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What Is The Best Transfer Ever Made In The Current Era Of The EPL?
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
Who do you think was the best transfer ever made?

I am not asking who you think the best player is, but simply, whose transfer was the best.

This means you should consider price, length of stay, impact, et cetera
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
Also, when I say best, I mean a combination of:

1. Most influential
2. Best bit of financial business
3. Most skilled
4. Length of that player's impact

And there are probably other factors too. Basically, all around impact
Prophet88 (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Eric Cantona! Look no further.

I'll go with your own categories that you stated for it to be the best transfer.

1. Most Influential.
Now this is the most important quality that Cantona possessed. His character on the pitch was alone enough to dictate some games. Massive personality in the dressing room and on the pitch as well. Fergie has often credited him to bringing the best out of the Famous Fergie Fledglings class of 92 with his influence. This in itself kick started United's domination in the PL. Single handedly put United to a Superstar status.

2. Transfer Fee
He cost a measly 1. 2mil from Leeds. We pretty much robbed them on this one. Ok now when 1. 2mil is adjusted to inflation for 2012 we get 3. 9 - 4. 1mil. Absolute steal! Fergie himself in his autobiography stated that that was the best deal he made in his tenure at United.

3. Skill
Well, if you've seen him play, I won't even try to make this point. His goal against Sunderland was recently voted the best in the last 20 yrs of PL and many attributed his goals to pure class and it wasn't just his goals but his all round play that oozed class as well. His ability to turn the game to his will is still lauded by many.

4. Impact
To put this as concisely as possible, when he was with United for 5 yrs, we won the PL 4 times with a FA cup double twice.... And the only year that we didn't win a trophy during his stay was when he was suspended for 9 months. Such was his impact. And as I already stated he brought the best out of the Fergie Fledglings in Giggs, Scholes, Beckham, Neville Bros and others. It was he who expedited United's success to much earlier than had anticipated.

Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
An excellent nomination. Good justifications too
Teja7 4 years ago
Robbie Fowler aka "God"
Liverpool signed him when he was just 17 years old. He was an Everton supporter so you can see how big of deal it was in the future when he became a Legend at Liverpool.
He's the 4th all-time top-scorer in the Premier League. Fowler scored 183 goals in total for Liverpool, 128 of which were scored in the Premier League (162 Premier League goals in total).
In 2001, he led us to the treble. FA Cup, League Cup, and the Europa Cup. We subsequently won the Community Shield and the Super Cup.
He spent, in total, 9 years with Liverpool and won 6 different competitions.
Fowler was also part of the Liverpool squad that came runner-up in 1996 FA Cup final and the 2007 Champions League Final.
In total, he made 266 appearances for Liverpool in the span of 9 seasons.

Sami Hyypiä
Considered the best defender to pull on the Liverpool jersey by many [only behind Alan Hansen ], Sami Hyypiä was signed by Gerard Houllier for only £2. 6 million back in 1999. Almost ten years later in a farewell tribute to Hyypiä, Ron Yeats, then the chief scout for Liverpool, commented that the deal was “one of the best bits of business we’ve done over the years…a steal – a bargain…”
As mentioned about Robbie Fowler, Sami co-captained the Liverpool side for the 2000-01 season alongside Fowler and led the club to a treble. Subsequently, the following year, Sami was name a full-time captain (until Steven Gerrard took over in 03)
In 2004-05 season, it was the solid center-back pairing of Hyypia and Carragher that led the Club to it's record 5th Champions League title; the most in England mind everyone.
On 2 March 2008 with his appearance against Bolton Wanderers, Hyypiä made it into the top 20 Liverpool F. [C.] player appearances of all time. Hyypiä was voted in 19th place in Sky Sports' "Top 50 Premier League Foreign Players", 45th in FourFourTwo magazine's 100 Greatest Foreign Players and 38th in Liverpool’s 100 Players Who Shook the Kop survey. Underlining the important role Hyypiä had fulfilled at Liverpool, Ian Rush noted: “He’s got to be up there with the best signings the club has ever made. ”
Hyypiä made 464 appearances and scored 35 goals winning 10 trophies in the 10 years he was at Liverpool. He moved to Bayer Leverkusen to continue his playing career [now managing] while declining a coaching role at Liverpool FC at the time.

Fernando Torres
Bought for 20 million and sold for 50 million.
Fastest 50 goals in the Premier league [while at Liverpool]
Made bad life decisions.

