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Europa League Team Ratings 2012/2013
WhiteHartRogue (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Tought i'd start a new Thread solely for our run in the Europa League.
So heres my Team ratings for the home game against Lazio:

Lloris : 8
I've given him an 8 because its his first game and was still quite solid, he hasnt had too long to train with the team & settled in well. He calmy plucked balls from the air & made himself a presence when needed, there wasnt many saves to be made, but everything he did in the match he did well.

Walker : 6
For me it was Walker nowhere near his best, yeah he got forward quite well and made a few good runs, but defensively he looked like the weak link, and considering we've got a RB playing at LB that's pretty poor. Whenever Lazio attacked at got a chance in it was down Walkers side. He needs to focus & concentrate on his defending, we all know he can attack, but that's the easy part of being a full back. He should be watching....

Naughton : 8
Now considering this is only his second game at LB for Spurs I think he was actually quite outstanding, he didn't do anything stupid, kept his head, got forward when needed and judged that well, but also he was assured, he made easy passes when needed and more flamboyant stuff when needed, I would have given him a 9 but there was once (onlyy once) where he hesitated and lost the ball, that could have lead to something for Lazio.

Vertonghen : 7
I rate him at 7 because he was good, but he didn't stand out as the players I'm giving 8 to did, we are starting to see him gel well with the team & he pretty much gets on with his job without you knowing he's really there, and for me that's a sign of a quality CB. He made some great marauding runs & dealt with his man well at corners.

Caulker : 8
Now ill give this lad an 8 solely because he is the one who has stepped in and seemed like he's been there for years. He got a perfectly good goal with a peachy header, got forward well, defended immaculately & is sure to be a England international in the future, i've watched him play quite a few times for EnglandU21, TeamGB, Swansea and I know this was no fluke, he's got the biggest future of our homegrown players atm. Great performance.

Dembele : 8
There was only one thing stopping me giving him a 9, and that was the one mistake he made which could possibly have led to a goal, he's a well rounded midfielder and showed in theis game that he's got a decent pass on him, he's was running past players like they were ghosts & linking well with everyone, he's going to become a integral part of the team & long may his rise continue. Another brilliant performance.

Sandro : 7
Again he was great but I don't think he was as good as Mouss, so ill rate him a bit lower, its working really well when he covers whichever CB makes the run up the pitch and its evident that he's growing as a player. From the kid we first saw 2 years ago he has grown up so much and this match emphasises that. Hm & Dembele have the possibility of forming of one of the best centre midfield partnerships in the league!

Lennon : 8
Again if he would have buried them chances that he played back across the box then hed get a 9, he needs to be more clinical & selfish and try to strike a few shots now and again. He can be annoying in that respect, but at the stuff he usually does, well he is getting better at it, AVB making him run beind players instead of holding it and trying to take them on suits him much better.

Bale : 5
Well where do I start? Terrible with his delivery, free kicks, passing & pretty much everything he did, I think it will help him if we drop him, let somebody else get a chance because his performances are get more dier match on match. He was drifting nonsensically & didn't have an impact anywhhere, also missed a sitter, which could have ben the same against Reading.

Dempsey : 6
Although it was his first start and he had a disallowed goal I think he wasnt too great, he passed it well and held the ball ok, but didn't take many shots or try to create enough for Defoe, but that will come, I could be being a bit harsh with him here, but that's what I felt from the performance.

Defoe : 6
I give him a 6 because he didn't move about enough and make space, we all say he's sellfish sometimes but in this game he wasnt sellfish enough, he needed to getminvolved a bit more & drop a bit deeper, there are games where we need a big man up top & this is one of them.

Townsend : 7
Didn't get bundles of time but actually did quite a lot with the time he did have, if he tried to lay it across instead of heading that chance over we could have seen a winner, the same goes for when he shot from a crazy position instead if crossing.
Sigurdsson : 6
Ddnt really do anything pro active when he came on and for me has been the most dissapointing signing so far this season, he really needs a kick up the arse.
Mason : -
I won't even rate gim, he was on the pitch for about 5 seconds.
EarnYourSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
________________ tottenham 0-0 lazio ______________

Lloris: 7 - Calm and confident. Didn't have much to do, but looked assured all match. Very accurate distribution. First clean sheet of his Spurs career and will be awaiting Friedel's first slip up....

