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Player Ratings And Opinions 2012-2013
WhiteHartRogue (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Here will be my ratings for the Reading game, ill stick to full points and no half points;

Friedel : 6

I think he didn't really have much to do in the game and when he was called into action at the end he stayed rooted to the spot and didn't put enough pressure on the fella running in to force him into an error.

Walker : 7

He played some nice football, good passing play and some really good runs, he made a few incisive tackles and linked well with Lennon once again, I would have given him an 8 but he lost his man for the goal.

Gallas : 7

He played pretty well and read the game pretty faultlessly, he's still has the ability to do that but is losing his pace a bit, he made a really good tackle that could easily have been a penalty or lead to a goal.

Vertonghen : 8

This guy has settled into his position really well and bossed the defence, he had a great eye for a run and pass and didn't really put a foot wrong for me. The way he's looking I think he could become a future captain and having 4 of our back 5 French speaking its only gonna' get better. Best buy so far.

Naughton : 6

I know its hard ro step into new territory but I think it took him until the second half to settle in his position and gave away a few free kicks that coukd have resulted in goals against a better team. Had a food 2nd half and ade a few good runs though.

Sandro & Dembele : 8's

These 2 struck up a instant partnership and the reason I put the both together is because they interchanged their positions depending on who was further forward or back. Dembele is going to be a massive player for us this season and is already showing why we paid the cash for him, a rock in the challenge and glides past players when he goes on a run. Sandro was immense too and forces players into passes when they see that crazy bastard running for them, he couldmprobably work on his passing but other than that he had a great game.

Bale : 5

I think its one of the worse games i've seen him play, he was almost non existent and just mauraded off into position where he's really not needed, his passing was off, didn't run through players like we want him to, he's had a pretty tragic start to the season and needs to buck himself up. He did score a goal but that was a scuffed shot, he got into the position but I wouldnt rate him higher for that, arm he's looking like a shadow of hos former self and this game was no different.

Lennon : 8

He was like the Lennon of old we all love, taking people on down the byline but also using his head and making some great runs in behind, one of which resulted in the 1st goal. I love his passion for the team and doesn't stop running, and now he even tracks back and helps the defenders.

Sigurdsson : 6

I think he made a good pass leading up to the first goal but other than that was a bit suspect and didn't enforce the passing moves we need from a guy in that position, his depuvery from corners was a bit below par and didn't do anything that i'd warrant as amazing. He needs to come into form or I think he might lose his place in the team soon.

Defoe : 9

If he wasnt so wasteful and greedy I would have given him a 10, but because of that I have to mark him down. We all love rhis guy and could easily of had a double hat trick, he made incisive rund, his touch was well on point and he didn't stop running for the cause, we all know he's a confidence player and when he's enjoying himself he can be a massive handful and can scare any sefence. Lets hope this purple patch lasts for a while to come and he keeps bangin em in.


Townsend : 7. He didn't get kuch time to do kuch but he put a lovely ball in at the end and could have had an assist.

Dempsey : 7. Again he didn't have a lot of time, but looked fresh and sharp, can't wait to see kore of him and hopefully a few home debut goals on Thursday.

Hudds : 7. For when he was on he gave his all and looked ready for the fight for a olace in the team, we know he loves the team and will get games. Made a really special pass aswell.

Overall rating for the game: 8. We are prbably within our right to play this well against probably the weakest team of them that came up, but when under the pressure we were to win this game I think we coped with it well and got the result needed, now to keep it up abd find sone formis the hard part
EarnYourSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Good stuff, Rogue. It's nice to see more than one person give some ratings. Maybe a little bit too harsh on Bale, though. He was quiet for most the game but did score the goal that sealed our first victory of the PL season. Also like mag said, his off the ball movement was decent all game, especially for the 3rd goal. I think a '6' would suit him well
Thornby (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Ratings are fair, deffs not gonna' argue with anything you have said but didn't you feel bales defencive display was one of his best? And he did score
Thornby (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Ratings are fair, deffs not gonna' argue with anything you have said but didn't you feel bales defencive display was one of his best? And he did score
Thornby (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Ratings are fair, deffs not gonna' argue with anything you have said but didn't you feel bales defencive display was one of his best? And he did score
Thornby (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Ratings are fair, deffs not gonna' argue with anything you have said but didn't you feel bales defencive display was one of his best? And he did score
Thornby (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Apolagies for the 4 comments stupid laptop
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Think I disagree a little bit with all of you.... (btw, please try to keep each game in one thread - it makes it easier to follow....)

My ratings:

Friedel - 6 Not much to do but often lacks presence.
Walker - 6. 5 Fairly good game but not much of a threat coming his way. At fault on goal.
Gallas - 7 Taking on the leadership role and shows his vast experience.
Vertonghen 7. 5 Solid all the way but didn't show his entire register going forward.
Naughton - 6. 5 Good game but struggled badly with McCleary.
Sandro - 7 Did a lot of hard work for us, without being outstanding.
Dembele - 7. 5 Excellent movement and took charge for us in midfield.
Gylfi - 6. 5 Some excellent work, some less good. Great throughball to Lennon but should also have scored himself.
Lennon - 7 Keeps showing up in glimpses but has potential to totally dominate.
Bale - 6. 5 Ok game but we haven't seen him at his best for quite a while now.
Defoe - 8 A constant threat, kept being involved and scored two excellent goals.