Xabi Alonso
I want to dwell into his Liverpool career but I got too much to say, I'll keep it short. My all-time favorite player after Steven Gerrard.
He came to Liverpool for 10m in 2004, was one of the first signings Rafa Benitez made after he was appointed Manager. Won the Champions League in his first season at Liverpool.
The following season he won the FA Cup and the FA Community Shield.
He moved to Real Madrid for the start of the 2009–10 season, in a deal worth around £30 million.
His departure was a huge blow to Liverpool, the impact he made by leaving still continues. No one can ever replace his style of play and presence in the squad. Steven Gerrard said he was "devastated" by Alonso's decision, and cited his departure as one of the reasons behind Liverpool's poor run of form at the start of the following season [and continuing]
Gunners4mylifeh (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Nothing can ever beat squillaci transfer to arsenal.... Wow.... The guy really is invincible.... Isn't he? On a serious note I think it's henry.... Unknown player and turned out to the best performer/player in the history to ever play in the premier league...
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
I actually don't know that much about Henry's background. Fill me in?
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 4 years ago
I wouldn't say a player playing for Juve was unknown
Jeroen (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Henry was far from unknown. Just like Dennis Bergkamp, he was already clearly very good, but never quite made his potential work out at his former clubs, though at Monaco he was alright.

But yeah, after Wenger transformed him from a winger to a striker, he became a true legend. One of the greatest strikers ever. I even think he could've scored more goals in modern-day football with his comùbination of explosive pace, skill and extremely cool finishing. Bergkamp was a similarly good buy
Sam (Footytube Moderator) 4 years ago
Don't really think that you can say that Henry was "very good" prior to Arsenal- the Juve directors at the time were very short-sighted and impatient but I think that he was just a slightly more refined Walcott. If Wenger manages to do half the job with Walcott that he did with Henry, the Gunners won't be looking for a striker for years....

Bergkamp was a different story- properly world class, whose signing made all Gooners properly giddy.
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
I agree with Sam on this one. Though, I am not very hopeful about Walcott. Not too sure (I couldn't give you an exhaustive list with well justified reasons) why, I just don't have a gut feeling telling me he will come through in the end
TheCheshireCat (Manchester United) 4 years ago
What is going on with Squilacci anyways? Is he still among the living? He was not a typical Wenger signing, too old and too expensive. How much was he paid for btw?
Fabby (Arsenal) 4 years ago
He's in the kitchen now, washing dishes
[account-removed] 4 years ago
I believe there have been some very strong contenders. I believe it might be best for us to highlight some transfers from our own clubs, gives us a better understanding of the clubs around us

Makes it simpler if we split things into a short term vs long term solution. Short term for those who have left/will probably leave the club soon, and long term for players that are likely to stay at the club till close to their retirement.

Short term:

*Modric: Puchased for 18 million, sold on for 33 million. Played a vital role during his stint with us, and was well worth the investment and the return.

*Bale: Was purchased for a price of 7 million back in 2007. He's had a pretty good outing for us, especially during the champions league stint, and is on a long term contract. As a possible "asset", he is valued quite high (albeit not to the hype some people *cough Redknapp cough* like to exaggerate)

Long term players:

* Assou-Ekotto: Purchased for 3. 5 million pounds, the LB has played 141 games for us so far since 2006, and is probably the most underrated left back in the league.

* Lennon: Purchased for 1 million pounds back in 2005. He's recently signed a contract with us, and while Bale hogs the limelight, any spurs fan will vouch for his selfless off the ball positioning and runs, that drag defenders out of position and let Bale/VDV do their thing. Still only 25, Lennon is quite easily a key player in our squad
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
Good insights Maddy. I think Lennon has been a crazily good deal for your club
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
BAE too. I hadn't realized that he was purchased for so cheap
Sam (Footytube Moderator) 4 years ago
Here's a challenge Magneto- name an Arsenal player who you actually would have wanted to play for Spurs.... (I know there are loads but just pick one LOL!)

As a Gooner, the only Tottenham player that I was ever jealous of, and wanted in the red and white actually happened to be French- class, elegance, dribbling brilliance, suave; and this was at a time when Wenger pretty much had his choice of all French players.... The effervescent David Ginola
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
That is the only Spurs player you have ever wanted? I would list Berbatov immediately.

