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Friendly Sun, 7th Sep 2014
1 - 1
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quel bourin benzema
Played well, sadly its a loss, but proud to come this far in the competition after the incident of 2010. Allez Bleus ! Fier !

WC 1998 = perfection
WC 2006 = unlucky disaster
WC 2014 = Renaissance. new beginnings.
Bring on Germany in the quarter finals ! Allez LesBleus ! :D
What pleased me the most we played without fear. Now that we've confirmed that to ourselves, I have a feeling this team has heck of a lot more to offer.
If we don't let it get to our heads I'd say bring on anything tbh :D
Well said man, no fear to risk breeds success :D

Best is it take it one game at the time. I still don't know how the Germans struggled last night, even if they did win the game in the end. If team play like how they did against the Swiss, then we're unstoppable ;)
where can i watch it live streaming?
So looks like we could face Germany in the Quarters unless Germany f**k it up bad and lose tonight, and go second in their group.

If Germany do f**k it up tonight and go 2nd in their group we'll mostly face Brazil in the Semis, and maybe go on to meet Holland/Germany in the finals. Ah memories of 2006 comeback again to then quarters-final against Brazil. Henry ! ;)

Allez LesBleus ! Tout le chemin !
you haven't beaten Nigeria yet..
im just saying man ;) chill out. one step at a time, I know ;)
I know, I just don't want you getting your hopes up and losing 5-0 to us.. :D
sorry what?
lol looks like someone really need to hit the 'pot joint' :P
Can't complain about the overall display but let's face it, France hasn't yet seen a real test. Imho it was more a matter of the Swiss crumbling by themselves than us crushing them. No disrespect but forget the other games.
In my book we've done nothing more than what we're supposed to: play like a team and respect the jersey - don't get me wrong, it's all good!
Now though, remains to see whether we're ready to bleed and show spirit in real adversity.
Unity and working as a Team. Thats all I have to say for this French team. Proud of what Les Bleus have achieved so far. Can't wait to see the team take on the big giants of the competition.
Will ribery be missed? maybe he was holding france back? I really do sympathise as this is probably his last world cup, but maybe his injury was for the best. I can really see france going far!
For once i saw that France team actually played like a 'team' without Ribery

with Ribery there they have to focus on him as he's the talismantic and the focal point of the team

But yes this French side definitely can go far
Strong center midfield and top class CF's. I can see France doing well this year.

Amazing how things change in 4 years.
Valbuena and Griezmann are very good players. France will be fine.
and Pogba too ;)
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