every defender should be Chiellini.

58 min: Messi gets the ball over the wall, but Buffon isn’t troubled. He calmly watches it drift over the bar. That’s the cue for Barcelona to bring on Paco Alcacer for Ivan Rakitic.


57 min: Suarez manages to turn Chiellini this time, on the edge of the Juventus area, and the centre-back drags him to the floor. Barcelona have a free-kick. It’s made for Messi. Chiellini’s been booked.

Suarez goes down, resulting in a booking for Chiellini.
Suarez goes down, resulting in a booking for Chiellini. Photograph: Sergio Perez/Reuters


56 min: Messi works the ball on to his left and drills a shot towards the bottom left corner from 18 yards. Buffon looks beaten, but the slightest of touches off Chiellini takes the ball inches wide.

54 min: The corner comes to nothing and Barcelona try to break. But who’s back there to stop Neymar? It’s Cuadrado. He’s having a stormer. I saw a good film last week on Netflix called Cop Car,” says Alix Sharkey. “Kevin Bacon plays a crooked sheriff whose criminal plans go awry when two 10-year old kids steal his cop car and go joyriding. He spends the movie failing to catch them. That’s right: Bacon is basically Luis Enrique and the kids are Dybala. Or something like that.”

53 min: Cuadrado is causing all sorts of bother down the right. He scampers clear of Alba again here, cuts back on to his left foot, then back on to his right, then drills a shot wide. He’s convinced it took a deflection. After a while, the officials agree.

Cuadrado shoots wide.
Cuadrado shoots wide. Photograph: Pau Barrena/AFP/Getty Images


52 min: Messi speeds past a couple of challenges, plays a one-two with Neymar, gets the ball on to his left foot and shoots over from 18 yards. Barcelona’s finishing over both legs has been poor.

50 min: A slip in the Barcelona defence presents space to Higuain, who sprays a pass to the right for the unmarked Cuadrado. He’s got a sight of goal as he approaches the Barcelona area, but he drags his shot wide of the far post. This is super end-to-end stuff now. Up the other end, Neymar tries to pick out Messi in the area, but he can’t thread the ball through the mass of black and white shirts. Moments later, he breaks clear on the left, but fires high and wide. The flag was up anyway.

48 min: “As much as I enjoy a referee “letting the game flow” it does seem to lead to challenges like the one that caused that horrendous injury to Seamus Coleman,” says Craig Trainor. “I don’t in any way think it was a red card tonight, however if that challenge on Messi that led to the Neymar booking had happened in rugby it would have been on the edge of a red card under current laws.”

47 min: Neymar tricks his way past one, two, three, four players, but he runs out of space in the end, a combination of Alves and Chiellini smothering and frustrating the Brazilian.

46 min: Juventus get the second half underway.


Half-time: Barcelona 0-0 Juventus (0-3 agg)

Juventus are 45 minutes away from the Champions League semi-finals. Another Barcelona miracle looks unlikely at the moment. See you in 15 minutes.

Can Enrique find a way...
Can Enrique find a way... Photograph: Chris Brunskill Ltd/Getty Images


45 min: There will be one added minute.

44 min: Messi leaps into an aerial challenge with Pjanic, who leans in and bumps the little man over. Messi lands heavily, banging his face on the turf. He’s bleeding. And the blood’s rushing to Neymar’s head. He rushes in, the red mist descending, and flattens a Juventus midfielder. After a short discussion, he’s booked and that indiscipline means he’ll miss Barcelona’s next match.

Messi, airborne after being challenged by Pjanic.
Messi, airborne after being challenged by Pjanic. Photograph: Manu Fernandez/AP
And slams face first into the ground. Ouch!
And slams face first into the ground. Ouch! Photograph: Alejandro Garcia/EPA


43 min: Neymar chips a cross into the middle from the left, but Suarez is under too much pressure from Chiellini and can only prod wide.

42 min: Mandzukic is down in the middle of the Juve half, but Barcelona play on. Juventus are furious, Mandzukic in particular. On the touchline, the two managers engage in heated philosophical debate. On the pitch, Iniesta and Alba attempt to press down the left. Bonucci’s in the way.

41 min: Juventus deal with the corner with ease and try to break. Iniesta brings the flying Cuadrado down. He’s booked.

Iniesta takes out Cuadrado.
Iniesta takes out Cuadrado. Photograph: Sergio Perez/Reuters


40 min: Messi opens Juventus up on the right and sends Roberto clear. His cross is headed behind for a corner by Chiellini, who’s not letting it reach Suarez. Brilliant defending.

38 min: Juventus turn up in Barcelona’s half for the first time in a while and remind the hosts of their threat, Pjanic dinking over the top, Higuain just unable to hook his stretching volley past Ter Stegen.


37 min: A lull. Barcelona don’t need lulls. Juventus love lulls.

35 min: “I hate to ask dumb questions, but do you suppose Dani Alves will celebrate if he scores against his former team tonight?” says Peter Oh. Undoubtedly. I doubt it will be a reserved occasion.

