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US Grosseto V US Sassuolo Calcio, Mar 20
Ordaye (Liverpool) 6 years ago
For each and every top club across Europe, is preparing a Report Card for their transfer dealings.

Incoming players from last summer and this winter are going to be weighed up and measured to see who's been a top, and who's been a flop signing.

Join us over the coming days for exclusive analysis of all the top teams. Simply click a link below to get started. If your favourite club hasn't been done yet then check back in a few days - all those listed below will be completed between Monday March 22 and Sunday March 28.

How It Works

After a brief introduction to each club, our analyst gets to work in looking at each signing this season one at a time, grading them from A+ right down to F based on how they have impacted the squad.

After each player has been looked at in turn, we offer a final grade for the transfer conduct of the club in total. This will also take into account things such as players sold and players not signed.

When all clubs are completed, we will tabulate the final results on this page so we can see exactly who has fared best in the transfer arena this season.

Of course in each article we welcome your comments on the grades - perhaps you agree, or maybe you feel differently. Let us know your thoughts. Happy grading!

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