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Euro 2012

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Germany v Italy
3 years ago

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ronaldo do hime thing

corrupt uefa
This game of football nowadays...when live is not actually live *sigh*
UEFA just annoy me
Platini abusing the fans, Platini abusing bidding processes, Platini abusing the laws, Platini abusing POWER.

I miss Johansson.
That is truly messed up
So the tournament is sadly over, but who do YOU guys think
1. Was the best player (overall)
2. Scored the best goal
3. Was the biggest breakthrough
4. Was the biggest flop
In my opinion:

1. Iniesta
2. Balotelli vs Ireland
3. Jordi Alba
4. RvP (sorry Arsenal fans)
1. Torres
2. Super Mario vs Ireland
3. Jordi Alba
4. Benzema
1. Iniesta/Pirlo
2. Ibra vs Sweden
3. Jordi Alba
4. Netherlands team in general
^Ibra scored an own goal?!?!
2.Ibra vs France
3.Jordi Alba
3.Heskey backflip backheel goal vs Kenya
4.Not Heskey
5.Not Heskey

1. pirlo
2. mario vs ireland
3. dzagoev
4. szczesny(i was expecting him to help poland reach the knockout stage, not get red carded halfway into the first game never to be seen again!)
1. Iniesta
2. Pirlo
3. Casillas
4. Buffon
5. Balotelli

All Spanish and Italians for me, by far the most impressive the whole tournament. Germany really failed to prove all the strength they were bragging about, the group of death turned out to be Group C lol
1. Iniesta
2. Silva goal in Final (the whole sequence)
3. Italy
4. Netherlands
1. Iniesta
2. Balotelli against Germany
3. Alba
4. Cocky Germany-fans on Footytube
1. Iniesta
2. Ibra vs. France
3. Alba
4. Cocky Germany fans and Netherlands entire squad
Italy went all the way to the final 4 NOTHING
Thanks Captain !
yea happy that spain won...woohoo.....but at least italy got the second in the tournament....
Is it me or i dont like how refs won't let the game flow by calling unnecessary fouls, every 5 seconds. like for example, just a nudge on the back when two people are going for headers is a foul. If a person wins the ball by doing a dangerous slide tackle, its still a foul. Thats not the way the refs handled the game when i was growing up, and i miss it. On the other hand the ref's hardly call a foul on the box but everywhere else. Call a foul as it is and maybe the game won't be so boring. It probably comes from FIFA too, who instruct the refs what to call and what not to call. These big tournaments are starting to take the life out of the beautiful game, if refs keep doing this
SPain have been involved in making history in the most boring way possible...if it wasn't for torres scoring and assisting then the whole final was just a waste of time.
Hows the weed where you live, guy?
Aaaaaaaaand another 2 years... :-(
another 4 years actually damn who knows how many members will still be here ...
^2 years till WC
24 teams competing for the final in the next euro....we call that euro 16 lol
Hungarian TV acts out Spain v Italy with bikini models.
top 5 cb in the euros:

1. pepe
2. alves
3. ramos
4. agger
5. hummels

top 3 lb:


top 3 rb:

1. perreira
2. torosidis
3. johnson

top 5 midfielders:

1. pirlo
2. iniesta
3. xavi
3. de rossi
4. silva
5. ozil

top 3 gk:

1. pletikosa :)
2. iker
3. buffon

top 3 forwards:

1. balotelli
2. cristiano
3. dzagoev

Just to add a bit...

Official Player of Tournament: Iniesta
Official GOAL of Tournament: Ibrahimovic vs France
i just disagree with so much of this that i really don't wanna comment but i must.
First...dzagoev is a midfielder...
second, pepe? You think pepe is the best defender in the tourney? He injures and pretends to get injured and he's good but not better than any of the other CB you listed.
Third, debuchy played better than all the right backs you listed as did srna for croatia.
Replace De Rossi with Gerrard, easy.
gerrard was not good. 24/37 passing vs italy. compare that to pirlo who completed over 100 passes at over 90%!
^ yeah alright. Steven Gerrard wasn't good. What exactly are you smoking?
great for spain. but to me they still didn't give a good could argue that this final was Great but collectively it felt like spain gave no fucks until now lol.

it's crazy to think that just a couple years ago..spain was literally a nobody in the football world and now they have a three-peat!.
Nobody cares about Spain even if they keep winning every tournament for the next 10 years.
Spain seemed to me to be coasting at times, saving energy for the final, especially when teams parked the bus. A bit risky, but it paid off. They looked way fresher for the final than Italy even though they played 120 minutes compared to Italy's 90.

I think there is a huge difference between playing conservatively and "gave no f*cks." When teams parked the bus, they didn't over commit and make themselves vulnerable, because they didn't need to. It was wise in my opinion. To only have 1 goal scored against you in 6 matches is a stellar tournament.

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