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Indivitual Player Ratings For Matches
[account-removed] 5 years ago
This initially was meant to be on the regular discussion, but owing to a bit more ranting than intended, It's been pushed out here. Thought it'd be better not to have an entire page with just me rambling! Here it is.

6th Nov 2011. Fulham Vs Tottenham

A solid night's sleep later, I've had a lot of time to reflect on the performance of our squad. There are various thoughts that are going through my head, and considering how much I rant anyway.... I thought I might as well bring up a rating system that reflects our performance. I've tried to remain objective, and haven't tried to blame one player for the performance.

Friedel -9/10: Absolute rock at the back. About 30 shots allowed by our defence, well over a dozen on target and he's stopped all but 3 of them. He's literally pulled out save after save. His positioning was exemplary between the sticks. He might have already seen 4 decades, but his skills are absolutely in their prime. He might yet carry on for another year!

Full Backs: The point made earlier was about how we allowed close to 30 shots. The midfield was getting overrun. We were ahead by 2 goals. What does the defence do? Attack via the full backs. I wonder if the concept of having a 2 goal lead, holding the ball and a tight back line is all but forgotten. If I had the percentages for the sheer number of crosses that were allowed to be made, it'd show just how poor a game our full backs had.

Walker - 6/10: Firstly the positives. His pace is second to none. When Adebayor lobbed the ball cross field, I doubt anyone but Walker would have gotten there. The ball into the box was excellent as well on that occasion. I wish I could say the same later in the game. There were 4 instances that I counted where he bombed forward, gone to the by-line. Turned. Waited. Waited. Waited. Waited some more. Cut in to the box. Ground pass. All those times, the Fulham defence gained possession and counter attacked, leaving our full back in the opponent box. And woefully out of position.

Bae - 5/10: This rating might seem harsh, but BAE was almost totally missing this game barring a couple of covering interceptions. His tackling was mediocre, and his runs forward were poorly timed and the final ball was predictably a long ball to Adebayor. Tried to be too "cute". Disappointing game that he'd do well to forget.

Center backs: The sheer number of goals on target goes a long way to show their in-effectiveness today. They were left woefully exposed, and they didn't apply enough pressure while we didn't have possession, and neither did they mark the forwards well. There were about 4 successful through balls to attackers in a space of 10 minutes today.

Kaboul- 5. 5/10: Out of position a lot. To be fair, he didn't have the support of Walker on the right. His marking from corners wasn't good today, which is where he usually excels. The main gripe I have with his play is towards the end, when all we needed to do was frustrate Fulham by keeping the ball and keeping posession.... A back pass to Kaboul always implied a lobbed ball to Adebayor. I hoped we'd see the end of that style of play from us after Crouch got sold. Kaboul reignited that horror for me yesterday. There was just no common sense in that.

King- 7/10: There were three instances where Friedel made a mistake (apart from the goal). Two of them were shots blocked on target by King. One of them was an open goal, albeit from a tough angle. Whenever Friedel needed a bit of help desperately, King read it and was there. It wasn't his best day for sure. He is usually known to get the best out of his fellow defenders, organizing his defensive colleagues, calm and composed. That was absent today. Still did enough to keep us in the frame for 3 points.


A tale of two halves for these guys. First half was sheer class from Bale and Lennon. The second half made me wonder if it really is the same players who played the first half. Failure to keep possession was the order of the day, and misplaced passes the top dish.

Modric - 5/10: Harsh? Well deserved. There was only one true meaningful thing he's done today, and that's to block that shot and clear it from the goal line. The third instance Friedel needed some support. His passes were strangely misplaced. Consistently poor.

Vdv - 4/10: Please remember that this is an objective review to the limits of my footballing knowledge, and not bashing any player. His passes were poor and off target half the time. He's been in exemplary form in the last 5 games. This was one occasion where his mind was clearly somewhere else, and effort to establish himself just wasn't there.

Parker- 6/10: Parker gets a 6 for sheer effort. Not for his tackling, which was AWOL. Not for his presence at the right time like he usually is at. Sheer effort and never say die attitude. Badly injured nose, possibly wooziness and high amounts of discomfort? No problem for Parker. Through the entire time he was on the sidelines, his eyes were on the pitch. He was itching to get back in there and help the team whatever way he can. Tough luck, that it did effect him in the second half. Made a forward run in the second half, and was unfortunate not to get a penalty.

Bale- 7/10: Yet another case of two halves. First half was where he looked unstoppable. Second half, he struggled to get any effect on the opponents. He still helped out well defensively. Tireless running. A deflected goal, sure. But there was constant pressure in the first half from Bale that forced a couple of errors. Toyed with Baird for a while. That "assist" for Lennon was probably his best moment.

Lennon- 7. 5/10: Our second best player on the day. He started slowly, but his rating is not for his attacking prowess, but for the defensive responsibilities he took when Walker was out of position. Covered the entire length of both the wings multiple times. His goal was Lennon at his vintage best. I longed to see him cut back wide. He's finally done that, and he's finally scored. Lennon's back alright. The wings are back!

