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Player Ratings And Opinions 2012-2013
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Guys, I have been looking at various poll sites for a good poll that would help us with maintaining this rating system, and I'm going to test this one out for this game. Could you rate on this please, so I can see how it pans out? Opinions welcome :)

Thornby (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Loving the effort you put into this! Its great!    I will do this for the next game 'cause I forgot a lot of the villa game lol
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Cheers bud Glad you liked the format. Would love some people giving me some more data to work with and see how best I can present this data. From what I can see at the moment, the "table" doesn't give me any average. In general, I could do two things.

1) Add more ratings to allow for 0. 5 (sample would look like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5. 5, 6. 5, 7. 5.... 10). I know a lot of us prefer to give ratings with decimal points, so it'll be something to consider.

2) I could leave polls up for a week and close them thereafter. Once done, I would have to generate the mean average manually. Would be nice if it did that for me automatically, but I seriously doubt that

Again, thoughts and suggestions more than welcome!
WhiteHartRogue (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Brilliant Mag, great way to find an average of ratings for each player
EarnYourSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago

________________________Tottenham 2-4 Chelsea____________________________

Staff/AVB: 6

Friedel: 6
Walker: 5
Gallas: 5
Caulker: 6. 5
Vertonghen: 7
Lennon: 7
Sandro: 7
Huddlestone: 6
Dempsey: 5. 5
Sigurdsson: 6
Defoe: 7


Livermore: 5. 5
Adebayor: 5. 5
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Friedel: 5
Walker: 5
Gallas: 5
Caulker: 6. 5
Vertonghen: 7
Lennon: 7. 5
Sandro: 7
Hudds: 6. 5
Dempsey: 5
Gylfi: 6
Defoe: 7

Livermore: 5. 5
Adebayor: 5. 5

Management: 6 (would have been higher had they not got the choice of goalkeeper so wrong....)
Hatmundo (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Freidel: 5. Disappointing for me. Didn't come off his line to help walker and a big factor in why our defence was nervy.

Walker: 5. Terrible decision making again.... Despite his obvious physical talents he simply needs to think as quickly as he runs. Sometimes I feel like he gets to where he running before he know what he is going to do with the ball or the tackle.

Caulker: 6 Did well against Torres in the one on one situations. Showed to be the much more composed defender when compared to, his partner, the very experienced Gallas

Gallas: 5 Went from Villian to Hero to Villian. So overall he was a villian. Its not often you will say that someone who scored had a shocker of a game but Gallas did that last night. Quite simply a centre back with the experience of Gallas should never clear the ball to those positions. It's alsmost a schoolboy error.

Vert: 6. 5 Was out of position for the second goal because he was complaing to the referee even after play had restarted. It left an open chelsea man out wide to put in the cross and that put Gallas in a very awkward situation which he duly f****d up. Vert knows as a center back he knows he can't afford to do that and it was a very costly goal. If we had stayed a goal up for another 10 mins we would have galvanised. Other than that I think he was flawless. Easily our best defender.

Sandro: 7 I think he was brilliant. Yeah his shots were rubbish but he was tremendous in the first half making Thudds lack of mobility almost unnoticable. My fav player and I love that he is one of the first names on the team sheet now.

Thudd: 6. 5 Did a decent job and worked a good combination with Sandro. His long balls from deep were often the impetus for our best attacks. Once we were chasing the game I would have much rather have had Thudd on over the defensive minded Livermoor.

Dempsey: 5 I though he had a truly terrible game. He improved a bit once he was moved centrally but he never seemed to have his head up and I couldn't wait for AVB to take him off. He is like 27 or 28 years old now right? I really hope he gets better soon cos we can't wait a season or two like we can with Gylfie.

Gylfie: 6 Should have scored.... He has shown his whole career that he is full of goals and he even scored for Iceland last week. He just doesn't seem to have his scoring boots on at Spurs. I still have faith that he will come good and become a huge spurs player but its gonna' take time. He is still only 22 and I think he struggling to adjust to not being the main man in the team he plays for.

Lennon: 8 Our best player in my opinion. When he is on form he is a world class winger and I loved seeing him getting stuck in on the defensive side as well.

Defoe: 7. 5 A great performance from the little guy. That instinctive shot from Lennons scuffed attempt was just fantastic. No one else in our team could have scored that. Also did a decent job of holding off Cahill and Luis at times and linking up out wide. I was impressed and if he had scored that long range attempt I would have lost my mind.

Ade: 5 I was really hoping he would come on and be instantly in form.... Not so much.... He really looked off the pace. His touch was terrible. His decision making was poor. Also that thing that irks every supporter.... When he lost the ball he just shrugged his shoulders and expected somone else to do the chasing. Ok Ginola and Berbatov used to do the same thing.... But when they had the ball they created magic. As far as I'm concerned if you are being a liability on offence then you better do your damn hardest on defence. I know Ade just came back from injury but I want to see more passion from him to win his place back.

Livermoor: 5 Should only have been brought on when were leading not when we were level. I'm not convinced by him as a player and still believe he needs a full season of starting a a premier league club on loan.
Hatmundo (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Ooops repost
[account-removed] 4 years ago
This week's ratings poll. Sorry about the delay.

Thornby (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Error  :You answered wery quickly. Please think before answering.  Wtf?!
AndyCT5 (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Who on earth is giving Lennon and Defoe 10's? Be realistic. They were both as poor as the rest of the team. Lennon was totally anonymous in the first half before showing flashes of what he should do in the second half. Lucky assist for defoe which was a poorly scuffed shot. When will he actually contribute for a full game? He really needs to step up.
Sandro had the worst game I've ever seen from him, his passing was so so so poor. His passing has been short most of the season but we've let him off because his work rate and break up play has been great. But against chelsea he was dog rough. Dempsey also played really crap
EarnYourSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Aside from Dempsey having a shnit day, I disagree with everything you mentioned. Lennon was easily our most threatening player. So much so, that Ramires had to team up with Cole in the second half just to contain him. Azza even got back a couple times and made some fantastic tackles. Defoe was selfish on a couple occasions in the first half (as we're used to seeing of him) but was much more threatening in the second and did well to hold play up. It definitely required some impressive predatory instincts to convert Lennon's botched shot.

What game were you watching? Sandro was solid. He completed 91% of his 32 passes and had a total of 10 takeaway (6 tackles and 4 interceptions). Even a couple spurs bloggers have given him their Man of the Match. The only thing I would criticize of him would be a couple long range efforts he sent into Row Z.

But, yes, Dempsey was crap
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
AndyCT, I'm sorry but I think you're way off there regarding Lennon, Defoe & Sandro. Of course non of them deserved ratings 10 but they were more than decent
AndyCT5 (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
I just want Lennon to play a game for 90 minutes. He's a great player for 45-60 mins most games. Yes he was our most dangerous player, but we didn't create a lot so that wasn't too hard. Also, everyone knows Chelsea suffer with wing play, so he was expected and needed to be influential. He's meant to get back and tackle. He's a winger not a striker, that's their job.

