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Camping For The World Cup
Davebritton92 (Dunfermline Athletic) 3 years ago
I am going to base myself in Rio for the whole of the world cup. I've traveled in Brazil a bit before so am not fussed about "doing the tourist thing. " Plus, being in Rio means I can take in a few of the games and not be fussed about following one team (go Argentina!)

I've found a campsite, that is about an hour from Copacabana called World Cup Camping Rio. They are in Recreio, which is a nice area itself. Only charging £35 pppn.

Do any of our members here know anything about them? I found a press release they let out over the weekend and their parent company seems legit....

I will wait till the end of this week and then book.

Camping sounds fun, pool etc and better than being rammed into a tiny room with 9 beds, and one meter space for everyone, which most hostels have. The hostels all seem to have set packages as well now, like they do for Carnival when the prices rocket and the standards go down.... Not a surprise really.

Right, thanks in advance folks. And if no-one knows anything about these guys, but has alternatives?

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