Hudds - 6 Did an ok job without standing out one way or the other.
Dempsey - 6 Looked ok, but not much time to impose himself.
Townsend - 6. 5 Looks full of confidence and eager to contribute. Needs more gametime
WhiteHartRogue (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
We are pretty much in agreement then, I think I was a bit harsh on Bale there, maybe he deserved a 6 down to his goal, but the thing is I rate on what the player is capable of, and Bale played on a 5, 6 of what he's capable of
AndyCT5 (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Fair point rogue about playing within himself, I agree. I guess he had just played 2 full games for wales, and got lumped 6-1 too. When he walked on the pitch at the final whistle he looked stiff as a board and hobbling, so maybe that's why he was below his standard.

My scores would be exactly the same as yours Northstream, apart from i'd bump Sandro up a bit and Walker would get a 7 as he was involved in a lot of possession play, passing, assisting the attack and got an assist. He was at fault for the goal and could have given away a penalty, but I feel he just switched off a bit for the goal as we were 3-0 up. I wouldn't expect him to be as lapse if the game was tight.

So my scores are:
Friedel - 6 - Only had 4 shots to save
Walker - 7 - See above comment about him
Gallas - 7 - Some important challenges, always talking, important presence on pitch.
Vertonghen 7. 5 - Always wanted the ball, classy in possession. A little hesitant.
Naughton - 6. 5 - Good debut out of position, a few lunges and a little shaky, but passed well.
Sandro - 7. 5 - Dropped deep between the defenders to recieve the ball, worked hard, good runs.
Dembele - 7. 5 - Great strength and running, some loose balls but an imposing figure for sure.
Gylfi - 6. 5 - Good passing interplay in midfield, all still learning. Great pass to Lennon for goal, and most offensive passer in the team. Went a bit missing in second half.
Lennon - 7 - Good game & assist, could have had more. Passed well, needs to step up now.
Bale - 6. 5 - Looked puffed out from Internationals, but scored and made some good runs, gave ball away a fair bit too. Like Rogue said, played within himself.
Defoe - 8 - 9 shots in total, only the 2 goals on target, but great ones they were. Should have had more, and his head down cost us a few more goals. But a constant threat and the goals make him MOTM. Pleased for him, he's a great lad
AndyCT5 (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Minute by minute review of the Reading victory.

0-5 mins
Spurs Kick off, Spurs playing from are to L
Lots of passing particularly between Sandro, Demb, Gylfi, Walker. Crosses from Lennon, Bale, Naughton. Long range shot from Walker well over. Lennon wins free kick 30 yards out. Bale takes, Gylfi header not powerfull but draws save, rebound falls to Vert who powers it at goal to force save & corner.

5-10 mins
More controlled passing from Vert, Walker, Sandro & Demb. Vert long ball to Bale who nearly got on the end of it.
Reading keep ball for a minute. Vert always wants the ball, plays long to Bale who flicks on to Gilfi. Defoe scuffs, played back into Gylfi who runs it out.

10-15 mins
Reading free kick in deep back post, Walker jumps and sticks arm out, hits his hand, free kick given for a push in the back. Lucky, could easily have been a pen.
Possession again. Shifted to the right, Walker runs at Reading, gives ball to Defoe who shoots tamely wide from 20 yards.
Some hesitation from Vert, who seems to let the ball return to keeper a fair bit.
Controlled passing from Dembele and Gallas in particular

15-20 mins
Bale finds Naughton high up the left flank, who crosses over everyone, Lennon doesn't gamble and doesn't keep it in.
Goal. 0-1 Defoe.
Bale loses ball, won back well by Walker, it goes out left then back right from Dembele to Gylfi who plays lovely incisive pass through to Lennon who cuts it back first time to the on rushing Defoe who strikes across the ball into the far corner past the 2 diving CB's. Niall Quinn claims its a scuff but Hoddle and Roberts disagree.
Dembele loses ball with stray pass, won back and Bale wins free kick. Delivered by Gylfi it goes through everyone into the keeper. From his pass out its given straight to Sandro, whose cross is too strong.
First 20 mins possession: R: 33% T: 67%

20-25 mins
Bale low cross cleared, Sandro shoots low and hard from 30 yards, keeper parries, Lennon nearly gets it following in.
Bale looses ball, Naughton fouls 10 yards from line, diving into a challenge.
Naughton plays nice long ball to Defoe who brings it down excellently, runs past defender but bends ball wide with the outside of his right foot rather than using his left.
Nice passing by Naughton, Dembele, Bale and Gylfi.
Reading shots: 0 Spurs: 8

25-30 mins
Various spells of possession from both teams with no end product. Reasonable play but loose passes give it away each time, Dembele an Gylfi both.

30-35 mins
Defoe chases the keeper whose loose touch means defoe can nick it off him, he retrieves and passes to Gylfi whose shot is blocked well on the line. Feel Defoe could have given him the ball earlier as it would have been a tap in, but the delay allowed 2 defenders to get in the way.

