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Would You Buy Liverpool Or A Big English Club If You Had The Money?
Juveseria (Juventus) 6 years ago
Personally I think the big four have had their time, I would buy a smaller club like everton and make it a title contender, not just a contender for european placings
KTown (1. Kaiserslautern) 6 years ago

You need to meet up with Bill Kenwright- he is looking for a big spender like you!
"It is no secret that I have been searching for an investor for some time, that Everton needs another backer, a big backer."

"We are looking for someone to take over the shareholding and buy the club. We need, though, a proper investor."

The full article is on ESPN Soccernet:

Kimaway17 (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Definatly Liverpool. I'm saying this bcuz I'm a Liverpool supporter and I can't stand watching them at the moment. They have no purpose. No creativty when they play its to obvious what they are gonna' do next. And they do not fight for the ball. They respect the opposition to much. They should let the opposition respect them. God dammit you liverpool football club. I would buy it so tht we get usuful english players. Not the foreign rubbish
RoxiiUtd (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Foreign rubbish? Just because you don't have useful foreigners doesn't mean they're rubbish, you need to have a good eye for the talent out there and not buy just a superstar when the rest of your team is rubbish. It doesn't work. And yes I'm referring to Torres. Just useless at Liverpool
RoxiiUtd (Manchester United) 6 years ago
I'd rather buy a league one club such as Coventry or Sheffield and build it my own, buying a big club and aiming to keep it on top is hard, but starting from scratch and build it with time would be more satisfying and a bigger achievement
HangTime (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Heck yeah I would.... And then I can make myself the manager. Lol. I would rather manage a team than own one
Juno (AC Milan) 6 years ago
LOL, and when you lose games, fans started saying : OUT with the board, out with the manager. Either way you are at blame...
HangTime (Chelsea) 6 years ago
How hard can it be? I manage my team to all types of trophies in fifa 10 and captained my team to win the 2010 world cup in fifa world cup 2010. Lol.

What's the point of owning a club anyway if all you can do is say.... You own it and throw more money at it
Adamaus (Manchester United) 6 years ago
United would be the only big club I would buy. For me its the only english club at the moment that can bring in some real profits!

If I didn't buy united I would by a lower league club and build them up over the year and create a really good strong club with a great youth program. Then sell it many years later when its worth a lot more
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
"For me its the only english club at the moment that can bring in some real profits! "

A billion pounds of debt? Rooney leaving in January?

TheHerc (Portland Timbers) 6 years ago
I would buy Leeds. Invest in the youth academy by opening branches in the you. S. I would keep are spending on players were it is
Sophiehart (Linfield) 6 years ago
It depends on how much they show their good performance in the most recent series. But I’ll prefer to go for Liverpool, as it’s my all time favorite squad
Hill (Arsenal) 6 years ago
I would if the EPL or any other league were ran like the NFL (that's the American football league for those of you who don't know!) in which every team, no matter how big or small of a market, made a huge sum of money. All 32 teams in the NFL make a profit. We all know that every team in the EPL DOES NOT make a profit. I would also buy a team in a league if there were a salary cap. That would help teams turn a profit and decrease the amount spent on top notch players and make it so small market teams can afford big names. This in turn helps those small market teams turn a profit. But all that is a different discussion eh?
Unmecenfrance (Lille) 6 years ago
I would buy a tiny squad like Torquay and loas them up with super stars, spend a billion dollars bringing the world's best talent to the world's smallest stadium, give weekly trouncings to 2nd and 3rd division teams, make the players work their way up through league promotion, kill their egos, make them play football like real footballers, axe them for diving, whining, accepting shoe, clothes or hair product contracts, feed them on beer and steak and pasta, shave all their heads, find them ugly, hairy girlfriends, inspire true love from their 4000 fans, keep ticket prices low, give away merchandise, accept no sponsorships, the stadium will be called Torquay stadium, the shirts will say Torquay FC in big, bold, easy to read lettering, everyone will wear black boots and tuck in their shirts, only truly stunning goals will be celebrated, after a penalty we will line back up and start playing again, after the games the players will take the local bus home to their homes in Torquay, or in cases of away matches, we will take the team bus, unchartered, with free rides for our fans, back to Torquay, where will all go down to the local pub where we will hold our public club meetings with open suggestions, questions and advice from fans and players and managers alike, we will eat together, drink together, raise our children and support our families together, and together we will conquer the ugly monster that professional football has become, we will take a thousand steps backward to achieve one actual, meaningful step forward.... But until I win the lottery, football is screwed and will be owned by douchebags trying to make profit, boost their professional egos, set up trust funds for their unborn, unloved children, all the while ruining the sport that we all love and that they barely understand
Rob12 (Manchester United) 6 years ago
I would buy Man city, run it in to the ground. Hey I may get hated by blue mancs but I be a hero and loved by everyone else.

I probably buy Blackpool, just because I have so much respect for them and they deserve money unlike most clubs
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Man City jumped the gun on this and funded the Glazers to buy United.... You're too late! It's been done to you!

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