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Transfer Stories - Summer 2012-2013
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Having a thread for this helps keep a track of all the topics that have and will be discussed over a period of time. Feel free to add stories, irrespective of how true they might be and how realistic they are.

Nuri Sahin - In a player + cash deal involving Modric. Deep lying playmaker, who can play CM as well in a 4-4-2. Brilliant vision and was extraordinary for Dortmund before moving to RM, but got injured there for a few months and didn't break back in. RM not very willing to make the deal from the looks of it, but that is what Levy is bargaining for.

Sigurdsson - Was on loan at Swansea for the second half of the last season, and managed to have a brilliant season. He's looked calm and composed on the ball, and we're rumoured to be fighting liverpool and swanse for the signing.

This is just a beginning. Unleash the tabloids and your insane wishes!
Blimps2 (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
I want a pony. Also do we need Sigurdsson to complete the collection of three AMs after we just sold one? WE NEED A bloody striker, that is all
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Pony. Lol. Reminded me of this scene.

Hatmundo (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Sigurdson to Spurs.... Well I for one am very excited about young Gylfi! My previous posts about how we needed a young talented creative midfielder for taactical reasons listed some important boxes to tick. The goal scoring Icelandic international really ticks them all.

Gylfi will provide direct competition to VDV place or may even be a direct replacement for him if he leaves. I personally hope they play together for at least a season so Gylfi has a chance to learn from VDV in training. The same way I hope Sandro learns from Parker.

He has great passing vision and a tremendous long shot. He can truely launch missles with either foot with astounding accuracy. I encourage you to look at some youtube clips of him if you don't know what I'm talking about. Not a massive workrate but that's not what we have signed him for.

He is only a very young 22 years old but already the best player in the Iceland national team. Most likely he will become their greatest player of all time.... This will teach him all sorts of leadership qualities. He has already lead the Icelandic U21 team to unprecedented success and will soon be asked to do the same for the senior national team. It worth noting Ex Spurs player Eidur Gudjonsson is the only other real Icelandic star in recent history so may well have encouraged Gylfi's move to us instead of Liverpool.

At around 8 mil I believe Levy has once again done a fantastic deal. I'm sure in 3 or 4 season that Gylfi will be worth 3 or 4 times that amount as well. While Gylfi is not the star name that many of us crave his relatively cheap signature means we have plenty left in the war kitty to sign 2 big name strikers that the new manager chooses.

I just want to add that I love Levy as a chairman. He knows we needed a creative midfielder and that Sigurdson was at a good price.... So even though we have no manager he gets the deal done quickly while continuing to give the manager appoinment its due process. He also isn't feeling rushed into making any sales until the new gaffe has a chance to look over the squad.

Edit: Gylfi has generally is played behind the striker because that is where to get the best out of him. The thing is he has always been the best player on every team he has ever played on.... He will not be that person at Spurs. He may well be asked to play a completely different role at te Lane.

I'm personally of the belief that he is young enough to eventually learn whatever position he is asked to play.... My bigger concern is how he will mentally react to not being given complete freedom to do what he wants. Pienaar strugled when that freedom was taken away.... But he like VDV have played that way their whole life so don't adjust well to other roles. Gylfi as I said is still young so hopefully still just wants to learn his trade.... Who knows maybe the new manager will give him the free role anyway
[account-removed] 4 years ago
We bid adeiu officially to two of the three Croats on the side.

Dynamo Kiev has signed Niko Kranjcar for 5. 5 million pounds.
Lokomotiv Moscow has signed Corluka for an undisclosed fee.

Goodbye Charlie and Niko. On a personal note, you shall both be missed!
Holdfasthope (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Does anyone think we can still sign vert?
Personally.... I think yes. If I was levy, i'd pay the 15 percent extra to vert....
But that's easy for me to say, its not my money.
Hatmundo (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Haha "Its all swings and roundabouts" I love that quote. I'm trying to say that Damiao would be a prefect additon to our squad. YOU can"t argue against THAT! Even more so considering you have not seen him play. You can only be argueing for the sake of argueing mate. I'm not saying you can't argue 'per se'. I'm just saying you can't aruge about how good he would be at Spurs. Its almost beyond contention.... The same way Aguerro was.... Regardless of his physical strength. Also I will trust my own eyes and football knowledge over some random person you seem to have utmost faith in.

I am distressed by your comment about if he would be the next Pato or Robinho. He is so unlike either of those players it confounds me. Unlike both of those players he would be able to contribute to the team even when he is not scoring. The whole Defoe Vs Ade argument again. LOL! Even while he is adjusting to the league his ability to play as the lone forward effectively is going to make AVB's formation work ay its best. That factor is the most vital component in why we should sign him as soon as possible. The additional prospect of 20 goals a season is why we will need to pay for that potential.

He is so young that lets say he does come in for around 20 mil and scores a few goals.... We could very easily sell the finished article for 35 mil to a Real Madrid calibre club in just 3 seasons. Levy is experienced to know it would be a solid investment. Its not even that risky if he doesn't do too well. Worst case scinario is one season later he says he isn't happy here and want to go to Spain. For a 23 year old "Brazilian Senior International Striker" will have a huge list of clubs willing to buy him off us. Even if we have to take a little loss it not that risky. Hardly a crippling loss of funds.

Mag I have to say this and I honestly hope it doesn't offend you but you seem to have absolutely no knoweledge of Spurs pre 4 years ago. Not just Spurs but of football in general. Moral high horse comments such as getting upset over the way we signed Sigurdson. You are showing a complete naievity as to how transfers are conducted in the real world.