And currently, I would bet many fans would like Lloris as their #1
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Hmm. I would agree with Kyle here, Sam. Its not a question of one player that I'd want from Arsenal. Rivalry tends to blind us to a whole plethora of talent that is there in each other's squad, with people actively underrating players in a rival's team. However, if we manage to pull ourselves outside the rivalry, there are plenty of players that I wouldn't have minded signing from Arsenal. Lol.

Tony Adams is a name that springs to mind, if I had to pick one
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
Last season I would have loved to have a Lennon or a Bale....

This season we have too much competition for our front spots, so not so much anymore.

Actually, the player I might want most from Spurs right now is Friedel. How laughable is that!? But think about it, he is a great second-string keeper. Far far better than any choice Chelsea has right now.
[account-removed] 4 years ago
You're free to have him, in my opinion. Lol. I used to be a keeper back in the day, and honestly, Friedel gets way too easy a ride. He's heavy footed, and just doesn't make the effort at times. He's at blame to most of the goals in 2012, along with Walker, with poor initial positioning and reflexes.

You can have Walker too
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
You really think? I've never been a GK, so I trust your judgement much more than mine, but my impression of him is still very positive.

Perhaps I'm mistaken
[account-removed] 4 years ago
It is mainly from FKs where I have a problem with Friedel. It is very minute, like shifting of body weight a couple of seconds too late, initial positioning being 2 feet too far left, bad decisions of when to come out to collect a cross from a set piece and when to stay back, poor communication with defence of when to let a ball run out and when to head the ball out of play (like in the last game between us, he could have yelled out to Gallas three different occasions to let the ball go out for a corner. Two such occasions lead to a goal)....

It is all minute, and when I present my case, I have often been accused of nitpicking. But as a professional keeper of a team aiming to be in the top 4, standards have to be higher. Especially when the French international captain is waiting for an opportunity.
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
Well argued Maddy. Well argued indeed.

I'm American, and I remember when Friedel was our keeper during the 2002 World Cup. His greatest criticism then was with regards to how you dealt with crosses too, so you must be on to something
Sam (Footytube Moderator) 4 years ago
I'll easily take Friedel and/or Lloris over Mannone, Fabianski and even Tex.... I think Friedel does deserve a break given his age and his sustained level of excellence over such a long period of time
Threkstari (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Squillaci comes close but martin oneil choice of heskey over falcao gotta' take the prize of best transfer ever
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
Hahaha! Right? Can you imagine if Villa chose Falcao instead? They'd be relegated by now
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 4 years ago
Some names which popped into my head, won't go into detail though.

Torres (Atletico to Liverpool)
Park Ji Sung (this one is of course not just about football)
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
I feel like Henry and Drogba could be compared directly for each other (only played for one club, huge impact, forward, et cetera). If you had to chose one or the other, who would you pick? Why?
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 4 years ago
Well Henry only played for one EPL club, he has played for Monaco, Juve and Barcelona as well. I'd say his Barcelona career would be notable as he won the treble with us with a pretty great goal tally too.

If I was given the choice of Henry and Drogba I'd choose Henry because he will go down as one of the greatest players ever while Drogba who is also good won't ever reach the same heights Henry did. Also Henry wasn't one for the theatrics or drama or anything, he was an honest player in my book
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
I would agree with that.

Henry made his mark solely by being an amazing forward.

Drogba made his mark by controlling the game from box to box. And this sometimes meant purposefully slowing the game or looking for penalties
Liquidator (Chelsea) 4 years ago
@TheBarcaShow: Henry is a level above Drogba, because he was a better all-round footballer whereas Drogba was (still is) a dedicated center forward made for the Premier League in the 2000s.

I disagree with you about the whole 'Henry wasn't one for the theatrics or drama or anything'. You need to revisit a few moments from his Arsenal days and that moment against Ireland for France
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 4 years ago
You are comparing Henry's antics with Drogba's antics...
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
Drogba never qualified a national team for the World Cup with an intentional handball....

But, as I have already said in this thread, Drogba definitely used play acting a lot. More than I would like even.
Jiffymanutd (Manchester United) 4 years ago
I'd vote for Henry on this one anyday. Smooth, fast, creative. Not saying Drogba sucks because he's been the man for Chelsea but I'd still have to go for Henry
Fabby (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Henry hands down above Drogba anyday. He had everything a footballer needed, pace, strength, skills, technique, tenacity. Everything you'd want from a forward and on top of that he had vision, passing, shooting and was absolutely clinical in his finishing.