I love Sandro but the stats lie. 91% completion of what, 5 yard passes? And a CM to only have 32 total passes is really low! He gave the ball away too much, maybe not just in passing but through not controlling the ball or just being sloppy in possession. And yes, his shooting was woeful.
Livermore too, was abject when he came on.
The Defoe goal was lovely. I was just criticising people giving him and Lennon 10's. Pointless!
EarnYourSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
__________________________Southampton 1-2 Tottenham______________________________

Friedel: 6. 5 - Little to do in 1st half. Hesitant to come off line and punch ball clear, led to corner which resulted in Southampton goal. Made a couple good saves. Looks like he's trying too hard to prove he can also play as a 'sweeper keeper'.

Walker: 6. 5 - getting better.... Linked up well with Lennon. Tee'd up Defoe on a couple occasions. Pulled a 'bae' at the back a couple times.

Gallas: 7 - Learnt from his mistakes against Chelsea. Showed his experience.

Caulker: 7. 5 - Showing class beyond his years. Confident, comfortable, consistent.... Caulker. Lol

Vertonghen: 6. 5 - Linked up well with Bale. Not the best game by his standards.

Lennon: 7. 5 - Caused some serious problems for Southampton defence. Has been cutting inside and creating chances more often than last year.

Sandro: 8 - Solid. Our most consistent player since the season kicked off. My MOTM.

Huddlestone: 7 - A couple of uncharacteristic misplaced passes early on. Was allowed to play further up the pitch and flourished from it. Lovely chipped ball for Bales goal. Looked exhausted, subbed off around the hour mark.

Bale: 7. 5 - Put in some good crosses. Linked well with Vert. Did an excellent job to convert his headed goal.

Dempsey: 7 - Best game for us so far. Did well to bring wide players into play.comfortable on the ball.

Defoe: 6. 5 - Left shooting boots at home.... Wasted 3 or 4 very good chances. Played the channels and worked the defence. Did well to get others involved.


Livermore: 5 - Sloppy.

Sigurdsson: 6 - Worked hard.

Dawson: came on in the 89th minute
EarnYourSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
I haven't had time to rewatch the match which I usually do before I'm too bombastic in my comments. I'll give my marks anyway and make some comments related to what EYS has already said.

Friedel: 6. 5 He actually attempted coming off the line and do some field work a couple of times, which obviously means he feels he has a point to prove. The situation which led to the corner before their goal showed too clearly how it is his weak point. He completely misjudged the ball and looked anything but a safe & experienced goalkeeper.

Walker: 6. 5 Still looks somewhat confused at times but also looks like he's thinking hard about not making a dick of himself.

Gallas: 7. 0 I disagree that he has "learnt from mistakes last match". He's known the ins & out for a long time and is usually pretty reliable, like in this game.

Caulker: 7. 5 Solid game again and a strong contender for our MotM.

Vertonghen: 6. 5 Ok game without dominating it like he can do.

Sandro: 7. 5 Another solid performance and also strong contender for MotM.

Hudds: 7. 0 Still hasn't got back to his passing ability of old. He didn't for his brief spell last season either. Getting all this game time is doing him good and he seems to be playing the role exactly as AVB is asking of him.

Lennon: 7. 5 Again the one of our players with a real sense of urgency to get forward. Created our second goal from nothing. So I got to agree with newspapers like The Telegraph, naming him our Man of the Match.

Dempsey: 6. 5 Possibly his best game in a Spurs shirt. Again showed to be there in the crucial moment to score our second goal. He's on the right track but can still do more.

Bale: 7. 0 Scored on a superb header, also delivered a couple of trademark crosses. However he still occasionally disappears for long periods of the game.

Defoe: 6. 5 Clever runs, good hold-up play but could not stay on target with his attempts on goal. He was probably more disappointed about that than anyone else. His run and attempted finish helped Lennon in creating and Dempsey scoring our second goal.


Livermore: 5. 0 Not sure what's happening with him at the moment, seems to struggle to fit into the structure of the team.

Sigurdsson: 6. 0 Put in the effort but also struggled a bit to find a rhythm.

Dawson: Just the briefest of cameos...
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
This was a match I simply won't watch again.

Tottenham - Wigan 0-1

Friedel: 6. 0 Had one save where the ball just came straight at him, which anyone should have saved. Had one excellent save where he came out and reacted well to. However he also did a major mistake on failing to clear a corner, which resulted in Wigan's goal.

Walker: 6. 0 Did not offer much to help Lennon on the right flank and had a couple of strange decisions. Nothing major though.

Gallas: 6. 5 Had a couple of bad passes but did several crucial interceptions in defence.

Caulker: 6. 5 Had a busy afternoon and in particular shows strength in the air, both at the back and at set pieces up front.

Vertonghen: 6. 0 Was trying to move forward and be more involved but had to attend more on defensive duties as our midfield was too easily overrun.

Sandro: 6. 5 Not on for long but showed more urgency than most of the players.

Huddlestone: 5. 5 Played 90 minutes and contributed defensively but offered very little going forward. Seems indecisive and letting himself down with many of the passes.

Lennon: 6. 0 Looked lively early on but ended up chasing Wigan players more than posing a threat for us on the wings.

Bale: 6. 0 Looked frustrated and often isolated. His linking up with Dempsey and Gylfi not working at all.

Dempsey: 5. 0 Trying to be involved but continues to look out of place. I can't quite work out what role he's supposed to play. He is too slow in our build-ups and he doesn't offer any support for Defoe. I simply cannot understand that he was given 90 minutes.

Defoe: 5. 5 A totally frustrating game for Defoe. Whether he tried to make his diagonal runs or dropping deep, he struggled terribly to be let into the game by our midfield. Unfortunately subbed off early in the 2nd half as he was exactly what we needed in the last 15 minutes, when the team finally started attacking.


Gylfi: 5. 0 Came on early for Sandro but most of the time looked like a lost soul. He needed to make a partnership with Huddlestone and Dempsey and help get our wingers involved but it never happened.

Adebayor: 5. 5 Had a difficult task coming on to join in with a team with little intent of attacking. Showed he' still got good feet but desperately needed the same back-up which Defoe didn't get either.

Carroll: 6. 0 The youngster did a better job trying to run central midfield than any other had done through the match. Unfortunately all a bit too late
Thornby (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
I agree with everything you said and it doesn't usually happen lol
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
There got to be a first time for everything.... Lol
AidanLuca (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
In the last four years at the Lane against Wigan have been:
Four years ago Tot 9-1 Wig
Three years ago Tot 0-1 Wig
Two years ago Tot 3-1 Wig
And this time Tot 0-1 Wig
Wigan have been consistent
[account-removed] 4 years ago
The ratings have been quiet for a couple of months, and I felt it was time to pick it up again. New year's resolution to keep this going! Here's my view of the game, noted down since I've had the chance to catch the game recorded instead of live.

Tottenham 3 - 1 Reading, 1-1-2013.

3rd minute - FK to Reading, poor call from the ref against Naughton. Clearly got the ball, but was deemed to have "gone through" the player to do so. Lead to a goal, where the wall was asleep and didn't react to the run from the striker.

8th Minute - Poor GK from Federici, straight to Lennon, who chips a beautiful ball to Adebayor, who climbs to meet the ball, 3 yards away from the goal. GK caught completely off guard at the other post, Adebayor misses a sitter.

First ten mins - Siggs makes some good tackles, as does Sandro. Some poor passing though. Lennon brilliant so far.

10th minute - Siggs puts in a great corner, Dawson there. We finally score off a corner. Brilliant header from him. Looks in good form!

12th minute - Defoe, wild shot.

