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Best Player That Wont Get Out Of The Group Stage!
Ciankc (Manchester United) 7 years ago
I think that the best player that won't make it any farther than the group stage is Didier Drogba. He plays for Ivory Coast and they are currently in a very tough pool that includes brazil and portugal (plus north korea). It will be very tough to beat brazil and portugal even though drogba is a great player.

Also, france might have problems with mexico and south africa, but they will probably make it
Lukas (Chelsea) 7 years ago
I don't think Ivory coast will get through and I thought Argentina (Messi) getting through cos of their terrible groupstage also I hope france don't get through but I know they will...
Theturkishkop (Galatasaray SK) 7 years ago
I think Cristiano Ronaldo will be the best player who won't get out the group stage. In my opinion, Ivory Coast is better than Portugal
Yogan (Chelsea) 7 years ago
I totally agree with you. Didier Drogba has massively improved on all his attributes since 2006. At the last World Cup they had Netherlands and Argentina, next June they have Brazil and Portugal. But with the state of Portugal at the moment I have no doubts on Didier Drogba and his team certainly giving the Portuguese a hard time, and scoring a goal or two against them. Portugal were absolutely awful in qualifying and I wouldn't underestimate the strength of the Africans next year. I think Ronnie will be the best player not to get through
Ciankc (Manchester United) 7 years ago
It will be a tough draw to see if ivory coast do beat portugal, but I'm not really sure
Kimaway17 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
I agree. Portugal are not that great
Ltm017 7 years ago
I agree ivory Coast is better than Portugal! Bye Bye [C.] Ronaldo
Vegascoaster (Arsenal) 7 years ago
I'm hoping Ronaldo doesn't get through. Can't stand the guy. Great talent and a great player but everytime I see him I want to punch him in the face.

I see Ivory Coast surprising a fair number of people and I wouldn't be shocked to not see France or Argentina go too far, though I'm hoping all three get decently far
Realmcoy (Arsenal) 6 years ago
This is a tough one, because this zone is the arguably the hardest zone. I could be Ronaldo or it could be Drogba. It always boils down to the stronger or most energetic team with a stroke of luck.... Football is super unpredictable (look at today's game with Inter and Barca. I thought Barca could get 2 goals easily)!
Rzv36 (Real Madrid) 7 years ago
I think Henry won't get out of the group stage with France...
Ciankc (Manchester United) 7 years ago
France have an easy pool, but if they don't get out, you think that henry is there best player!?!?!?!? What about benzema? Oh well whatever your opion is
Ltm017 7 years ago
Henry is one of the best players. May not be what he used to be but still....    
Vela12 (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Henry will be fine, France and Mexico will win the group and maybe south africa as a 3rd place. Giovani will have a good showing in the world cup and hopefully he will move to a club that allows him to develope more
Lager (Juventus) 7 years ago
Kaka, [C.] Ronaldo or Drogba. Probably comes to a coin toss between the latter two. At the moment it would seem that Côte d'Ivoire are more likely to advance than Portugal, since Portugal didn't exactly impress during their qualification run. A lot can happen in six months though. Anyway, the only one I can see competing with the aforementioned trio is Messi if Argentina fails miserably again
Ciankc (Manchester United) 7 years ago
How could brazil not get 1st or second? The way they are playing right now, it seems impossible
Lager (Juventus) 7 years ago
Key word being 'seems'. Yes, Brazil not advancing from their group is very unlikely, but ultimately everything is possible in football. This group is the toughest they have had in a long time so it's not like it's inconceivable. So I think it's justifiable to also include Kaka in my list
Ciankc (Manchester United) 7 years ago
I guess.... We will have to see what happens  
Kandelaz (Seattle Sounders) 7 years ago
I agree, Kaka, [C.] Ronaldo or Drogba. But since my team is in group A, I wish France doesn't advance to the next round, It can be shocking but not too shocking, people in Ireland would celebrate that; I still can't believe how they made it to the final game last world cup
Ciankc (Manchester United) 7 years ago
But if france did advance to the next round and went on to win it, this event would be famous because france doesn't even deserve a spot in south africa
Samreds8 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Yeah, I would say [C.] Ronaldo or Drogba, they don't have much of a supporting team
Samreds8 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Yeah, I would say [C.] Ronaldo or Drogba, they don't have much of a supporting team
Samreds8 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Yeah, I would say [C.] Ronaldo or Drogba, they don't have much of a supporting team
MazzaMathias (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Either [C.] ronaldo or ribery. I think that the ivory coast will get out, they are fairly decent
Francesco2286 (Barcelona) 6 years ago
I agree with this spot on!
Xminer (Tottenham Hotspur) 7 years ago
Drogba with Ivory Coast seams the obvious choice.... If it wasn't for lack luster group Argentina landed in I'd say Messi if he is unable to carry the whole team himself and Maradona does his best to make sure everything is wrong on his part.... I am sure they will pull it together, they have a lot of good players, but seriously.... How is Maradona still the coach? Messi is probably the best player in the world this year.... Perhaps not as sparkling as Drogba at the moment.... But I just can't say that Argentina is playing pretty this year, especially their "almost not"-qualifying run.... Greece and Nigeria are not rollover teams, you have to have your pants on to beat them.... Anything can happen in football, its a perfect set up for an upset, IMO, Greece or Nigeria get lucky and upset Argentina and then it only takes a draw and goal differentials and the next thing you know no more world cup for Messi!? . Any takers?
ACMilan21 (AC Milan) 7 years ago
Probably Didier Drogba is the biggest. He is a great player, and Ivory coast are great, but they can probably not compete with Brazil and Portugal for a spot.... But they may just be able to beat Portugal and secure a spot....
I may have to go with Dejan Stankovic or Marco Pantellic.
Serbia is a great team, but their group is incredibly hard.... I think Australia and Germany will go through, and therefore Serbia will not make it past the group stages. Stankovic is very experienced and despite being a Milan fan, I really like him a lot. Pantellic is equally good....
Therefore I can say that any of the big names of Serbian football will not make it through....
Ciankc (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Oh yeah I forgot about stankovic. He is a great player with lots of talent.