35-40 mins
High pressure from Defoe and Lennon win the ball back and its 2 on 2 but on trying to beat the defender Lennon runs it out for a goal kick. Impressive hurdle over the advertising, mind.
Game slows down a bit. Pogrebnyak dangerous run great slide challenge from Gallas but he gets it back and drives into the box. Good cross in headed clear by Gallas and then Reading shoot high and wide.

40-45+2 mins
Nice passing from Walker and Dembele, who runs it forward a long way and passes between he and Gylfi sets up chance for Defoe who again shoots wide from 20+ yards.
Dembele passes the ball out of play under no pressure at all, which leads to a little flourish and the corner is headed clear by Vert well. Sandro lumps a lovely ball up to Lennon whose 1-2 with Defoe is cut out, high pressure leads to a long range Dembele effort deflected for a corner, which produces no effort on goal. Controlled passing sees the half finish with a dragged shot wide from Gylfi.

2nd Half
45-50 mins
Reading Kick off, Spurs playing from L to are. Reading sub a midfielder for a striker and are effectively playing 442. Spurs still playing effectively a 433.
Reading seem to be playing more directly. Vert runs forward well with the ball again. Lennon has a good run but the 1-2 with Gylfi doesn't work.
Nice counter attack from a Defoe click, good work from Gylfi to free Lennon, who runs on with it but his ball to Defoe is cut out. He gets the ball back, Bale free at the back post wanted it much earlier but Lennon runs outside the defender and tries to clip it in but it goes for a corner.

50-55 mins
Gylfi corner is too deep, Reading counter is taken care of well by Dembele and we hold possesion high up the pitch well for a few minutes.
More Dembele strength and running produces a cross-shot from him and Defoe clips it wide from close range. A little bit of indecision there from Dembele as he waited for Gylfi to overlap him. Their relationship is still in its infancy but looks like it could be very promising.

55-60 mins
Counter attack from Sandro and Bale produces a powerful drive wide from Bale.
Walker, Defoe and Lennon combine well to produce a cross that is nearly an own goal. Short corner to Lennon could have set up Gylfi but the chance is blocked.

60-65 mins
Pressure from Reading results in 3 corners. Vertongen and Walker clear the first 2 with good headers. Another reading cross is caught low by Brad. This is a bit like how we play in the last ten minutes usually.

65-70 mins
Bale stretches his legs down the left and plays it into Defoe who hacks it well wide with his left foot. Gylfi on the edge of the box begging for the ball would have had a much better chance of converting.
Sandro strong arms Guthrie in the face, no foul given. Gallas an excellently timed slide in the box.
68 mins, AVB starts to give Huddlestone his instructions.

70-75 mins
Goal 0-2 Bale. Sandro brings the ball out, gives to bale, then possesion high up, Bale gives it right to Lennon who shifts it to Walker, he drives past 2 defenders too easily and cuts back nicely for Bale who kicks it with his right foot onto his left and it loops over the goalkeeper and into the left corner.
Before kick off Gylfi is substituted for THudd.
Lennon instantly wins the ball off a defender and passes to Hudd, who is encouraged to shoot tamely at the keeper with his left from 25 yards.
Goal 0-3 Defoe 73mins. Long throw from Walker flicked on by Dembele to Defoe who battles well with the defender on the half way line, turns and accelerates towards goal at pace. Bale takes a defender with him and Defoe shows good strength to hold off the defender and finishes well with his left foot.

75-80 mins
AVB starts talking to 'Clinton' Dempsey and then comes on after 77 mins for Bale.
Huddlestone, Sandro and Dembele control possession well as the pace slows and we look to control and contain.

80-85 mins
Vertonghen is a very classy player, very comfortable on the ball and intelligent, our best defender by far. I fancy him as a captain of the future.
Slow, easy passing by Huddlestone, Dempsey and Dembele keeps the ball at bay from Reading. One glorious arrowed ball to the flank from Hoddlestone, such a beautiful sight.

85-90+ mins
Usual case of being a bit lapse in the last 5-10 mins, a few crosses and corners from Reading. Gallas clears off the line.
86 mins Townsend on for Lennon.
Dempsey and Townsend combine for Andros to cross from the right into Defoe who volleys over on the half turn from 8 yards.
Goal 1-3 Robson-Kanu 89 mins. Le Fondre chips to the far post for Robson-Kanu to stretch well and tuck it in. Walker didn't pick him up til too late, maybe a bit lazy for once. I don't think he would have been caught out if it was 1-0 or a draw.
3 mins of extra time bring mainly Reading possesion. A yellow card for Defoe for a push and a soft penalty shout after a collision involving Gallas calls time on Spurs first win of the season, only our 2nd away league win in 2012.

Sky Sports gave the match stats at:
(R-T) Score 1-3, Shots 4-20, On target 2-9, Corners 7-4, Offside 1-1, Fouls 5-10, Booked 0-1, Possession 40%-60%.
Other stats they gave - Defoe: 9 shots, 2 on target.

Overall it was a good performance against a poor side who hadn't played for 25 days, which must have been tough on them. This formation works very well against poor sides. How that middle 3 will fare defensively against the top sides we shall have to wait and see, but I was very pleased and entertained by this game
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Having stayed away from the reviews so far this season owing to various issues which would have prevented me from being objective on here, I've decided that its high time I've given my input into this again. Cheers for keeping the discussion going so far guys. Brilliant work!

