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WC Qualifying Asia

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Cambodia v Macau
2 weeks ago
Jordan v Oman
1 year ago
Iran v Lebanon
1 year ago
Iraq v Japan
1 year ago

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Good luck to everybody in the final stages.

Go Socceroos!
Jordan vs Oman very tense
love iran, 4-0
me too:)
대한민국 파이팅!!! Come'on Korea!!
Where is everyone?theres qualifiers today and the page is empty? :/
3 Saudi teams in the Semi Final of the AFC Champions league.

Poor Bunyodkor, stuck in the middle.

Hey Uzbeks,If you smell any food from the locker rooms of any of those 3 teams,
yes, they are eating Mandi in the locker room.

Cheers good luck all 4.
This comment has been removed.
I didnt say anything Racist or Secretarian i was just notifying.

Your too sensitive mate.
First Jeroens comment now this..
No i was just stating the teams in the semi's. I was mentioning it because it happened. i didnt say (HAHA JAPANESE KOREANS AND AUSTRALIANS SUCK THAT YOU SNOBS!!)

When 3 English teams were in the UCL Semi finals for 3 years running ,everyone blabbed about it.
When there was 3 portuguese teams in the EL Semi's and they all went on about it.

I said Muslim teams because not all 3 are arabs but are majority muslim countries (Well Saudi Arabia all)

Uzbekistan is a majority Muslim counttry, 90 percent of the nation.
Yes i respect the remaining 10 percent of others, but im speaking on the prospect of majority. I was not insulting other peoples, i was stating it because it happened, like all other ethnicities and peoples do when it happens for them.
Can anyone who was making fun of Jordan after the 6-0 loss please step up?
but didnt you lose 6-0 loooooooooool at least we lost 1-0 and you won by luck

that doesnt matter,we lost 3 points and you lost 3 points.

also we were red carded and had 2 penalties given against us.
For anyone who is from Asia,
the AFC Cup quarter final draw has been drawn.

Al Kuwait of Kuwait will face My Hometown heros Al Wehdat of Jordan.

Arema of Indonisia is facing al Ettifaq of Saudi arabia

Arbil of Iraq is facing Kelatan of Malaysia

and Chonburi of Thailand is facing al Shorta of Syria.

good luck guys.

WC Qualifying Asia Stats

WC Qualifying Asia Results

Mon 23rd March
0 - 0
Tue 17th March
1 - 1
0 - 0
Thu 12th March
3 - 1
2 - 0

Top Goalscorers

S. Chhetri
Chan Vathanaka
C. Gyeltshen
Hassan Bashir
Patrick Alves
Z. Zarwan
Leong Ka Hang
T. Bin
Wang Ruei

Seeing Red

Ahsan Ullah
2 0
Mudir Abdurabu
2 0
A. Tharindu Eranga
1 0
T. Daginaa
1 0
1 0
B. Khawas
1 0
E. Lyngdoh
1 0
C. Lobo
1 0
Robin Singh
1 0
A. Rahman
1 0

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