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The Footytube Podcast : Was Mata A Good Move For Utd And Chelsea?
Matt (Footytube Staff) 2 years ago
Conspiracy theories run wild! Did Chelsea sell Mata to help Utd? Was the FA Cup draw a fix? Do UEFA favour France in new group qually thing?

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ChanningTatum (Arsenal) 2 years ago
Loving the podcast, keep up the good work guys. Matt you are nothing like your voice would suggest. I always pictured you as a McFly (the band) looking type of 20 year old but in your pic on the fifa thing with Araz you look like your from WWE.

My question is, do you guys think Ozil was worth the 37. 5mil they paid for him? I think when he shows his class anyone would say yes but surely with that kind of price tag, you would expect more consistency in his impact on matches. I personally would of prefered Mata, what about you guys?

Would love to know your thought and also what you make of Draxler.

Keep up the good work.

Channing all over your Tatum
Matt (Footytube Staff) 2 years ago
Are you saying I have a good face for radio?    Good questions I will see if we can squeeze them in
ChanningTatum (Arsenal) 2 years ago
Man city against Spurs. Fernandinho handballed it on the line but the ball still went in, should it not of still been a card? Go on Araz, Mr Researcher into the rules man, should that of been a card as it was still an intentional handball on the line?
Sergio 2 years ago
I personally think PSG should have went for Juan Mata and Cabaye would have been a better move for united. They desperately need a box to box midfielder. I can't see Juan Mata running back and defending and if it were to be a case of who to start in that role behind van persie, Rooney will be a better choice
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 2 years ago
Rooney is an awful choice for a playmaker behind the striker. He has poor vision and touch. He is a biomechanically engineered bulldog that will hunt any ball down for 90 minutes but if you want creativity and flair, Mata/Kagawa are the logical choices for the "in the hole" position
Sergio 2 years ago
How can you say he is awful? On his day, which happens to be when united are playing well he has a great touch and a great eye for a pass. He reminds me alot of Gerrard and I only wish he grew up on Merseyside red. Mata is more agile I agree but rooney can hold up the ball better and is sure going to track back and make them long strives forward every attack.

I do agree on the creativity part, mata is sublime with his vision and long range passing. Not that much greater then rooney in my opinion. Rooney is the more complete attacking player.

NorwichBen (Norwich City) 2 years ago
Do you think Norwich City can stay up

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