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The Footytube Modcast: Episode 1 (Bundesliga)
ColonelBX (Chelsea) 3 years ago
Steveex (Borussia Dortmund) 3 years ago
Hi, very interesting to listen to. However, as a die hard dortmund fan some feedback from my part:

Weidenfeller has never been better than now, his deflections have been amazing and this constantly throughout the season my eyes get sparky when I think of his performances in the Etihad or the Allianz Arena last year, the one thing that has been missing was the solid defending and the unfortunate decision making by some of the refs *cough* wolfsburg *cough*.

And I think your biggest error was comparing Dortmund to THIS Bayern München who are as of now almost unbeatable. Ok, at this point last season we had a slightly better record, but Bayern had also 10 points less than now. Good last season up to this point 45:15 and now 46:24 which is oddly enough the difference Großkreutz made on the pitch (I posted a record with him and without him this season, where his defending work speak numbers, and oh boy, what a difference). Having now Reus offers a lot more attacking options but it leaves space to take over on Schmelles position.
Don't get me wrong, Reus is outstandingly good, I can't see enough of him, but the way Großkreutz helps in the back is not to be overlooked and he is IMO the most underrated player we have, alongside Weidenfeller (who definately has earned the chance to wear the german jersey)

And I have to disagree on lewa, he is not as good as last season even though he is scoring and assisting, last season he ran like crazy and had many defensive actions now I miss from him, but he is still outstanding.

Best player this season for me: Hummels.
Steveex (Borussia Dortmund) 3 years ago
Lol thanks for the shoutout, as you see, I was making the comment without having finished listening hahaha    Cheers guys
[account-removed] 3 years ago
Lol. We always had that stat in mind, Steveex But there are so many good Dortmund players that don't get their due, we were drawn to various players (Santana in my case.... Although he's been a little error prone recently, he still plays brilliantly in my opinion for someone who isn't really a regular starter). Grosskreutz is still an amazing player, and I was tempted to mention him as well for sure.

Lewandowski, last season, was having the time of his life. People weren't too sure of his game, and he had the skill, and also a bit of the "what's he going to do" factor. This season, people do realize what he brings to the table, and defenders have adapted to counter him a lot better, in my opinion. This in turn, has left a lot of space for Reus, Kuba and Goetze to exploit. But as you say, its not been the same season, yet an exceptional player

Weindenfeller is an interesting call here. It looks like both you and Jeroen are in agreement with his abilities, while I certainly feel he can improve on his game and actually do a bit better. Maybe he already is stepping his game up from previous years, but there are still a few more chinks in his armour. I doubt either of us will complain though, if he does end up playing even better

Cheers for the response bud! Looking forward to more debates in the future
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 years ago
About Weidenfeller: he's one of those keepers who can ruin a game for a team or save it. In that way, he's very similar to Victor Valdés. And this season, I dare say he's as good as a good Victor Valdés usually is. He is not the 'perfectly complete' keeper a guy like Neuer can be, because his distinct inability to catch crosses and set pieces used to be a major flaw, but this season he saved us numerous times. In the past two seasons Hummels and Subotic were so dominant, not in the least in the air, that his faults were of little impact.

This season, like Steve also mentioned, we aren't as rock-solid in defence (Subo started poorly and was injured a few times, the midfield wasn't as much in-tune with our defence as before with Bender out for so long) and Weidenfeller was truly tested and passed with flying colours when it mattered. Instead of hesitating and relying on the super two defenders in front of him, he now defends his goal on high balls by punching the ball far away out of danger, a method that's proven to be very efficient with a much decreased chance of errors. And his reflexes are great as always, which means shots that would normally always go in are often stopped by him anyway. He made strings of greats saved in Europe as you all saw. So the two most important tasks a goalkeeper has; dealing with dangerous high balls and parrying shots, are coped with extremely well now, despite our weakened defence. Take it from a guy who saw Weidenfeller (and Valdés at Barça) as a weak link before: he is doing very well this season.

Another thing that kind of taints our performances in comparison to previous years is Bayern's unbelievable consistency. I don't think I have ever seen a team getting so few goals against for over half a season. And it looks like they're gonna' keep that great spell of form (can't even call it a spell of form any more, it's utter dominance) up for the remainder of the season. Last season they lost their talismanic (vice-)captain Schweini in the middle of the season and their clean sheets melted like snow in front of the Sun. Now they are quite lucky to not have any key players who can't be replaced out injured, and their new signings in Dante, Mandzukic and Javi Martínez are proving to be very useful signings. The lethality of their squad means no teams will really take them on as they did in previous seasons, or they'll most likely lose 6-1. Right now, teams prefer to lose 3-0 instead -. -

Credit to Bayern where it is due though: if they manage to keep that up for the rest of the season, the Bundesliga will never have had a more worthy champion. But they better stay the f**k away from Dortmund's players in the summer, haha
Steveex (Borussia Dortmund) 3 years ago
Oh and I also forgot to mention my favorite surprise player of the season: Gündogan!

