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Uzbekistan - The World Cup's First Stan?
Vata84 (FC Shakhtar Donetsk) 1 year ago
I was amazed to read Uzbekistan are VERY close to qualifying for the world cup. They have 2 games to won at home against poor opposition and they are going to Brazil! As a Scotsman, I am always amazed at how many 'smaller' football nations will be there, as we stay at home. Anyway, all this info came from futbolgrad website. It covers football from old USSR countries. Ill attach link, it was a decent read!


Ekoj (Perspolis) 10 months ago
They have get Jordan and another one from south America now. I really hope they do become the first team from central Asia in the world cup. Good luck
Wiled (Minnesota Stars) 1 year ago
Really, there ahven't been any other -stan country to have played in the World Cup?
[account-removed] 3 months ago
In the end they failed

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