Reading 1 - Tottenham 3

And so we win our first game of the season. It wasn't perfect, but the cogs are all slowly turning well together. The defensive errors per game are slowly on the decline, as are the offensive errors. The midfield is starting to form partnerships with both offense and defence. The new formation is working and its good to see actual tactics in play. With this in mind, I'll start the ratings with AVB.

Avb + Staff - 10 : Take a bow staff. Take a bow. Every game, there is work being done on what we were poor in last game. Defensive set pieces and midfield link up play were poor last game, and the amount of work that's gone in here is easily apparent. Tactics are in play, as if you look at Defoe's second goal, Bale did a beautiful little feint run to the right, pulling a defender away from Defoe. He knew Defoe would shoot, and it had all the signs of being practiced on it. The substitutions were spot on, and at the perfect times as well. The decision to play Gallas, Fridel and Defoe were mostly vindicated, and the "stars" have been politely told to fight for their place. Its subtle, yet clear. AVB's learnt from his time at Chelsea, and that's great to see.

Fridel - 6. 5/10:

Fridel had a tough game. He was picked rightfully over Lloris, who didn't have enough time in practice. However, amidst a couple of smart saves, were a couple of very ordinary anticipation and reaction times. He looks slow at times, and is liable to be caught on the back foot in direct FKs. He part shares the blame for the goal conceded. Not a "bad" performance, but not enough to justify keeping Lloris out of the team next week. Onto cup duty, Brad.

Vertonghen + Gallas: 8. 5/10:

Vertonghen was absolutely everywhere, and Gallas was the leader taking responsibility for making the last ditch clearances. Between them, they got most of the interceptions, clearing headers, last ditch tackles, and even made a couple of very good attacking runs. Vertonghen forced a save at the start, and really did everything he could to make himself known to everyone on the pitch. Gallas barked the orders, and his experience actually shone through for the first time this season. I felt before the game, that Gallas was being given his final chance, but they both justified their presence. Deserved a clean sheet for that performance, and were unlucky to have conceded.

Walker + Naughton : 7/10

Very good friends, and share the same problems and same strengths from the looks of things. Very good while going forward, and suspect in defence, especially Aerial defence from crosses, corners, long balls and throw ins. Both let wingers in behind them and gave away some poor fouls. Walker was lucky not to concede a penalty for that ridiculous hand of god defence, while Naughton was always on the verge of a foul and a yellow. However, they both have been good this game in their attack and forward play. They've made good forward passes. Naughton especially found Bale and Defoe in Benny like passes both upfield and across, while Walker made that good run on the outside to cut back in a ground cross instead of lobbing it harmlessly up like he usually does. Shows he's working on it, and that's good to see. Satisfied with Naughton as our backup in an unfamiliar role, and will only improve from here.

Sandro: 7. 5/10 :

Wasn't his best game, but wasn't a bad game from him either. He's been given a new role of going back as a second CB when Vertonghen charges forward, and also to charge up forward in a marauding run and take a long shot if the situation demands it. He's adapting well to it, and it really does suit him. Played a role in two of the three goals, although his passing and tackling wasn't as clean as it usually is, his off the ball movement justifies the score.

Dembele: 8/10

Linked up really well with Sandro. Had a few misplaced passes, but he's more than slotted into this midfield already. With a 100% tackle accuracy this game, he is forming a brute force midfield partnership, and gave us a lot of physical presence in midfield, and defensive set pieces. Really slick movement with the ball, and intelligent forward runs and shots from distance. The execution wasn't the best, but forced people to mark him tight, as well as maintained high pressing all through the game. Square peg, in a now square hole!

Siggs: 6. 5/10 :

The first half was pretty decent from Sigurdsson, with a spectacular through ball to free Lennon up. His work rate was impressive, but his execution was really poor, especially in the second half. Missed a golden opportunity to score, but kept getting into the right places at the right times, and provided that extra link between the midfield and attack.... Allowing it to flow seamlessly together. Considering it is the first time the three midfielders played together, it was an extremely good effort. A couple of games together, will ensure a long term partnership is formed in an extremely dangerous, fluid and strong midfield.

Bale : 7/10

Might be a bit harsh on Bale, considering he did score, but the finish was absolutely appalling. One of the luckiest strikes of the season! He's still understanding his new role, as he keeps drifting too far right, leaving Naughton alone at times and piling on the pressure on the young LB. However, during most of the game, his off the ball movement in defensive runs was excellent, and when we needed him to be double marked, he dragged himself into a position where he was double marked, giving Defoe more room. It is a promise of what's to come from him, and more than anyone else in this team apart from AVB, he'll get a boost from the win and the goal.

Lennon: 8/10:

Made some exceptional runs today. His first touch let him down on a couple of occasions, where a better touch might have lead to a goal. However, his run to meet Sigurdsson's through ball was phenomenal, as was the cross to find Defoe in such speed. He's slowly gaining in confidence to drift wide again, instead of always cutting in and passing the ball back to Walker. Took on the responsibility that is his, and shone under it.

