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Fiorentina v Siena
5 months ago
AC Milan v Udinese
5 months ago
AS Roma v Juventus
5 months ago
Catania v Siena
5 months ago
Lazio Roma v Parma
5 months ago

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Luck was all we needed.
Derby d'Capitale Finale!
Luck is all we need.
Lazio - Juve

Inter - Roma

the semi's just couldn't get any better though
A real test of strength!!
wat a goal by vucinic fair play!!!! goal of the week
lopez goal nice 2!!
good players but totaal scum clubs :)
is milan out of coppa italia ?
Yep lol
No there is two legs.
Now we are.
Hope Milan could win this time! Please!!!
LOOOOOOOOL YEAH RIGHT ....You should thank GOD u reached the Semis cuz in recent years u werent
G 2 Hell-O
Totti is a real disgrace. Frustrated or not, and not matter what people say to you. you cant do that. PERIOD. He is a loser. and as for taddei and mexes it shows that they are all losers.
Juve is a REAL disgrace, buying refs and titles, what a bunch of losers.
Lol in 2005, the manager of Juventus bought the ref and he ended up badly and been sacked by all the members of Juventus
Roma is the losers your the ones who are always stuck in mediocrity and Zian lol that isn't true brush up on things before you embarrass yourself
Coppa Italia TIM Cup final. Inter 1 - Roma 0.

Did y all watch the match? Totti is f*******g disgrace. What a sore looser...Wish the Italian soccer punishes this stupid jerk...Damn...
he was just frustrated
taddei too, he kick muntari, mexes with the punching, thank god inter player playing them with winning mentality
yeah...They will be even more frustrated in the next 2 weeks
thanks Barcewihdat
You guys dont deserve it!
Wow Chivu is such a loser! lol this happens in football, look at Zidane :s
Keep winning AS Roma

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