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Worth Every Penny
Lanvin (Blue Waters) 4 years ago
Lanvin efforts first became apparent with the brand’s subway-themed, colored-sole oxfords for both men and women, which came out last season, and now it looks like some of the lanvin handbags are getting a similar style
DIEROTEN (Liverpool) 4 years ago
What is the point of giving 10 mil a season to a player woho might spend more than half of it injured? If he wasnt injury prone maybe but because he is he should expect something like 6 or 7 mil a year
Matt (Footytube Staff) 4 years ago
I am with you on this one, there is no doubting Van Persie has talent but apart from last season he has missed 50% of the previous seasons through injury. I also think the system at Arsenal suits him perfectly and that would be hard to replicate elsewhere
DIEROTEN (Liverpool) 4 years ago
But I also feel that because at the moment he is valued highly arsenal need to take there chances and sell him because I don't think he will ever be worth 25 million pounds in his career and I don't think he will he ill ever replicate a season anything as good as the one he just had
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 4 years ago
Andy Carroll was worth 35 million...
Footytubeblog (Blog) 4 years ago
As financially driven as society is nowadays, we are still struggling to grasp our way out of global recession. While petrol prices ensure that even the wealthiest citizen’s venture home with a considerably looser wallet, seemingly everything is comparatively overpriced. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that quality products are valued colossally. In footballing terms, there is no current Premier League product that displays greater quality than Robin Van Persie. With his desire to leave Arsenal well-publicised, flurries of bids for the Dutchman have floated toward the Emirates from numerous interested parties. However, with rumours abound that the 28-year old is demanding a contract that will see him pocket a tidy £10 million annual salary, will the Premier League’s Golden Boot winner get his dream move and does he even deserve to be requesting a contract so financially rewarding?

It can be of no question that Robin Van Persie had an overwhelmingly prolific season last year. Scoring 30 times in the most competitive league in the world indicates an absolute natural talent for the game. With players such as Yaya Toure, Sergio Aguero and Wayne Rooney on mammoth contracts, the Dutchman has the right to feel that his performances have arguably been superior to all three of these financially rich players. His consistency last season was of career defining excellence and he is currently at his physical peak. To portray the striker as some kind of monster for demanding a wage comparable to his abilities in today’s market is far from rational. Besides, his words were possibly taken out of context if the validity of some footballing stories of late are anything to go by. What has to be realised is that £10 million a year is not a record breaking contract. Franck Ribery, Phillip Lahm, Gianluigi Buffon, Frank Lampard and Carlos Puyol are all earning considerably more than £10 million from their annual contracts. Van Persie’s name would not look out of place in that selected few. It may seem a demanding financial packet considering the increase that would befall the Dutchman when switching from his current contract at Arsenal but in the grander scheme of footballing contracts, Van Persie’s would be reasonably paid for his ability level, at whichever club he plies his trade at come the commencement of the new season.

One questionable situation that could stem from the Dutchman’s demand for a new contract is that he has deciphered the perfect time to request a bumper contract before his engines start to grind to a halt and retirement bells start ringing. Van Persie will be 29 next month, so may only have another 3 years left playing at the top level. Steering clear of injuries last year was also another reason that the former Feyenoord man excelled. His career has been blighted by niggling injuries and should another setback threaten his future, you can almost guarantee that no club will offer him anywhere near £10 million. Demanding such an expensive contract now, will see Van Persie safeguard his remaining peak years; a wise if not fairly obvious move. While buying into the Dutchman is running the slight risk of injury proness, this is totally outweighed by the frontman’s sheer quality. He deserves to win trophies and if he doesn’t feel that Arsenal is the right place to achieve this, he can justifiably move on. With the reported £10 million an enticing benefit for the Gunners star, the first club that match asking price and personal terms could be investing wisely in a man who could make that gargantuan contract seem invisible with 30+ swings of his left foot.

Blog by Matt Pegg

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