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The Footytube Podcast : Should A Player Go Down To Indicate He Was Fouled?
Matt (Footytube Staff) 10 months ago
This week we take a look at the awesome games this weekend. We also ask when should a player STAY on his feet and ask what punishment should Andre Marriner receive?

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Music is 'Fear of Losing' by The Alaskan Pipeline.

Ant (Liverpool) 10 months ago
With a face like a crying scotch egg
Sam (Footytube Staff) 10 months ago
Good work on "Lie down and fake it" Araz.... Got it after the second clue by virtue of being a Gooner, but it was hilarious hearing Ant and Matt just wracking their brains for defenders based on injury-related stats.

More please!
Araz (Queens Park Rangers) 10 months ago
Thanks Sam, yes it was hilarious, watching those two go barking up the wrong tree. It was hard to keep the laughter in!
Colinmc (Liverpool) 10 months ago
You have to go down if you have been impeded and you cannot play to an advantage and want to get a call. I mean honestly, think back to how many times you were fouled as a player and stayed on your feet and had a foul called in your favor. 0 times ever would be my guess. Referees created this issue
Araz (Queens Park Rangers) 10 months ago
If there is contact, and it lowers your chance of getting in a goal scoring position then you can go down. Where it becomes unacceptable is the Sturridge dives of the past few weeks. He pre-emts the challenge and goes down before it's even made, that is a dive!

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