13th minute - Siggs takes a better shot from outside the box than Defoe. Corner. Almost wasted by Dembele, but Lennon rescues it. Good workrate.

First 15 minutes - Some long balls attempted. Poor accuracy. Not great short passing either.

17th Minute - Siggs good pressing again. Tries a clever back heel, too heavy with the touch. Dawson injured with a bleeding nose. That actually does look a little nasty at the brige of the nose a little swollen.... Wonder if he got an x-ray done later.

20th minute - Poor header from Naughton. Very lucky it didn't fall to a Reading player. Dembele on the other end almost scores off a ref advantage.

22nd minute - Walker poor challenge, should have been a yellow in my opinion for that challenge. Adebayor clears.

25th minute - Lennon again with excellent work rate. Poor pass by Naughton to take out all the pressure.

Very intersting formation, it is more of a 4-1-3-2, with a lot of fluidity. Both Adebayor and Defoe are moving to the wings, Alternating. It is extremely effective against man marking, and forces a zonal marking system. Something that most english clubs aren't happy with. However, the lack of left footed players is far too evident. Siggs is moving too much into the middle, Naughton is dribbling to the middle as well to get onto his right foot to make the pass, not something I'd like to see from a LB.

28th Minute - Poor touch from Sandro. FK conceded from an over enthusiastic tackle. Should have been a yellow.

31st minute - Ref gives us an "advantage" on the half way line. Lol.

35th minute - Gunter bundles Defoe over. Again no yellow. Strange from the ref to let this get so physical. Beautiful FK from Siggs though! Not capitalized on by anyone.

37th minute - Defoe SO close! Dribbles to give himsef a bit of space, and inches wide!

38th minute - Poor long ball from Naughton after he calls for the ball and takes it away from Vertonghen. Been poor with his long passing all game.

41st minute - Defoe having a decent spell. Works Federici from a full dive. Good attempt from Dembele as well, and quick reactions from Adebayor. Good to see him alive to that.

42nd minute - Slow reactions from Walker. Should be tighter, was totally asleep for that run from Macanav.

45th minute: Deflecte long shot from sandro, Federici saves yet again. The guy's single handedly kept this level for Reading.

Half time thoughts: Not happy with formation ismply because of the player's chosen. Siggs is playing really well, but he is really out of position on the left wing, always drifting in. Naughton as well, drifting in, and getting caught on the counter a couple of times through a run hugging the touchline, poor long passing. Adebayor and Defoe, surprisingly, both having okay games and starting to show a semblance of understanding each other.

Second Half ---

46th minute - Bright start. Siggs and Lennon show some good movement, Sandro completely misses a volley. Good linkup between Adebayor and Defoe, where Defoe tests Federici with a decent shot.

50th minute - Defoe passes to Lennon instead of taking a shot, who sets it up for Sandro who shoots weakly again. But Adebayor recovers, passes to Lennon, and gets into a good poisition. Lennon does what Lennon does best. Brilliant little cross, and Adebayor does well to score that. Brilliant all round play from the attack force.

54th minute: Lennon fouled, not given. Dembele makes a weak tackle and its given a foul against us. Ridiculous.

55th Minute : Sandro shoots again! Seesh. This was a decent one though, and was just on the wrong side of the post.

56th minute: Lennon with a brilliant run, poor shot. Adebayor recovers again and sets lennon up. Crucial block from the resultant attempt from Lennon.

58th minute : Sandro, birlliant interception snuffs out their attack totally.

59th minute: Adebayor sets up Siggs who switched flanks with Lennon, but nothing comes off it.

63rd minute: Sandro breaks up play again. Excellent stuff.

64th minute: Naughton just misplces a pass to behind Walker, an advantage, in their half, and nothing comes off it. The ref really needs to stop thinking this is a Barcelona vs Real Madrid game, playing advantages everywhere just because he thinks it'll help, because it certainly isn't!

66th minute: Walker creates acres of space for Lennon, who stets up Defoe, who scuffs the shot from a weird angle.

69th minute: Walker really just couldn't make his mind up in acres of space and time in their box. First real brain freeze from him today. Parker subbed on for Dembele.

71st minute: Adebayor gives the ball away in a back bass. Sandro mops up.

72nd minute: Vertonghen gets out muscled, Lloris makes a good save, second attempt goes wide, but was being covered by Dawson on the line anyway.

76th minute: Dawson goes to sleep! Goes to appeal for offside and just doesn't track the run. Walker makes the tackle.

77th minute: Lloris makes a mistake! Pogrebnyak is blocked by Dawson. Really disappointing from the 70th minute to the 78th minute. We've gone to sleep. A better team would have punished us.

78th minute: Dempsey scores the deflected shot. Yeah, deflected big time! Lol. Takes away all the pressure.

84th minute: Defoe, how?! HOW did he not score there?! Made the call not to release Dempsey and take the shot himself, and it was a very very weak shot.

86th minute: Layoff from Defoe to Lennon, good team thought, but incomplete pass. Within a minute, Adebayor lays off to Dempsey but the touch was off and it never reaches Dempsey. Atleast the team work is coming back, which is the exact opposite of this time last season, where everyone started getting more selfish.

90th minute : Parker in acres of space, almost scores but for a brilliant bit of keeping! Follows by yet another long shot by Naughton from the resulting corner. Poor shot from him.

93rd minute: What a pass from Parker to release Walker! We're going to be seeing him as our Box to Box midfielder, of that I have no doubts. No more dibbly dabbly back passes!
[account-removed] 4 years ago

Lloris - 6. 5 : Not the best game from Lloris. Some off goal kicks, indecisive for once with coming out to collect balls from the corner.

Walker - 7: Pretty well rounded performance from him. A little indecisive in attack at times, still ineffective from corners and shouldn't be taking them at all. However, points docked for his two main defensive errors in the 42nd minute, and the FK in a dangerous position conceded (should have been a yellow) in the 22nd minute.

Dawson - 8: One defensive lapse in the 76th minute, and some very ineffective long balls. Other than that, solid performance and soldiered all through what looked like a ruptured/broken nose. The goal should give him some confidence going into the future, and should also propel him firmly above Gallas now.

Vertonghen - 7. 5: Calm game, did his job. Was caught out of position and out muscled once in the 72nd minute.

Naughton - 6: In a game where he has shown a lot of enthusiasm and industry, I still rate him pretty low. He was getting caught out multiple times by runs out on the left wing as he tries to dribble into the middle due to his right footed nature. Some horrendous long passing. Just not his day overall.

Sandro 7: Excellent defensively, but those long shots.... Lol. How many did he have? 6? Just insane to see so many attempts from him. His passing was off as well. I can see him growing into this new role that AVB is trying to groom him into, but as of now, he's not ready to be that kind of player. He does one thing better than anyone else in our squad, and that's intercepting and tackling the ball. The rest still shouldn't surface for a few weeks till its ironed out in the training ground.

Dembele - 7: Not a game that set his name in lights, but he did what he was asked to do. He was an imposing presence in the midfield, and distributed the ball well to either wing or forward. Taken off in the 69th minute. Somehow, he doesn't get fouls against him and that baffles me. Had a very good attempt at goal, but went wide.

Sigurdsson - 6. 5: Now, this rating might seem a little harsh on siggs, and I really liked to see his game today. He was pretty hard working, and his set pieces were pretty good, getting himself an assist. He also was well stuck into his tackles, always pressing. But he was playing in a place he has absolutely no aptitude towards. He was always looking to cut in every single time he had the ball, and that made his runs very predictable. It allowed Reading time not just to mark him, but also mark the guy he was going to pass to. Please AVB, no more Siggs on the left wing.

