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6 Teams USA Hopes To Avoid In Group Play In The World Cup
Roosereet (Real Madrid) 3 years ago
With the Gold Cup trophy hanging on the mantelpiece, the United States national team can now look ahead to next summer's World Cup in Brazil.

While the Americans have not yet qualified for the world's biggest tournament, they have established a two-point lead at the top of the concacaf hexagonal, a six-team group from which three teams automatically qualify.

As a result of the six-point cushion between them and fourth-placed Honduras with just four matches remaining for every team, it looks like it will take a bit of a collapse for the USA to miss out on Brazil.

Barring such a catastrophic run, though, the USA will enter the World Cup as anything but favorites.

Still, American fans will be dreaming of a deep run in the tournament, hoping their team can get through group play and use the unpredictable nature of the knockout stage to their advantage.

So what national teams will the USA be hoping to avoid in the draw for next summer's tournament?

Here are six teams every American fan shouldn't want to see in their team's group
Meatball (Arsenal) 3 years ago
All of them.... The US team is talented, but just too weak internationally
Joeymac (Manchester United) 3 years ago
^^^^ Talented but too weak internationally? You'll need some explanation on that one.

Just like any other team, the United States will have a tough time against teams like Brazil, Germany, Spain, etc. But that's the top tier, so who won't want those teams in the group?

Ever since Klinsmann has arrived, the United States has been prepared to face European sides. He's gotten us more organized to play against that continental style, which he is familiar of. So in a way, there is confidence going against European sides.

However, in my opinion, we need to look out for African and South American fringe teams that could fill in other spots. Teams like Ghana, Ivory Coast, Colombia.... These teams would make our passage into the group stage difficult.

However, let me say.... Any group the United States is in, the other teams will not be able to overlook us. The way we've been playing, we've established ourselves as a strong international side, despite what the poster above me says. Ignore us at your own risk, and we'll gladly take advantage of it. We're capable of being beat, of course, but we're also capable of pulling off good victories against good sides. Whether we do it or not is another story
Moe66 (Manchester City) 3 years ago
@Meatball, Have you recently been watching usmnt? They done a fantastic job since the Klinsmann era. We've actually managed to win friendlies and WCQ more consistently and to highlight some of them are wins against Mexico, Italy and Germany. The thing is we've grown into a team with more options and have even produced home grown talent in Zusi, Cameron, Gonzalez, Besler, Shea etc. We've even tapped into German American talent from Jermaine Jones, Brooks, Boyd and Fabian Johnson. WE have depth and the ability to tackle teams without fear, US doesn't even need to depend on Landon for important games thus we can play and win on our own ability from the players we have invested in. Yes, were not the strongest yet but to be honest no one is safe in wc2014 and in order to be the best you must beat the best. We are improving very well from game to game but it wouldn't take overnight to turn ourselves into a wining team but the fact that you say weak internationally, I doubt you've been watching any of usmnt games. They have improved major since the wc2010

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