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Copa Del Rey

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Intense game!!! How does a game end up with someone throwing a shoe lol

Maybe if all the fits have been thrown, they rely on shoes in Turkey?
Good thing for the official Atletico aim their shoes like they aim their shots :D

These comments look funny now. All hail the shoe thrower! What a great guy. Also, what an active forum this is.
"I am commenting on this page after it has been ignored for 9 months."
- KingLucas
I will quote you in 9 months, just you wait!
So close...
Good for Real on showing their resilience.
I am commenting on this page after it has been ignored for 9 months.
Aye aye aye aye ayeeee
Congrats to Atletico, they deserved one for a change and for the great performances they put up throughout the season..
Keep the good work Simeone!
Watching Messi Goalless, priceless.
Watching Arsenal trophyless, priceless
kaka will starts and score tomorrow
So on January the 30 th we are going to be able to watch, yet again, a "Classico" between Real Madrid and it's old nemesis Barcelona FC ! This tiume for the Copa Del Rey that Real saw it slip out off it's reach ! More ofhten than not, whenever there's a "Classicon", Real looses ! There is not doubt that the Real Madrid team is among the top teams of the world. There is no doubt that Ronaldo is among the feww top players of world soccer. But now, again Real Madrid is going to face Barca on January the 30 th.
Let's have something in perspective :
1/ Malaga beat Real Madird on the last emcounter; yet Barcelona dispatched it with a 4-2 win on Jan the 24 ! I watched the whole game and again and again, notwithstanding the fact that Barlenola is a very very capable team, the main reaon Malaga lost ( just like all the other adversaries of Barca, including Real Madrid ) appears to be the sad fact that none of the beaten parties has been capable of keeping the ball, whereas Barcelona has made it a trademark of it's playing style. How can one win a match if one's team cannot keep the ball after 2 passes, smothimes even 1 ? Insofar as Real Madrid is concerned, how can Ronaldo, Benzema, Higuain do their tricks ife the ball does not even get to Di Maria, Ozil, Coentrao .. to name just a feww in the midfield ?
2/ And Casillas ! He's an excellent goal keeper as all of Spain appear to recognize it ! But for some reason he is a somewhat emotional man ! I have seen him cry when Inniesta got his goal against the Netherlans guys at the last world cup final in South Africa. In my humble and subjective view, Casillas appears to be "awstruck" in games facing Barcelona ! I have seen him stop extremely dangerous balls against less poweful adversary teams, but when Real meets with a "high class" team - which in my view is not any better than Real Madrid, then he fails to perform !

In the upcoming Copa Del Rey match between Real Madrid and Barcelno, if Real's ball possession s not at least 45 % of the regular 90 minutes and if Casillas does not really think he can do as well as Manuel Neuer or, say, Valdez, then Real is going to loose again !
P.S. I am a fan of both Real Madrid and Barcelona. My motto has always been : Let the best team win !

T. Newin
You are an oxymoron. BTW Casillas is injured and won't play.
i seem to be the only person who likes this tournament at all.

And now you're gone.
LOL hahahaha
Now nobody likes copa del rey :(
[account-removed] like this tournament
lmao @ayyam
well Copa
i guess its just me and you again.
You and I*

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