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LeDerp (Footytube Moderator) 4 years ago
Please comment your PSN usernames, we should play sometime.
It'd be fun. I was thinking of....

For example.

Both I and Mag choose Spurs and play 1 v 1 online. We choose our best Spurs team, tactics, formations etc and play the game. We could also make our own little league and make a new thread on here with the league standings! We can schedule official matches which affect the league table and we can also schedule friendlies for when someone isn't available to play due to whatever reason. I think it'd be great! What do you guys think?

I'm on PS3.

Add me.

Psn: dmnck_ogdn
ManOfSteel1999 (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Xbox 360  KaiserLudwigSR
WhiteHartRogue (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Yidarmy-4-lyf    I beat a mate of mine, he was Barca, I was Spurs, beat him 12-5 and Ade got all 12 goals!  Coys!
LeDerp (Footytube Moderator) 4 years ago
Buh loody hell. If only Ade could do that in real life, eh? Hahaha
WhiteHartRogue (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
I was losin 5-3 at one point aswell.  Never had a game like it, my mates Spanish aswell, the look on his face, looool
LeDerp (Footytube Moderator) 4 years ago
By the way, I already added you a few weeks ago Just waiting for you to buy your PS3 and accept the friend request
WhiteHartRogue (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Yeah, I saw you wrote that on the forum mate, I'm in desperate need of getting my new PS3, should get it in time for Fifa13  
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Really hoping for a decent latency, will be a blast ^_^
Metros (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Metrosbaklava can't wait to play against other sides that use Spurs its always either Barca or Real
Metros (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
If you couldn't tell psn: Metrosbaklava
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Guess who's digged up some dough about Fifa 13 Spurs tentative ratings? We're massively underrated.

Fridel - 81
Walker - 78
Gallas - 78
Vert - 81
Benny - 78 (Dafaq?)
Sandro - 78 (!?!#)$@$)*!)
Lennon - 80
Bale - 85
VDV (still hasn't been updated out) - 86
Defoe - 81


The squads still need an update of course, and these numbers apparently change by the day. This was on Sept 5th 2012.

Dembele is still at Fulham and is rated 79 as RCM
SuperSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Sandro at 78, wtfffffffffffffffffff?
Jsfplaya (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
I have PS3 and also intend on getting fifa13. My psn is jsfplaya, feel free to add me and sign me up for this league that you guys speak of. I look forward to beating you all!
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Dembele stats: Further sneak peek:

79 OVR CAM (pffft)

Acc - 84, Agility - 85, Balance - 76, Jumping - 77, Reactions - 75, Sprint Speed - 83, Stamina - 87, Strength - 86, Aggression - 74, Interceptions - 41 (dafaq? Did they even see him play last season?), Attack Position - 71, Vision - 77, Ball Control = 85, Crossing - 60, Curve - 62, Dribbling - 87, Finishing 61, FK acc - 54, Heading Acc - 67, Long pass 67 (smh), Long shots - 71 (!), Marking - 31,

Don't know more. Lol. Shot power has to be high, but I can see tackling low. Disappointed, but he's got 3 silver special traits. He'll be useful as a CAM, CF, CM (spear of 4-3-3 in the game). 4* skill, 2 * weak foot
LeDerp (Footytube Moderator) 4 years ago
Our team is underrated! Bloody hell! I hope they patch the game in accordance to real life performance of teams every month
Jeroen (Barcelona) 4 years ago
What the hell?! How is Dembélé's balance only 76?! It's the best I've ever seen! Or close to it anyway. Maybe Messi is even better keeping his balance when kicked and when twisting and turning.

Anyway, I agree with his other stats except of course the 41 on interceptions. They probably still think Dembélé is a striker/AM when he's clearly evolved in a CM. I'm not sure any of the EPL teams are underrated. One of the many phenomena when a game like Fifa comes out is that everyone says their team is underrated. Tottenham is a great team, but you're not the best in England. So far I've only seen one or two players in all of the English teams who are seriously overrated. Vidic at 89 (he barely played last season and he didn't look good recently), compared to players like David Luiz (very versatile and therefore should have high overall stats) at 79, Vermaelen at 83 and ompany at 85. So Vidic is overrated. I also think Luis Súarez doesn't deserve 86, because his finishing is rubbish for a real striker.