Walker: 7 - He and Lennon frequently trouble the defence. Had a pretty solid defensive performance.

Caulker: 7. 5 - First start of the season and already seems to have a great understanding with Walker and Vertonghen. Did well when he got forward. Solid in defence. Unlucky not to bag his first spurs goal, harshly ruled out.

Vertonghen: 7. 5 - Yet another top performance. Won everything in the air. Got forward more later in the second half. Can't be long before he and Caulker become our regular CB pairing.

Naughton: 7 - Looks more comfortable at left back with every game played. Linked up well with Bale in the second half. Should spur BAE on when he returns from injury.

Lennon: 7 - Was surprised to see him wearing the captains armband. Typical day for Lennon. Did amazingly well to get past the defence but final deliver and decision making was off. Linked up well with Walker all match.

Sandro: 8 - Solid. Another robust performance from Sandro. Was positive going forward and should've headed the ball in the back of the net from from a free kick.

Dembele: 8 - MOTM for me. Amazing how he just glides past defenders. He and Sandro completely controlled the match. He's always eager to get on the ball and does well in possession. Also made a few good challenges in defence. I f*****g love this Dembele/Sandro partnership for so many reasons....

Bale: 6 - Hasn't been able to impact games like were use to seeing of him. Poor game by his standards. Wasted numerous free kicks and corners. Beautiful cross for Dempsey's disallowed goal.

Dempsey: 6. 5 - Not much to say, had a very average game. Worked hard but it didn't amount to much. Great diving header, definitely debatable offside call.

Defoe: 6 - Very quiet match, barely got a touch of the ball. Useless on long balls from the back. Had one shot on target compared to eight I think it was against Reading.


Sigurdsson: 6 - Didn't get on the ball much but did well when he did....

Townsend: 6. 5 - Was very lively. Won a couple free kicks. Over dribbled on a couple occasions. Did well to get on the end of a cross from I think Naughton but made the wrong decision in the end.

Mason:.... Earned his spurs debut by scoring a hatrick for U21's. Lasted about 10 seconds.
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Pretty much agree with you both but leaning more towards EYE's scores, except I would slice Dempsey and Townsend back to 6. They weren't better than Bale and Defoe
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Excellent work with the ratings lads. I gain a lot of perspectives through this, even though I've missed the match!
EarnYourSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Alrighty, I'm gonna' have a go at this. I wasn't at the game and didn't even get a chance to watch the game, and I probably shouldn't do ratings, but whatever, I'm bored.... So these ratings aren't necessarily my own opinion, just an accumulation of what I heard on the radio5,,, Spurs blogs, post-match interviews and whatnot....

_______________________ carlisle 0-3 tottenham ______________________

Cudicini: 6 - little to do.

Vertonghen: 8 - scored his first Spurs goal. Apparently had another great game at LB. Received good praise from Freund after the match, stating that he's in "top form".

Caulker & Dawson: 6. 5 - Supposedly solid together.

Smith: 5 - Don't think he had the best of games. Heard he had a few loose passes and was often troubled by the oppositions LW.

Falque: 6. 5 - Sounded like he troubled Carlisle's defence on multiple occasions. Had a few good shots on target.

Mason: 6 - Ruined a couple good chances by cannoning the ball into row Z, but had a decent game alongside Hudds and Siggs.

Hudds: 7. 5 - Did a good job of shielding the back four. Controlled the midfield and was resourceful in possession. Didn't hear of many "thudd-like" cross field balls.

Townsend: 8 - A constant threat down the right wing and I'm pretty sure he was the MOTM. Excellent goal; Brought the ball from half way line, taking on 2 defenders, cut inside onto his left foot, and put the ball in the bottom right corner from about 25 yards out. Also received praise from Freund after the match....

Sigurdsson: 7. 5 - Involved in almost every attack. Used the ball well. Ended the game with a goal and an assist.