Defoe: 9/10

I was tempted to rate him 10 for a bit, but his lack of looking up for a better opportunity (that chance for Siggs right behind him comes to mind) cost him a point. However, Defoe, take a bow! Wasteful and Selfish? Yeah, but that was his role. Take the shots on, force people to try and mark him, Bale and Lennon all at once, and become a nuisance in the box. He's done that exceptionally well in his new role of sole striker. When Bale and Defoe were Marked, Lennon found space, and when Bale and Lennon were marked, Defoe found space. This front three combination is starting to click as well. Defoe also had phenomenal first touch today, especially that control from a diagonal long ball from Naughton, which he criminally put wide. Scoring that, it would have been considered for goal of the month at the very least. Made the goals by himself, pushed hard right from the word go, and also dove into well timed tackles to harry defenders into mistakes. Worked twice as well. Should have had a hat trick, could have had a couple of assists, but will settle for being today's Man of the Match.


Huddlestone, Dempsey and Townsend came on, but they really didn't have the time to make an impact. They all looked lively and hungry to get onto the pitch.

In summary, a lot of positives for the squad. The team will surely feed off this and go from strength to strength. Bring on Lazio!
AndyCT5 (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
You've pretty much nailed those scores i'd say Mag, maybe a 6. 5 for Gylfi a little harsh but I suppose he did go a bit missing in the second half. Good stuff
WhiteHartRogue (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Extremely well put Mag, now you take a bow son 👌👍😝
EarnYourSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Righty-o good chap.completely agree with almost everything. I think Gylfi's rating was spot on. I'd tell you why but I would simply be echoing what Mag wrote above.... Not harsh on Bale at all, and maybe could've even dropped him a point if not for the goal. No point in me giving my take on the match as it would only be a much less descriptive version of what Mag left.

Btw, thanks for the link to that site, Mag. I was very close to venturing into dangerous territory with what could potentially be some very virus-ridden torrents. This probably wasn't the best of games to make a compilation but, whatever, it gives me a good excuse to watch the game again. I'm making an 'every touch' video for Defoe at the moment, and was thinking it would be awesome to make one for our 'man of the match' every game and post them here on our player rating page. Again, much appreciated for the link
EarnYourSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
AndyCT5 (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
I was talking about doing something similar EYS, I really enjoy 'all-touch' videos and editing in general. Got a place to download both halves of most games, but they took an age to download and were in a bit of a shitty format (. Mkv I believe) and this isn't really compatible with lots of editing software. But if you can find a decent place to get them I'm up for making vids too, I have a degree in media production
EarnYourSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Shnit, double post
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Tottenham - Norwich 1 - 1
Better result than what we managed at home to Norwich last season, though it doesn't hide the fact we played our worst game since AVB took over.
My ratings....

Fridel: 8. 0 Did some excellent saves which could so very easily have ended in the back of the net. He definitely saved our bacon in this game.

Walker: 6. 0 Didn't commit any major mistakes but joined in with most of the team in a poor performance. His undecisiveness still drives me mad.

Gallas: 5. 5 The captain looked too uncertain on several occasions when we needed him to show his experience and lead the way at the back. I'm also not sure what's the point of him going forward on occasions as it usually ends up with him being flagged offside....

Vertonghen: 6. 0 He looked to struggle getting into a rhythm with his new team mates. With the lack of support he had from our holding midfielders he was never allowed to get in and play his game and making moves forward.

Assou-Ekotto: 6. 5 Like back collegue on the opposite side he didn't do any major mistakes but didn't contribute to the standard he normally does.

Sandro: 5. 5 When he plays well he is a fantastic asset in front of our back four. When he isn't on top of his game it just seems so wrong that he is the most untechnical footballer to come out of Brazil. In this game ended up running in between the action and having some poorly timed tackles and passes.

Livermore: 5. 0 One of the worst games he has had in a long time. He looked uncomfortable at most things he did and too often slowed down our build-up. His possession and passing was well below what he can do. Terrible challenge giving away freekick before their goal.

Sigurdsson: 5. 5 We really needed him to take charge of the midfield which he totally failed doing. Whether the positions and roles weren't clear enough I don't know but I have yet not seen why he was a transfer target for us and what exactly he will contribute. I can only assume it will get better.

Bale: 6. 0 It's happening a bit too often that he goes missing in action. This was one of those days. Only rarely did we get a glimpse of what he's capable of. He seemed to suffer greatly from the fact that our midfield was shapeless. When he doesn't contribute more than this it would be better to try someone else in the later part of the game (like Townsend).

Lennon: 7. 0 Looked more lively, more involved and showed confidence in taking on the Norwich defence. If he can stay injury free he should have a great season ahead when the rest of the team starts ticking with him.

Defoe: 6. 5 Looks keen and very fit. He had a very difficult job but still looked dangerous. Didn't quite have the luck to get the ball to fall right for him to strike. I still enjoy seeing him getting playtime and in no doubt that he will keep scoring for us.

Dembele: 7. 0 Straight away showed that he is keen & willing to take charge for us. Assume he'll be a starter next week. Scored a class goal a few minutes into his debut.

Adebayor: 6. 0 Didn't really manage to turn the game though still gave us more attacking options with him on.

Huddlestone: What can one say? Keen to be involved. Harsh red card. Didn't get long enough on the field for a rating.
EarnYourSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Good ratings North, It's nice to see someone keep these reviews going. It would be awesome if we could get at least one person to leave some ratings for each match; they'll be a great resource to look back on at the end of the season.

