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Confederations Cup

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Brazil v Spain
3 years ago
Uruguay v Italy
3 years ago
Spain v Italy
3 years ago
Brazil v Uruguay
3 years ago
Uruguay v Tahiti
3 years ago
Nigeria v Spain
3 years ago
Japan v Mexico
3 years ago
Italy v Brazil
3 years ago
Spain v Tahiti
3 years ago
Italy v Japan
3 years ago
Brazil v Mexico
3 years ago
Tahiti v Nigeria
3 years ago
Spain v Uruguay
3 years ago
Mexico v Italy
3 years ago

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Said it before say it again Brazil wins the cup yahhee. Btw this might be a really weird question and one that you all will get angry but will ask.
Why the heck do they have this confederation cup anyway? Is it like a trailer to a movie.
So people remember there is a world cup next summer.
It's mainly to see if the hosting nation is ready for the real deal. Infrastructure like stadiums, hotels and roads have to be ready to cope with millions of tourists and fans.
I find it entertaining and a good trailer gives all of us a picture of what is awaiting us next summer. Brazil is a force to be reckoned with and will be strong contenders for the WC2014.
David luiz what a clearance
ya but did you see how many fouls he committed during the entire tournament
@Derfg Replace "Luiz" with "Neymar" and "fouls" with "dives". Parody time.
the ultimate big game player, Munich 2012, Rio 2013, 2014?
Gotta luv the Italians and the way they played. They really played the best game I've seen this confederations cup. I'm not gonna lie it was funny to see Spain struggling to find possession and they had no rhythm going on and supposedly that's what their good at. Its pretty sad to see all of Italy's chances not taken which makes you wish Mario didn't get injuired because he would have buried those opportunities in a heartbeat but good effort on Italy thought. Giaccherini,Maggio and Canderva were pretty impressive to watch. Italy has nothing to be ashamed of, they played their own game, with their own style and nearly won and with perfection. They may have lost the game but they have won the battle.
mate if i had the power to give you 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 likes for this comment, i would definitely have given you!! alas i can't give you more than 1:P lol

well said:-)
Italy does seem more prepared to play Spain. But spain is very comfortable to deal with defensive minded teams. Only if Italian coach does something out of the ordinary nothing new to see in today's game.

To make matters worst I am sure crazy money is probably riding on a Spain and Brazil final might just put a lot of pressure on the refs to you know what.

My take Spain Brazil final , Brazil wins by hook or crook and everyone happy to accept the world cup 2014.
i rather Prandelli did something "ordinary" with 3-5-2 formation rather than trying to be "out of ordinary" by trying 4-4-2/4-1-3-2 like he did in euro 2012 final

well, 3-5-2 just paid-off once we're barely losing to mighty Spain by penalty shootout
Oh do agree with you on that. To me the 352 is the out of the ordinary not the junk 441. That idiotic behavior is the reason why Italy is a nightmare to watch and the only other team that was the same is the back in the dsy inter where they had all the best strike force but all played defensive to make them look so boring. Not the mourihno one.
You guys are underestimating italy imo. don't forget when they had full squad they played 1-1 draw with spain in the euro ( or almost had defeated them). Italy was the better side in the second half of that game. In the final, italy was suffering from injuries to their star players and that affected their game. When it comes to big matches italy has always proved everyone wrong.!!

Last three matches between italy and spain - Win to italy, 1-1 draw and 4-1 loss.Considering spain is the world and euro champion i don't think its bad??!!
no one replying to u yet

well, i guess what they're expecting (spain trashing 4-0, 5-0) didn't happen so it better for em just to stay quiet :D
I am proud of you italy!! better luck next time:-)
Italy is not even close to what they had at 2006. Again, there will be no surprises tomorrow,and more than likely, this Italy will be less of a trouble than last years's Euro final.
You still have much to learn my friend.
you don't say?
@Juje mashini, you feel vindicated even after losing ? You can't diminish Spain and their efforts for not producing 3-0 or 4-0 wins all the time.
Both the pre-match and post-match analyses are completely wrong. Congrats.
My pre-match predictions were better than their post-match predictions. haha
@Joke I meant YOUR pre- and post-match comments. 3 in a row for the inaccuracy... you're on a roll!

Please tell me you think Brasil will destroy Spain on Sunday, then it would make everything perfect!
No analysis was intended at the first place, it's just a paradigm shift I've had over the years. Btw I like Italy, I have been a fan since 1994, my criticism is just tough love. :)
That was total destruction. you still have a lot to learn 1234
mt1234 1-0 joke
Uruguay might be ready to pick up their game to win this tournament. Any one think why not?
nope. spain are gonna win it
Brazil - Spain final, thanks!
No, Brazil just beat em ;p
To bad
Yup the goalkeeper did it again
Doesn't seem fair to the teams that didn't have Tahiti in their group, the top scorer of the tournament will be a bit off.
2012 OFC Nations Cup Champions :P
I think Torres will win Golden
should've been Australia lol
don't understand why they joined and Asian FC
Yea thats how torres will win the golden boot again.
Lampuiho how could you still don't understand why Australia did joined to AFC? the proof is right infront of you. OFC are no match to Australian.
i would have thought that new zealand should be winning OFC now that australia are not in it lol they did very well at the last world cup and tahiti are awful team
Italy's luck has finally run out.
Can't wait to see them face Spain again.
^u mean can't wait to see them got trashed by Spain again ;)
Italy has to thank Spain for being in this tournament in the first place.
^Italy went on to Euro 2012 final by their own effort. Why on earth did they need to thanked Spain for?
Italy's luck has ran out? When have Italy ever been lucky?
Buffon gonna have a clean sheet !!!
Noir, no, it was my prayers that were answered too. My effort :)
@noir yes I can't wait lol.
Another walk in the park for spain. ;)
^u right. It should be & would be a piece of cake for Spain to handle ;)

like they did to USA in 2009
You comparing Spain of 2009 with the current Spain?
Thats laughable because their squad depth is ridiculous. Their B team would beat any team in the world. Don't forget how Japan outplayed you the whole game.
What makes you think Spain won't? they got clinical finishers , something Japan lacked lol.
Having said all that, anything can happen I was just writting off Italy as part of the banter.

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