Serbia might be able to beat australia though...
Kimaway17 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
For me its Vidic. I don't think that Serbia can beat Ghana or Germany. They will definatly beat Australia
Ciankc (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Serbia might have a chance against ghana, but if they do not qualify then vidic would be one of the best players not to get out of the group stage
Sjsung (Arsenal) 7 years ago
I don't think Ghana will make it...
Xminer (Tottenham Hotspur) 7 years ago
Forgot about Vidic.... Good one for sure.... I think that is one of the most interesting groups, all 4 of those team expect to get out of group play, perhaps Ghana being the underdog for some, certaintly Australia and Serbia are gunning for position #2.... Would love to see Germany get dethrone from winning that group.... I still worry for Messi.... I was talking to some Argentinians over the weekend and they LOVE Messi, but are not too confident in Maradona or the team as a whole...
Kimaway17 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Wilson Palacios. Park Ji Sung. Cristiano Ronaldo. Lionel Messi. Ozase Odemwingie. Samara
Sjsung (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Hope you are wrong about Park!
Kimaway17 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Wait Odemwingie will get out
Sjsung (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Well we will see at least one of the following 3 go out!
Brazil's Kaka
Portugal's Ronaldo
Ivory Coast's Drogba

And maybe:
South Korea's Park Ji Sung
Argentina's Messi
France's Henry and Ribery
Kingsickhead (Chelsea) 6 years ago
The best Player for Brazil is not Kaka but Maicon
USAfootballfan (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Brazil and Kaka. I think they're taking an early exit. Or maybe I just think so because I saw my lowly US national team almost beat them at the confed cup
SYYYM (AC Milan) 7 years ago
I don't think so  Brazil can beat any other nation
Kingsickhead (Chelsea) 6 years ago
'Maicon is Brazil's best player at the moment
Juninho02 (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Messi and Argentina will not make it out of the group stage. Drogba and Ivory Coast I think will pass to the next stage and will probably be the best African team in the WC. With Ivory Coast passing to the next stage Ronaldo will be another big star to not make it out of the first stage
Kimaway17 (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Yes. You are spot on. But Nigeria will be the best African Team

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