One of the world's best strikers to ever play the game, not to mention he has won everything literally in both club and international football
Jeroen (Barcelona) 4 years ago
The transfer market now is incomparable to the transfers in the very old days (pre-90's), but I'd say Johan Cruijff's transfer from a multiple all-winning Ajax side to Barcelona is the most important transfer Barça has ever done. It started a life-long love affair between Barcelona and the Dutch school, it took the greatest player of that time and his coach to renew Barcelona, who were on a serious decline, and made them win it all again. Johan Neeskens is another one of those pivotal players, but his influence is always underrated.

Cruijff, Neeskens and of course Rinus Michels to Barça allowed the club to become what it is today. Thanks to their efforts and brilliant ideas, great players like Cruijff himself, Maradona, Romário, Guardiola, Laudrup, Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi and many more were able to blossom and become legends. The style of possession-based total football and the 4-3-3 Rinus Michels won so much with, changed football dramatically forever. It also won Michels the 'best coach of the century award' from FIFA, and rightly so
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
I agree with this analysis. I would even go so far as to say that I think world football has been largely shaped by Cruijff's transfer, not just Barce or La Liga
ManUK (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Well Ronaldo signed for 12m pounds, became the best player in the world, and led us to a champions league title along with 3 EPL titles. Then was sold for a huge profit at 80m.

That's some pretty good business if you ask me
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
I wasn't even thinking Ronaldo, but you managed to make a very strong case for him in two sentences. I actually think he is probably one of the best choices possible now.

Good call!
Jeroen (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Might as well throw in the typical counter-argument then: Messi. It was luck that brought him to Barça, but it sure wasn't mere luck that made him evolve in the best player ever, winning countless games for us almost single-handedly, when the rest of his world class teammates couldn't do it.

I say he's the best ever, because I simply believe that if he were to retire today, no one at all could be considered better. Messi does everything Maradona ever could, except lead a team that well, but he's much, MUCH more prolific, runs with the ball more efficiently so he gets into scoring positions more, and his range of finishing chances is unparalleled. Then he also assists more goals in the world than anyone else. There used to be one single aspect of technical ability he didn't have aplenty yet, and that was free kicks, but recently he's become unbelievably good at them too.

Ronaldo is one of the best ever, perhaps even the second best, but I think he'll always have to bow down to Messi
ManUK (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Lol well the title said "transfer ever made in the current era in the EPL" so I was just thinking Premier league, and also the the kind of transfers that's usually referred to, not youth academy.

However, even though my personal preference is Ronaldo. Messi should probably be considered the greatest ever because of what he accomplished combined with his ability, not Ronaldo. Unless Ronaldo leads Portugal to a world cup trophy or something.

Edit: I just saw your comment below anyways haha
Jiffymanutd (Manchester United) 4 years ago
I was surprised it took this long for Ronaldo's name to pop up after transfer values were mentioned but yah, Ronaldo is for sure one of the most influential. Teams had to change their gameplans when he played.

I think his legacy would have been much better had he not fallen down so often and so dramatically but there are few that are comparable to him
Liquidator (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Frank Lampard.

Bought in 2001 for 11m pounds, Lampard has been the first name on the sheet for more than a decade. He deserves a mention purely for his longevity. When you add stats like 'third all-time highest goal scorer for the club', 'highest scoring midfielder' and 'second-highest number of assists in the PL era', it makes the case very strong. It is safe to say, if it wasn't for Lampard, Drogba wouldn't be the player he turned out to be
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
Excellent point!    Though in 2001, 11m was not a fee to scoff at!
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
I'm thinking about this more, and the more I think, the more I realize how important Lampard is.

