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• Olivier Giroud settles the north London derby
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We'll have David Hytner's match report and Amy Lawrence's thoughts on the site here in a few moments. Thanks for your company and those of you who corresponded for your contribution. I'm the Guardian's Jim White of the keyboard tomorrow night, that slacker Marcus Christenson is taking the big night off. See you then, I hope. Bye!


The Arsenal players look delighted and defiant. It wasn't a classic but it was enjoyable. Spurs are classy but will take time to gel. Arsenal were resilient and very clever tactically. 

Peep, peep, peep: That's it. One-nil to the Arsenal.


90 min+4: Spurs launch it forward and Koscielny has to put it out for a corner from which, at the second attempt, Soldado centres to the penalty spot where Walker's hook shot is wildly mistimed. AVB runs up the touchline to tell Kyle Walker to do a Rory Delap throw which he does but Arsenal deal with it.


90 min+3: Alan Smith anoints Olivier Giroud as the man of the match, not just for his exquisite finish, he says. And he just earns his corn with the dirty work, tracki9ng back and challenging, unfairly, by the halfway line.

90 min+2: Arsenal go double full-backs on either side with Sagna out of the sick bay and on for Theo Walcott.

90 min+1: It will be five minutes. The cross from the Spurs left is headed out and Walker has time on the right, about 20 yards out but shoots first time and balloons it wide.

90 min: "Hello Rob, my time to chime, albeit probably incorrectly but, didnt Cesc Fabregas play for Arsenals first team when he was 16?" says Paddy Morrison. No time to check Paddy. Lamela is on the right, a little too deep, blocking Walker's outside run so he decides to thwack it crossfield and makes a hash of it.

88 min: Paulinho strides through the middle and tries to find a way through to Lamela but Flamini reads his intention and blocks the chipped pass with his head.


86 min: There should be about five minutes of time added following Capoue's injury and Defoe is looking Spurs's liveliest and likeliest. Just now he drops out of the box to take possession and spins a pass over the top into the area on the right to Lamela who can't get his shot away and on target.

84 min: Gibbs tucks in and lets Monreal take a wide left position from where his deflected cross is grabbed on the bounce by Lloris. "Isn't this usually the part of the story where He Who Must Not Be Named decides he might fancy cutting in from the right onto his left foot?" says Sam Weitzman.

82 min: Sandro taps a pass inside from the right flank to Walker who sees Paulinho advancing into a shooting position 30 yards out but his pass to the Brazil midfielder is too heavy and Arsenal break but the pass for Giroud is also too heavy and cut out.

80 min: And Monreal fails to score with his first kick when it looked easier to stick it in than miss. Walcott had fired a powerful shot from the right of the box across Lloris who palmed it away and, with the goal gaping, Monreal rushed on to the rebound but so did Walker who managed to do enough to stop the full-back tapping in a thigh-high ball.

78 min: Rosicky is going off for Arsenal and is being replaced by Monreal.

77 min: Spurs knock the ball forward from the free-kick and it's headed out to the edge of the area where Defoe's volley is deflected by Koscielny but Szczesny makes a wonderful save out to the Spurs right. Soldado shoots across goal and claims handball from Giroud who blocked it. I'm not sure that could have been given but I've not seen a replay.


75 min: He seems to have an ankle injury – Spurs make two substitutions Lamela and Sandro on for Capoue and Townsend.

73 min: Cazorla falls on Capoue after tackling him and there is a long delay while he receives treatment.


71 min: Ramsey is stretching his hamstring after an isolated run forward where he ran out of team-mates. Martin Tyler thinks this is because Arsenal may be happy to hold what they have rather than over-committing.

69 min: Dawson runs confidently forward then gets the ball stuck between his feet, slips and opens up his own defence – he's saved by lloris again racing out to divert his possible humiliation. That was almost a farcical assist from him.

67 min: Spurs are patiently probing away but with Koscielny's handling of Soldado it looks as if it will have to come via the flanks or by Defoe who is coming on for Dembele. "Keep mishearing Chadli as 'Chablis'," says Peter Harmer. "And thinking one commentator is offering the other a glass of white. It's conjuring up a very sophisticated vision of the commentary box at the Emirates. I imagine they've got some caviar on ice for later too."

