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The Pundit Formula
Footytubeblog (Blog) 5 years ago
Alan Hansen has been under much scrutiny this week over his phenomenal salary at the Beeb that amounts to a reported cool £40k a week. Some may see it as danger money, given the footballing buffoons he has to sit with on the sofas; or wonder with that sort of income while he still forever wears that burgundy shirt, but the bottom line is that if that is the going rate for a pundit then at least he is deserving of it. The standard of punditry in this country is dire and they are all a part of a common theme.

It appears that the qualifications needed for a football pundit are simply:
Irritating footballer of your time – check
Constantly courting controversy as a player – check
A penchant for wearing unfashionable shirts – check
Show an unwavering bias towards your former clubs – check
Fail to recognise players who are established internationals that have since moved to your former club – check (Just for you Mr Shearer)

I am sure there are many other attributes that are needed and I invite you to share them with me, but it surely isn’t a coincidence that being an irritating footballer gives you a green-light to this clearly lucrative career. I bet if you were all given the time to construct a list of 20 of the most hated footballers within the Premier League years, then the likes of Messrs Dixon, Keown, Shearer, Neville, Collymore and Savage would feature heavily on most lists. Savage in particular drives me absolutely potty and is doing his level best to ruin another BBC institution in ‘Strictly’.

So who does the selection process for punditry and why can’t we have considered opinion of games instead of overused and tired clichés. Hansen has a lot of critics but at least you learn something about the game from him when he speaks. Gary Neville likewise does bring a few pearls of wisdom to the table, but his constant referring to Manchester United and Fergie is beginning to grate somewhat. I am sure I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed watching him squirm after City’s 6-1 demolition job at Old Trafford, but in true punditry style he had the clichés at the ready to explain it.

Let’s be honest that football analysis is becoming something of a turn off and I doubt that there are many people out there who fail to shake their head listening to their opinion at times. It is becoming dull and predictable and a far cry from what we as subscribers deserve.

So am I alone in my loathing of punditry in this country? Aren’t there better alternatives out there?

Blog by Joe Simmons

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Ant (Liverpool) 5 years ago
"Gary Neville likewise does bring a few pearls of wisdom to the table, but his constant referring to Manchester United and Fergie is beginning to grate somewhat. I am sure I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed watching him squirm after City’s 6-1 demolition job at Old Trafford, but in true punditry style he had the clichés at the ready to explain it. "

No need to even say this. Neville was one of the most disliked men in football during his years at United, constantly stating how much he hated and despised "scousers", and now he wants to be a well liked pundit, respected for his opinions? The man shouldn't be let near the public any more, let alone raised above them on a pedestal of biased opinion
Ruskin (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Each pudit, hansen, linaker, shearer, wilkins, pleat, can give a great insight to kids taking up the sport or fans listening in. Every body is a pundit, but who ever it is they only express their own opinion of this global game. When watching a blog from the spanish league in not knowing the language I find the theatre for the game is high drama, the passion, s which excite. The wolves game on saturday and the coverage, riveting
Araz (Queens Park Rangers) 5 years ago
I was much like the author of this article for a long while, constantly annoyed by the ridiculous comments and infinite supply of cliches supposed experts in the game spouted and in any case 40k a week is massively excessive for any profession.

Particularly the vast majority who would make an instant call on a debatable looking decision, only to be proved totally wrong by the replay but mindlessly stick to their initial analysis as though the replay changed nothing. This still annoys me a huge amount as does Ray Wilkins constantly referring to all players on earth like they're his roomies and he is in fact wearing a pair of pants he borrowed from them this morning.

