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Friendlies, wake me up when the season starts.. PLEASE!!!
i saw this page keeps on trending eventhough the latest post was 3 weeks ago

so how did 'trending' things work? By a click is it?
must be....
last post 11 months ago
what is the point of bumping this? would have been better to have just posted a news story or topic relative to club friendlies. u know there are alot going on around this time of year
Does anyone else feel that this season we're being inundated with all this bullshit advertising?
So many Awesome Friendlies that have being played, its good to see clubs that won't play each other for a while, good for fans to see differen't players from different leagues, some awesome goals, I mean this is going to be a good year like always of soccer(football) , good for MLS teams to play top clubs, and even beating some of them is cool, I can't wait for EPL to begin, going to be great season with awesome goals, CHELSEA, going to win it!! And champions league, can't wait, Soccer(Football) is a beautiful game!
THE beautiful game mate! ;)
Love how the Red Bulls are the MLS reps in the logo alongside teams like Man utd., Inter, and Real Madrid.
i know rite. all i want to see is La galaxy vs Real madrid
7-0,8-0,9-0.And you call that a friendly.When you get to five goals give the other team a break.
It seem the Dutch don't take it easy in friendlies..
na you shouldnt go easy on friendlies, people love to see goals lol
Feyernoord had to get its revenge for letting 8? in during the season
Why give a break? It's a competitive sport, and you feel like after you get to a certain point you should stop competing?

Go down the list of friendlies and you'll find much more crushing defeats, namely Rijmenam vs KV Mechelen...Mechelen won that effing game 15-0.
not too friendly then, chose ur opponent wisely ;)
Bad day for Manchester as both teams lost, let's hear the excuses
Nice one! This ... is ... SPARTA!

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