Lennon - 9. 5: Lennon toyed with the Reading defence. He was everywhere. He did everything. Its a crime he didn't get a goal to his name. You see that performance, Roy?

Adebayor - 7. 5: It was good to see him try atleast. He missed a sitter in the 8th minute. However, he was pretty good in trying to set everyone else up, and took his goal well. Credit where credit's due, Adebayor is gnawing his way back into being a team player. Decent work rate as well in chasing some lost causes.

Defoe - 7: You can tell Defoe's off form. He misses an absolute sitter in the 84th minute, and really that was the story of the day. Ball just going on the wrong end of the post, and Federici. Man, how good was he today? Saved Reading some blushes. Still, Defoe was actually a lot less selfish today with his play, and his movement was there all over the pitch just like Adebayor. Good to see.


Avb 7. 5: Okay. The team was good. The formation was excellent with the fluid 4-1-3-2, with the strikers switching with players all over the place. Defoe was playing in central midfield at one point, with Adebayor on the right wing, Lennon on the left, Siggs up as a striker. Some really good team work and players are playing for each other. Reading couldn't afford to man mark, and were forced to zone mark, which really ended up with them piling bodies into the box. However, I'm knocking an entire 2 points off for playing Siggs on the Left Wing.

Good subs though, with Parker protecting Dembele, and Dempsey getting a run back into the team after his injury. Walker and Naughton were clearly pushed up in the second half, and Vertonghen and Dawson played really well as the two defenders. Dawson being retrained from a central defender to a ball playing defender, and its working somewhat. Interesting to see where it goes.


Subs: Parker was encouraging, unlucky not to score. Dempsey was encouraging and scored off a deflection. Livermore was on just for 5 minutes
Hatmundo (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Thanks for that Mag. I enjoyed reading that and it seems like this is one of the times where we seem to agree on everything.

While the ratings forum is great for posterity, I do think you should post it in the main forum as well so more people will read it. Considering the detail you went to it would be a shame if people didn't even know it was here. Myself personally I didn't even check here till I couldn't find it on the main board. I wouldn't even know you wrote it if you had not mentioned it in my comments. So yeah definitely post it in the rating so its there to look back on.... But posting it in the main board as well for discussion purposes would be my little suggestion. Catch ya mate
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Thanks for that, Mags! Just came home briefly yesterday and watched both our last two games, plus reading here. Got to say I just love Lennon's recent form and the responsibility he's been taking on all this season
[account-removed] 4 years ago
@Hatmundo: Glad we started the year off on a note where we agree I did take up your advice and posted a link on the forum. Posting all this would be far too long, in my opinion. Considering doing this each game, as it helps me focus a bit more on every player and remembering why a player played well or poorly in a game when I look back a few months later! Something I missed out last time around. Will possibly just post the ratings without info next match, as you say, for discussion purposes

@North: Hope you've been enjoying the holiday period, North, and Aidan as well I must agree, Lennon's been incredible this season, especially when Bale isn't around and he's picked up a lot of responsibility. He was absolutely devastating, and it must have been such a boost for him to know that Roy was watching that game. Parker and AVB both praised Lennon as well, and they've hit the nail on the head. Far too many people underestimate Lennon, and that's to our benefit!
Hatmundo (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
@Mag. Actually what you did was way better. Just a little post in the main forum to say you have written it works perfectly. Just so people know to come read it.... And only said something cos you clearly put effort into writing it.
Surajloks12345 (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
@hatmundo.... Exactly why I came on here.
@Mag: I don't like your rating on Siggy. He is doing his best IMO. Probably trying to hard. I think he is one of those players who would do extremely well if he played his normal game(instinctive).
The rest is kinda hard to argue against.
[account-removed] 4 years ago
I wholeheartedly agree about Siggy's potential, Suraj. I do think he'll be a very influential player for us. But this is a review of how they performed on the day, and not their potential. If I look at just how he's played, I think that's the score I'd like to keep it as personally. We've all given our reviews in the past, so feel free to drop in your own review/ratings as well
[account-removed] 4 years ago
I wanted to write up a tactical analysis for this game, but this game was so poor, it'll be a drag to do that. So I'll just put up my notes for the game up.

Qpr 0 - 0 Tottenham:

1st min: Sloppy from Dembele, gave the ball away and then fouled. FK not threatening.

3rd Min: Nice little diagonal pass from Dawson to Bale. Decent work from Bale, but not a threatening shot from


5th minute: Defoe creates space and rattles the crossbar! Adebayor gets to the rebound, but lumbers in and tame

Effort, still needed a good save from Cesar.

We start off very brightly in general.

8th Minute: QPR starting to get Physical on both Naughton and Lennon.

9ht Minute: Dawson finds Bale yet again with a long ball.

11th Minute: Dembele caught short again and gives the ball away again. Needs to stop looking for a foul and start

Playing it more.

12th Minute: Walker caught on the inside. Tracking back gets in the way of Lloris. Dawson with a brilliant touch to

Deflect it wide.

14th Min: Dawon tries to pass to Lennon, poor.

Sandro and Dembele not having any say in moving the ball forward whatsoever. Both losing the ball constantly under

Pressure in the first 15 minutes. Outnumbered in the midfield.

16th Minute: Dawson gets away with a poor tackle. Should have been a yellow. Adebayor gives a back pass straight

Back, Tarabt just goes straight from range and we're not punished.

20th Minute: Bale at CM position, and has a crack from 35 yards. Tame.

21st minute: Dawson tackle. Desperate.

Very sloppy after the first 10 minutes.

23rd Min: Sandro goes in for a wild swipe and twists his knee. Subbed off and Parker comes on.

28th min: Parker with a decent pass to Adebayor, who lays it off to Walker who's drifting infield a LOT and blasts

Wide. We're not using any width whatsoever.

29th Min: Parker hassles and tackles. Dembele loses ball again, Parker clears up. Poor first 30 minutes from


33rd minute: We were so predictable with our FK, that Dawson was triplemarked.

34th minute: Derry gives it away to Bale, who makes a good run. But poor end product.

35th minute: Dawson moves forward and takes a shot from 40 yards. Pointless.

39th minute: Dembele needlessly trips Mackie. What the hell is going on with him today?

42nd minute: Lennon and Bale switch sides. Adebayor's first touch remains poor. Parker just lobs the ball from 40


43rd min: Lennon just cannot ge a pass through in 3 chances. We look flustered and annoyed. Formation is not


44th Minute: Mbia gets away with a same challenge that Dembele gets booked for.

45th minute: Walker Skinned. Dawson Skinned. Poor finish, but Walker's been poor as well. Second time he's skinned.

46th minute: Lennon passes to Adebayor, and he just mistimes his pass and misses the ball totally. Sums up

Adebayor's passing today.

Terrible formation, Terrible passing sums up the first half. Ball is being passed to Lennon's feet, which I find to
Be an utter waste. Unless the formation changes, I don't see us winning. QPR the better team so far.


Nice start from Defoe, Bale from the FK and parker long shot.

50th minute: Parker plays a good through ball, Bale wasn't expecting it at all. Might wake up to it from now

51st Min: Fortuitous FK as Lennon slips after a little tug from fabio. Walker inches wide!

