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The Stands Or The Terrace? - Read Before You Post
Lee (Kidderminster Harriers) 7 years ago
The more observant amongst you may have noticed that the general footy banter forum is no more. Instead you will now notice 2 forums - The Stands and The Terrace.

Over the next few days, we will be going through the Terrace (which used to be General Banter) and hand-picking those threads that inspired the most interesting debate and we will move them into the Stands. We will also be ruthlessly pruning any replies and posts that we think are irrelevant, inane, or just going off topic for no clear reason. We will also be deleting posts from the stands that we consider immature or nonsensical.

Why have we done this?
We love everyone on footytube equally, but it is clear that there are two types of users emerging as the site grows up. Those older users that are here for sensible, more mature debate, and those that just want to get rather more heated in their debates, argue, and push threads more off topic than others.

Both types of user are fine, we won't discriminate, but what we do want to do is create a harmonious environment where everybody can get what they want out of the site.

So from now on, have a think about the kind of user you are, and what kind of replies you want from your posts. Think about which forum you would prefer to be in, by all means wander across the two forums from time to time, but be aware of where you are, and what is expected in each forum.

What will change in The Stands forum?
In the stands, we expect meaningful posts and debate. The mods will be ruthless and we will delete anything we think isn't up to this standard. If we feel your comment isn't adding to the conversation in a meaningful way, we will simply delete it. If you create a thread we don't think is interesting or thought provoking, or we think is designed to create confrontation or arguments - we will move it to the Terrace. If you wander off-topic in a thread, it needs to be for a good, well thought out reason.

What will change in The Terrace forum?
Nothing much, we still expect you to follow the forum guidelines, and the mods will still be checking in on every post, we will just be a little more loose in what we allow. You are free to roam off-topic if you wish, but just like before, if things get personal, or too over the top / silly, the mods will step in.

Once again, we love you all. We are not saying one forum is better than the other - we are just doing this because we think it will improve everyone's level of enjoyment on the site
Ant (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Please read the above especially if you are going to make a new topic.

If you plan to write something and put it in "The Stands", it should be a suitable topic for intelligent discussion. If you are not sure where to make a new topic, post in the Terrace and if its a good discussion and debate, it will be moved into the Stands

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