Adebayor-4/10: No words can describe this woeful performance from him today. His cross field pass for the first goal was saved by Walker. Anyone else would have just shook their head in exasperation at how poor the pass was with acres of space. Offered nothing in front of goal. He's been linking the play somewhat okay-ish recently. But today, there were numerous instances where he dropped even further behind Parker. Someone should remind him that he's a target man, not a support striker! Leave that for VDV and Modric. Was a huge contributor to our poor passing.


The subs did their job today. I won't rate them, simply cause they did their jobs and weren't on for long enough to rate them. Defoe got a goal, and ran around the back 4 just enough to hold them back a bit more. Sandro gave the ball away just once, which is a better minutes to misplaced pass ratio than the rest of the midfield. Defoe and Sandro did just enough to slow their pace down a tad. Parker surely had a bit less to do with their introduction.

Special mention: The tactical area. They introduced Defoe and Sandro exactly when they were needed. They took brave calls to pull out an underperforming VDV and a well playing Lennon to strengthen areas which would help the squad's overall performance given the situation. I would have liked to see a lot more instructions going on though. I surely missed Redknapp in that moment, where you could see him get up and gesture to players when they were out of position. That control was missing, but their substitutions were apt. Well done.

Sorry for the length. I suppose I do have too much time on my hands
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 5 years ago
Good idea to give our player ratings. I pretty much agree with you from the Fulham match, except regarding Assou-Ekotto. It wasn't his best match but I think he's part of so much of our build-up and does pretty well. In my opinion he's rarely below a 7.... I'd give him a 6, 5 in this one
SuperSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 5 years ago
I would give BAE about 6. 5 as well. He usually gives the ball to Bale on the wing but against Fulham, he tried to pick out players with long passes that were really dangerous and didn't really produce much for us. Defensively, still a decent performance though
[account-removed] 5 years ago
Assou-Ekotto is actually one of my favourite players in our squad. He's an automatic starter in my books, and I'd rarely give him below a 7 as well. So I totally agree with you guys there. I just felt that there were a truck load of crosses coming in from his side, and he gave the ball away instead of his passes like he usually does this time.

I might have been a tad harsh in the ratings. It'd be quite a cool idea if a few of us could collaborate and agree upon a rating, pros and cons of each player.... And post a finalized rating for each game. I'm quite sure people will disagree with certain ratings, and I'm nowhere close to being good at this. First attempt.

It doesn't need to be an essay like this, but we could track the progress of each player through the entire season. 3-5 members could just throw up a rating, no explainations if they don't have the time or the patience, and we could get an average of that and place it as the agreed upon average. Just a thought
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 5 years ago
A bit more from me....
- You're spot on about Walker. I think he too often complicates things and tries to be too clever but our coaching staff will pick that off him, and improve him a bit defensively, so his future is bright!
- It's interesting to see how certain players really excel when they have to dig deep and fight like we had to at Craven Cottage. Obviously Parker and also Sandro when he's on, and Lennon also really stepped up. At the same time VDV and Modric pretty much went missing. In the past I'd expected Modric to be one to lift us but maybe there are some issues with his motivation now?

Btw, it used to be possible to vote player ratings on The Telegraph website but I'm not sure if it is anymore.
[account-removed] 5 years ago
Modric is part of the reason I felt a system to start up. He's been off the spotlight recently, and when I look back.... I'm not even sure what sort of a season he had! He was way off the pace for sure.

I hope you're right about Walker. He's ticks all the boxes, and can easily turn into the best RB in England if he works on his frailties
[account-removed] 5 years ago
Player ratings for the Tottenham vs Astron Villa game.

Defense: In general, the ratings of our defensive players have been low simply cause they didn't have much to do!

Friedel: 7/10- There wasn't much of pressure on Friedel today, and whenever the box was weakly put into our box, he was there to calmly collect it. Made one good save when asked for. He'll be happy with the clean sheet. Would be one of the easiest games of his career.

King: 7/10- There just wasn't much for him to do. He made one or two tackles, but his rating is mainly for his good positioning. He didn't lose his marker in this game at all.

Kaboul: 8. 5/10- He had a stunning game. A CB managing to keep up in a sprint with Agbonlohor and taking the ball away cleanly is mind boggling. His headers were brilliant and strong. He's definitely growing into a starter for the club alongside King. Gallas, stand in line.

Bae: 8/10- Solid game from BAE. Especially in the first half, where he was the focal point of our moves. His crosses more often than not found their targets, and his understanding with Bale grows each game.

Walker: 7/10- He shows a lot of progress in his attack, but his defensive work is showing cracks. The only danger posted by Villa came from his side, when he was trying to track Heskey down and failed. He's got to work on the defensive side of things before the big games come back again.


Parker: 7/10- He had an ordinary game today. He had nothing to do in the first half, and struggled to adapt to the game where we had all the possession. He looked lost trying to find the right pass while standing on his feet, unlike the tackle pass he usually does. The second half boosted his game a little, and he was a part of the reason why we didn't concede early. He lost the ball a few times today, which is unlike him, and misplaced side passes as well.

Modric: 9/10- My MOTM for sure. The second half was scripted by Modric. He was almost impossible the tackle, as he was back to his snaky best while in possession. His ball distribution was a treat, as he kept bringing in players what were not in play, especially through the wings. Put in Adebayor a couple of times from where he should have scored. This was the Modric chelsea chased all summer. He's back. Finally.

