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Jordan v Iraq
2 years ago
Iran v Bahrain
2 years ago
UAE v Qatar
2 years ago

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no idea if anyone really uses this forum....

"Qatar have been cleared of any wrongdoing by FIFA following the publication of a report on the bidding processes for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup tournaments."



the streakers at World Cup final was censored on our TV during the live match....
4yrs of hiatus starts now. 2018 landing soon.
wonder how many users will still be here in 4 years time :D

wonder how many pages will be rolled out by the time 2018 comes :P
All still be here...i don't think all leave..when i get bored i just stay away for like 1-3 months then am back
when my semester starts, i doubt ill even have time to come to FT daily. FT is basically the facebook of football. only time i visit regularly is during transfer window and summer holiday.
They had to throw a bone to the Messi fanboys out there anyway. Very typical isnt it? Messi the best player of the whole tournament ? Are you kidding me??

So Maradona 1986 is the same as Messi 2014?! hahahahahahahahahaha
Looks like someone's fries were a bit too salty.
What happened to your hand of God Messifans?! hahaha:)))
Messi is too honest to be capable of any hand of god. Anyway it doesn't take a great mathematician to know like Maradona nobody ever...
Not sure what is so funny
sound like someone had too much of viagra or something lol. too much excitement. XD
Messi is never going to reach that mantle that Maradona occupies (in Argentina) until he wins that elusive WC, heck Tevez is more popular than Messi in Argentina (boy, what a difference Tevez could'v made, shame).
I know right, Aguero who wasn't even 100% went and Rodrigo Palacio went but no Tevez who came off a good goalscoring season in Juventus.
Gut gemacht Deutschland!

I'm very happy to see a proper 'team' that plays attacking football win it. Their players are exemplary professionals and they all truly deserve it. Seeing Hummels and old boys Schweini, Klose and Lahm so moved and happy made my day even though I'd have liked Messi to win it.

Oh, he didn't really deserve player of the tournament despite having played really well. Robben was outstanding every game and I'd say Müller, James or him should've won it. Messi himself clearly didn't enjoy the trophy either.
James and Colombia should be so disappointed for not getting anything from this tournament. Very unfair cause James did so much in the later stages. Got 6 goals. Its not right
James is getting the golden boot. So your statement is wrong.
I'm hearing alot of people saying this Argentinian side is completly different to the one that lost 4-0 to Germany in South Africa.

Well there is that much of a difference. The starting 11 will consist of the same players except 4(Tevez, Heinze, Otamendi, Burdisso). Mascherano was the captain back then and now Messi is.

Argentina will approach this game so defensive but if Germany score 1st they'll be forced to change tactics.
its completely different because it isnt managed by a clueless diego maradona lol
yeap Argentina changed their tactics..during the last 5 minutes or so..and nearly got punish with Muller
iTV provided me with the most important stat that will change my understanding of football forever. "This is the first time FIFA choose a referee from Africa country for the 3rd place match".

British commentary is like listing to two old guys who are sipping tea in their backyard.
itv is really bad. especially if they keep Adrian chillies
Just googled Adrian Chiles... oh man that guy looks so scary during the half-time report. like he is looking into a crystal ball in a dark room.. hehehe

I like the half-time report of BBC only because of Alan Shearer. My favorite English player because he is always right in his analysis and makes amazing final points. His take of Germany after the Brazil game was so priceless "Now they have done the hard part they have to maintain this form as people only remember team's that have the name on the trophy"

The Latino TV channels got their babes to report the games, and England chooses Chiles. WTF England !
Skool "babes to report the games"

hehehehe nice one
skool has a point..even when they're having a silly debate in those latino just can't stop watching
Who is best player of the world cup?

James Rodriguez,Robben, Kroos, Muller or Lahm?
keylor navas or mascherano
Muller if Germany wins WC
Messi if Argentina wins WC
Golden Ball- James Rodriguez
Gangster James Rodriguez. Best performance with a team that is not full of stars.

