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One step closer for Arsenal ...
Yeah..But hull will be no push overs..i expect an even bigger fight from them..We need to play much better than we did in the semi's..Hopefully more players will be fit by then
If Arsenal do not win the cup, Wenger must go!
I don't think any managers position should be based on whether or not they win the domestic cup, a competition in which anything can happen.

I don't think this argument will exist though, I'm expecting us to win this. We're much more reliable against weaker opponents than before.
Your right, it has to do with winning agains't teams who have half the talent and half of Arsenal's budget. The cup will be the result. I hope for Arsene that he wins. If not, I hope that ownership will do the right thing for the team.
we need to win..it would be too embarrassing if we fail to clinch this moment..wenger cannot fail
i know its still early but its NOW or NEVER Gunners!!

treat the Wigan and hopefully the next one against Sheffield/Hull match like u were playing Bayern/Barca

treat em lightly and it would be like Birmingham City once again
fitting that the cup we will be breaking the drought is was our last. Perfect way to break a curse
Why does Pellegrini keep playing Demichilis?
Pellegrini sucks. Lets be honest...
He can still win the league though
Oh my god Wigan did it again! Arsenal can actually win a trophy now lmao
We had a good enough chance before City lost today, now we've got the best chance since Birmingham 3 years ago, and this is for a much bigger trophy. Surely we've got to take it.
Don't go underestimating opponents like that. Have you forgotten that we managed to lose to Villa? A team we should never have lost to!
The mentality in the squad is different now..I think our players are going to appreciate the opportunity more this time round. Last chance for departing players like sagna
FA Cup quarter final draw

Arsenal vs. Everton
Brighton/Hull vs. Sunderland
Sheff Utd vs. Sheff Wed/Charlton
Man City vs. Wigan

All draws look really interesting, a Sheffield derby (if Sheff Wed wins), a repeat of last years FA Cup final, afc everton game and also if Brighton wins tmr, its gonna be a Gus Poyet revenge game, Brighton vs Sunderland
Sheff Utd

Please don't crush my dreams! lol
half of your dream comes true lol
5th Round Draw

Man City vs Chelsea
Sheff Utd/Fulham vs Nott'm Forest/Preston
Arsenal vs Liverpool
Brig & Hove Albion vs Hull City
Cardiff vs Wigan
Sheff Wed vs Charlton
Sunderland vs Southampton
Everton vs Swansea
Lol! For a sec, I thought you are predicted today's draw xD
Credit to Bournemouth, they didn't shy away from the occasion and had a real go at Liverpool throughout the game! Interesting to see what the next round brings for the remaining teams.

FA Cup Stats

FA Cup Results

Sun 13th April
Sat 12th April

Top Goalscorers

S. Clucas
J. Garner
B. Assombalonga
J. Paterson
R. Reid
F. Zoko
M. Fryatt
J. Emmanuel-Thomas
C. Porter
S. Agüero

Seeing Red

J. Mattock
2 1
M. Tidser
1 1
D. Boyata
1 1
D. Mooney
1 1
J. Dempster
0 1
K. Marsh-Brown
0 1
S. Beavon
0 1
J. Easter
0 1
G. Mahon
0 1
M. Doyle
0 1

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