Lennon: 7. 5/10- Was good in flashes. It was extremely heartening to see him go out wide and try and cross the ball in, instead of trying to dribble through 6 midfielders and fail miserably. Long may his form continue. His rating took a little dent cause of the way he looked lost when we were 3 vs 3 on the wings. Always chose the short pass.

Bale: 8. 5/10- Industrious as ever. Managed to get an assist to his name, and gave the defenders always something to think about. Should have scored on one occassion from a delightful Modric pass. He's improving in his decision making, which is good to see. Starting to stop his reliance on sheer pace as he starts to think a bit more and read the game.

Vdv: 6. 5/10- As I prepare for crucification, I have to say VDV did poorly today. He's had a terribly selfish game, where he took on shots from impossible angles and tried too many cheeky dibs instead of trying to find a teammate, or have a bit of composure to slot the ball in calmly. It looked like he stopped caring after the second goal, and wanted to humiliate Villa instead of wanting to increase our goal tally. His passing hasn't been great in this game either.

Adebayor: 7. 5/10- This is one guy who I find myself tearing my hair out in agony over. First half, he is brilliant. Drops back just deep enough to get back into the box, is in good positions inside the box.... Scores a good goal and a scrappy goal poacher goal. Can't ask for more, can we? Yes we can. The game doesn't end at 2-0. Someone should remind that to our front men. He's missed two sitters in the second half, one of which Friedel would have scored if given a chance. He was the reason we finished 2-0 instead of 5-0. If his rating had to be divided into two halves, it'd be 10/10 in the first, and 5/10 in the second. If it were Defoe or Pav who had that second half performance.... They'd have been booed off the pitch.


Defoe: 6/10- Had no influence on the game, but to be fair.... He's had very few touches of the ball since his introduction.

Redknapp: 7/10- Easy as pie for Redknapp to come back and manage this. 3 points docked for simple reasons. 1) Failing to rotate the squad in the EPL. I've lost count when someone other than these lot have been started unless there has been an injury. Villa at home should have been the game to rest VDV and Parker. Egos fed instead of rotating players. Same as last year.

2) Parker was struggling past the 75th minute. No sub made till the 88th minute. What's the point of that apart from time wasting in a game we're winning easily? And then too, its Modric who goes off instead of Parker.

Bottom line: We missed a chance to further improve our goal difference. This is one of those victories that leave me deflated, as we surely should have done more after dominating 70-30 but failed to do so
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 5 years ago
Again I'm finding myself agreeing with you all the way through. Maybe a little bit harsh regarding VDV.... While I'll also repeat what we said about Walker from the previous match: He's a bit too fancy sometimes and his head is not as quick as his legs. Kaboul also made a couple of crucial covers for him when he went missing in action
[account-removed] 5 years ago
Its quite possible that I have been too harsh on VDV. I find myself getting frustrated by both him and Adebayor. Our good would have been much better if they didn't shut off. I remember us talking about Walker's defensive worries right from the Man United game. Its still a worry. Totally agreed about Kaboul. That tackle on Agbonlahor was just priceless
Jamiemacdonald (Tottenham Hotspur) 5 years ago
Does anyone else agree that BAE is so underrated as a LB? I think he's one of the best in the country. Defensively he always marks his man, is in position, never lets a cross come in from his flank. But in an attacking sense he plays so well with Bale and his passing keeps that left sided attack flowing. The stand out thing though is that he always always does everything with class and a calm head. I don't think he gets the recognition he deserves in the EPL. And the guy drives a Smart Car because "its more practical than a Bentley" my kind of footballer
[account-removed] 5 years ago
I guess there was a time when I thought we needed a defensive cover for BAE, to keep him on his toes. But the man has been just phenomenal over the last 2 years. Like you pointed out rightly, he's one of the best LBs in the EPL, alongisde Baines. Cole has had a really bad season, and so has Enrique. BAE is really the first name I'd put on the squad sheet
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 5 years ago
Absolutely! BAE has helped lifting Bale to his heights and is constantly solid, never rattled. As I've said a couple of times before, if one just accepts that Benny will do 2 or 3 crazy things during an entire season then just sit back and enjoy the show for 99. 9% of the time! He is definitely my favourite LB in the Premier League or anywhere!
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 5 years ago
As Magneto didn't watch the match I'll just quickly give my ratings from the West Brom match....

Friedel 7. 0 Didn't have too much to do but looked solid.

Walker 5. 5 I thought he was poor and I'll argue the case a bit later.
Kaboul 7. 0 Not as brilliant as in the past couple of matches but still an immense figure in our defence.
King 6. 5 Not quite up to his usual self but he still rides on his experience.
Assou-Ekotto 8. 0 Took responsibility and led the way with us digging in after WBA's strong opening.

Lennon 8. 0 Full of confidence and injecting pace and danger into our game.
Sandro 6. 5 Looked like he needs some time before he gels perfectly with Parker, still good.
Parker 6. 5 Great work rate as usual but looked a bit lost at times and some sloppy passes.
Bale 7. 0 Was not as involved in the 1st half but picked up and looked more comfortable after the break.