53rd min: Adebayor actually plays a ball forward, and Defoe forces a brilliant save from Cesar!

56th minute: Bale wanders into the middle, leaves naughton for dead. Naughton does really well to win that tackle.

58th minute: Dembele trips over his own feet with the ball. Parker so far keep pushing forward with some brilliant

Runs. Both him and Defoe have been brilliant so far this half.

62nd Minute: Parker does a little pass through Nelsen's legs. Bale wasn't ready for it. Parker's been everywhere.

66th minute: naughton tries to be too cheeky this time, holding off taraabt. Gets brushed aside and loses the ball.

68th minute: Adebayor, please, leave. Defoe releases Adebayor, and he doesn't have the confidence to take the shot.

Out for another insipid corner.

Dempsey coming on for Adebayor.

70th minute: Walker FK to Dawson. Like every corner for us bar one.

73rd Minute: Walker out of position yet again and gets beaten. Apart from that one FK, Walker has been poor.

75th minute: Dawson finds Lennon diagnoal ball again. His long pass accuracy has been pretty good.

77th Minute: Dawson slips while trying a pass, hits dempsey and lobs into a bit of danger. Vertonghen clars.

78th minute: Lloris comes out and makes a tackling save. Walker and Dawson both Caught out of position.

79th Minute: Lennon off, Siggs on. Not surprised. Lennon hasn't had any impact today.

Defoe's movement off the ball has been pretty decent. Getting himself into play at the very least.

83rd Minute: Dempsey wins a FK. Too optimistic with the FK attempt from Bale.

Match slipping away.

85th minute: Bale still on the right wing, tries to track back, skinned. SWP makes a meal of it. Should have scored.

86th Minute: Mbia offside as he makes his run. Offside called. Lloris mistimes his tackle, but lukily, play was


88th Minute: Walker under no pressure, gives it to SWP. Dawson clears.

89th Min: Parker loses posession, Vetonghen clears. Followed up by a poor throw from Lloris.

Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Note it was Cesar who pushed Defoe's shot into the upright, it was heading into the top corner
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Note it was Cesar who pushed Defoe's shot into the upright, it was heading into the top corner
Hatmundo (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Thanks for that Mag. I couldn't watch last night so I was hoping you would do one of these
[account-removed] 3 years ago
Tottenham 1- Manchester United 1

2nd min: Poor GK from Lloris. People look a touch nervous on the pitch. He collects a ball a minute later, and just slides a pretty long way across the grass. Damp for sure.

4th minute: Back pass to Lloris, and he again has a tough kick out. Hope we don't pass it back to him too much. The pitch isn't allowing it.

8th Min: Dawson hobbling a little. Distributing the ball well so far to the flanks.

First 10 Minutes: Pretty good so far. Good pressing and we're looking more lively.

11th minute: Surge forward from Parker, tries a long shot, goes harmlessly wide.

12th minute: Good tracking back from Lennon, wins the ball back. But poor passing from Parker and Dempsey to give the ball away.

16th minute: Bale runs into the middle with a lot of traffic. Leaves dembele with no avenue but a back pass.

18th minute: Parker commits to a tackle, and misses. Lennon tracks back brilliantly and wins the ball back.

20th minute: Parker with a track back on a very dangerous run from walbeck and draws a foul.

22nd minute: Carrick brings down Dempsey from behind. Yellow card. Resultant FK leads to a corner. WAlker taking the corner, nothing comes off it.

24th minute: Bale goes into a central defensive midfield position again, with absolutely no space to run into after a back pass to naughton. What he's aiming to achieve through these runs, only him and AVB will know.

25th minute: Parker marking Walkbeck on the wing. No Bale. No Naughton. Sums up our left wing play. Poor marking on the opposite wing with Walker jumping in far too late as well.

30th minute: Dawson slightly late on a slide tackle on evra. Yellow card.

32nd minute: Foul on Dembele with a blatant s**t tug, not even a foul given. Unbelievable. They got a corner off it, but not a goal.

34th minute: Bale makes yet another pass and run into the middle. Not a single run wide all game. Walker also makes a horrendously strong backpass to Lloris, and he's done well to control it atleast.

36th minute: Parker gets the ball, looks to spray it wide, but Bale not there, again! He's there along with defoe, idly. Parker has to pass back. Parker eventually makes the run down the left himself. Ridiculous stuff from Bale.

39th minute: Bale gets the ball on the wing, and what does he do? Runs into the midfield. Naughton then gets the ball. What does he do? Runs into midfield. This is painful to watch.

40th minute: Lennon make a brilliant run and crosses the ball in. Bale again where he shouldn't be, but gets a shot off. Two deflections. Good save. More chaos in the box, RVP gets the ball to safety.

42nd minute: Good defensive movement.

44th min: Walker gets beaten. But defence recovers. Gets the ball to Lennon, and Evra fouls him. Yellow card. Caulker gets impeded, no penalty. Would have been soft, but an impede nontheless. Foyed.

45th Minute: Lloris saves our skin from a lapse on by Walker and Dawson. Parker blocks resulting corner.

We've got 7 attempts at goal in the first half. Majority of possession, but we cannot break them through and are getting hit on the counter. Left wing is completely ineffective and quite simply doesn't exist. That's where we got punished from, unsurprisingly.

46th minute: Lennon wins the ball again and gets it to defoe. Smacks it hard. A foot wide.

47th minute: good block by Dembele.
47th minute: Good push from Dempsey and Dembele on the counter. Corner. Walker takes such a pointless corner, that it doesn't even get into the field, just goes wide.

48th minute: First wing run by bale. Guess what? Corner, with him easily beating the wingers. Better Corner from Bale this time. Corner again. Again, decent corner. Please, no more walker corners.

49th minute: Caulker stays up, Dawson finds him with a long ball. Bale tries a shot with outside of the foot. Wide.

50th minute: Dawson, good interception.

51st min: Dembele finds dempsey. Dempsey makes a good run, and brilliant stop from De Gea! Getting closer by the minute. Dempsey really should have scored.

54th minute: Parker goes down in the box. FK given against us. Ferdinand pulls defoe with an arm around Defoe's face. Again nothing. Foyed.

58th minute: we get a fk finally, and crowd cheers foy sarcastically.

59th minute: just to highlight our dominance in this half, Caulker has stayed up for an entire two minutes in the box.completely dominating, but just can't find our way past. Benny warming UP!

61st minute: Defoe really playing well, along with Parker, Dembele and Lennon. Dempsey having good work rate, but doesn't have his passing boots on today. Bale finally whips a good cross in!

63rd minute: Rooney comes on for united, BAE comes on for spurs for Naughton.

Call for penalty against Caulker. Stream lagged. Not sure if its valid or not.

67th minute: Defoe dempsey combine again. Dempsey gets a corner. Should have done better.

68th minute: BAE dispossesd. Leads to a counter. Not good.

77th Min: Rafael yellow. Missed the last 8 mins due to poor stream.

78th Min: Lennon creates for Defoe, excellent block from ferdinand. Handball shout. Not given.

79th min: Walker gets pushed too far forward, but Caulker there to mop up. Parker off for Huddlestone. More of a move to protect Parker, as I see it. Was flagging a little in the past few minutes.

80th min: Lennon finds defoe again. Shoots straight to De Gea from outside the box.

