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Wigan Athletic V Arsenal, Dec 22
5star02707 (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Just an average performance from the Gunners! Wigan outplayed us in the middle of the pitch! They deserve atleast a point in this game but a win is a win 3pts. Is what matters. Congratz to Wigan for playing well. Need to be more lethal on the 3rd end.... A CF shouldn;t be dummying that ball to another player. He shoots it!
Beautifulgame (Liverpool) 1 year ago
Arsenal's success of late (high finishes) has come largely due to their ability to pick up points even if they play bad
Thebevaneffect (Wigan Athletic) 1 year ago
You just summed us up under martinez. Good performances, no goals
Pardes5 (Barcelona) 1 year ago
Arsenal are not playing the best as they used to play but win is a win.
They really need to inject the front with at least one world class striker and have to sort out their left back too otherwise they have no chance against Bayern Munich and their chance of finishing in top 4 will be in real threat too.
Mr Wenger sign few players next month and make Arsenal back to the best
Thrash4ever (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Agreed - where was Gibbs today? Constantly out of position!

Bayern are a frightening proposition as it stands.

Oh - and how bad was the ref!? Wilshere was kicked constantly (no yellows) and yet he got booked for the best tackle of the game
ZWhiz (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Agree with the Wilshere comment. You can only foul a player so many times before you have to start giving out yellows
Thrash4ever (Arsenal) 1 year ago
We were shocking today. No midfield. They didn't look interested. Still, a win is a win and that is three in a row.

If Wigan play like that I'm sure they'll stay up. Unlucky not to get a draw.

Lastly, Walcott was invisible. Au revoir in January if he keeps displaying these performances and maintains his ridiculous wage demands. Some plonkers will offer £20-25 million, we should bite their hands off
[account-removed] 1 year ago
Highlights full of Replays.... Wtf...
Thebevaneffect (Wigan Athletic) 1 year ago
I could say that I was pleased with the performance from our boys like I do most weeks, but the fact is that we will be going down if we don't start turning these ones into points. It was a soft one from the ref and we probably deserved one too if he feels like handing them out like that.

For all our good, honest play over the season we've got no where. Just goes to prove how cut throat this league is
Blayzie (Liverpool) 1 year ago
What the frick is with goal united advertisement. They waste so much time when they could show more highlights
Brod40 (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Man, Martinez is such a classy guy. I am always so impressed about how honest and articulate his comments are.

Well played Wigan! Hope you can stay up!
Hayleycomet (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Extended highlights
Hayleycomet (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Not good enough from Arsenal. Not good enough
Mik0lai (KS Widzew Lódz) 1 year ago
All I want for christmas is for theo walcott to sign a 12 year contract extension
OddSpud (Borussia Dortmund) 1 year ago
Too many games ruined by referee decisions these days (or maybe since ever? Could be)
The thing is, these days it's all becoming really obvious with all the instant slow-mo replays.... So the viewers are much more exposed to these mistakes.
A change will come or people will simply lose interest in watching a game that can be determined simply by a folly of the referee
ZWhiz (Arsenal) 1 year ago
You're saying that wasn't the right call on the penalty kick? Clumsy challenge by the defender. Clear foul in the box = penalty kick. At least I think that is what the rule is...
Ajaxgooner (Ajax) 1 year ago
Very important win!
Superfanof (Manchester United) 1 year ago
Mertesacker is like running in slow motion
Ilhanner (Galatasaray SK) 1 year ago
Crucial time for match was great chance for kone that he wasted it easily in first half. If it was goal gunners wouldnt have 3 points...
Kain (Liverpool) 1 year ago
At least wigan should of deserved a draw surely?
Loopster (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Same with fulham
Honestabe (Liverpool) 1 year ago
Hahahahaha loopster you're so funny
Kopitejani (Liverpool) 1 year ago
I would say an effing moron really!

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