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There Was An Enlishman A Footballer And A Monkey ...
Matt (Footytube Staff) 3 years ago
.... Which sounds like the start to a joke that could potentially land me in a lot of trouble the sad truth of the matter is this in no joke.

England's collective sigh of relief on Tuesday has been over shadowed by a scrabble of news reports and attention grabbing headlines labeling Roy Hodgson as racist or at the very least insensitive of race relations.

In case you are not aware of the incident the reports are that at half time Roy Hodgson used a joke involving a monkey to highlight to Chris Smalling that he should pass to Andros Townsend more as he was having another great match causing issues for the Polish defence.

Although the wording is unclear the joke is roughly as follows:

"nasa decided they'd finally send a man up in a capsule after sending only monkeys in the earlier missions. "They fire the man and the monkey into space. "The intercom crackles, 'Monkey, fire the retros'. "A little later, 'Monkey, check the solid fuel supply'. "Later still, 'Monkey, check the life support systems for the man'. "The astronaut takes umbrage and radioes NASA, 'When do I get to do something? ' "nasa replies, 'In 15 minutes - feed the monkey'. "

So in short Smalling (astronaut) is to feed (pass to) Townsend (monkey).

It is a shame that during the 60's when NASA was randomly firing animals into space they didn't use fish or cats as had the joke featured a either of those animals as it's protagonist then I am sure we would have no issues but the use of a monkey has caused the problems.

Andros Townsend has taken to twitter to state the following:
"I don't know what all this fuss is about. No offence was meant and none was taken! It's not even news worthy!"

Despite nobody taking offence to a joke that could not cause offence even if you tied it to a fish and slapped someone with it (ok maybe then) the 'Kick it Out' campaign have demanded an investigation into the comments.

Now do not get me wrong I am a massive advocate of the Kick it Out campaign racism is abhorrent and since day 1 here at footytube we have banned any users that have been racist. I cannot help but feel incidents like this degrade the influence and power of the Kick it Out campaign people, I mean they have one job to know what racism is and try to eliminate it from the game. So when we get a clearly non racist incident that they demand an investigation of it makes them look like they have no idea what they are talking about.

It is a shame because the English senior team have had very little to celebrate or be proud of for a while now so for this to over shadow confirmation that next summer is actually going to be interesting is a bit sad.

Hey have I told you the one about the England team that wins the World Cup...
Matt (Footytube Staff) 3 years ago
Quick update,

"Kick it Out which, having earlier called for a thorough investigation, has issued a statement saying the matter is closed and praising the FA for taking such quick action. "

Alfrodo (Barcelona) 3 years ago
So the initial issue, which should have been a non-issue, is now a non-issue? Gotta' love English media...

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