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Who Is Going To Be Left Back After This Season?
FrankTank (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
(haha get it? Like left behind, left back?)

Anyway somebody yesterday posted about Danny Rose and I write this long arse reply but it got buried by SS's brother haha. Then I figured it took too much space on the thread anyway so here I want to discuss our in-house LB's and also ones that we think would be better that we could get

It's obvious that AVB doesn't think too highly of BAE so I think he will go this summer, left backs are on a huge shortage though (unless you're Real Madrid) so he would be sold easily and for a decent price
On the flip side idk who we'd get better for around the same price that we sell him. Coentrao only leaves Madrid if Mourinho does, plus they'll probably be trying to work something out with Bale which I don't like.
Perreira I think is a good player and Inter have struggled this year at times, does he want another year in the EL if they don't make champions league again? (Obviously that's an IF we make it comment)
Baines is excellent but going to be too pricey
So we may have to work with what we got
Opposite progression as Bale, from a midfield into a left back, I think the defensive part of his game is still developing, but he has great pace and will away be dangerous when we attack. I think he is a viable option and that he will put in good work this summer knowing that there is a position available. He is small, but he is strong (I've watched a few Sunderland games to see him and he's held off several much bigger players well)
I think one thing that we've all seen from him playing recently is that several times when the ball gets past him, he just quits on the play, like he is a striker or something lol he is surprisingly good in possession considering he only has one foot. I just watch him play and have to say he either is not fit, or just has lost the passion/grit to be a great defensive player. It sounds funny but that is something that all defenders need, that desire to cover and hustle, but I don't see it from him this season. I will repeat that is may be a fitness issue, he made 3 appearances then was out 3 months.
This one is obvious develop A LEFT FOOT MATE you're A bloody profesional footballer. I suppose he really wasn't expecting to see time at left back this year? To be honest I suspect that he may go on loan next season to get quality playing time at top level (ie Walker, Caulker, Rose) but I also suspect if he has a brain that he'll be out on the training ground wanking balls about with his left foot, and also hitting the weight room. Defensive I feel like he has been sound, he has had good games and bad games, at right back he is much more comfortable both defending and attacking, but Walker has found form so that's not going to be a spot I'm worried about
So I've only watched the u21 game against United so don't have a lot to say. He looked good physically, on the ball he played some probing passes but they didn't really find their targets, just off to one side too far or got the weight of the ball wrong. Defensively he was good but not spectacular. Although he has made senior appearances for United I didn't see that much quality from the one game.

Take Rose, BAE, Fryers into camp (loan Naughton) let them do battle, while fishing BAE about a bit in the market, if AVB is still not a fan then sell him and bring someone else in. Fryers I don't see as a viable backup and I don't want to see Vert there even if he did a few wonderful games that I will not forget, his heart just isn't in it at LB
Surajloks12345 (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
ROSE all the way. We don't need to invest there until we have sewn up the Striker spot, atleast
FayJay (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
If BAE is good enough without a right foot, then Naughton is good enough without a left.... He is a RB remember, he shouldnt be played as a LB and then told to learn to cross/dribble/shoot/play with his left. Walker doesn't need to train his left foot, neither does Naughton. If you loan out Naughton next season then Walker is our only RB. He needs to stay to be his backup, not loaned out. What he needs to do during summer is train to fight for Walker's position. Not spend all his energy into training a left foot.

Fryers on the other hand needs to be loaned out as he hasn't been that impressive and definitely won't be up to scratch for the premier league.

Bae and Rose can do battle
ElliotSandhu (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
HaHa, I saw the big reply and then how it got buried right away and I'm sure it was a bit disappointing for you. I agree with the conclusion, left backs are not plenty and BAE is still going to be better than possible replacements (unless its Fabio see, which I hope we don't buy. We need to invest in a big name striker and signing an expensive left back will only hinder buying a top striker). I hope Rose is the consistent starter next season. Sell Bae if he doesn't show some passion and compete for the position, otherwise he is a great backup/cup player
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
I think the conclusion that AVB doesn't like BAE is jumping the gun a bit. Unless Chelsea or PSG come and offer big money for him I'd certainly expect him at the club next season.

Naughton should really only be a back-up on LB, just like Vertonghen. Bring Danny Rose back, whom together with Fryers can fight with BAE on a rotation basis. There's no need to go out and spend money on the LB position!
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago

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