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The Premier League Coach: England To Play More Dirty To Block The Su Teeth Must Be Under The Ruthless Foot
Tinayu (Manchester United) 4 months ago

In the group of death in England 2014 world cup jersey to achieve a breakthrough is difficult in attack Italy and Uruguay, the Sang Delan manager Poyet thinks, if England jersey 2014 world cup is to achieve a breakthrough, having to play some more tough, the funny thing is, as Pieter Uruguay people also said that want to stop Suarez, must use kicked his way.

Poyet first spoke about Uruguay soccer spirit, he said: "remember the Uruguay to face Garner, Suarez's handball? I know to you handball could be a similar cheating, but for us it is not so, that's part of the game, as the last person the defensive end, this is he should do. To prevent your opponent at all costs, win the game and, we are proud of. Uruguay football attitude is I never accept you better than me, otherwise I will lose."

But for England 2014 world cup jersey's prospects, Poyet believes the three lions need more aggressive, he said: "the England players are too polite? Whether they need to play more tough? Of course, such. England world cup jersey 2014 has a lot of Liverpool players, when they face Suarez must forget they are teammates, is that they need to do under the ruthless foot kick him, I don't think "Gerrard" want to and Suarez as an enemy, but imagine, if the final few minutes the other to get the opportunity, you have to steal, a a typical British steals may kick the opponent's ankle, but this is part of football. "


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