Defoe 7. 5 Good movement, good on the ball and scored a brilliant, deciding goal.
Adebayor 7. 0 Such a strong player for us to play off up front but his finishing has really lacked some the past few weeks. I didn't think he should have taken the penalty either but luckily he scored on the rebounce.
[account-removed] 5 years ago
Ah! Was hoping someone would do it for this game. Massive thanks, North! I'd love to tally up who's really done well across the entire season for us, instead of going by the hype.

Walker is a worry, for sure. Every rating so far, he's not been great. He's not been really tested on the attack this season, and he sure will soon. SS mentioned that it looked like Walker was being targetted even by WBA. If he lets the hype get to him, we'll have a liability on our hands.

Assou-Ekotto is turning into a legendary spurs player. I bet we'll look back at this player 10 years from now with fond memories. Glad to see Lennon do well yet again!
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 5 years ago
Back to Walker again, as I said I would. Please note that I think he's a fantastic talent, I just don't think he is that polished yet. I hope he didn't get into the England team a bit too early....
Anyway, I slowly watched the WBA match again, and when you break Walker's contribution in that game down it's not really that flash. He had a hell time with Jerome Thomas in particular. Better teams than WBA would have taken better advantage of that.

Here are some examples:
1:50 Walker charging forward, tackled, loses ball.
2:15 Terrible back-header straight to WBA.
3:20 We're trying to play us out of our half while WBA puts on pressure, Walker attempt at forward pass straight out to throw-in for WBA.
7:35 Walker heads ball to Parker, too difficult/too narrow and he loses ball.
11:08 Waves incorrectly for off-side on Shane Long instead of attempting to stop him from getting the ball.
11:22 Tries to tackle Jerome Thomas, who gets past and dangerously puts ball in front of goal.
19:25 Very weak cross into WBA box, nowhere near a Spurs player.
20:15 Receives ball from Sandro, attempts to play it back to him but too unpresice. We lose ball and Sandro has to commit foul for which he receives a yellow card.
22:15 Runs back to pick up loose ball, Shane Long tackles him to throw-in. Walker throws straight to WBA.
23:30 Receives ball midway, under no pressure, no idea what to do, gets pressured and spills ball over the sideline.
30:20 Throw-in, straight to WBA.
31:50 Runs forward, plays Sandro who is under pressure and loses the ball.
34:40 Bad marking of Thomas who runs past him and into the box, Walker probably lucky he doesn't get a penalty awarded against him.
40:50 Kaboul fighting to clear in Walker's place, Walker gets back to help but gets nutmegged. Assou-Ekotto comes into CD and sorts it out.
43:20 WBA again attacks up his side and past him, Sandro back to clear.
45+2 Walker goes up too high to defend in midfield and leaves his side exposed and WBA player waiting in the box, luckily their pass into the box is wasted.
46:30 Plays to Lennon, gets the ball back, tries to play short to Parker but WBA steal the ball, Walker then goes in and concedes free-kick.
52:40 Runs along Thomas, ball watching in best Hutton-style, as Thomas unchallenged makes cross into box. Assou-Ekotto clears it away.
53:55 WBA attack monitored by Sandro, Long runs behind Walker but Kaboul pushes out on RB, Walker has to cover for Kaboul in CD until WBA drop back. They return on the same side, Bale helping to defend while Walker watches Thomas receive ball and play it.commentator states that "Thomas is winning the war with Walker".
59:05 WBA coming down the left side again, Kaboul pushing out on RB, Shane Long heel-flick and Thomas comes behind Walker and beats him to the ball. Walker uses his arm to stop him, unsuccessfully, but Sandro comes and wins the ball.
68:25 Walker makes run behind WBA players, Parker plays him free in the box, tries to play it in to Adebayor but too obvious and ball cleared.
73:20 Under no pressure, plays ball upfield but finds a WBA player.
77:10 Ball watching Thomas and lets him put in cross again.
77:30 Ball watching Morrison running straight past him into the box, he plays it back to Brunt who luckily blasts it over. Massive chance for WBA. (Instead Defoe wins the game for us 3 mins later.)
81:50 Again has no idea how to deal with Jerome Thomas.
[account-removed] 5 years ago
This is some seriously impressive stuff that you've digged up, North. I hope everyone takes a look at this, and realizes things aren't as rosy as they seem to be with Walker. He's got potential to be either an excellent defender, or turn into Hutton Mach II
Jamiemacdonald (Tottenham Hotspur) 5 years ago
Wow like Magneto says, impressive! I didn't see the game so I don't know if he had an off game or if this list is overly critical but you've got to hope that this sort of thing is picked up on by the coaching staff. There's no doubting his pace but what else is in his locker? He certainly isn't as sound defensively as Corluka. I think the key with this Spurs team though is pace. Pace on the wings and pace in the tempo of passing. Walker and Lennon can match Ekotto and Bale on the left for pace and cause the opposition just as many problems. Whilst a back four is concentrating on doubling up on Bale others like Walker/ Lennon can take advantage as we saw at Villa. I think Redknapp sees Walker as a player who fits the mold of this team better the Charlie or Kaboul at RB. I just hope we don't get exploited down our right flank, people forget that although Bale is probably the best winger in the league he did start his career as a full back so playing Bale and Ekotto could be argued as a very solid defensive option. As far as Lennon and Walker are concerned, I just hope they have the opposition wingers and full backs camped in their own half's
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 5 years ago
Pace is of course a key element in this Spurs team and because of that Walker fits in well. I think he's had a few matches like the one I have broken down here. It's just to point out that there are still some issues he needs to work on but his talent is massive. That's also why both Roma and Real Madrid are interested in signing him
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 5 years ago
My ratings from the Bolton match....
Friedel 7. 0
Walker 6. 5
Kaboul 7. 0
Gallas 6. 5
Assou-Ekotto 7. 5
Lennon 8. 0
Parker 7. 5
Modric 8. 0
Bale 8. 0
Defoe 7. 5
Adebayor 7. 0
Holdfasthope (Tottenham Hotspur) 5 years ago
Fridel: 6. 0
Walker: 6. 5
Kaboul: 6. 5
Gallas: 6. 0
Bae: 6. 5
Lennon: 7. 0
Parker: 7. 0
Modric: 9. 0
Bale: 8. 0
Defoe: 7. 5
Adebayor: 6. 5
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 5 years ago
Actually, I also meant to only put 6. 5 on Adebayor...
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 5 years ago
Stoke - Tottenham
Been watching through the enitre match again. Stoke frantic from the first kick of the ball. We couldn't to get into our own game during the first 20 minutes. For the next 20 minutes we dominated but unfortunately it ended with them scoring their second goal. VDV simply struggled to get into the game for most of the match. Parker was repeatedly manhandled without much reprimand for the Stoke players.
On their first goal it goes wrong from the moment Adebayor tries to run the ball out of our box, loses possession and they play it back in. Crouch does well to hold off Gallas (if we ignore the fact that he handballed) and Kaboul doesn't watch his back where Etheridge pops up and scores. After their first goal Gallas picks himself up and is not at all that bad for the rest of the game. However on their second goal none of our players do their job marking all the Stoke players in our box.
Most of our players otherwise don't really have such a bad game. Man of the match I'd say was Modric.