33 min: Khedira’s down after a clash with Neymar. He’ll receive some treatment and waste away some valuable seconds in the process. The home fans are whistling. They reckon they’re wise to the German’s game. On the touchline, Luis Enrique looks pensive.

31 min: It’s so intense in the middle, Juventus tigerishly snapping into challenges, but this time the grounded Busquets manages to prod it into the path of Messi. He advances a few yards, then lets fly from 20 yards. Down to his right, Buffon pushes the ball away. Messi’s obviously the fastest to react to the rebound, but he wallops it into the side-netting from a tight angle.

29 min: Neymar runs into Dani Alves on the left. That’s definitely not a penalty. You can’t give a penalty for a defender existing. Neymar goes on to win a corner, then remonstrates with the referee, who decides not to show him the booking that would earn him a ban. The corner comes to nothing.

Neymar gets a warning from referee Bjorn Kuipers.
Neymar gets a warning from referee Bjorn Kuipers. Photograph: Albert Gea/Reuters


28 min: Chiellini is playing Suarez superbly at the moment. He isn’t giving him an inch.

25 min: Messi goes on a turbo charge through the middle, with Juventus looking a little ragged, unusually so, but he’s knocked off his stride by Sandro, who’s tugging him back. The referee ignores Messi’s furious appeal for a free-kick.

22 min: Iniesta scoots into the area from the left and leaves Chiellini on his backside with a gorgeous turn. His chipped cross is headed away from Messi by Sandro at the far post and Sergi Roberto volleys over. The pressure is growing.

21 min: Barcelona are beginning to squeeze Juventus. Rakitic lobs a pass over the top for Alba on the left. He crosses to Neymar, who awkwardly volleys wide at the near post.

Neymar’s shots goes wide.
Neymar’s shots goes wide. Photograph: Emilio Morenatti/AP


19 min: Messi schemes on the edge of the area. He’s not allowed the luxury of a shot but he finds Suarez, who manages to turn and shoot. Chiellini throws himself in the way of the ball. Juventus scramble it clear. But back come Barcelona. A low cross from the left bounces off Suarez and lands at the feet of Messi, 12 yards out, totally unmarked. He controls, sizes up the angles and shoots. Buffon stands rooted to the spot in the middle of his goal - and he watches Messi’s shot fizz just wide of the left post! What a let-off for the Italians!

17 min: Messi finds space for the first time and when he’s allowed to lift his head, inevitably he almost creates a chance, lifting a fine pass over Alves and through to Alba, who can’t quite reach it on the slide. It was just too heavy from Messi, but Juventus would have been in trouble if Alba had been able to control the pass.

16 min: Barcelona struggle to clear their lines in the box. Cuadrado gathers the ball with his back to goal and decides to improvise, trying an overhead kick. A good effort, but it sails over.

15 min: Pjanic brilliantly pokes a pass out to the raiding Cuadrado on the right. The Colombian’s away, Alba nowhere to be seen. He’s got acres of space to run into and he’s got Dybala all on his own to his left. He unselfishly tries to pick his team-mate out and this could well have been the opener but for a vital saving challenge from Pique. Barcelona steam up the other end, throwing caution to the wind, and Neymar’s pass eludes Messi but reaches Rakitic, who leans back and fires over from 18 yards.

13 min: Higuain plays a one-two with, er, Busquets on the edge of the Barcelona area. The ball bounces to him kindly, inviting him to ram a volley goalwards from the right of the area, but he overcooks his effort, blazing over the angle of post and bar. What a chance. The former Real Madrid man could have pretty much killed Barcelona off there.

Higuain hits the volley.
Higuain hits the volley. Photograph: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images


12 min: This is a chance. Neymar chests down on the left, then loops a clever cross over Bonucci, who allows the ball to reach Suarez in the six-yard box. Suarez has his back to goal, however, and he can’t nod the ball down for a team-mate.

11 min: Barcelona enjoy some lengthy possession at last. We haven’t seen anything from Messi and Suarez yet, though, Juventus doing well to keep the ball away from Barcelona’s main threats.


9 min: This has been a highly impressive start from Juventus, who haven’t allowed Barcelona to settle into their groove at all. Alba pops a clever pass down the line, though, and Neymar wins a corner.


7 min: Pjanic’s free-kick’s headed clear by Rakitic. “As for your question in the preamble, I saw a totally unbelievable, over-the-top film yesterday, about two football teams and a referee,” says Oliver Driesen, raising a wry eyebrow. “But I won’t give away any spoilers in case you’ll be seeing it too, maybe even tonight.”

6 min: Higuain does well with his back to goal and sets Juventus off on a counter down the right. Pique comes across to calm things down, but ends up pushing Cuadrado over by the byline.

5 min: Neymar embarks on his first mazy dribble down the box and he dupes Dani Alves with some lovely sleight of foot. Then he runs into traffic and goes down. No penalty. It probably won’t be the last appeal.