Swansea stole him from Hoffenheim.... Liverpool stole him from Swansea.... We stole him from Liverpool.... None of that is true mate! Gylfie is sittin at home drinking tea and watching TV while his agaent is talking to every club on his mobile phone about getting the best deal possible. He then calls up Gylfie and says OK liverpool will pay you this much.... Spurs will pay this much and Swans will pay you this much.... Who do you wanna play for?

Its the exact same situation with Hazard. His agent bandied his name out to every big club so as to get the most money for his Hazard and himself. Its not like Hazard was actually himself talking to any of the clubs that were linked with him. Its just that every club that got the call from his agent was interested in signing him.

I have supported Tottenham back when we were a mid table team that couldn't never keep the big names let alone sign one. On the odd occasion when we did get a big name like "Klinsman" or "Gascoine" It lifted the whole club in every single way. We are finally now big enough to keep some of our stars here.... But only if we can just match their ambition.

We spent years buying and developing and we will continue to do so. The thing is we still need to improve the quality of the squad at the same time. That means buying a better standard of youngster and that means spending more money.... Whats more that is finally an option.

The thing is we are in a position we have not been in for 20 years! You don't seem to understand that Mag! We are actually a chance to sign players that will develop into true world class players with us. For every Bale that we bought we have bought 3 or 4 Rebrovs, Postigas and Bentleys.

We may have a good squad that we built over the last few years but its not something we can just take for granted to do again. We need top young players who can be worthy starters for the next few seasons.... Not players that who are cheaper gambles. Potential superstars Vs Potential Internationals.

Your assesment of Hazard is completely unjustified. Sure he is confident but to be the best you have to believe you are the best. Ronaldo has a massive ego but to prefer not having him in your team is just fiddle faddle. To hear you say Hazard is not going to be good is just making me face palm. I will again assume you have not seen him play. I will also assume you are making a giant assumption without actually knowing anthing about him as a player. Its also clear you are making a massive assumption about his ego based on.... Um well again nothing really.

The reason Bentley cost so much is because he was considered the best young English talent around at the time. Hudds, Dawson and Lennon were all bought around the same time. We got a group of young english players to develop and play tegether over a few seasons and it worked out quite well. So why don't we do that then? I'm so glad you asked.... Please read on....

Right after we made all those purchases Fifa changed its rules so that a certain number of English players need to be involved in the squad. All of a sudden the young Enlish Talent became terribly terribly expensive. Liverpool tried to do that and paid huge amounts for Henderson and Carrol. Both have been huge disappointments. The next Lennon is not gonna' be less than 15 mil now anyway. He will also take a few seasons to deelop be a much bigger gamble than his overseas counterpart.

I really like that you mentioned Sandro.... Mainly because he is a perfect example of how well the signing of Leandro could go. They would be about the same age and coming from the same club. If anything Leandro is much more proven and with infinitely more potential. Sandro is also his best mate and would make the adjustment much easier for him.

Lastly I think I should remind you that we have a strategic partnership with Internacional that we made with that very Sandro deal. It shows for one that we have a good relationship with Internacional at least at board level. In reality deal was made for one purpose only and that was so we could sign the best young players to come out of that club. If we let someone else scoop us their best player then that whole deal really is a joke.

You know that the Internacional Youth teams were all properly scouted at the time we made that deal. Leandro could well have been the main reason we even made that deal. The fact that we tried to buy him before he turned 21 makes me think it was. Levy clearly think we can afford his wages and has put in every possible effort to get him. He is not gonna' just cut and run now.

I'm gonna' post this in the Transfers forus as well so we can continue this. I honestly hope I have not offended you with anything I have said in this. I accept I may have been a little bit harsh but hope you can understand that I'm being passionate and not insulting.
EarnYourSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Two strikers, one goalkeeper, a backup winger, and a replacement for midfield when/if Modric leaves.... Just out of curiosity, if Danny Levy held a drawing to allow one Spurs fan to make the calls this transfer market and your name was drawn, who would you have? (while of course staying within our budget [I think Magneto had a rough estimate of our kitty at around 35m after Gylf and Vert, plus about 40m when Modric + deadwood go])....

As for players we've been linked with....

Strikers: Adebayor, Sturridge, Doumbia, Rossi, Remy, Ba, Damiao, Huntelaar, Llorente, Ribeiro, De Jong, Higuain, Bas Dost, Lewandowski, and Adrian.

Keepers: Lloris, Butland, Viviano, Schmeichel, Vorm, Carrasso, and Foster.

Wingers: A. Johnson, Hoilett, Sterling, Krasic, Robben, Kalou, Wijnaldum, and Affelay.

Midfielders: Moutinho, Ganso, G. Ramirez, Dzagoev, Sahin, Oscar, Lucas, J. Marquez, M. Martin, and Lass D.

If I was that one unfortunately lucky fan that Levy put in charge of the rest of the summer transfer window I'd hope for a Higuain + cash – Modric swap, If Real didn’t go for that then I’d go for the following strikers in order.... 1. Doumbia 2. Lewandowski 3. Llorente 4. Adebayor 5. De Jong 6. Remy… Most likely ending up with Manu and De Jong… I’d really like Vorm but can’t really see that going through as he’s only be with Swansea for one year now. At wing, Johnson would be great but will City aid a title contender? .... Next choice would be Hoilett. The perfect replacement for Modric would be Mouthinho and I really hope we can make that happen.

So, my ideal signings would be Adebayor, Doumbia(or Higuain), Hoilett(or A. Johnson), Vorm, and Moutinho. Which would definitely be pushing our budget but I think it could seriously help our challenge for the title.

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