84th min: Lennon again doing brilliantly with both defensive and attacking workrate.

86th min: Bale takes another shot. Deflection goes close.

88th min: Huuds tries to take a FK too early, and catches lennon unawares.

14 shots from Spurs. 4 from United. Story so far.

90th minute: Lennon takes it on by himself. No luck, But he's been excellent this game.

90+2: Lennon finds Dempsey off balance. Dempsey, scores. I think I just killed someone with the yell I just did.

Footnote: We did exceedingly well in the second half. Utter domination, and we were unlucky not to have scored more. The lads kept at it all game, and that was rewarded at the end. AVB gets a lot of credit for correcting his mistake with the left flank. Bale instantly made more runs down the wing in the second half, and BAE was brought on to add a bit more attack from the left flank. He wasn’t good defensively, and looked rusty, but he instantly had the impact offensively. Cross to Caulker, who set up Lennon, who in turn set up Dempsey. Naughton would not have made the cross on his weaker foot.

We’ll take this draw. 4 points against United this season. We’ve been doing really well against the “big teams” now, and that’s always a good thing
PaddySpurs4Life (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
Posted in Spurs forum but thought I may aswell do it here:

Righty ho: my ratings
Lloris: 7. Fine, didn't have much to do, showed great awareness coming out when Man United threatened once.... Not at fault for the goal but early kicking could have been more accurate.

Walker: 6. 5 Partially at fault for first goal but did thwart Welbeck due to sheer pace at times and his crossing seemed a lot more accurate than usual.

Caulker: 7. 5 Had a great game.... Considering his age.... He's now had to deal with two of the best strikers in the world (RVP and Ibrahimovich) and has subdued both of them.... Especially Ibra....

Dawson: 7: Fine, steady as usual.... Lovely long-ball passing at times and made some good blocks and last-ditch tackles.

Naughton: 6 Partially at fault for the first goal.... Ran aimlessly into the centre and left Cleverly with acres of space (although maybe Bale should have come back to help).... Some misplaced passes and I think Ekotto made a difference when he replaced Naughton.

Lennon: 8 What a great player.... Overshadowed bale today and deserved MOTM.... Absolutely skinned Evra, came back to defend occasionally and another assist.... 6 for him this season.... His shooting is also improving radically.

Dembele: 7 Thank god the QPR game was a one-off as he bossed the game today, turning Kagawa a ridiculous number of times and wriggling through 4 defenders to set up what should have been a goal by Dempsey.... Passing was great today too

Parker: 7 Didn't have his greatest game but really brings our team forward quickly and can really pick a pass.... Like a lion in tackling and we're thankful for him now that Sandro's gone.

Bale: 6. 5. Didn't have a good game, but didn't have an awful one either.... Delivered in some mean free-kicks and crosses and played well in the second half.... His shooting is what is really exciting me as it seems to be getting accurate and more powerful every game (cracker with his right foot today, would have gone in had Ferdinand not got a block in). Worked better with Ekotto than with naughton....

Defoe: 6. 5 Not bad from Jermain but I think he's declining since his early goal rave.... His shooting is still deadly but seems to be easily pushed aside.... Think 4-2-3-1 suits him so much more than 4-4-2....

Dempsey: 7. 5 Obviously his performance doesn't deserve this but my god am I happy he scored at the end.... Clinical finish, wins us a lot of free kicks, did well to nearly score (de Gea denied him) and an overall decent performance.... He holds up play very well too.... If only he could thread a beautiful pass.... *sigh*

Ekotto 7: I just think he increases the team's attacking output but he does need to track back more.... However, with verty in the team (who tends to drift to the left), the gaps made by his runs forward can be covered quite easily.... We need a left footed player on the left and I would much rather see Naughton challenging Walker than Ekotto....

Thudd: N/A: Didn't do much, first touch sloppy a couple of times

Avb 8: I do think that AVB should have brought Siggs on at some point when we were struggling to break through their defence but overall we really urged our players forward (seen with his hand-gestures to Ekotto and Thudd before they came on) and his team-talk must have been inspiring as it really changed the team imo.... Plus picking 4 points off Man United for the first time in like 20 odd years is amazing and respect to the portugese nutjob.... Loved his celebration too.... Him and freund went absolutely nuts!

Overall a wonderful performance and the fact that we dominated Man UTD all match is something to be extremely proud of.

Possession: Spurs 52% - Man united 48%
Shots: Spurs 23 - Man United 6
On Target: Spurs 18 - Man United 4
Corners: Spurs 9 - Man United 4
Fouls: Spurs 7 - Man United 14 (no yellow cards for us)

What a result lads, I predicted a draw and a draw is what we deserved (maybe even a win).... COYS!
PaddySpurs4Life (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
Also do you reckon you could do an overall ratings mag?
[account-removed] 3 years ago
Overall ratings:

Lloris - 6. 5: Didn't have much to do. Could maybe have been slightly better positioned, but it'd be too harsh to blame him there.

Naughton - 6: He was partially at fault the first goal. Again, in the entire first half, he was left totally bare by a wandering Bale. Naughton kept moving inwards to try and pass the ball with his right foot, and is extremely uncomfortable making a pass on his left foot. This leaves our left wing ineffective, and I don't think he should continue in this position anymore. Right wing back for him in my books. Also at fault for wandering into the middle for the goal, leaving Parker to try and cover him. Bale? CDM position for some inexplicable reason.

Caulker - 7: He made a couple of defensive errors, and was a little unsure of his position in the first goal. I've deducted half a point there. Otherwise, he was good at making those last ditch tackles, and was extremely confident when stepping up for our attacking FKs. He stayed on further at times, and that added a bonus dimension for us to set up a quick second attack. One such instance is what lead to our goal.

Dawson 7: He made a couple of mistakes along with Walker. But he was pretty good in getting the ball forward to Lennon, which was a pretty good avenue of attack for us. The yellow for him was a little harsh, so I won't be deducting any points for it.

Walker - 6: Majorly at fault for the first goal. As mentioned in the forum once, Walker actually tried marking RVP, and then changed his mind, and then went back to RVP again. He sold the other defenders short, and ended up doing absolutely nothing. Reacted late, and then lead in with his hand, not his head. That was a horrendous error for which he was docked quite a bit of points. Was beaten a few times, but that's expected in a game like this where we needed to push on forward.

Bale - 5. 5 : Bale was so horrendous in the first half, I just kept wishing he was subbed off. His runs were aimless. He made absolutely no attempt to go onto the wing, and tried running into a huge bunch of midfielders. He clearly is starting to feel he's too big for the club, and I don't think he's going to be around next year. Not if he keeps playing like this. He left Naughton completely open most of the game, when compared to Lennon, who was tremendous tracking back. Second half, he was a bit better, especially when BAE came onto the pitch and gave him a bit more reason to go wide. His delivery in general was poor, apart from corner kicks, which he did well from. Unless he improves on what he's supposed to be doing, which is wing play, he will be a liability more than an asset. Of note, he was nowhere to be found for united's goal. Lennon was tracking walbeck and busting a nut.

Parker 7: Solid game from Parker. Did all he had to do, was everywhere, and marshalled the midfield well. Good to see him back.

Dembele 7: Was unlucky again not to win a few FKs, and it got to him at times. However, he did get back to quite a few instances where he was a bit more creative in creating a bit of space. He was also helped out by Dempsey quite a bit, and that helped him up his game. Not to his potential, but he's getting there.

