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Introduce Yourselves, Yids From All Over The Globe!
PaddySpurs4Life (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
Just thought I'd set something up just to get to know a few more people around.... Where they're from, how they started supporting spurs, whats their job etc.... Obviously don't reveal anything you don't want to haha
PaddySpurs4Life (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
I'm an 18 year old lad from harlow.... Go to college but don't know what to do with myself haha.... Started supporting the almighty spurs when I was 8.... Courtesy of my Uncle who took me to a game at WHL against Newcastle...
PaddySpurs4Life (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
Harlow, near North London in England btw haha
Eezzee (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
I'm 22 from Montreal Canada and I started supporting Spurs because I really like the way they play and it's not a Billionaire team that trys to buy success. I'm Irish/English and my favorite players are Robbie Keane and Aaron Lennon. I've played countless seasons with spurs in fifa and watch every game I can, , usually on a stream online because they tend to show more liverpool chelsea and united games on my local sports channel. I am currently in school to become a carpenter and one of my life long goals is to visit london and see spurs play live. Sometimes I listen to the fighting c**k podcast on itunes and look forward to seeing spurs win a cup in the near future. COYS!
Espelho (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
I'm 29 from Corfu, Greece. But I live and work in London as a scientist.... Cue kasabian-Cut Off
I have been a spurs fan since 89/90 season, I was initiated as a 7yr old from a Londoner friend of my mothers, who spent a whole summer showing me movies of the glory days in the 60s and 80s . My first match I saw at the Lane was a UEFA cup match in 2007, the Quarter final vs Seville! Unfortunately we didn't make it through but it was a cracking game and atmosphere! My favorite Spurs player has to be Klinsmann (a God!) but a close second is Ginola. Even though both were around for only short periods they left their mark on the team and defined the team at those respective times

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