Dempsey: 6 - Wasteful in front of goal. Supposedly not a great game for him. He missed out on the preseason, so consider these first few games his preseason.


Walker: 6. 5 - got an assist late on. Spot on cross to Sigs who headed it in the back of the net.

Carroll & Obika: - came on late. Not much to comment on....
EarnYourSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
______________________Panathinaikos 1-1 Tottenham___________________________

Lloris: 6
Walker: 6
Dawson: 6. 5
Caulker:6. 5
Vertonghen: 6. 5
Lennon: 5. 5
Hudds: 6. 5
Moose: 7
Bale: 6
Dempsey: 5. 5
Defoe: 6


Siggs: 6
Towns: 5. 5
Sandro: 6
I'll probably add some short descriptions later...
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Just browsed past various papers and foras and the general consensus seems to be that Lloris had a pretty good game. On the club's official facebook page he was also voted our best player.
The two Lloris situations from the match which probably stand out most were the two occasions where he camed out in the box, picked the ball out of the air then dropped the ball. The first situation could have been dangerous, had the ball fallen to the Greek, but with a puma like agility he jumped after the ball and recovered it. There was no threat there at the time but had it been he probably still would have recovered it with that leap. The second situation was much more difficult and could have become a dangerous opportunity for Panathinaikos but Lloris came out and totally diffused the situation. He was pressed and couldn't hold the ball but showed total control and just basketballed the ball between the crowd of players before picking it up. I certainly like seeing a goalkeeper who comes out and takes this kind of responsibility instead of waiting on the goalline, just hoping that the defence will sort it out.

The game was not on TV here so I had to watch it on a stream, which a few times stalled and therefore ruined some of my viewing experience. From what I caught I think EYS' ratings are pretty spot on, though I'd increase Lloris to a 6. 5 or perhaps a 7
Surajloks12345 (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
The voting for Lloris as man of the match is a bit embarrassing tbh. He wasn't even involved enough to warrant a shortlist for MOTM ! Or maybe the rest of them were totally s**t on the day?
Its funny that everyone nitpicks when Friedel doesn't do what people seem to think he should be doing but when Lloris drops the ball for no reason, he is getting praised for his quick reflexes to diffuse the situation.
I am not for/against either of them but the general bias when it comes to the arguments suggesting Lloris is way better than Friedel right now is downright embarrassing
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Really, is that so.... Well, AVB probably didn't agree with you so all is good
[account-removed] 4 years ago
TheBatman (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
One stupid troll probably from Arsenal voted everyone one
Hatmundo (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
So that was not worth waking up at 4am for. This was a match that really exposed a lot of our weaknesses.... Individually and as a team. The Slovenian team did a great job of slowing the pace down to suite their style. Pretty much our entire counter attacking game was rended moot by this and again we lacked any real attacking options off the bench.

Lloris: 6 I don't fault him for the goal and hope he starts in the league on the weekend.

Naughton: 6 If he had won that penalty we would all be singing his praises but I think he did ok other than that. Made a few mistakes but had some good play as well. I still think he is better on the right.

Vert: 6 Moving from left back to centre back can take a game to adjust to. It's not like he has partnered Calker many times before. I think he did ok and his passing was reliable.

Caulker: 7 I think he did quite well actually. He was reliable in defence and impressed me with his composure on the ball. Did all that was asked of him and couldn't stop the goal.

Walker: 5. 5 Was responsible for only real counter attacking wing play. He almost ran past the entire Maribor team till he was taken down cynically for the games first yellow card. That was in the second half which showed how rarely we got to run at the team in space and make them foul us.

Walker is learning more about how he need to some infield as well as do the overlaps in AVB's system but is still struggling with the defensive transition from his new positioning. I also think he is trying to do too much atm. Maybe a result of over coaching.... As that would explain why he thrived under Harry.

Thudd: 5 Thudd had a terrible game for me. I give him the major share of the blame for the goal. He was just beaten way too easily. The slowness of his feet was exposed time and time again not just in the goal but in his tracking back and linking play. It's like he would rather have a long punt to someone out wide they put movement in on a useful one-two combination.

