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Transfer Roundup 25/6: Rooney To Barcelona, Cavani To Utd ...
Matt (Footytube Staff) 3 years ago
Rooney rumours are back on the menu as this morning we have a report in The Sun linking Rooney with a move to Barcelona. Apparently An Insider (odd name) said;
“Rooney is precisely the type of attacker that would fit perfectly into the system.
“Defence starts from the front at Barca and Rooney works harder than anyone.
"His first touch, movement, control and vision are phenomenal and if he comes on the market then the club are certain to try to sign him.”
Just after giving this quote An Insider went back to sweeping the floor at The Sun office.

Another Man Utd rumour The Mirror are reporting Cavani is now high on the list of targets. This report does not even bother to fabricate a source and seems totally baseless.

A rumour that seems a lot more likely is the move of Thiago Alcantara to Man Utd which has been gathering speed for a while now and looks like hinging on Thiago himself and his desire to stay at Barcelona. So it is up to United and Moyes to try and convince the Spanish star to leave Barcelona for Manchester … Good luck with that one.

A trio of rumours which seem to have surfaced and been debunked by the players almost immediately surround Southampton and the catch 22 of team that wish to become more established struggling to attract players that can make them established. First of the rumours is surrounding Radja Nainggolan, Cagilari accepted on offer from Saints for the player but then the player was quoted as saying

“Their proposal is the most attractive from an economic standpoint. But I do not play for the money. My priority is to have a major career.”

Which sounds sort of promising and was the full sound byte used in a lot papers however according to he goes on to say;

“My priority is looking for a brighter future for my career and Southampton is my last choice.”

Ouch just ouch.

Next we have Roma striker Pablo Osvaldo like Radja the club have accepted a fee for the player who likes to tweet however sources (lots of reports no names) state he is not very interested in a move to the Premier League and less interested in Southampton.

The last rumour surrounding the Saints looked like a done deal is the proposed transfer of Victor Wanyama from Celtic for a fee in the region of £10mil has fallen through at the last hurdle as Saints refuse to pay his agent Rob Moore (seriously you could not make it up) a massive £1mil fee. Southampton paid less in agents fees than any other team last term and chairman Nicola Cortese is not adverse to walking away from a deal and will not be held to ransom so this looks like it might die.

Scottishguy (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Ronaldo is worth it, ronaldo is a waste of money
Scottishguy (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Ronaldo isn't waste of money
Scottishguy (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Poo out ll

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