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Ten Reasons Why England Can't Win The World Cup
Chongbenglim (Manchester United) 2 years ago
10 Reasons why England can’t win the World Cup 2014!


1.Roy Hodgson
Can youe entrust a manager who led Liverpool to No. 12th position in the Premier League (at one time Liverpool were fighting relegation battle) and was subsequently sacked with taking the helm of England at the World Cup?
Recently, Hodgson said the youngsters from England are not ready to take on the world in an Associated Press report. How about Neymar, age 22, Oscar, age 22, and Bernard, 21, who have been featured in the Brazilian team and Neymar and Oscar shone like a morning star in their first match against Croatia? Aren’t they ready?
Here is a comment from a daily mail reader, “Roy however still believes football can be played as it was before the advent of technology. In this modern day Roy is a mid table manager locking minds and tactical awareness with more adventurous…”

Is Roy a true leader? Period.
2.No home ground Advantage
Remember The World Cup in 1966 was won by England on home soil! Any football tournament that is played other than its home soil will be mission impossible for England!
3.No England players have ever thrived in foreign land
Can you identify any England football player who has bloomed and blossomed abroad? Just take a look at the players from the Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, and Argentina like Arjen Robben, Robin Van Persie, David Silva, Fabregas, Neymar, Oscar, Messi and Higuain, they survive and thrive on foreign soil. Can you name one player from England?
4.Latin America, the Amazon Jungle, FRC for England
The searing, scorching and steaming heat of the Amazon jungle will prove too much for the England players to bear. Playing under this level of torrid heat will be like a fish out of water for England. This jungle will likely be the final resting place for the England football squad in Brazil. They might not even qualify at the group stage.
5.The Rooney factor
Rooney will be a curse rather than a blessing for England in this World Cup. He has passed his prime and is a spent force. At £300,000-a-week salary, he will not be motivated enough to bring glory for England.

Recently he said in an Associated Press article titled, “ I just wanna have frun”, “I'm going to enjoy regardless of what happens…”.

Have fun? Enjoy? Is this the attitude of a World-Cup-winning player who just wants to have fun in the tournament?

Worse still, in Wikepedia, it stated, “Along with David Beckham, Rooney is the most red carded player for England, having been sent off twice.”

At FootballFanCast.Com, it reported, “Despite all of his Premier League successes and wonder goals, Man United’s Wayne Rooney, for whatever reason, simply hasn’t been able to duplicate his performance on the world stage. In his two previous World Cups (2006, 2010) the 28-year-old Rooney has more red cards than combined goals and assists (0) in eight matches…”

Do I have to say more about Wayne Rooney? Period.

6.A paucity of star players
Does England have the like of Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Arjen Robben and Robin Van Persie? Can England consider Rooney a star player? How about Steven Gerrard? Too old to be considered?

7.England’s traditional style of play

England still prides itself in playing long ball in the World Cup. However, in the modern era, tiki-taka and the fluid passing of Brazil and the Dutch’s total football are the new normal. Playing long ball will result in them losing possession. To add salt to the wound, England’s passing is awful, whether it’s short ball or long ball.

Look at the Netherlands’ recent match against Spain in the World Cup, the long ball flying towards Van Persie that resulted in his diving with a header sending the ball into the net was passed with pinpoint accuracy.

Does England have what it takes to pass like the Netherlands? Period.


England players just lack the drive and belief to win the World Cup. So do their people. As reported in the two recent Daily Mail reports, “Four in 10 of us don't care about England's World Cup chances: Survey finds millions won't support the team during competition”, “England seems to have lost the faith - even black taxi drivers aren't flying the flag”

Need I say more? Period.

9.The EPL
There are too many foreign players playing in the English Premier League and they are playing more crucial roles in any club than England players. The foreign players shine and thrive while the England players wilt or wither in the seething cauldron of the Premier League.

10.The Penalty Curse
Recently the Fianncial Times reported that England have lost six out of seven shoot-outs in major tournaments. Can they get out of these doldrums? Unlikely.

But don’t worry England fans, there will be no penalty shoot-out for England. This time they will be slain by the opposing teams at the group stage, burnt by the humid heat at the group stage, and buried alive in the Amazon jungle at the group stage.

Do England still have hope of winning the World Cup?

Absolutely! Only if they undergo an absolute paradigm shift, mentally, physically, and strategically, then they will be a game-changer in the world of football

At the moment, sorry there will be no place for England in the World Cup.
Jimmysoccerstar (Argentina) 2 years ago
I think during International Matches, English Soccer stars don't gel up easily and a lack of understanding and team spirit, makes it difficult for England to Perform well in World Cup

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