If I had to get nit-picky I'd probably drop Defoe and Lennon at least a half point. Definitely wouldn't fault their work rate, they seemed eager and aggressive all match; they were just ineffective in the end. I thought at first it was just me and a couple people on footytube that saw that, but I checked out a few Tottenham blog ratings and found most of us were on the same page....

Other than that everything seems spot on. Let's keep these ratings a-comin'. I wasn't able to watch the entire first half of this game so I didn't even bother giving ratings but I should be able to chime in for the Reading match. Would be nice if some others would contribute to some ratings so we could get some other opinions and form more of an average.
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Yeah, I might have been slightly generous towards Lennon and Defoe, probably encouraged by the potential I think they're bursting to deliver...
AndyCT5 (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Agree with most of your analysis, but I thought that throw in by BAE that lead upto the free-kick for their goal was sloppy, played us into trouble. Livermore wanted the ball too much, he'll learn
EarnYourSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
_______________Newcastle 2-1 Tottenham__________________
Always difficult to travel to St. James park and leave happy. Good game, Bad result.

Friedel: 6. 0 - Didn't have much to do all match. Not much he could've done about the goals.

Walker: 5. 5 - Made a couple mistakes in attack. Was average in defence. Misjudged a header that lead to Ba's goal.

Kaboul & Gallas: 6. 5 - Not much for them to do today but did well when called upon. Kept Ba and Cisse relatively quite.

Assou Ekotto: 6. 0 - Supported the attack decently and was ready to track back and defend. Had a long range effort parried by Krul in the second half.

Aaron Lennon: 6. 5 - Caused Santon some problems today. Almost set up Bale in the first half and I believe he got the assist for Defoe's goal. But, unfortunately, Gave away the penalty.

Livermore: 5. 5 - Showed us what we're missing in Thudd and Luka. Had a very average game. Still has a lot to learn. Good 3rd choice CM for now....

Sandro: 6. 5 - Typical Sandro. Solid. Could've been better had Thudd or Modric been alongside him.

Bale: 6. 0 - Played well in the first half. Got Danny Simpson booked and had a good chance to put us one up with a well headed ball only to see it come back off the crossbar.

Gylfie: 6. 5 - Lively in the first half. Had some good deliveries. Dimmed in the second and was replace by VDV. Really starting to gel with the team.

Defoe: 7. 0 - Well, he got his start. Did surprisingly well in the lone striker role, despite the lack of service. He looked hungry and almost put us 1-0 in the first half after cutting in from the left and striking near post, unfortunately, hitting the plumbing. He evened the score in the 2nd half only to have Newcastle convert a penalty and take the 3 points. Unlucky. Love the guy and hope he can adapt into the sole striker role.


Vdv: 6. 0 - Came on for the last 20 minutes. Added some creativity and provided a few pinpoint passes. Should be interesting to see how AVB rotates between him and Gylf.

Kane: came on late and didn't have any impact.
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
We rarely have much luck at St James' Park but we can always hope that will change. It could so easily have in this game. I really enjoyed that high defensive line we played, which really pinned Newcastle into their own half for much of the match. It was not to be this time either. Except for a League Cup win four years ago we haven't won at St James' Park since 2004. Back then Jacques Santini was our manager and the match-winner was Timothée Atouba with his one and only goal scored for us....

Personally, I don't agree with some of the ratings you've given for yesterday's match. I still despair over the lack of football brain Kyle Walker too often shows. On the first goal he was to blame, not Gallas, and he was missing in action on the second goal. I also think that VDV had quite an impact after he came on. He looked hungry and did well, except for his joint effort with Lennon to give away the penalty. However neither of them should ever be put in the position of defending to keep Hatem Ben Arfa out of the box....
EarnYourSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
I agree, I think I gave Kyle a bit too much credit. I wrote about it during the game yesterday but then saw a couple of people give him some decent ratings and thought maybe they saw something I didn't, so I bumped him up a rating.
I was just in a hurry to wrap things up when it came to our subs. VDV was decent when he came on, just unfortunate to be involved in the penalty. I'll run through my ratings and change a couple things. I gave very brief ratings knowing that Magneto or someone would come by and give their detailed opinion of the match
Thornby (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Agreed with all the rating pretty much spot on IMO....

Did think lennon was best player on the pitch with defoe just behind him. VDV did make an impact but for the time he had on the pitch a 6 is fair. I am a big fan of kyle but fair to say he had a shocker 5. 5 is kind!

I thought the early bookings of sandro and livermore had a massive impact on the score, they were having to watch their tackles for the rest of the game which didn't help.
Thornby (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Agreed with all the rating pretty much spot on IMO....

Did think lennon was best player on the pitch with defoe just behind him. VDV did make an impact but for the time he had on the pitch a 6 is fair. I am a big fan of kyle but fair to say he had a shocker 5. 5 is kind!

I thought the early bookings of sandro and livermore had a massive impact on the score, they were having to watch their tackles for the rest of the game which didn't help.
Thornby (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Agreed with all the rating pretty much spot on IMO....