66 min: Jermain Defoe is putting his shin pads on. "The 'bleed blue' campaign was started by Nike - who sponsored the Indian cricket team - before the 2013 cricket WC," says Zeeshan Ahmad. "So I doubt it is in support of Man City. But then again I'm a United supporter."

64 min: Cazorla storms through the middle from the left of the centre circle, draws Vertinghen out then slips it to Giroud adout 20 yards out – he had two options Giroud on the right, Walcott via a clever run on the left. Giroud checks inside and shoots but his shot is deflected wide for a corner which, as usual, comes to naught.


62 min: Dawson stops Giroud and Walcott linking up in similar fashion to the goal with a timely block. Possession stats for the second half show Spurs have had two-thirds of it.

60 min: When Spurs break up their right Walker is awarded a free-kick about 15 yards out wide on the right after falling when Gibbs put his hand on his back but again the delivery, as it has been from corners, is woeful. "Koscielny's anticipation has been superb today," writes Natahn Chehoud. "Ramsey really does have remarkable stamina. He seems to be everywhere. A bit disappointed that his cameo 70 yard burst down the Arsenal right in the first half didn't rate a mention." Sorry. "Finally, how does an Aussie end up following Arsenal? Easy, if you've always admired Dennis Berkgamp then you'll naturally follow whoever he plays for!"

58 min: Soldado is penalised for a foul on Koscielny when the latter was trying to usher a long pass out of a goalkick. Arsenal build up the right with Jenkinson and Walcott and Vertonghen has to be very sharp to get back and clear danger for a corner which is well defended.

56 min: Chadli chips his shot, that should have read. Cazorla drops back to pick up the ball in the left-back position and starts a harum scarum run forward but his pass to release Walcott is blocked by Rose.

54 min: Spurs free-kick, 30 yards out on their left and he chips his shot miles over the goal.

52 min: "How unusual is it for a 16-year-old to make the 18 for a top-four club like Arsenal?" asks Bill McKenna a propos of Gedion Zelalem. Almost ungeard of, Bill. I remember Lennon and Milner at Leeds at 16, Rooney and Vaughan at Everton but neither were top four clubs at the time. Spurs are patiently looking for angles and opportunities, Dembele cuts out to the right, Townsend moving inside but Koscielny is there. From the throw Flamini slides in scissors-style and clips Rose and gets a booking on his return.

51 min: Reports from Arsenal say Wilshere is not injured but unwell, too, suffering stomach problems. "Arsenal, Liverpool used to have a lot of fans in urban India," writes Deepu Sebastian Edmond. "Of late though, I suspect numbers have begun to drop. Somebody was telling me recently the kids are talking of 'bleeding blue' (of the Man City shade) these days. As small towns take to the game in a big way - Star Sports is doing Hindi commentary starting this season - we're bound to see Spurs replica shirts and all."

49 min: From the free-kick Rosicky holds on to the ball on the left, feinting this way and that, before squaring to Ramsey on the edge of the area and he smashes his shot wide.

48 min: Ramsey follows Walcott by trying to force a difficult pass and gives the ball away right in the middle of the park but he races and chases Walker who is judged to have held off Ramsey's challenge illegally with an arm.

46 min: Walcott plays Jenkinson into trouble with a clumsy return pass when the right-back was looking to overlap and ultimately ends up concedinga corner when Walker's cross is blocked. Walker takes it, Ramsey blocks and Spurs get another chance which Mertesacker heads boomingly into touch for a throw. 

"As a Manchester United fan," writes Zeeshan Ahmad, "I got to admit that Arsenal are India's favourite club. That also reminds me of a quote attributed to Wenger which I came across in one of your reports - something on the lines of a kid in an Indian village appreciating the attractive brand of football that Arsenal play. PS I have just been shooed out of the common room where the Arsenal supporters went into delirium after the goal. Not kind after United has lost. Kicking a man when he's down."