He single-handidly raised Chelsea's pedigree, and has been a vital element in the many successes Chelsea has had since his arrival at the club. I think it is safe to say that he is a large piece of the catalyst that took Chelsea from a lower table club to a top-6 club in the early 2000's. And, if you are not aware, that transition is one of the reasons Roman even considered Chelsea. I think Lampard is largely to thank for raising the club to the level that Roman took notice of it. In which case, Lampard has a strong say in the title of best Barclay's Premier League transfer to date
Liquidator (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Absolutely. I don't think non-Chelsea fans rate Lampard's influence on Chelsea as much as they should
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 4 years ago
Best free transfer in recent years: Demba Ba West Ham > Newcastle. Even though it seems Pardew might sell him in January. He's been nothing short of amazing for Newcastle. Despite his slump in the second half of last year. His form is back again this season with 6 goals in 8 games in the PL tied with Michu for top scorer
WhiteHartRogue (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Olkjaer £1. 5m one of the prems greatest talents of the prem years and ever underated, a coup at such a price. Especially considering he scored the goal that won them the champions league in 99'. I'm in a rush but ill post more llater
WhiteHartRogue (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Redsince63 (Manchester United) 4 years ago
He scored the goal against the scousers as well otherwise the treble would have ended up a motley single !
Jeroen (Barcelona) 4 years ago
I just realize this is about the EPL only. My Cruijff dissertation and Messi counter-argument make no sense then
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
Haha, I wasn't even going to bring this up since it was still interesting. So no worries. We can expand the conversation to include other leagues as well
NAOTA (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Probably Ronaldo for how much he was sold by and what he helped Utd achieve in his time there I'd say he's been the most influential. At least in the modern era. I mean 12 million and he was sold for what 80 million. That's absolutely nuts. I guess you could add Frank Lampard to the list seeing how he was bought for under 15 million and has scored over 150 goals for Chelsea. But that's just my opinion. Messi was bought from Newell Old Boys? Or something like that in Argentina for dirt cheap if they ever end up selling him if someone is crazy enough to try and bid for him and actually win it's going to definitely profit Barcelona. That's my 2 cents
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
Yea, I think the Ronaldo argument is a rather compelling one
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 4 years ago
Just to make it clear Messi wasn't purchased or anything he was signed after Barcelona offered to pay for his medical treatments
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
I would also think that Rooney deserves a mention, as he has been a staple of Utd for years and still has years in front of him.

If he can keep playing at a high level for another 5 years for Utd, I think he will be a definite contender for this title. Even with his high price-tag....

What he has done for Utd both on and off the field has been huge. His branding, goals, leadership, and image kept Utd at the top of the EPL even through their biggest "transitional period" in decades.
WhiteHartRogue (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
But he was a £30m signing at 18, he wasnt really value for money then
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 4 years ago
^Players that play with the consistency that Rooney and Ronaldo do are worth their price no matter what the cost. Its hard to argue when a team pays so much money but gets results like the numbers Rooney and Ronaldo put up. Its fair to say RVP can be mentioned in the same breath
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
WHR, like I mentioned, I know he has a large price tag.... But he has more than paid it back.

I realize I list value as a factor in this discussion, and I do think it still applies.... But Rooney tops the charts in the other factors. He might not be the best transfer ever, but he is up there.

At this point, I think Rooney, Lampard, Henry, and Cantona are the four stand outs
Greengorilla1 (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Cantona to United, Ronaldo to United, Lampard to Chelsea, are all good, but to be perfectly honest, in 5 years the answer is going to be Joe Hart to City - ridiculously low fee and once Buffon/Casillas are done he'll be the best goalkeeper in the world and stay at City forever...
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
Good foresight. I too can see Hart becoming known as the best, and that will undoubtedly increase City's already rapidly expanding status
Jiffymanutd (Manchester United) 4 years ago
You might not even need to go to five years. He's already an outstanding keeper!
Trev (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Or in 5 years it could be Sterling to Liverpool for peanuts...
Trev (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Or in 5 years it could be Sterling to Liverpool for peanuts...
Dgrant117 (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Denis Irwin.

Purcahsed from Oldham Athletic for £625, 000. Became United's, and arguably, the best LB in the league at the time, even after the Class of '92 stepped in. 22 league goals and 368 appearances for Man United in 12 years.

With Man United, he won the Premier League 7 times, the FA cup 3 times, and the famous Champions' League win in 1999.

We let him go for free, but Irwin was another one of United's best bargains we ever had. I'd rank Cantona first, Rooney second, and Iriwn third
Kgb112 (Moderator Emeritus) 4 years ago
Why would you rate Rooney ahead of Irwin?
Dgrant117 (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Simply because of Rooney's age and the potential he will bring to our game. He is only 27, and for sure he's ready to make a landmark for us at United. Irwin was good no doubt, but Rooney will surpass the accomplishments of Irwin and Cantona himself. Some will consider him a legend-type status for his work and contributions while at United, from the days he first started out at the club at a young age to now.

Hell, in that case, I should put Rooney as number one as best buys United ever made
Tony (footytube staff) 4 years ago
Dennis is up there, a gem of a buy

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