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What USA Need.
Pocketg99 (Arsenal) 6 years ago
Ideal: England tie Algeria (that would leave USA tie with England on 2 points w/ 0 goal differential, and then if we beat Algeria by more than England beat Slovenia, or if England lose we get 2nd place in the group and are through to the knockout stages, because if we beat Algeria and England beat Slovenia by one less goal than we won by then USA and England will both have 5 points but we will have one higher goal differential and USA will go through on the secondary tie breaker. Of course if we tie Algeria and England tie Slovenia it will come down to who has scored the most We could also win the group on goal differential if England tie Slovenia regardless of how they do against Algeria (assuming we beat Algeria). Because Slovenia would have 5 points and we would too but we may have more goals, considering they only have +1 good. However, if England do beat Algeria and tie Slovenia, and we beat Algeria, it will be a three way tie for first determine by goal differential, and that is why England vs Algeria will be just as important as USA vs England but if there is a winner in the England Slovenia match then we just have to beat the loser (on goal differential) to claim second (if we beat Algeria) his is actually good news though as it will be impossible for the loser to have more than 0 goal differential, as Slovenia only have +1 and that will be cancelled out by any loss, and England have 0 goal differential and will have negative if they lose.
So put your head up if you are a fan of USA or live in it! Forza yanks!

Anyways, I hope that clears some things up.

P. S. If you are wondering, I'm only back for the world cup.
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 6 years ago
What we need to do is win and take care of our own haha. That's all we really can do. Ole Ole Ole Ole USA USA
BigShel (Philadelphia Union) 6 years ago
What we need/ needed to do is play two solid half's in the same game that would help alot!
Joeymac (Manchester United) 6 years ago
What we need is to not allow a goal within 15 minutes or not at all
Santillanavila (Tottenham Hotspur) 6 years ago
Oh come on. Only for the world cup. All the originals from when the new footytube came out are gone. Only ant is here now. I only recently started posting here again. Anyways the US has their destiny in their own hands now. All they have to do is win. Simple as that

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