Did think lennon was best player on the pitch with defoe just behind him. VDV did make an impact but for the time he had on the pitch a 6 is fair. I am a big fan of kyle but fair to say he had a shocker 5. 5 is kind!

I thought the early bookings of sandro and livermore had a massive impact on the score, they were having to watch their tackles for the rest of the game which didn't help.
EarnYourSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Tottenham 1-1 West Brom....
Nobody left rating for the match so I just copied and pasted these from Sky sports to keep some continuity in our ratings....

Friedel: 7
Two superb second-half saves

Walker: 6
Defensively sound, offered little going forward

Gallas: 6
Given a torrid time by Lukaku

Vertonghen: 7
Solid debut, should have scored

Assou-Ekotto: 7
Fine goal, defensively solid

Livermore: 6
Solid and gave good protection to the back four

Sandro: 6
Busy, subbed immediately before opener

Lennon: 6
Got into dangerous positions but poor final ball

Van der Vaart: 7
Pulled the strings for an hour

Bale: 7
Thrilling in first half, faded as he drifted inside

Defoe: 5
Kept quiet and not enough of a threat


Jenas: 6
Barely involved after coming on late

Sigurdsson: 6
Immediately involved in opening goal

Adebayor: 6
Offered more of a physical threat
AndyCT5 (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Sandro had a typically industrious game but lots of his passes (even short, simple ones) came up short. I'd also say whilst Gallas did struggle with Lukaku, he was the one bossing people around and trying to keep people organised at the end. (not that it worked) - a good captain. Otherwise, decent, concise reporting. Keep it up, i'l contribute in future if you're interested
Cazador (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Love the opinions Mag! I think that this was a very good test for the team, and I know it is just friendlies but AVB's use of basically our entire team is heartening. Looks like he is very interested in utilizing players that perhaps before weren't really on the first team radar like Bentley and Jenas. I personally think them having a great season would be almost better than spending money to being in replacements, but whatever.

Glad Thudd had a good game, solid in the midfield and had a great attack forward that ended with a close save - hopefully he can get that leg of his into goal-scoring shape before the end of the season!
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Thudd gets so much love on the forums, lol. As he should! Exceptional player, and I really hope like both you and Thronby that he has an injury free season. I really do think Sandro + Huddlestone would be a deadly combination at CDM pair!

You might be right about AVB giving Bentley and Jenas a chance. I do think that we might see Bentley get another run, but doubt Jenas will. With the you 21 series accepting 3 players over 21, I do think Bentley will focus a lot in there. We need to get his confidence and his faith in himself up again, and it'll slowly come. Certainly a + from AVB to give the guys short on confidence and time a run out. So far so good man management wise!

Thudd to score a cracker against Newcastle?
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Friendly Game - Red Bull vs Tottenham.

Since this is a friendly, I didn't give any ratings, but just gave opinions on each player.

Gomes - Did almost nothing. Was called in twice all game. Can't judge on it.

Walker - Good movement, better positioning when compared to the past. However, a horrid day at passing and crossing. 5 wasted passes and 2 attempted cross field passes gone into the stands. Still, positional play was better and adapting to the high line.

Naughton - Came on for walker, did a decent job. Didn't get too much activity on his side.

Vert - A bit of a poor game from him. Looked a bit nervous and gave away the penalty after a mistake from the high line system, and then made a couple of forward header choices under no pressure and gave the ball away instead of passing left.

Gallas - Came on for Vert at the end of the first half, and was pretty solid in his game. Looks to be the person who adapted to the high line the most, and put in a shift to run towards the ball to prevent it going over the line. He realizes he needs to fight for his place, and is putting in the effort. Good on him!

Dawson - Decent game. Came close to scoring once off a corner. Wasn't too flashy, no obvious mistakes, and yet no real eye catching moment.

Kaboul - Came on for Dawson in the latter parts of the game. Don't think he even got a touch. Wasn't really tested.

Bae - Played a solid 80 minutes, and was extremely good both positionally as well as in his passing and crossing sense. Trademark passes to Bale in the second half to release him down the left flank, and even across the field to Walker to release him down the right flank. Also the dreaded drag back made an appearance, but he managed to keep the ball through it. Overall, the second best performer of the day. Finally made those deadly overlaps with Bale, where Bale came back to defend and Benny went up to cross (with good success).

Bassong - Came in for 10 minutes. Made a couple of decent runs, but looks out of place and out of shape for that LWB spot.

Huddlestone - Easily the player of the first half. Showed us what we missed last season. Brilliant box to box stuff, with him showing up at both ends, mostly defensive, but also alert to the attack. A couple of those long range passes came in, as well as one thunderous shot on goal. Some very good and clean tackles to break up play! He'll really push Parker hard, no question there, and I wouldn't be too shocked if Parker fell behind both Thudd and Sandro!

Livermore - Similar to Dawson. Had an okay game. Nothing great. Nothing bad.

Jenas - Same as Livermore. Came on for Hudds at 45 minutes and did his job.

Carroll - Some good weighted passes. Came on in the 62nd minute. Isn't completely ready yet, but I can easily see him playing the Europa and cup games. Don't think he'll be sent on loan anymore. He's proven his worth.

Bentley - Played for 45 minutes, and truth be told, he wasn't all that bad. He put in a shift and tried hard. His balls into the box were a little weak and had a weird trajectory, but he tried to adapt to the LAM position and didn't do too badly.

