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What’s In A Jacket?
Jordanphilips (Chelsea) 5 years ago

Andres Villas Boas. Lauded as the next great thing in football, a tactical genius who, younger than many of the players he manages, was Mourinho mark II without the unbridled egotism. He was the man to revive the ageing legs of Chelsea, to lead them to a new dawn after the false starts of Ancelotti, Scolari, Grant and, briefly, Hiddink. Chelsea found the counterpoint to these older and chubbier veterans in the flashy AVB. He even wore a nice jacket a la his mentor.

And yet, when we fast forward several months, there is growing speculation surrounding his job; the performances and the results have not been consistent. At this point, it is hard to imagine the oligarch puppeteer would not snip the strings if this were Scolari, Grant or even Ancelotti. Time is the one commodity that Abramovich is not so generous with. Oil and money he hands out without care. This latest doll might have cost him £15million, but it is hard to see this as a stopping point once a decision has been made.

Even amongst Chelsea fans, there is an unspoken feeling that AVB has to be given time. They have invested in this man and now look to him to lead Chelsea to a new future, willing even to sacrifice this season to develop his ethos and players. There has been a frustration at Chelsea’s youth policy, at their style of football and reputation as powerful over skilful. But why do the notoriously fickle fans and owner hold faith with a manager who seemingly cannot set up a defence, whose three main strikers have only managed a handful of goals, who is seemingly bewildered by Chelsea’s abject form.

His jacket, his hair cut, his articulate manner of speaking. He is the antithesis of a Grant or a Scolari. He talks the talk and looks the part. Is it possible that this man duped Abramovich with his style and confidence? Managing to retain the fans support by sheer homoerotic willpower, not that any would admit to it, and some subconscious allure. Managers’ attire can define their style: for Owen Coyle it is the training ground look of shorts and boots, for Hughton it was only when he started wearing suits that he was taken seriously. The tailored black jacket is a throwback to Mourinho, but, although he does need more time, it is yet to be proved if AVB deserves to wear it. There is usually a clichéd adage for any occasion and appearances can be deceiving seems suited for this occasion.

Jordan Philips
Coyb18 (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Well-written article, interesting point and definitely touches on what most of us, especially chelsea fans, subconsciously feared about the situation I feel....
I still think it has more to do with the players and the lack of direction of the club and lack of philosophy than the manager.... That being said, Villas-Boas at his young age is probably more inclined to lead a more youthful side than a side filled with aging stars.... Chelsea badly need direction.

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