Friedel 7. 0
Walker 7. 0
Kaboul 7. 5
Gallas 7. 0
Assou-Ekotto 7. 0
Lennon 7. 0
Parker 7. 5
Modric 8. 0
Bale 7. 5
Vdv 6. 0
Adebayor 7. 0
Bassong 7. 0
Defoe 7. 0
[account-removed] 5 years ago
Hmm. I feel you've been a bit kind on the ratings this time around North. But then, I'm normally quite harsh.

Friedel: 6. 0 Should have done better with the goals. Penalty by crouch or not, he should have closed the ball down with his legs and not allow the cross between his feet. The second one, he was rooted.

Walker 7. 0: I agree. This was Walker's best game in a spurs shirt so far, imo. He was good defensively and put in a hard shift all through on the right wing, especially when he was alone on that side. Feel Pulis missed a trick by not attacking on this side, but a good performance by Walker. Needs to improve on the final ball still. Wasn't tested enough defensively.

Kaboul: 7. 0: He did alright, after the first 25 minutes. He should have won us a clear penalty, but was sent off unfairly. Story of the game.

Gallas: 6. 5: Was poor in the first 25 minutes, but you could see the confidence coming back and the legs listening to the brain as the game went on. He's still got a part to play for us this year.

Assou-Ekotto: 5. 5: I'd say its a rare bad game for him. He just made a few errors, but those errors cost us the goals. He was targetted this week, not on the ground, but in the air.

Will continue the midfield and attack later
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 5 years ago
I initially thought Gallas had a worse game than he did. He really picked himself up after their first goal. Walker wasn't too bad defensively but still at times seems a bit confused about his choices when in possession. I think I only saw one direct mistake by Assou-Ekotto. I didn't think he was any worse than the others, while the type of game Stoke play made sense to play Bassong in the 2nd half. That Bassong also had a good game made it all the better too.

Having slowly gone through the whole match a few hours after watching it live I don't think we were too bad at all. The second part of the 1st half we completely dominated, so also with most of the 2nd half. With some of those refereeing decisions going our way, like they should have, we could easily have won that match. By the way, at first I thought it was four penalties we should have had - well, that was in the 2nd half. There was also an incident in the 1st half = FIVE. We only got one and had a valid goal disallowed too. That makes things hard and it wasn't our players fault. And for those who say Modric dived.... There was clear contact and the Stoke player fully accepted it. Not once did the player complain about the decision against him...
[account-removed] 5 years ago
I've watched the game again, and I agree with Northstream about our midfield and striker ratings. I will disagree with the parker ratings though, as I don't think he played well enough to get a 7. 5. He misplaced a lot of passes when he was under no pressure, and he didn't have the best defensive game either. I'd go with a 6 for Parker, and the rest remain the same. I've given AEK such a low score not because of his mistakes on the pitch, but because his side was being bombarded heavily through areal attacks. Unfortunately, AEK isn't the tallest, and it really isn't his fault that he couldn't deal with the air-borne threat. Its a rare poor game from him. The following game in Europe, he dominated on the right wing, and that should surely boost whatever confidence was lost!
Bwfyid (Tottenham Hotspur) 5 years ago
If I ever see Chris Foy, he is going to get a slap...
[account-removed] 5 years ago
I was hoping you'd move into the anti corruption department and charge Chris Foy with fraud
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 5 years ago
I would also go for the slap!
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 5 years ago
There's been no ratings here for the past few matches. I'll give mine for the WBA match:

Friedel 7. 0
Walker 6. 5
Gallas 7. 0
Kaboul 7. 5
Assou-Ekotto 7. 5
Sandro 6. 5 (might have been higher if he had played longer)
Modric 7. 0
Bale 7. 0
Vdv 7. 5
Adebayor 6. 5
Defoe 7. 0

Bassong 6. 0
Livermore 6. 5
Kranjcar 6. 0

I again thought Walker's crosses were poor. The same was the case for Bale's, really not up to his usual standards, but he still kept creating problems for WBA. Superbly done by Defoe to gain control of the too heavy pass from Bale for the goal. Tough match for our subs to come into, especially for Kranjcar, who straight away was caught on the backfoot when both Bale and later Walker put forward some very weak passes to him.
We still manage to grit out these tough games but I don't think there are goals enough in us to be a serious title contender. Defoe has done brilliantly this season when he's been given the chance. He is in fact our top scorer so far...
[account-removed] 5 years ago
Thanks for putting the ratings up, North. I've only started watching the match after the first 15 mins, and I that's been a recurring factor for me, so I haven't put up any ratings recently. From what I've seen of the game, the ratings look quite apt. No one was exceptional, and no one was really poor to warrant a below 6 rating. The wins are quite scrappy, and I'll still take that. I agree that we have almost no chance of finishing at the top, but we need to keep aiming higher. Up the ante and aim for 2nd, that way, we'll be looking in the right direction instead of thinking "we're x points ahead of chelsea and arsenal". The mid table club mentality is going to be extremely hard to get rid of
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 5 years ago
Tottenham - Everton 2-0
I would give just about every single player a 7. 5 rating, except for a 7. 0 for Friedel (simply because he didn't have much to do) and a 7. 0 for Pienaar (because he only played 15 minutes but was excellent in that time).
I was contemplating 7. 0 also to Walker and Adebayor but I think they also deserve the same ratings as the rest of the team. To take Walker first - he twice, under no pressure, gifted the ball to Everton from which they had some of their best chances. The second resulted in Kaboul lucky not giving away a penalty. He also keeps being undecisive and clinging on to the ball for a few seconds too long instead of picking the obvious pass. Still, he did plenty of good and is rapidly improving in his defensive qualities.
Regarding Adebayor - I feel he's getting a bit too much grief. I wholeheartedly agree that he should be scoring more, as our main striker, but he is so strong and allows us to play off him. That's a huge benefit our midfield and second strikers have got since his arrival. His movement is also excellent and he puts in the effort needed from him
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 5 years ago
Spurs - Wolves 1-1
Friedel 7. 5
Walker 6. 5
Dawson 7. 0
Kaboul 7. 0
Assou-Ekotto 7. 5
Lennon 7. 5
Parker 7. 0
Modric 7. 5
Bale 6. 5
Vdv 6. 5
Adebayor 6. 0

Defoe 6. 5 during the twenty minutes he was on
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Watford - Tottenham:

Cudicini: 8 Excellent all through the game. Some saves were routine, but he had composure and distributed the ball well.

Walker: 5 Improved defensively, but his judgement is lacking. Poor runs. Even worse crosses.

Rose: 3 The worst rating I've given so far for a player. Beaten defensively time in, time out. No idea when to move forward, and when he does, there is absolutely no end product. Gave away possession more times than I could care to count.

Dawson: 5 Made mistakes. Recovered well and had some crucial interceptions. Had no communication with Livermore, almost gave them two clear chances at goal. Glad we had Carlo in goal instead of Flappy (aka Gomes)

Kaboul: 5 Was asked to do way too much. Was time and again part of a 2 man defence, as Walker and Rose went awol. He struggled, but again made crucial interceptions. Lucky not to have been yellow carded towards the end for a blatant foul.

Livermore: 5 This kid baffles me. First 30 mins, he was absolutely non existent, and then I see him everywhere, even trying to chest down lobbed passes in the final third. What's he doing there? I can't fault the effort, but clearly something went amiss when he's so far ahead while our defenders keep getting battered.

Parker: 4 Yes. Harsh. But he did nothing all game except give ball away. 1 good tackle, and one yellow. Poor game. One he'd love to forget.

Modric: 5. 5 He had a couple of decent passes. He worked around and didn't look that disinterested. But he was tired. Nothing great, but even he looked decent when compared to the mediocrity around him.

Vdv: 6. Generous because of the goal. A mishit that the keeper should have done better from. A shot on the crossbar. What else did he do? All mis-flicks that ended nowhere.

Defoe: 5 Largely anonymous, although I will make an excuse for him. He plays off the shoulder of the last defender, and had no chance with such horrendous distribution. When he drops deep and gets the ball, he gives it to Adebayor, who simply gives it away.

Adebayor: 4: Made Berbatov look like he put in harder shifts than Livermore. Did he even move? Oh yeah. He did when he was caught offside on a kick from the keeper. Danced around, looked bored and like he didn't give a damn, and tried to be too cheeky. Watford bullied him. All that was left at the end was a forlorn figure in the final third, holding his wrist and pouting at the bench.