Lennon 9: Clear man of the match. Made some brilliant runs, and United just couldn't cope with him. Interceptions, tackles, tracking back to protect walker, going forward and fizzing in dangerous crosses, and that assist. He did it all today. They underestimated Lennon, and he made them pay.

Dempsey 7: A strange game for Dempsey. He could have had 2 more goals on another day. He should have had one more. I've given him an added half point for not going down and staying on his feet against evra's challenge. He could have gotten him sent off, but we did things the right way. Kudos for that. He took the goal well. Half point for the goal. Otherwise, not his best game. However, he did help Dembele quite a bit so he doesn't get overrun, and won FKs for us in good positions. Added half point for that. His passing, however, was Woeful.

Defoe 6: Its a little harsh on lil Defoe. But he wasn't at his shooting best today. He made the wrong calls at times, and shot when he ought to have passed, and passed when he ought to have shot. However, he did do a good amount of off the ball work. He's linking up better with Dempsey than he was with Adebayor. I feel, despite the rating, he is getting closer to his best.

Avb 8: He made it clear to Bale that he ought to run on the left flank. Saw an instant reaction from him after the break. Good to see. Also corrected the flaw in the plan with bringing on BAE for some attacking play. Also protected Parker on a cold day and showed Thudd that he still has faith in him. Good day for AVB, a day he proved me wrong yet again. Kudos!

Subs: Benny's job was to push forward, and he did that. He was further up than Bale and Defoe at times, lobbing in crosses. Obviously, it left him exposed. So I don't think its fair to rate him in this game. He did his job, and we did score from one of his marauding runs today where he lobbed the cross to Caulker, who in turn got it to Lennon. Hudd did a decent job too, getting the ball switched quickly from the right to left flanks. His job was to protect the defenders, and get the ball to Bale, BAE or Lennon. He did what he was asked to do.

Happy with the way we've come back to take the draw. Last year, around this time, our shoulders sagged. We just looked lifeless at times, and clueless. This time around, we're bullying Manchester United at the Lane. 4th is ours to lose! COYS!
Hatmundo (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
I thought Lennon was fantastic! Mag I gotta' say I think that's a pretty harsh on Bale there. He was double marked for the entire game and he ran his socks off. As long as he is being double marked and he is making runs then space is being made for others to exploit. I don't think he had a good game by his high standards but he certainly did his bet to help the team. The reason he wanders around so much is to drag all those markers away from their position.... Therefor potentially changing their shape.

Fergie tried to counter Bales movement threat by playing Jones as an anchor man resulting in the rest of the team not having to adjust as much. It severely limited Manure attacking potential though as RVP was often left isolated. Bale was always going to have a difficult day at the office cos Fergie planned it that way! The very fact that Bale was marked out of the game for periods is the probably the main reason we were actually able to keep Manure to just one goal.

Either way we are entitled to our own opinions on the matter but one thing that did kinda irk me dude was the comment about Bale clearly thinking he is too big for the club. I have to say that totally unfair. He has done nothing but totally respect this club in every way. The only time I can recall him not putting in the effort he should was when AVB played him at left back,

Even if you think he has become too big for his boots.... Its not clearly being demonstrated. It's not like he did a Teves and didn't warm up. Its not like he has ever even mentioned that he would like to move on at any window. Her has never had a bust up with the manager. He has never sulked cos he was subbed off. He has never been seen yelling at a team mate. I personally don't think he will leave if we make the champs league next season.... But if we don't make top 4 and he decides to leave I won't wish him any ill will. He could have left in several windows but he has showed more loyalty to Spurs than any other of our recent big players of the last 10 years. All four of Keane, Berba, Modric and Campbell wanted to leave as soon as a 'massive' club came calling.

The other thing to think of is if we make top 4 what makes you think Levy would even accept the transfer request? He showed Modric that he would only leave under Levy's terms. With Spurs in the champs league I would expect a similar stance at least one more year. Unless Bale starts complaining to the media or refusing to train\play.... I will still love him. I get a little feeling that you might be mentally preparing yourself for his eventual departure.

No offence intended in any way dude. Thanks to you and Paddy for your ratings.
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
Yeah Mags, think you were a bit harsh on Bale there. I think he's a pretty good lad and we're probably all guilty of sometimes expecting too much from him (myself included and I've mentioned it before). I rewatched the United game and Bale did really put in a good work rate, he just wasn't given the chance to shine the way we always want him to
[account-removed] 3 years ago
Quite possible guys. I expect more from Bale for sure, but I've always been very critical when players don't perform. Its been the same ever since I've started writing these reviews, as I expect certain players to lead the way on the pitch and help out players around them. Something which Bale hasn't done this game. I also write my reviews and notes at the peak of emotion these days, so its basically unedited stuff right after the game. It feels a bit more authentic that way. Its all but one opinion, as I've always said. That's why I like encouraging others to do the reviews too, so we have a well rounded opinion of the game.

Would love to be able to continue the review polls, but they kept getting hijacked by some rivals. No way to block it at the moment The best solution would be a mailing system, but not sure how many would be open to participating in a mailing round
AndyCT5 (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
I tried reading your match report there mag, but it was too obviously biased and moan-about-baley, so I stopped before you got to half time.
Great words from you Hatmundo, I usually agree with what you say and I do again.

Their goal, whilst ultimately Walkers fault, was tough on him because when they broke away originally, both Caulker and Dawson got drawn in by players, then their lack of pace became evident, and Walker was the one who had to get back and try to stop 2 players whilst the rest of defence caught up.
Look at it a few more times, he was the one who stopped an early ball to RVP, and couldn't decide who to mark on that side, as Dawson and Caulker left him to it. Lennon got back, but Naughton is frequently missing on the left and was stood in the middle rather than cutting out the easy pass to Cleverly, who then just had an easy ball to put in the back post to the 2 guys back there. Bale was absent for the goal too, but I can't remember if he had just been involved in an attack or not.

Overall for the goal I think Daws & Caulker get drawn into challenges too easily and don't have the pace to get back when they don't win the ball. Walker was torn between who to stop at first, and whilst he stopped a quick goal for RVP, he was ultimately to blame for mis-judging the flight of the ball (he's done that in another game too, can't remember which)
But poor organisation, a lack of marking and no pressure from the left made the goal far too easy. Also, could lloris have done a bit better? Just a thought.

I like Caulker and hope he's our new Ledley King, but he is too casual at times
[account-removed] 3 years ago
He was horrendous in the first half, and hence my critique. The second half, I did give him a bit more credit. But I've reiterated my opinion many times over now in various threads. I don't think Caulker or Dawson were fantastic, nor were they horrendously bad.

Caulker actually did make a lot of good and vital interceptions, and he did form a major part of our attack. He is partially at fault for the goal (still no counter argument for why there were no Naughton and Bale to track back on the left wing, incidentally), and also, look at Walker's positioning at the start of the cross, and his reaction time. He did not lead in with his head, and even if he did time it well, it would have been a handball and hence a penalty. There was another such instance this season where he got away with the handball, but this is a recurring theme I will be keeping an eye on.