He showed clearly in this game that he is an offensive player in a defensive position. It's also the perfect example of why Thudd should not ever be played as a central defender. I don't like him as a replacement for Dembele and prefer him as an option on the bench for certain teams. I also think he needs a target man up front to send those long balls to.

Sandro: 6. 5 Some great tackling and grit in the engine room of our team. Provided about 50% of the enthusiasm of the whole team to be honest. Unfortunately at some point he started to try and do some creative stuff.... Sandro should never ever be the one trying the long cross field balls. That's was f*****g Thudd is there for. Any time decided to stray from his bread and butter he tended to miss his target.

His job is to repossess the ball and get it to Thudd quickly. Unfortunately Thudd was rarely where he needed to be so Sandro kept having to try and do something himself. He will play his role a lot better when paired with Dembele again.

Townsend: 5 Seriously was he even on the pitch? As invisible as it gets and AVB made the right move dragging him at half time. Anyone asking why he didn't get a start against Chelsea should look at that first hald. I've said it before Townsend needs a season of starting at preferably Premier League team. Until then I see nothing to call him a legit replacement against any decent team.

Lennon: 6 I feel like he was trying to take the team on his back which I really liked to see in him. I think AVB is doing a really good job with Lennon mentally. On the other hand I don't think he played fantasticly. I'm not a big fan of him roaming too much although he isimproving in that area. The fact that the game pace was so slow made it very difficult for Lennon to get the space he nees to create. Don't think he played well but can't fault his effort.

Gylfie: 5. 5 Struggled to find space between the lines of the opposition. That was due to the Slovenians being bery compact and holding their shape well. He ended up dropping deeper to try and find that space but that didn't reallly work out well as I think Gyfie, Thudd and Sandro all just got mixed up to be honest. Kinda like the way Chelsea middle 3 used to get mixed up under AVB. I still blame Thudd fot all of that to be honest.

Defoe: 6 Bah its the same old story if he doesn't score he rarely adds anything. The whole team is set up to feed him and when two central defenders are marking him its always gonna' be difficult for him to score. He is rarely gonna' create something for someone else when he has space near the boc cos he will shoot. I did like his movement out wide and I like that AVB is developing his game as a lone striker.

Someone to replace him with when he was obviously tired would have been invaluable in terms of trying to get the win. Quite frankly when Defeoe is tired we become toothless in attack.

Falque: 7 I think he was our best player in the second half. He looked full of purpose and desire seeming only to make Townsend invisibility in the 1st half even more emphatic. Was able to make somethin on both flanks and made dangerous crosses with both feet.

I honestly think did enough to earn a subs appearance in our next league game or at least whenever Townsend was gonna' play next. He has never seemed to have been goven too many chances at Spurs and if he is in form then now is as good a time as any to give him a little run.

Dempsey: 6. 5 Did the whole like for like thing with Gylfie and AVB obviosly told him to stay forward and try and get a goal. I prefered our shape when he came on I do think he showed good enthusiasm for the win. He looked much better after recovering from the international break and will probably start in the league on Sunday.

The problem is that Dempsey was our only option to bring on to win the game. Defoe was exhausted and we had all our eggs in Dempsey to change the game. To be honest having a player just like Defoe to bring on at 70 mins would have been a godsend.

Avb: 7 He needs more options in midfield and attack to implement his game plan effectively. Still he needs to be careful.

Edit: One last thing on the Walker hate I've been reading. This is a guy that played through the pain barrier for every game at the end of last season because Harry loaned out all out right backs. He had a broken toe but he took the injections and did everything he could for Spurs to get into the Champions League. That pain he put himself through also cost him his chance at playing at the Euro Champs with England. Playing for your country in a major tournament is a dream for every young player and Walker chose Spurs over his first ever chance to live that dream. Show some loyalty to the man who last year gave so much of himself for Spurs
EarnYourSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
_________________________Norwich 2-1 Tottenham_______________________________

A game that we should have won comfortably. Spoiler alert: We didn't. We dominated possession and created plenty of chances, but in the end, couldn't pull out the victory to take us to the quarter-finals....

Lloris: 7 - Not much to do in first half but commanded his area throughout and made a couple nice saves.

