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MATCH ESSENCE - Brief Comments On Chosen Games
6 years ago
OK, let's start from now on. I'll try to cover some of the interesting matches and I encourage some of you to do so, especially that this might come in handy for us when transfer window reopens after the group stage. The other reason is that it is difficult to find all the good comments below the videos and there will be much more of them.

Just to clarify - please avoid single-line comments or sentences like "whhoooah Player X was awesome", let's keep this thread in an organized manner and focus on valuable remarks. I suggest to write team names in capital letters so it is easier to find certain matches while scrolling through the thread. I also suggest recommending a Man Of The Match and.... A Walking Disaster to let us identify great players easier (and place them in our teams )

Here it comes:

England vs. USA

Man Of The Match:
Steven Gerrard (England)
A Walking Disaster:
Robert Green (England)

- If you are a goalkeeper, you should probably know (since playing in "7-yr olds on Saturday morning") that you should never try to catch a low, strong shot from a distance before positioning yourself exaclty vis-a-vis to the ball so that your belly helps you stop it. However if you are by an accident Robert Green, you can try to catch it by making a diagonal move towards the ball and then desperately crawl to the goal line as the ball bends your hands back as it is obviously hit too strong to stop it in such way
- Despite missing from a great opportunity, Heskey proves why is he so useful to the 3 Lions. Strong, winning plenty of headers and making USA defenders' life tough - and got a great assist as well. Seems that he is a little bit underestimated by English fans
- Gerrard obviously a man of the match for England as he scored and always kept fighting for the ball (as we could see a bunch of great slides)
- this match has shown that English right wing is way, way better in attack than the left one; Glen Johnson > Ashley Cole and Aaron Lennon >> Shaun Wright-Philips....

Argentina vs. Nigeria

Man Of The Match:
Vincent Enyeama (Nigeria)
A Walking Disaster:
Gonzalo Higuain (Argentina)

- "Albicelestes" didn't use Di Maria's potential, ignoring his presence on the left wing for most of the time
- Gutierrez seems to be a little bit worse than the rest of the team
- Higuain seems like he cannot find his shape; Milito should play from the very beginning, especially that he seems to cooperate very good with Messi - and we could only see this in the last 10 minutes
- Enyema provided an outstanding performance - he saved his team from losing several goals just like Artur Boruc from Poland was doing repeatedly during Euro 2008
- Kalu Uche should probably be in the starting eleven as his appearance has improved Nigerian firepower
- such match shows how important it is to have a world-class defensive midfielder like Mascherano, who both helps the team to build up an attack and intercepts the passes or wins the ball from the opponent brilliantly
- Taiwo is a great defender with offensive abilities, really an outstanding player; that's a pity that he'll probably miss remaining games due to the injury

Uruguay vs. France

Man Of The Match:
Fernando Muslera (Uruguay)
A Walking Disaster:
Nicolas Anelka (France)

- This match proved that France is as stirred as the Dutch were in 2000, when some of the players left the squad in the middle of the tournament. This might be a destructive factor for the team.
- Gourcuff played rubbish (one good free kick does not change much). He was none of a playmaker - Malouda should have played from the very beginning, he seemed to make a difference.
- Same goes for Gignac replacing Govou (what a miss by Govou by the way).
- My girlfriend says she's happy that she has dropped Anelka from her squad in favour of Gilardino - I'm not surprised as Anelka has proven that he's a selfish prick preferring to lose the ball while struggling with 2 defenders instead of passing it to a teammate nearby His play looked completely like in last year semifinal Chelsea vs. Barcelona (drawn after Iniesta's goal in the extra time) - slow, crappy and selfish.
- Muslera really helped Uruguay in keeping the result until the end of the match with some great saves
- Toulalan is probably underpriced - same remarks as for Mascherano; had some great moments, although earned a yellow card in kinda silly way

As mentioned before, I urge you to participate as we can all benefit from such thread
Ltm017 6 years ago
I think you should change Argentina's walking disaster to Higuain.

Also what about having a MOTM/disaster for both sides.... So its not too bias. But overall good picks!
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
This is blogworthy stuff. Excellent post. Please keep it up for any other games you watch and I shall let the admins know we have some good stuff here!
6 years ago

Good remark. Higuain is certainly a better pick. Milito seems to be in bettter shape now.
I'm not quite sure about having MOTM & disaster for both sides, as it is sometimes difficult to pick - e. G. I wouldn't be able to pick any walking disaster from USA team.... And regarding MOTM - Dempsey? As he scored the goal.... Or Donovan? As he created several decent situations and led most of the attacks.


However, that's why I ask FT community to JOIN IN - I won't see all the matches (e. G. I won't watch any today and just Netherlands-Denmark tomorrow), but if othes join we'll be able to cover most of the games
Ltm017 6 years ago
LOL Yeah I understand what you are saying! For USA man of the match Tim Howard. He made some key saves. Could be Dempsy too
6 years ago
Germany vs. Australia

Man Of The Match:
Thomas Muller (Germany)
A Walking Disaster:
Tim Cahill (Australia)

- Probably the best team so far. Remember what Gary Lineker said about soccer?
- Oezil might really prove his potential in this tournament.... But only if he avoids diving
- Thomas Muller: a youngster who managed to stand up to the expectations, great assist for Podolski's goal and scored a goal himself, present in most of Germany attacks; IMHO man of the match
- Cacau is definitely underpriced compared to Gomez
- Cahill's red card well deserved - attacking 2 opponent's legs on purpose during ten seconds means that he isn't controlling himself at all, which is even more disconcerting as he's quite an experienced guy
- decent performance from Manuel Neuer - however Socceroos didn't challenge him too much; we'll probably have to wait until he faces a more demanding team

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