Shom Biswas offers this explanation: "You can understand when the Indian person started watching football, from which club he follows. The cable channels started showing the Premier League in the late 90's - Arsenal and Man United were the big dogs then. So an Arsenal fan is one who got into Premier League Football in the late 90s. A Chelsea fan is one who started during the early Abramovich days, a Liverpool fan either the old fogey who used to read about the exploits of the Dalglish/Rush days in the newspapers, or the ones who have 'that night in Istanbul' as their first football experience, and a Man City fan ... well...

"Anyone can be a Man United fan, they have been top dogs for long."

Richard Byrne believes. "They've been so close to unlocking Arsenal a few times. Still optimistic."

Nathan Chalk emails with some observations: "1) Arsenal are defending so strongly as a unit. Part of this is probably due to Tottenham's build-up being far slower than last season and not such aggressive pressing, but they're making a mockery of the criticism they were getting first half of last season about 'not knowing how to defend'.
2) Spurs midfield just aren't producing chances. Now that'd be fine if the plan of playing up the flanks was working, but for the first time in yonks, the Spurs wide men seem the weakest part of the team. Chadli is doing OK, but neither him nor Townsend look for a good final ball, Townsend having decided he's the new Bale and shooting every time. Walker I also think has done fine, but Rose has no final ball and was at fault for the goal."

Koscielny deserves some credit too in point one, Nathan. As for two Townsend does seem overly inclined to shoot, twice not even looking to see where Soldado and Dembele, on a surge, were.

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Here are the best of the photographs from the match so far in our gallery, which will be updated throughout the game

Some emails to follow in a moment.

That's half-time.

45 min: Vertonghen helps Rose out when another threaded pass from the middle out to the right intended for Walcott almost catches Spurs square at the back.

44 min: Flamini's first touch wins him a free-kick when Walker blocks his run with both running into each other. Cazorla will take it, 30 yards out. He chips it up to Giroud for the flick-on but Lloris is out and punches it away.

43 min: "There are a fair few Indian Arsenal fans," writes Kesav Janarthanan. "Not as much as Man Utd (which is mostly on reputation rather than style). We are few but a vehement few! (often left frustrated by Arsene!)" It is Wilshere who is going off after the punishment he took in the week.

41 min: Flamini is about to make his second debut for Arsenal, shortly after Dawson blocks Walcott's cross into the area from wide on the right. It may be Wilshere or Ramsey who is going off.


39 min: Townsend again cuts in from the right on to his left foot, Gibbs ushering him inside. All he has to do is get hold of it perfectly once and he'll score, as he did for QPR last season, so far he's scuffed a pair of them powerfully but low and at Szczesny.

37 min: Walker and Townsend up the right again find themselves squeezed out after good build-up work gets them into the box, Koscielny again thwarting them with his reading of the move.


35 min: Do Arsenal have a lot of fans in India? I only ask, as someone of Indian heritage myself given the numbers of emails from Indian IP addresses which can only be described as dangerously premature crowing. Rosicky was booked a minute or so ago for a sliding tackle on Paulinho after Lloris had toe-ended the ball away from Walcott.


33 min: "Such passion on show here today," says Sam Watson. "Did you see everyone in the crowd celebrating with Giroud? iPhones have never been removed from pockets so quickly. How embarrassing. Where did it all go wrong." Ah, yes Sam. The habit of needing photographic evidence as a badge of authenticity, proof that you were there. Everyone is Zelig nowadays. Sharp intervention from Lloris racing out of his goal curtails Walcott's burst through the heart of Tottenham's defence. The Arsenal crowd shout of a free-kick and sending off but it looked a fair tackle on the one showing I've seen.

30 min: Tottenham are not doing very well at picking up Cazorla's movement and he found himself with a yard of space just on the edge of the box, making a chance for Ramsey 15 yards out but the Welshman scooped his shot over the bar.

28 min: Spurs are using possession to try to re-establish the control they seemed to be enjoying for the 10 minutes before they went behind and kept hold of it for a minute or two then freed Townsend on the left who cut inside and shot low with his right foot, Szczesny saving low to his left.

26 min: Shot from a crossing position on the right from Walcott, his mind made up because Giroud ahd begun the counter-attack by the halfway line and hadn't made it into the box. So Walcott forces a save from Lloris but the angle did him few favours.