Walker: 6 - Cheaply gave away the ball on a couple occasions. Shaky in the first half. Won a penalty late on in the second that wasn't taken advantage of by Dempsey.

Dawson: 7 - Solid match for the captain. Was on the end of almost every cross.

Caulker: 6. 5 - Formed a decent partnership with Dawson. Made an important last ditch tackle toward the end of the match.

Naughton: 7 - Dependable. Adequate in defending and worked well with Falque and Bale.

Bale: 8 - Was our most advanced play at times. Struggled to find room on the left(aside from the goal of course....), but was excellent on the right. Constantly troubled their fullbacks. Excellent right footed finish.

Livermore: 6 - Was decent in obtaining and retaining the ball. Taken off at half time for Hudds and our passing looked much more fluid as result.

Carroll: 6. 5 - didn't have much influence on the game but was quick on the ball and had few nice touches. He's still very young and looks promising.

Falque: 7. 5 - Fantastic game. Was lively throughout, he was all over the pitch looking to get on the ball. Very neat in possession. Delivered some deadly crosses and through balls. Much more of a CAM or inverted winger than an ortodox winger....

Sigurdsson: 6 - Ineffective. Didn't put a foot wrong, but couldn't find space and as result had a very quiet match.

Dempsey: 6. 5 - Dropped deep to receive passes, playing as more of a 'false 9'. Was sharp in and around the penalty area but to little effect in the end. Missed a crucial penalty late on.


Huddlestone: 6. 5 - Brought on at half time and was in much more control of the midfield than Livermore. Good passing, as always. Sat just in from of the back four, shielding them well and distributing the ball around the pitch.

Vertonghen: 5 - ehhh.... So painful to put a "5" next to his name after all the 7's and 8's I've given him throughout the season. He was brought on for Carroll to play next to Hudds in CM and see out the game. Didn't work out at all. Lazily stuck a foot out to block a shot which he deflected into the back of the net for an OG. A performance to forget for SuperJan....

Defoe: 5. 5 - Came on in the 89th to try and save the game.
EarnYourSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
EarnYourSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
____________________________Tottenham 3-1 Maribor________________________________

Lloris: 6. 5 - Had a quiet game. Unfortunately made a mess of things when he failed to clear Naughton's poor back pass.

Walker: 7 - Not much to do defensively. Typical overlapping runs troubled the opposing LB on a few occasions.

Dawson: 7. 5 - Comfortable night for the skipper. Very accurate with his famous long punts.

Vertonghen: 7. 5 - Back where he belongs, in the center. Solid match for the Dutchman.

Naughton: 6. 5 - Probably more at fault than Lloris for the own goal. Otherwise, he had a pretty good match. Did well to contain Maribor's no. 10 and made an excellent last ditch tackle late in the 2nd half.

Lennon: 7. 5 - Lively. Shoot the ball Lennon! Did well to keep maribor's defence busy throughout, But didn't produce much in the final third.

Hudds: 8 - Influential. Showcased his Thudd-esque vision and passing ability. Did well to win the ball back and redistribute. Seems to play at his best when in a 442 (4411).

Carroll: 8. 5 - Impressive. Worked hard and was constantly looking to get on the ball. Spread the play well. Bagged an assist with a perfectly weighted through-ball for Defoe's second goal. Should get a few more chances after this one....

Bale: 8. 5 - Sensational. The opposing RB stood absolutely no chance. A frequent outlet down the left side. Whipped in 22 crosses and bagged two assists on the day. Came off in the 86th minute.

Adebayor: 8 - Diligent. Played in the hole just behind Defoe and did excellent to link up with Hudds and Carroll. Missed a couple golden opportunities but more than made up for it with very impressive link-up play. Much better than I've seen all year from Siggs and Demps....

Defoe: 9 - Deadly. Did what he does best, score goals. 5 shots, 4 on target, 3 in the back of the net. Didn't get on the ball much but movement was outstanding throughout the match. Off in the 82'.


Dempsey: 6 - Came on for the last 10 mins. Had little impact.

Mason: Came on with 5 mins left. Nothing.

Falque: Came on in stoppage time. Would've liked to see him sooner.

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