Subs: Lennon: 6. His was a decent impact sub. I dislike Lennon on the left, but he was brought in to give Rose some cover. He did as well as he could, and provided some decent runs and much needed width and covering.

Pienaar, Pav: Meh. Too little time to make any impact.

Management: 1. Don't know what they were thinking. Looks like they weren't. The team selection is shambolic. The 1 was given as a grace point when they brought in Lennon at HT. I don't know what's left for Kranjcar and Pienaar to do to get into this team barring.... Well. Lets leave it at that.

Disappointing performance where I found myself cheering for Watford more than us at FT
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Pretty much agree....

Regarding the team selection, I'm glad we're taking this competition seriously but a fighting Championship team like Watford at home would not make it easy for us. What we needed in a game like this was some of our excellent fringe players to come on and fight for every ball, like the Watford players did. It was way too much of a stiff-legged primadonna shift from us.... ! But we survived so bring on Stevenage and let that not be our banana skin!
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Tottenham 5 - Newcastle 0:

This is the easiest match ratings I've ever considered giving. Starters were Friedel, Walker, Dawson, King, BAE, Bale, Modric, Parker, Kranjcar, Saha and Adebayor.

I'd say Adebayor gets his first 10 in a spurs shirt for the sheer effort he put in, was happy in the VDV role and drifted to the flanks a lot.

Saha made me eat humble pie. Very good positioning and showed that he might still have it afterall, provided he keeps getting the service he is. 9. 5 rating here.

The rest of the team gets an 8. 5. Everything was smooth. Flowing. No egos anywhere. Slick passing. It felt like someone was playing fifa and didn't have personal favourites and just wanted to win by as big a goal difference as possible.

For the first time, I give Redknapp a 10 as well. The team selection was good as Lennon wasn't thrown inhalf baked to play 90 mins, and Kranjcar got a start when he really did deserve it. And when we were leading by a good margin, he brought in Lennon, Defoe and Nelsen, giving players who need some playing time a good 20 odd minutes as well as resting some tired legs.

Lennon, Defoe and Nelson had nothing much to do, and I'd give them all a 7.

Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
The Sun (not my tabloid of choice) published these ratings after the United match....
Certainly not the way I saw it....

Star MAN — ashley young (Man Utd)

Tottenham: Friedel 7, Walker 6, King 6, Kaboul 6, Assou-Ekotto 6, Lennon 7 (Rose 5), Livermore 6, Sandro 7 (Kranjcar 6), Modric 6, Adebayor 7, Saha 6 (Defoe 6). Subs not used: Cudicini, Giovani, Dawson, Nelsen. Booked: Sandro.

Man UTD: De Gea 8, Jones 6, Evans 7, Ferdinand 7, Evra 6, Nani 8 (Park 6), Carrick 7, Scholes 8 (Giggs 6), Young 9, Rooney 8, Welbeck 7. Subs not used: Amos, Anderson, Hernandez, Fabio Da Silva, Rafael Da Silva. Booked: Jones, Evans.

Ref: M Atkinson 6
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
I also found these ratings on a website called They're more like it!
Again I also include the United ratings just to show how wrong The Sun got it. How they could give both Nani and Scholes 8 is just a joke.
(In the past The Telegraph was an excellent place for player ratings as they were added up of ratings from hundreds of readers. Unfortunately those ratings seem to have stopped.)

Football Talk ratings:
Tottenham Player Ratings
Friedel – 6 – May have felt he should have come to collect the corner that lead to United’s opener but could do little about either of Young’s efforts.

Walker – 5. 5 – Not his best day. Lost Rooney for the opener and could maybe have done better with his attempted clearance for United’s second.

King – 7 – A rock at the back as usual but may have been let down slightly by his team mates.

Kaboul – 6. 5 – Should have closed Young down quicker for his second goal but otherwise had a decent game.

Ekotto – 7 – Hit the top of the bar with a free kick and hit the target with a powerful drive in the second half. Always a threat going forward.

Modric – 6. 5 - Didn’t see the ball as much as he would have liked out on the left. Crucially fell asleep for the throw in that lead to United’s second.

Livermore – 7. 5 – Assured display from the youngster who stepped in to fill Parker’s shoes admirably. But went missing for Young’s second when he was given acres to pick his spot from 25-yards.

Sandro – 7 – Was dominant in the first half but found it a little more difficult after the break. Booked and subbed.

Lennon – 7 – Superb run in the build up to Adebayor’s disallowed goal and was a constant threat.

Adebayor – 6. 5 – Lively in the first half and was unlucky with the disallowed goal. Was in the game far less after the break as United grew in confidence.

Saha – 5 – Anonymous. Saw his shot blocked by Adebayor on the line but did little else in the game. Subbed.

Kranjcar – 6 – Made little impact.

Rose – N/A - No time to impress.

Defoe – 7. 5 – Excellent goal late on. A true goal-scorer.

Man Utd Player Ratings
De Gea – 7 - Great save from a deflected Livermore effort in the second half, which may have been a turning point in the game. Got nowhere near Defoe’s goal late on.