24 min: The goal seems to have given Arsenal wings, flying forward with renewed vigour and confidence. Only a few moments before Arsenal scored Townsend's flick had played in Chadli who overran the pass somewhat and missed a shooting opportunity on the edge of the box.

GOAL!! Arsenal 1-0 Tottenham (Giroud)

Rosicky threaded a cute pass through the inside-right channel to Walcott, played onside by a dawdling Dawson and he crossed to the near post where Giroud skipped infront of Dawson and turned it in sharply.


21 min: "This game is absolutely wide open at the moment, both sides throwing men forward with abandon trying to get an early upper hand, writes Guy Hornsby asking for permission to be nervous. Permission granted, Guy. "Chadli is looking dominant, but we need to win the midfield battles. I think Paulinho will be the key for us really. Even though I think we're favourites, and have a lot of new additions, we're playing a team that's relatively settled, and, just like England cricket fans who suffered the 90s, it's hard not to be nervous about this game, as recent history would allow, really. Please, no 5-2." I can't see that, Guy.

19 min: That block back then that I awarded to Mertesacker was Koscielny's to claim. He's very good isn't he? Spurs have a corner on their left but Chadli Barnes-Wallisses it to the near post and it's hooked clear by Giroud.

18 min: Huffing and puffing interlude. Both houses intact.

16 min: Rosicky, 15 yards inside the Spurs half, goes on a mazy dribble, left to right but not making much ground forward as Paulinho and Capoue keep their discipline and force him up a blind alley until he loses it and puts his foot in, tripping his opponent and concedes a free-kick.

14 min: More dainty footwork in the box, this time from Cazorla, who tried to work a shooting chance on his right foot but has to settle for sliding it through to Giroud who runs out of space by the touchline and has to cross instead of shoot and Lloris gathers it.

13 min: "Early 60s pop groups, spelling bees, caption competition. This MBM has a party feel to it already," writes Simon McMahon. "Is everyone off tomorrow?" It's pre-deadline day hysteria, Simon. Walker on the overlap is found by a lovely threaded pass from Townsend and the right-back pulls it back for Soldado whose position is read and shot blocked by Mertesacker (I think).

11 min: Alan Smith is very concerned with the way Chadli is winning the ball and dominating Jenkinson, using the space his strength and pace gives him wisely.

9 min: Chadli fancies his chances against Jenkinson and wins a corner when the tenacious right-back sticks with him after first being beaten and blocks his cross but the winger plays it short and flat to the edge of the box and Arsenal crowd Spurs out.

8 min: Jenkinson wins a free-kick then almost completely puts his side under the cosh 15 yards inside his won half when he surprises Ramsey with a quick hospital pass when he was well-marked by Dembele whose intervention is slightly too heavy and the ball ricochets out for a throw.

6 min: Cazorla takes again, going low, trying to spear it under the wall as they jumped but it had too much bend on it and it screwed away from Lloris's right post by a foot or so.

5 min: Walker pops the ball up the line to Townsend who races at Gibbs but runs out of space and the ball trickles out for a throw-in, which Arsenal; move up brightly with Ramsey up to Walcott who is brought down by Dembele right on the edge of the D.


4 min: Arsenal's corner is as well defended/poorly directed as Tottenham's was a minute or two ago and Spurs have the goal kick.

3 min: Arsenal clear and break forward quickly, Rosicky bursting towards the box on the left is pulled back by Capoue, hand on his shoulder and Arsenal have a free-kick 20-odd yards out on the left. Cazorla takes, curling towards Lloris's top-right corner but the keeper dives across well and palms it out for the corner kick.

1 min: We're off and Spurs go back to go forward, working it up the right until Andros Townsend sprints past Gibbs and into the box where Koscielny tackles him and toes the ball out for a corner which doesn't clear the first line of Arsenal defenders.

A minute to kick-off and Arsène Wenger is patted on the back by André Villas-Boas and then puts his arm around the Spurs manager as they walk up the tunnel and out on to the pitch. Kenyon White would like a caption contest for the two photos. Go on then.


"I expect Arsenal to sign the Animals, parts better than the sum and soon singing we Gotta Get Out Of This Place," honks Mark Elliott.