Townsend - Came in towards the end. Hectic little time, and he was the center of all attacks during that little period of time. Still quite impressed with him this pre-season, and would be criminal to send him away on loan!

Siggs - Was struggling to understand his more advanced role. He kept dallying in midfield when he was expected to go up by the rest of the players. He's got a lot to learn positionally, but that will come over time. His finish was sublime, and he is a certain threat from corners. One of the best things that's come from the day so far is the obvious work put into corners! About bloody time!

Lennon - Had a mixed game. He wasn't fed well into the corners like he usually is by Walker, and was left stranded on many an occasion by wayward passing. When he had the ball, he did do decently well. He did get a good chance, and he curled it into the middle while he should have curled it further away from the keeper. Its a tough time to be Lennon right now, and I hope that he won't get a downward look from this mediocre pre-season for him.

Adam Smith - Came on for Lennon towards the end. Doubt if he touched the ball.

Kane - Came on for Bentley after 45 minutes, and its the first time I've got a chance to see him this pre-season. He wasn't bad. He made some decent runs, and while the end product is missing, he still has the brain for it. He's on the slow side, but he's 19. The jury's still out on him, if he'll ever be good enough for us. He just might be, but not as a striker. He needs another season on loan, and needs to play in the VDV role, for that might suit him best.

Bale - Performer of the day. Looked somewhat okay in the CF role, though he did drift to the left (as SS pointed out to me) quite a bit. He made some good runs, but it was either too far left or too far right, and the middle wasn't open during the first 45. He did bring Hudds into play with a beautiful set up ball though. He could work as an emergency CF, but not a secondary choice at all. Second half, he switched to the left, and the difference was instant. He beat defenders and crossed the ball in dangerously. Headed in a goal from a corner, and tracked back to allow BAE to make some dangerous runs on the overlap. He switched to the right flank, but looked poor there as usual. Still, the overall impact he had on the game was telling. Had a good FK as well, that needed a very good save from their keeper.

AVB/Technical area - Very good use of our currently limited subs. Everyone's got some time in pre-season apart from Fridel, and the most telling signs are the amount of work put in towards FKs and corner kicks. High line is being used still, and that remains our main concern. However, he brought players off as soon as they appeared tired, and I like the faith he put into the youngsters. The technical area looks lively, and interested. They look a part of the team, instead of glum onlookers that then pass judgement like an executioner's axe. Everyone's making an effort to blend in with the squad and that deserved a double mention. AVB's slowly but surely proving my doubts wrong, and for that I'm glad
Thornby (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Loving the rating and opinion on players idea, good work mate

I agree with you on near enough everything except fromsome of the thoughts on siggs, I thought he had great game I could see siggs keeping VDV out of the team this year (and trust me I never thought I would say that lol), I rate VDV massively but have been so pleased with siggs....

Also if bale can keep this going during the season he could really take us to the next level....

But person who I have been most pleased with is Huddlestone, being out all last year pretty much I wasnt optimistic on how he would come back but he looks better than I have ever seen him
[account-removed] 4 years ago
I'm glad you like the idea, and like I said, when the actual season starts, do feel free to drop in your own ratings as well The more the number that rates, the more "complete" the distribution will be.

With regards to Siggs, I don't think he was bad, but there are certain times where Bale was up front, and looking to pass it back to someone in that hole, and there was no one there. It was VDV's prime area, and its just that experience that he needs to understand where to be at what time. I don't doubt either that Siggs will overthrow VDV in a few months time, and is already ahead of VDV in set pieces and corners!

About Bale and Huddlestone, absolutely agreed. I am delighted to see Hudds complete 45 minutes in a competitive game, and he looks much leaner and actually much fitter than at this time last season. I'd love to see him come on as a sub next season with his passing range when teams are tired. Can't wait for a Thudd strike!
Thornby (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Yeah deffs a good idea, if the numbers share their thoughts.

I am counting on huddlestone to be bigger for us than just a sub, the competition in our midfield is better than it has everr been.... Must say I can't wait for the season to kick off!
Thornby (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Yeah deffs a good idea, if the numbers share their thoughts.

I am counting on huddlestone to be bigger for us than just a sub, the competition in our midfield is better than it has everr been.... Must say I can't wait for the season to kick off!
[account-removed] 4 years ago
This is this year's opinions and player ratings for the season. I started a couple of games early this time, and I thought I might as well put it up here. Anyone can post their ratings and opinions, and if multiple people post their ratings, I'll do an average and put up that figure. Ratings need not have a verbose description, if anyone else wants to add their ratings! You are free to voice your opinions on given ratings, or just throw in the numbers that you think are fair. What I do ask, is to be very careful of giving 10s and 3/2/1/0. 4 usually denotes a very bad match, and 9 denotes a great match.

Why all this? It is a great way of having data in our hands. We all share ideas and opinions, but we can forget how a player might have started brilliantly in the season, and then found a blip for 5 games and then improved again, but we might just remember the start or the blip towards the end of the season. If we're lucky, we'll have ratings published for every game, and a thorough set of opinions for us to debate on through an end of the season rating.
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Intentionally left blank for End of season ratings

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