Jones – 6. 5 – Struggled in the first half and Lennon skipped past him with ease to set up Saha. Far more composed in the second half. Booked.

Evans – 8 – Superb at the back for United. He’s certainly grown in recent weeks and forming a good partnership with Ferdinand.

Ferdinand – 8 – Like Evans, was a rock at the back. Great tackle on Adebayor late on to deny him a shot at goal and organised his defence well.

Evra – 7 – Solid display from the Frenchman. Struggled with Lennon at times in the first half but found his feet in the second.

Nani – 6 - Quick thinking saw him set up Young for the second. Otherwise he was relatively quiet by his standards. Subbed.

Scholes – 6. 5 – Neat and tidy in possession and kept hold of the ball under pressure well, but didn’t really dictate play like he usually does. Subbed off early in the second half.

Carrick – 6. 5 – Lost the midfield battle to Sandro and Livermore for the first hour but started to set the tempo in the final half hour as United began to take control.

Young – 9 – Set up Rooney’s opener, scored a superb scissor kick volley for the second followed by a stunning 25-yarder for the third. Devastating.

Welbeck – 6. 5 - Quiet in the first half but always worked hard up front and made intelligent runs.

Rooney – 7. 5 – Took his header well and dropped deep in the second half to dictate play for the visitors.

Giggs – 5 – Very sloppy pass lead to Tottenham’s consolation goal. Not like the ever-green Welshman.

Park – 6 – Little time to make a real impression but showed some neat touches as United tried to see out the game.

DANAFC (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Much better
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Tottenham 2 - Blackburn 0

Games are going to come quick and fast this final week. We've got 3 more games to go against a struggling Bolton, Aston Villa and a cup final-esque resurgent Fulham. It feels great to remember what it feels like to win again! Now to carry on this momentum and win the next one. Points of note this game. The GK had nothing to do whatsoever, so can't really rate him on a nice stroll in the park!


* Bale did almost nothing the whole game, and continues to roam into the middle. MAtch of the day will catch this, but he walks into the striker position, back to 4-5 defenders, expecting the ball to be played to him. Its poor, and any other team that made even a half arsed attempt would have exposed Rose. Rating of 4.

* Rose was weird. His crossing's poor, and his chesting down of the ball needs some real quick corrections. The ball is crossed to him knee height, and he decides to almost squat and chest it down while under pressure, almost giving the ball away. He makes poor decisions (really late) of when to pass the ball back to the keeper, and tries flashy dribbling on his thigh to try and play the ball out of trouble. Not logical when you're getting zero help from Bale, Rose. Calm down and slow down. A rating of 5. 5. The rating might be harsh, but unless he learns to control himself, he will be a liability.

* Adebayor is a prop. I still say Crouchie would have done the same (if not a better) job as Adebayor in 2012. I've been called out on this before, but I have seen nothing to change my stance on this. Rating of 4. #WouldRatherHaveCrouch

*Redknapp as usual makes no changes till they're too late. It looks like Lennon might be out for the next game, hopefully not!


* VDV - 8 : The biggest plus I've seen in the past 2-3 weeks is the attitude of VDV. I don't change my opinion of a player, irrespective of how many goals they score. I watch for team play, attitude both on and off the pitch, and work rate. VDV has been almost our off field leader in the past month. He's said some proper things to the media and put any speculation to rest, and is working harder on the field. His interaction with Walker before the free kick shows he's curtailed his Diva stance as well. People seriously need to catch this on youtube! I'm happy to admit I'm wrong about VDV and that I rescind my idea of him needing to leave. Please do stay, VDV, as long as you stop taking corners!

*Sandro-9 : Was the MOTM for me today. His tackling was excellent, and broke up any possible counters and managed to keep possession to launch an attack of our own. Unfortunate not to have the long shot go in. Great tenacity and pretty fearless. I felt he was being asked to do a role he's not comfortable with when playing with parker. Its like playing Gerrard and Lampard together, and it doesn't work. Sandro took his chance today, and I hope he's rewarded with another chance next game to shine and bully people around!

* Walker-9: I've given him a lot of stick this season, and I don't think he deserves the young player of the year. However, his attitude on the pitch was perfect today. No signs of arrogance, no selfish holding of the ball, and again, his interaction with VDV before his free kick was one of the best on field moments I've seen in a while. I seriously hope he works on his positioning. He's got the attitude, just needs the aptitude.

* Modric-7: A lot of people will give him a miss today, but he's been quite decent, finding some of his passing skills again. He goes back deep to defend, and gives it everything on the pitch. Stays, goes, whatever it is, its not getting in the way of his performances for sure!

*Lennon-8: Sure he missed a few attacks and he was poor in the box, but the threat he generated with his pace reminds me why we missed him so much. 2 people were marking him most of the time, and he still managed to get around them.

*Kaboul-8: The rock. Enough said. Make him captain next year. He'll head butt players who don't listen to tactics and then make them a milkshake after the game to make it up. He'll even put a sticker with their name on the side.

To note: Gallas was okay through the game without any glaring errors or moments of brilliance. Defoe, Dos Santos and Livermore had no time to even touch the ball properly after their subs, as usual
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 1 year ago
Let's revive this thread of player ratings!

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