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Simple, Cold Predictions For WC2010
[account-removed] 6 years ago
Heres hot its gonna' go down.
4th) Chile __ They have an Incredible talented squad with a Genius for a coach

3rd) Argentina__ Yes they have problems but they can work that stuff out. Messi, Tevez, Higuain, Palacio, Milito. Even with shitty defence and a midfield that needs Riquelme Argentina are gonna' get the most goals in this tournament.

2nd)Brazil__ They are always in the finals lol. I hate them but they always have the best squad.

1st)Spain__ I think there is no doubt in anyones mind that this is Spains cup to lose. If by some miracle they mess up they will lose this. But its got their name all over the cup. I predict they don't lose ANY games
[account-removed] 6 years ago
Surprise flunks:
1)England__ They have no goalscoring abilities. I really look forward to seeing rooney. I really am hoping that he does not get injured.

2) Paraguay__ They were the best team in South American qualifying. But lets face it, due to recent events (cabañas) they are far from winning this tournament.

3) France__ I am so sorry French team, but unless you start playing Futbol there will be no quarter finals for you. Henry and Benzema are not playing well, Ribery needs inspiration. I really hope I'm wrong on this one because I love French International futbol.

4) Netherlands__ I have no doubt you will get to the Octavos de Final, but It is going to be very hard with how you are currently performing.

That's goes for countries, but for continents?
Africa and Asia are going to have to battle for theirs lives out there. I just don't see any of those continents teams up to par with the rest of the futbol world. The African Cup of Nations was a true revealer of how much development needs to be done in African futbol. Just booting it up the field and running is simply not going to cut it this year
ScooterHayes (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Brazil  Hup Holland!  Germany  Egypt    5th place.... USA! Haha.... I wish
[account-removed] 6 years ago
Egypt did not get in, so USA for 4th?
ScooterHayes (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Oh! Your right, duh. Hmm.... I would say that is still a stretch, I was more joking than serious. I wouldn't mind that's for sure! But I think even being realistic my country's team isn't going to challenge for the quarters.

Gigiggg9 (Arsenal) 6 years ago
1.)Spain, 2.)Brazil, 3.)Netherlands, Germany or England
Perrygarl (FC Seoul) 6 years ago
1st) Spain
2nd) England
3rd) Brazil
4th) Germany

There is not a chink in the Armada's armour and the partnership of Torres and Villa will be lethal.

Though look out for the African teams, I am expecting some surprise inclusions in the semis.

England I feel is the second strongest team in terms of strength, Brazil is still top-quality despite a dip in talent and Germany, despite possibly having the weakest defence they have ever had, still get to finals, they can't be counted out
6 years ago
Well, from a betting point of view, I have had small wagers on South Korea and Greece, at 300/1 and 200/1 respectively.

My selections are based on my opinion that, under Maradona, Argentina will struggle to qualify from their group, let alone be competitive at the later stages.

Yes, Argentina have some outstanding individuals, of course including Messi, arguably the greatest player in world football, but unless you have a manager that can succesfully get these players working together as a team, you have no chance.

Now if they were to get rid of Maradona, get in a decent coach and beg Riquelme to come back, my opinion would definitely change...
[account-removed] 6 years ago
So sad for me, but I think you are right. Sack Maradona (though he is GOD) and bring back Riquelme (demigod)
Unique1907 (Real Madrid) 6 years ago
1 Spain/Argentina    2 Netherlands    3 Germany
Mainman94 (AC Milan) 6 years ago
Brazil 1st 2nd Ghana 3rd Spain
Tottibaggio10 (AS Roma) 6 years ago
Spain, Italy, Germany and Brazil
Deethu (Liverpool) 6 years ago
1, netherlands  2, brazil  3, spain  4, italy  5, england,  6, france
GeryGooner (Arsenal) 6 years ago
1st- Brazil. They always got enough fortune when WC is held outside Europe.

2nd- England. Impressive performance but the the finals is still not theirs.

3rd- Argentina. Lose the semifinal to Brazil.

4th- South Africa. They pay too much respect for England
Eplfutbol93 (Arsenal) 6 years ago
1. Brazil (always skillful and dominant)
2. Spain (good skill overall)
3. Netherlands (underestimated with talent)
4. Ivory Coast (underestimated but they have some great talent)
Eplfutbol93 (Arsenal) 6 years ago
If I had to choose a different result i'd say:    1. Brazil  2. Spain  3. Ivory Coast  4. Ghana
GeryGooner (Arsenal) 6 years ago
Many people agree that ivory coast do have some talent. But Drogba isn't motivating as a captain. He'd rather play for chelsea than his own country
Andy (Rangers) 6 years ago
1. England
2. Netherlands
3. Germany
4. Spain

Early shock exit from Brazil etc....

Yeah that's right, I went there.... I don't know why but I fancy Capello to do something magical come June. It would have been easy to become complacent during the Qualifiers and simply amass the minor victories in their group but England showed real resolve in their performances against Croatia. If they can replicate that kind of resolve and if certain key players can stay fit, I don't see any reason why England should be counted out.

I mean, in all honesty, I don't really want England to win *hides* because I wouldn't hear the end of it for another 44 years

If it did happen, Fabio Capello would probably supersede the Queen :^)
Mumbai (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Spain - brazil - germany - ivory coast.... Yup ivory coast
Alen (Liverpool) 6 years ago
I can't wait for this world cup!

I found this video and it makes the excitement unbearable!

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