4 min: Iniesta and Rakitic, no one’s idea of hatchet men, take it in turns to nobble Dybala. A free-kick to Juventus on the left, then, and it allows them to load the Barca box. Everyone’s anticipating a high ball; instead Pjanic knocks it straight down the left channel for Higuain, who’s peeled away from his markers. He lets the ball run across his body, but slips as he tries to shoot past Ter Stegen.

Dybala, fouled by Iniesta.
Dybala, fouled by Iniesta. Photograph: Javia Garcia/BPI/REX/Shutterstock


3 min: Khedira steams through the back of Busquets, who rolls around, grimacing right in front of the referee, who waves play on. It’s been a fast start from both teams.

And we’re off! Barcelona, in their red and blue stripes, get the game underway, kicking from right to left in the first half. The Camp Nou roars and the hosts are on the attack straight away. Is it going to be another Catalan miracle or a masterclass in Catenaccio?

Here come the teams. As you’d expect, it’s noisy at Camp Nou. They remember PSG. We all remember PSG.

The teams line up prior to kick-off.
The teams line up prior to kick-off. Photograph: Matthias Hangst/Bongarts/Getty Images


If Barcelona need any inspiration, perhaps they should remember when another Spanish side won a Champions League tie from three goals down against an Italian side. That’s right: it’s Deportivo v Milan in 2004.

Barcelona make two changes from the team that lost 3-0 in Turin. Sergio Busquets returns from suspension and Jordi Alba also starts in defence. Jeremy Mathieu drops out and Javier Mascherano is only fit enough for a place on the bench. Juventus are as expected. They’re at full strength.


Team news

Barcelona: Ter Stegen; Umtiti, Pique, Alba; Roberto, Iniesta, Busquets, Rakitic; Messi, Suarez, Neymar. Subs: Cillesen, Mascherano, Suarez, Alcacer, Digne, Gomes, Alena.

Juventus: Buffon; Alves, Bonucci, Chiellini, Sandro; Khedira, Pjanic; Cuadrado, Dybala, Mandzukic; Higuain. Subs: Neto, Barzagli, Benatia, Lemina, Asamoah, Lichtsteiner, Rincon.

Referee: Bjorn Kuipers (Netherlands).


Hello. Let me tell you an interesting story about my interesting life. Settle round the camp fire, toast the marshmallows, it’s a good one. Because last month, when Barcelona hosted Paris Saint-Germain in the second leg of their last-16 tie, I wasn’t in front of a television, I was at the cinema. The logic was sound enough. Sometimes there’s too much football to watch, PSG arrived at Camp Nou with a seemingly impregnable 4-0 lead and I wanted to see Fences. It was an excellent film, since you ask, tragic, emotional, sensitive, brimming with fine performances. But you don’t want to read my review. You want to hear about what happened when the film finished and I checked Twitter at around 8.55pm.

Social media was going even more insane than usual. Barcelona were 3-0 up and I reckoned that I could make it home in time to see the finale. But as I walked to the tube, the excitement began to die down. PSG had scored and that was that. The dream was over. Barcelona needed three more goals, time was running out and Fences really was a very good film.

I got out of the tube and on to the bus. It was still 3-1 on the night. I checked my phone. Neymar scored. But there were only two minutes left. I put my phone away. Barcelona needed two more goals. They weren’t going to score two more goals. Denzel Washington really is a classy actor.

I got home. There were still a couple of minutes of stoppage time left, but it was done. Move on. Nothing to see here. How about that Viola Davis? That woman can act.

Fifteen minutes later, I had a look on this website. And there it was, leading the top of the football site, taunting me, laughing at me, calling me an idiot.

Barcelona 6-1 Paris Saint-Germain. Final score on aggregate: 6-5. Headline: Barcelona shatter PSG as Sergi Roberto caps incredible 6-1 comeback win. Oh. I see. Still. FENCES WAS A VERY GOOD FILM.

The point of this interesting story from my interesting life is that anything can happen. So while it might seem that Barcelona might have no hope of fighting back from 3-0 down against Juventus, they definitely do have hope. It will always be there if you have Messi, Suarez and Neymar up front.

“All we can do is attack, attack, attack,” Luis Enrique says and there’s no doubt that Barcelona, who put three past Juventus in the 2015 final, have the players to pull off another miracle. The problem with this theory, though, is that Juventus look stronger and more hard-nosed than PSG. The Italian champions and Serie A leaders are yet to concede a goal in this year’s knockout stage, and the dilemma for Barcelona is that they can’t just attack, attack, attack, they also have to defend. They’ve conceded seven in their past three matches and Max Allergri reckons his team can score not once but twice, just as Real Sociedad did at Camp Nou on the weekend, and that would leave Barcelona needing to put six past Gigi Buffon. And to get to Buffon, first they’ll have to get past Giorgio Chiellini.

Has anyone seen any good films lately?

Kick-off: 7.45pm BST.