Final note is that positional awareness and reading the game are just as important as pace. We seem to be happy with players making mistakes as long as they have the "pace to make up for it", but don't seem to think that if a player wasn't so positionally poor, he would have made the tackle/block/interception, and possibly have started a counterattack from where he is. Pace is not everything for a central defender. Ledley King is the best example of how positional awareness makes up for pace. Dawson and Caulker have some way to go in that, but they're both improving at a good rate. Walker is too, but he was poor this game
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
Bale definitely had a very ordinary 1st half but improved after the break.
Andy, I think you're pretty soft there on Walker. That was one of his classic moments...
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
Bale definitely had a very ordinary 1st half but improved after the break.
Andy, I think you're pretty soft there on Walker. That was one of his classic moments...
Hatmundo (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
I actually think Dawson was the most at fault for the goal.... Firstly RVP was Dawson's marker and had been all game. Firstly he lets RVP make an unmarked run behind him which pulls Walker out of position.... Then when Manure exploit the space by spreading to Wellbeck (Walkers Marker).... Dawson busts a gut to recover and pick up his man (RVP) but then turns around and gets caught ball watching as RVP pulls away for the goal. Walker by no means did a great job but he just spent the last 30 seconds trying his best to cover for Dawson's mistakes.... And failing.

Now saying all that.... It really was more of a case of the entire back 4 not doing their jobs correctly. The back 4 has to work as a cohesive unit where everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing.... And that clearly was not the case against manure in my opinion. AVB will certainly know how to address that in training and if anything I think Vert and BAE coming back will sort it out quick enough. Also consider Manure's passing and movement will force even the best back four to make mistakes. I'm still thrilled we could keep Manure to just one goal to be honest
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
Our entire back-line was definitely caught out. When United started their move Caulker, Naughton and Parker were all almost at the mid line. Dawson did his best with his positioning, leaving Walker to track RvP. When the ball was passed to Welbeck Walker has to swap and chase him instead, while Dawson, Lennon, Caulker and Naughton all hurried back to central defence. Parker also chose to follow them instead of covering Naughton's zone, which he probably should have. Cleverley is left alone with plenty of time to pick his pass. As our defence tried to settle into their natural positions it's clever movement by RvP to leave the CD area. Dawson can't follow him as he now also has Welbeck to deal with, as Caulker has Kagawa. RvP has become Walker's man. Evra is also arriving in the box behind RvP. Walker leaves them both. There's NO reason whatsoever for Walker to join the already covered CD. So even with the two factors of our defence initially being caught out of position and RvP's brilliance (both in his movement and the header), the goal should have been avoided had Walker taken care of his zone in the defence. Two United players were ready to get onto the cross and Walker made a bad call and vacated the area
AidanLuca (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
I think our best team out of all the players we have right now is:
Naughton Vert Dawson BAE
Lennon Parker Dembele Bale
Adebayor or Dempsey alongside Defoe
EarnYourSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
Well, I suppose it's about time to make a return to the players ratings.... Well fought game against a resurgent and resilient Newcastle side. The three points keeps us just 1 point off third place and at the moment I feel like it's just a matter of time before we overtake Chelsea for the 3rd place spot.

_____________________Tottenham 2-1 Newcastle_________________________

Lloris: 7. 0 - Comfortable. Dealt with Newcastle's few efforts comfortably. Was quick off his line to deny Ameobi late in the game.

Walker: 7. 0 - Improving. Defended adequately. Was quick to close down anyone who ventured the left side. Got more involved in attacks in the second half.

Dawson: 7. 5 - Commanding. Won important tackles, Made crucial blocks, and won some big headers. Unlucky to have the ball deflect off his back for the own goal. Kept Cisse in his back pocket all match.

Caulker: 7. 0 - Tidy. Cleaned up a few potentially dangerous Newcastle attacks. Did well in 1 on 1 situations.

Naughton: 6. 5 - Adequate. 54% of Newcastle's attacks came down their right side which troubled Naughton at times. Improved in the second half before being replaced by BAE around the 70th minute.

Lennon: 7. 5 - Tireless. Helped keep the tempo high throughout the match. Tracked back and made a few important tackles. Provided a great attacking outlet and was dangerous, as always, when going forward. Final ball and decision making was a bit off in the end.

Dembele: 6. 5 - Average. Found it difficult to get on the ball with Newcastle closing down to good effect. Did well to track back and make some important tackles, but was a bit ponderous when on the ball.

Parker: 7. 0 - Industrious. Did well to protect the back 4, making a few crunching tackles in the process. Passing was a bit off at times but his contributions in defence and going forward more than made up for it.

Bale: 9. 0 - Unplayable. He's one of the best wingers in the world and we'd be struggling for points recently if not for him. He scored an impressive free kick in just the 5th minute that dipped over the wall and tucked into the bottom right corner. He scored his second goal in superb fashion, taking control of the ball at the halfway line, sprinting between and beyond the two Newcastle CBs, and finishing off by sliding the ball between Kruls legs from a difficult angle. He and Lennon kept the tempo high throughout the match and with Defoe out for a few weeks I feel he will be a big factor in the outcome of our upcoming matches....

Holtby: 7. 0 - Auspicious. He made a bright start to the match connecting well with Bale and Dempsey with quick one-twos. Went a bit quiet after Newcastle's equalizer. Shows promise with his tenacious, persistent qualities.

Dempsey: 6. 5 - Confused. Had to drop deeper to get on the ball leaving us with no target man up top. He didn't get much service and as result didn't have much of an impact on the match. He did put in a hard working shift though and just needs to find his place in our squad....


Adebayor: 6. 0 - Frustrating. Took his dear old time getting back to London after ACON loss to Burkina Faso last Saturday, causing some unnecessary complications before the match. But, nonetheless, he did provide a physical presence and his challenge led to our second goal.

Assou-Ekotto: 6. 0 - Didn't make much of a difference. Helped see out the victory....

Livermore: 6. 0 - Momentary. Came on for Dembele in stoppage time.

Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
Pretty much spot on. I'd make some marginal adjustments....
- Adebayor 6. 5, he had quite a presence and made a positive contribution when he came on. So even if he was on a short time I'd give him same characters as Dembele and Dempsey.
- Dawson 8. 0, he was a rock in defence and his leadership was outstanding. He had Cisse totally pacified.

Some other comments:
- Dembele at times is almost a liability, too often slowing down our moves and repeatedly losing the ball. What happened? In the first part of the season he rarely lost the ball....
- Dempsey still struggles, even though he keeps getting 90 minutes. Anyone noticed how he keeps being caught off balance, not reaching what seems like straight forward passes. That's signs of a player not performing with confidence. Also too many wasteful attempts from distance.
- Parker worked his socks and ass off. Yes, quite a few misplaced passes but it's such drive and willingness in everything he does. What perfect timing with his return when Sandro got injured.
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
Just watched the whole game again. Overall impression is the incredible work and leadership from Dawson, Parker and Lennon. Outstanding!
EarnYourSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
Dawson was solid, you're probably right in giving him a higher rating.... In regards to Dembele, I hope it has nothing to do with that bum hip of his. He neglected to get surgery done on it even after revealing the pain was more intense than it had ever been. Let's hope that it's just a momentary slight drop in form and nothing worse....

Dempsey has taken up more positions than a broad practicing kama sutra; which may be affecting his ability to adapt to the team. With Holtby in the squad now and already impressing, I think Dempsey will slowly be phased out of the first team.

We have two of the best CDM in the world right now. And whenever one gets injured or is unable to play, the other steps in without missing a beat. Gotta' love our anchors....

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