Who will win? Messi or Muller.
BluFFmaster, Messi? Or that's just you anticipating the official selection?
Ekoj, why do you hate Messi? Because by leaving him off your shortlist, when hes on the official shortlist and single handedly dragged argentina out of the group stage you have demonstrated a clear bias against him. No reasonable person would say messi doesn't deserve to be considered at the very least. In my opinion, if Argentina win and Messi plays well tomorow he should get the golden ball. If Germany win then James Rodriguez should get it because i dont think any one German player has really distinguished themselves- been more of a team effort.
Who ever breaks the '6 goals' mark deserves the award :P
Robben for me, hard to pick one german player coz they were all merciless collectively, but Robben inflicted damage every time he got the ball no matter back 5 or back 8!
You nailed it Ekoj
So should there be a third place match at the World Cup ?
Why not?
Because its pointless to make a team who have had a brilliant tournament , lost in the semi finals , loose again and go out in a depressing way.
Its part of a tradition that goes back a long way, whats wrong with an extra game for the viewers to indulge in?
No like you said it's pointless
ya , i agree its tradition and stuff, also even i love to watch more football. But what are the players playing for ? win or loss they know they were so close to reach the final and couldn't make it. Sad way to end a brilliantly played tournament if you end up loosing.
If players lose in the semi finals, they want to go home. Not stick around and play another game for 90 minutes with high intensity.

This is not even a glorified friendly. It is a friendly laced with disgrace and apathy.
No it isn't pointless. It is something fun for the fans to watch. It's point is the very nature of sport, entertainment.
Tomikato, its better prize money for third place.
Prize money, sponsorship deals, a medal etc.

3rd Place games are usually better games than the finals themselves, the last 17 3rd place games have averaged 4 goals. Disgrace? Netherlands would sure disagree.
Tomikato, You guys will be playing for 3rd place too in this upcoming AFC Asian cup, and we will play the final. :) So get ready !
Pointless 3rd place games. After the first half, I was like let me get back to doing work. This is just for FIFA to make some extra bucks. Next idea start having 5th place games. Hehehehhe

Such stupidity to force two teams to play an extra game not to forget they have lost the chance to win the cup, are exhausted, and not recovered from the loss. No one cares about 3rd. And the players are risking their health and condition, and professional future for no reason what so ever.
In the end, the games is all about winning, and if you lose the semis, why should you be given a second chance to redeem yourselfs.

31 heartbreaks and only 1 Champion !
Then why did Van Gaal say it was a waste of time BluFFmaster?

Sure, they might enjoy the final whistle because they don't go out with a defeat, that's fine. bBut that isn't what the World Cup should be about. It's just meaningless other than to make more money for FIFA.

Part of the greatness of sport is seeing the heartbreak when a side is knocked out. You lose, you're gone. That's it. Having two losers stick around and play another match is totally unfair to the players. Brazil just couldn't get up for it but you can't exactly blame them at this point.
So if Van Gaal says tomatoes are a disgrace, does that mean i should start looking for tomato alternatives?

Who cares what the fk the players think and how they feel, they are being paid millions and suddenly it's about their emotions? For some countires 3rd place and the 3rd place playoff match is a huge thing, Sweden, Chile, Turkey, Croatia, South Korea, Uruguay etc. Ask any Netherland fan, they'll tell you that 3rd place is a brilliant achievement. Ruud Van Nistelrooy was praising the team and how they played in the playoff (certainly didn't play like a team who couldn't care less of the match). And the chance to turnaround a gloomy defeat to a nice winning end? Whats wrong with that?

Looking too much into this and caring too much about a bunch of millionaire players, who will shrug this off by next week (except the Brazilians).

Lots will argue that third place playoff games are stupid, but i personally think they are brilliant. You have to look no further than Portugal Germany 2006 and Uruguay Germany 2010 (best game of the entire World Cup) to understand my point.
Wish I could like your post more BluFFmaster. Not about the players. This event is a spectacle for world footy fans and the third place match is an addition to that spectacle. It is an opportunity for two teams to go out play a fun exciting exhibition game and applaud the fans when they are done. It is a fun game for the fans and therefore not pointless. That is what this sport/event is about, the fans.
Man if Van Gaal says tomatoes are a disgrace, you should never mention Tomatoes ever. If you do mention it Van Gaal will appear in your worst nightmares. The guy looks like a scary mob boss that no one wants to disappoint. hehehehe
Tomatoes and Tomikatos should not share the same conversation. Makes my head go dizzy.

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