Having said that I have mellowed a little recently. I mean punditry is about opinion and the only opinion that provides entertainment or provokes though is one that disagrees with what you think, if the pundit just said everything you were thinking all the time in some bizarre act of perpetual ego massaging wouldn't you just get bored eventually?
Vaishnav (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Pundit sometimes make it interesting or at times boring.... So its just about the game
Ant (Liverpool) 5 years ago
I'm lucky I suppose to be in New Zealand. With a Sky Sports subscription I get the "international" version of the matches, with the two main commentators but no punditry at half or full time. It's just highlight reel with Kasabians "I'm on Fire" playing over it and a heap of stats about the match. We also get a pretty interesting 5 minute bio on a random manager like Avram Grant, Jose Mourinho or Gordon Strachan. Frankly, I much prefer it as I'm left to draw my own conclusions instead of having Lee Dixon talking nonsense
Ruskin (Liverpool) 5 years ago
I am the same on the west coast of canada. What I would like to do is watch who ever supplies the feed and then go on computer to either 5 live and listen to there commentary while watching the feed local. Even better is to go into local radio and listen on radio merseyside and so on there is a bias but it is all ways in favour of your team
Araz (Queens Park Rangers) 5 years ago
I don't know, whilst it would be quite nice not to be brain washed by what the experts think (because lets face it experts rarely actually know a much more than regular Joes), Soccer Saturday is my not so guilty pleasure, I actually quite enjoy watching Merson and Kammy make excited but totally incomprehensible attempts at sentences which a 6 year old would probably be ashamed of. It's entertaining
Matt (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
I think they should remove the veil of impartiality altogether and have staunch supporters of any club in question to argue out any points of contention or just gloat.

That way if you could ever get them to agree then that most be 100% fact
Borg (Manchester United) 5 years ago
So basically it boils down to "fanzone"
Mauijim (Manchester United) 5 years ago
I love the fanzone matches
N3razzurri (Inter Milan) 5 years ago
I'd say toss in a lion and throw them a chair and a whip and let them fight it out amongst themselves, it'll certainly make for a more entertaining break between matches and keep the blood going. I mean, it isn't the best use of your time to have to sit through some of those shows, while trying to rewind after a match and after all if you've seen only one, you've probably get to hear the same type of formula used by the pundits in the other shows; this team played and this team played good/lucky. Sadly the truth is; the big teams always have the most fans and hence the network will more likely cater to their egos regardless of the opinions of the other supporters of 'the smaller teams'. The fans will also likely side with him, no matter how ridiculous his commentary are as long as he throws them that occasional 'red stake' and simply just because. The other pundits that are the 'jokers', well they do have a certain 'star status' about them and by that I mean a certain appeal towards getting people to pay attention to them for whatever reason, for instance you either hate them or love them and again the network doesn't care as long as they are getting viewers to sit through the commercials. You could argue about the fact that you sat down to watch the game and not to hear the chatter of former football players but sadly it's the network that shove it up your 'a' and who are the pundits to accuse them of acting wrongfully, for offering them money and asking them to be themselves on tv (as much as possible) while giving opinions they don't really care if you agree with or not? However, as a viewer you could write the network an angry letter, although I'm not sure how much good that will do, or switch channels during the break or even better dressup like Batman and make a pleasant yet a 'surprising' visit to the pundits house and make your feelings known (put some emphases of doing it with your best interpretation of Batmans deep mode voice) and if that doesn't work I don't know what will
Kayteo (90m haircut) 5 years ago
.... I don't know if you realise this.... But footballers play for clubs. And if you are a professional, then your club PAYS you to play! Amazing!

If you want a footballer with professional experience of course they'll have bias you bunch of nonces. What's the alternative? An oxford scholar who is 'above' club rivalry? Or a bunch of pub league goalmonkeys?

Hansen does not deserve 40k a week, nobody except maybe firefighters, paramedics or emergency room doctors do. However, if you're the best option available, you may feel free to negotiate your wage
FootyRulz (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Although sometimes I find it annoying that those "experts" are getting very high wages for what they do but to be honest it wouldn't be interesting if there wasn't any bias. Isn't the whole point of having those pundits on the show is to listen to their opinions? I would find it extremely boring to listen to someone that would basically be doing nothing than read a bunch of facts off a sheet and display match stats on the screen for 15 minutes. And I would also get bored if I was only hearing what I wanted to hear from them. Unless we are looking at only match stats then analysis is all opinion based and all opinion must include some bias otherwise it wouldn't be opinion.

Anyway, it's not like there's a much better alternative
Atnighthawk (AFC Telford United) 5 years ago
What is more annoying is when someone still playing like Seedorf comes on, like during the World cup, gives his honest opinion on exactly what is going on, what is going wrong etc. Then is roundly told he is wrong by the other pundits (when he is right!) or they start saying the opposite because even though its the truth coming from Seedorf they argue against it because the British public don't want to hear the truth!
FootyRulz (Chelsea) 5 years ago
I guess that's their job. If they just agreed with everything that was said then there would be no point in listening to them recycle what's already been said. It's annoying sometimes but it wouldn't really work out well any other way

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