"Do you think Spurs have the right balance in their squad?" asks Jonathan Smart. "I feel their defence is still pretty dodgy (although obviously it's not done too badly in the last couple of games) and they don't really look like possessing a properly organized squad so much as someone's shortlist from any of the past few Fifa's. Have they bought the right players?" Well, I'm told Vlad Chirches is an outstanding player. Perhaps they intend to play him with Kaboul/Dawson and then move Vertonghen to left-back for some games? I would have thought another centre-half would have been on their list. I was surprised they let Caulker go who impressed me except for that game at Elland Road in the Cup.

"Arsenal are missing Podolski, Chamberlain, Diaby, Arteta and Vermaelen. That's why their bench looks weak," writes the mysterious Dave. "Just stop it with this thin squad narrative." What thin squad narrative, Dave? If Sagna is too unwell to start surely you'd expect to have a bigger matchday squad to let him go home?

"I think their (Arsenal's) starting XI is actually better than ours today. We need Rose to play really well today," says Steve Waterhouse. I think they're at least as good, Steve, and obviously are more experienced. I think the game will be tight. Thought Rose played well for Sunderland last year at left-back. Should be quite a test for him today if Cazorla, Rosicky (one of my favourite players) and Walcott switch about to give him different problems to solve.

"If, as some wag put it, Spurs have sold Elvis and bought The Beatles," writes Alix Sharkey, "what early 60s pop phenomenon can Arsenal hope to capture at this point? Adam Faith? Tommy Steele? The Miracles?" PJ Probyprobyprobyprobyprobybutdon'tshoot?

As my esteemed colleague Kevin Mitchell points out: "Those lineups are excellent material for a spelling bee." We could be in for a typo record, even for the Grauniad.

… as Natan Misak, presumably a Spurs fan, has noticed: "The difference between the two benches is startling, only one player on Spurs' bench is uncapped internationally while Arsenal have three youth teamers. Ominous memories of the 8-2 loss to United before deadline day two years ago, fingers crossed we can get something similar."

Official team news

Arsenal: Szczesny; Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs; Wilshere, Ramsey; Walcott, Rosicky, Cazorla; Giroud.
Subs: Sagna, Monreal, Flamini, Fabianski, Sanogo, Gnabry, Zelalem.

Tottenham Hotspur: Lloris; Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen, Rose; Capoue,
Paulinho; Townsend, Dembele, Chadli; Soldado.
Subs: Lamela, Holtby, Naughton, Defoe, Sigurdsson, Friedel, Sandro.
Referee: Michael Oliver (Northumberland)

Christ on a bike – look at the relative strengths of the substitutes' benches.


Bacary Sagna is said to be too "unwell" to start but has been named as a substitute by Arsenal. Are resources really so thin?

So far unconfirmed team news suggests Arsenal's starting XI will be: Szczesny; Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs; Ramsey, Wilshere, Walcott, Rosicky, Cazorla; Giroud.

And Tottenham's: Lloris, Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen, Rose, Capoue, Paulinho, Townsend, Dembele, Chadli, Soldado.


Good afternoon

I have four Arsenal season-ticket holding friends and two Spurs ones and needless to say it is the former who were feeling the most nervy this morning. This league fixture has produced 80 goals in its past 20 runnings or renewals as the racing desk would have it, Arsenal winning nine, Tottenham six with five drawn. Given that Spurs have won their two league matches so far by the old Bertie Mee scoreline, it will be interesting to see if both sides are more solid defensively than they have been in the recent past. Arsenal, of course, have a far more dominant home record, winning seven and drawing two of the past 10 in the Premier League at the Emirates and Highbury with this 3-2 Spurs victory in November 2010 their only reverse.

There are a few Arsenal rumours being aired this morning, suggesting they have signed the Palermo goalkeeper Emiliano Viviano on loan and that they have made a bid for Santi Cazorla's former Villarreal team-mate Jefferson Montero, a 23-year-old Ecuador winger now at Morelia of Mexico. Some people on the 140-character trumpet are suggesting they have made their final bid for Real Madrid's Angel Di María last night and are waiting for a response but given that he played for Real today it seems unlikely they would have risked him if they had decided to accept the offer from the Emirates.


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