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Video Technology - Do We Need It Or Not ?
Lrs1992 (Leeds United) 5 years ago

So do we need video technology in the modern game,

In my opinion it is a resounding YES!

I genuinely do not see what harm it could cause, I watch games and I often think to myself the referee can't possibly see everything that's going on so surely video technology could easily help them out, I don't feel it would undermine them in any way as they still have the final call on the matter it just makes it easier for them to see whats gone on.

These are the cases I think the video technology should be used for,

There is no doubt it should be used on the goal line that would be a massive improvement to the modern game, the fact that your team has scored a legitimate goal that has been dissallowed for no reason is one of the worst feelings in football (that feeling against germany) , especially when you see the replay that proves it...... So why not have a replay there ready for the 4th official in the first place then there can be no doubt. I actually feel it would bring a bit of excitement to the game, just like in tennis, the anticipation when your waiting for that replay then it shows its over the line and the crowd erupts, I think that would engage the fans in the match a bit more.

I also think it should be used in the case of diving, I feel that is something that desperately needs to be kicked out of the modern game, it could be the difference between winning the title and getting relegated and I feel that is just wrong. Imagine Manchester United Vs West Ham in the last minute of the game, Rooney is 1-on-1 with upson and takes a dive, the referee gives the penalty, rooney slots away the penalty, the result means West Ham are relegated. That would be a disgrace to the game and I feel using video replays for diving and then giving the player a yellow card and also getting warned by fifa after the game that they would be suspended for a game if it happens again.

The times I would be against the use of video technology is:

For giving out red and yellows cards, there are so many given out during the course of the game I feel it would get quite frustrating as a fan if for every challenge they went across to the touch line to check it. " ooohhh, was that oh.K 4th official, didn't mean to hurt him" will be the new shout from the players and instead of getting stuck in they will be more reserved worried whether the video analysis will be called into action. The referee still needs to make his own decision some times, taking the power away from the referee to make calls would be stupid, they are paid to do a job and with a bit of help for calls they can't see like on the goal line or cheating divers they should be able to get on fine.

Another call I think shouldnt need video evidence is offsides the linesmen are in a great position to give calls for offside there would be no need for them really if they werent needed to give the offside rule any more, PLUS, imagine how many video replays there would be, look at how many attacks lead to a player been offside it would start to get a bit stupid after a while.

All in all I think it definately should be brought in for certain calls but not for too much, too much video would ruin the game and stop talking points. What I think should be done is that teams have a set ammount of appeals to use during a match and when they spot a call that a referee has made that they think is wrong they could use an appeal, Just an idea............. Give me your opinions

Where would 606 be without contenious red cards or offside calls and what would good old Mark lawrenson and Alan Hansen find to talk about on Match of the Day! They'd be lost!

Hope you enjoyed my first blog
ChrisSartin13 (Real Madrid) 5 years ago
Honestly this won't work. Offsides? It's been called. What are they going to give the ball back to the opposition to continue there breakaway? Yellow are reds some refs are harder on players than others so even with technology it still doesn't decide if a ref will change his mind. Diving? Ok I get it, it is annoying, but it is a necessary evil. For goals is about the only thing I can say is worth it but with one comes another. Since it is a continuous game having video technology would just be improbable
Lrs1992 (Leeds United) 5 years ago
I agree I don't think it should be done for offsides and yellow and reds it would be iterally impossible,

Rugby is a continuous game as well it works pretty well there, it needs so much work but I reckon eventually it will come in for the goal line and maybe something else should be done about diving,
Ant (Liverpool) 5 years ago
I'm still a fan of big decisions being reviewed and discussed after a match, and retrospective yellow cards given for foul behaviour (diving, elbowing etc). At present if a manager or player even insinuates that the referee was wrong, they get fined and slapped on the hand. Referees are wrong all the time!
Ponchoman17 (Internacional Porto Alegre) 5 years ago
I think for goal line stuff and fouls called inside the 16 (there is enough time wasted after a foul is called as a penalty in fighting with the ref, it would'n be any different if he got a little message in his ear 4 seconds after he called the foul saying if he's right or wrong)
FootyRulz (Chelsea) 5 years ago
This is an interesting topic you bring up especially now that FIFA may be considering adding technology to the game. I personally would rather have it. There wouldn't be anymore controversial decisions and people wouldn't keep blaming the refs for their mistakes when in reality being a ref is one tough job then most people realize. The technology would lift the pressure off their shoulders. The refs already have those mircophones that can communicate with others officials so why not just add a another official monitoring the game on a screen of something who replays what happened and gives the right call?

By the way good post and I hope it gets featured in the blog
Numaan75 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Yes we need goal line technology end off  
Lrs1992 (Leeds United) 5 years ago
Cheers Footyrulz,
Just trying to get started with writing blogs and writing about sports, I'm off to study Sports Journalism next year so trying to get feedback to see what I need to improve and whats good,

Can't wait until I start the course later on this year!
FootyRulz (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Well I'm not sure if they still feature articles in the footytube blog because it's been a long time since they put something in there
Lrs1992 (Leeds United) 5 years ago
Alright cheers for letting me know mate good night of football to watch tonight, liverpool on channel 5 then I walk downstairs and watch man city on ESPN NICE!
FootyRulz (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Almost forgot there was gonna' be any footy on tonight thanks for the reminder
FootyRulz (Chelsea) 5 years ago
When will those FIFA fossils finally accept that we need technology in the game. They have been making all these anti corruption campaigns in an effort to stop cheating from happening in the game and what better way to do that than to utilize video/goal line technology?

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