A few more are inaccurate, but often that's because they're still young and developing
Jeroen (Barcelona) 4 years ago
By the way:

His team mates when he was younger always said that "when dribbling he always looked to lose the ball, but he never did". Great compliment, and a great trait, because it means defenders will 'snatch' at him when they think they can steal the ball, but than a twist and a little burst of acceleration, combined with his awesome ability to use his body well and hold off the player, made him a really odd, but really good dribbler
EarnYourSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
One thing I notice about Dembele's Fifa attributes is that he's now HIGH in both defensive and attacking work rate, and he has 3 traits; engine, strength, and dribbling. Fingers crossed that they bump up his defensive attributes before the game launches, apparently they didn't get the memo that he had the 2nd most successful tackles in the PL last season...
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Can't see the video, Jeroen. Locked in my location. But like EYS says, he's been playing defensively for a year! Hoping he gets a boost in the interceptions and tackling part of his game! I'm not too concerned about the general stats. I don't mind having a team of 80s. Like you say, we're not the best out there. But Benny's hugely underrated. 78 for him is horrendous as well
LeDerp (Footytube Moderator) 4 years ago
The FIFA 13 demo is out now on PS3 and XBOX!
[account-removed] 4 years ago
PSN: Magneto1080

I've only managed to send a friend request to two members before having to shut down the PS3. Rogue, tried sending you a request twice, and it just keeps giving me an error. Mind sending me one?
JestaYNWA (Liverpool) 4 years ago
You can add me if you like. I mean, if you ever want to see Spurs v Liverpool. Jesta23 is my PSN.

Of course, I only play like once every 2-3 months so don't expect much of a challenge....
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Lol. Of course! And I am crap at the game. Can't dribble to save my life, so you'll be fine
JestaYNWA (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Hmmm.... Ok. I'll take your word for it but the last person who said that to me was hustling me and I lost 4-0. You wouldn't be that devious I hope....
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Me, devious?    
WhiteHartRogue (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
I don't mind Mag, havent been on for ages cos I'm waitin on a new PS3, but I will add you, did you put the - in my name? Its yidarmy-4-lyf
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Will try sending it again, but forgot about the new ps3 needed part! Lol. All good Rogue. Let me know when you get it
WhiteHartRogue (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
LeDerp (Footytube Moderator) 4 years ago
I've been playing the demo with my girlfriend for hours. Scored some really good goals too. I'm loving the improved 1st touch system and the real time commentary based on current league standings and whatnot. Can't wait for our league!
EarnYourSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Man that 1st touch system improved the realism of the game so much. At first it didn't seem like very much changed in terms of gameplay, but after countless hours played of the demo, you can really feel the difference.complete dribbling isn't anything to get too excited about.... I thought dribbling was going to be revolutionized this year but, I guess I'm just gonna' have to wait until Fifa 14....

Can't wait to see how they rate our players. I always thought Sandro and our fullbacks have been underrated, but then again, who doesn't think their team is underrated.... Sandro should be 80, no doubt. 78 is just ridiculous. Same with Walker and BAE they should both be at 80 and I think they're actually both at 78 too, which is nuts considering they're two of the best fullbacks in the PL. If Sagna is 83, BAE should at least be 80.... We got rid of two of our best players in FIFA 12 in Modric and VDV who I think were at something like 86 and 85 overall, and replaced them with Siggs, Demps, and Dembele who were at 76, 80, and 79 I think. So don't be surprised if our overall team rating is lower than it was last year. Lloris might help that a bit who was at 86 last year....

Honestly, I can't wait for Sept 25. I'm gonna' have to quit my job to free up some time for FIFA 13.
[account-removed] 4 years ago
You guys good at dribbling? Lol. I feel the game's become heavily in favour of good dribblers, and feel the passing is far too easy. I don't hold down sprint far too often, so the first touch doesn't impact me too much, and I'm able to maintain 65% possession on professional mode at times. I don't mind, as it suits my game of pass, move and wait for an opening.

That said, I can see the difference in attacking AI, with some excellent runs, and also a lot better clearances from the defence. I think the scores in H2H will be quite low most of the time, but the game has surely taken a step forward in the right direction. Hope they will add to this and take it further in coming patches!

I just pre-ordered it. So I'll be playing it for sure for PS3 (online as long as the latency isn't horrible!)
Mozartriot (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Put your difficulty up higher
[account-removed] 4 years ago
I have it on professional mode, full assisted at the moment. I did eventually play Fifa 12 in World class, but the computer felt like it does quite a few cheap things to get back in the game. Tackles just become impossible as CBs start dribbling like pros. Lol
LeDerp (Footytube Moderator) 4 years ago
I used to play Legendary way back during my FIFA 08 days. I used to win by 1 goal margins, sometimes by 2. But ever since FIFA 11, I've been losing like 5 - 0 almost every bloody game in Legendary difficulty. Smh. FIFA 13 is going to be good. The demo is awesome. I really love the new 1st touch controls, It feels so natural. I can't wait to get it on with you guys on PSN!
[account-removed] 4 years ago
I know I'm not a yid but add me on PSN I'm not good at all should be an easy 3 points  Add me my PSN is Barcaskate
Thornby (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Hey Guys my PSN is thorndogga
Isnotfish (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Nobody else is on xbox?
LeDerp (Footytube Moderator) 4 years ago
My late Xbox suffered the horrible red ring of death after just over a year
[account-removed] 4 years ago
I think a few members on the Chelsea forum and Arsenal forum are on X-box. We can still get a footytube league going for the Xbox version

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