He already showed by the end of last season some major sparks (being the goal in the DFB against Fürth the biggest one, I think here his where "nod exploded")
As of now I rate him higher (taking into accoutn overall qualities) than Sahin during his champions season. The technique, the ability to singlehandly change the pace of the game at his will is way more than I expected when we first got him.
Cudos on our Management for seeing that potential when probably no one else thought he could step up to the task. He had a hard start but now it's impossible to take him out of our starting XI.

Oh what the hell, at this moment, everyone deserves credit
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Good job guys, fun to listen to if you're a Bundesliga fan. One thing you need to sort out though, is the volume differences, but you know that I guess

There are a few things I don't agree with you though. You considered Santana and Grosskreutz as Dortmund's most underrated players, while I think Santana has been making a few too many errors when he was playing, and Kevin isn't really underrated, though perhaps he is in England where people generally only know the stars. He also features less this season because Reus is simply better. I believe Cloudst also said Weidenfeller hasn't been good enough this season and cost us too many points, which I also disagree with. He's been fantastic in Europe for us, and has been solid in almost every game in Germany this season. In fact, I think he's been better than in the two previous seasons.

My most underrated player of the season would be Lukasz Piszczek or Kuba. I doubted both of them were good enough for us two years ago, last season Piszcek took away all my doubts and this season Kuba did. It's amazing how great Kuba has become considering his age. He wasn't a very clinical player, nor a great crosses or passer of the ball, but this season he's been just phenomenal. Piszcek is quite simply a world class RB and his style is exactly what I like to see in a full-back. He's fast, works hard, and the two things I thought he didn't have; good positioning/decision making and the skill to go forward with success, are features he has amply. So that's why I think both of our Polish wingmen are two key figures who are still underrated. But after we win the Champions League, we won't have any underrated players any more
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Oh, and by the way, grammar/language Nazi as I am: it's Car-va-jal, not Car-ja-val And you pronounce it Carvaghal
Cloudst (Footytube Mod) 3 years ago
I don't think Piszcek is underrated neither is Kuba (both are starters and get massive recognition from the people i've talked to) but its down opinion in the end and thank you for your feedback

On weindenfeller, imho he hasn't been as great as he was in previous seasons, yes he has looked stellar in the champions league but in Germany? Quite debatable that one J, don't you think if Dortmund would have had Rene Adler or even Bernd Leno the goals like in the Nurnberg game early in the season could have been prevented? Just a thought from my personal perspective that i've seen this year, I think Langarek has potential as well but he needs to organize the defence better imo
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Well in previous years there were at least 5 or 6 games a season where I thought Dortmund lost points because of his mistakes or inability to deal with high balls. This season though, I think Weidenfeller was only bad in two games, which I distinctly remember. They were the games against HSV and Frankfurt of late September. So those 2 games in those 4 days were bad games for him, but in pretty much every other game his level varied between good and fantastic I think. Which is better than what I'm used to from him.

And the reason I think Piszczek and Kuba are underrated is not because the people who know them (well) do not rate them, because it's clear they are great when you see them. But it is because guys like Götze and Lewandowski are the talk of the town (town being the world here) all the time, while those two are players almost no one that does not follow the Bundesliga knows. Just watch this to see what I mean:

[account-removed] 3 years ago
Its good to have different opinions. If you were to mention to me that Kuba is underrated, I'd be a little surprised, because I'd say he's extremely well known for what he brings to the team. He even takes penalties quite often, and is a calm and collected player. It is also a reason that the board were confident to let Perisic leave. The same with Piszczek, as he's been a stable RB for the club, and is in no threat about being displaced from his role. But then, the same argument can be made of me mentioning Dante as underrated. Its just a way where we all have different players we feel needs to get more credit, just like how we all have different favourite players. Always good to disagree, as it brings in a different perspective

Weindenfeller, I brought the same points up as Cloudst about him being a little overrated, and mainly underperforming. Staying in behind Dortmund's back 4 is something of a luxury most keepers would love to have, but he's been poor in a few corners in my opinion as well. He's got 68% distribution, which for a team that revels in keeping possession and attacking from the back like Dortmund, isn't all that great. He really does need to step it up, if Dortmund are to push for an even better run in the champions league in the knockout stages. Its not to say he's a bad keeper in the slightest, but it is a little difficult to pick players who're poor in a squad like Dortmund. So every little mistake comes to the fore, and we've got to be extra critical.

Cheers for the discussion though The more, the better!
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 3 years ago
Bugger watching Bundesliga highlights, if you want to see the ability of Piszczek and Kuba, check out the damage they did for Poland in the Euros, they were devastating on the right wing
Ltm017 3 years ago
First, I just want to say you all did a great job. I liked how the case for each player was presented, it was concise. You went through all three clubs and gave reasons for why the player you chose was a standout or a disappoint and there was enough information provided to make your point, while not making it long-winded.

I was also thinking " they are not playing with the stats. " Anyway, I love to hear things like that and I'm sure others do too, so it was appreciated that you put in the research because it gives us a better understanding of the overall impact a player has on a team.

In the future, if one person is leading the discussion it would be better if you don't ask them for their opinion with each topic. Just say their names and let them proceed, it flows better that way and I think it might be better for you guys, so you can disagree with each other and we can have fun listening to it.

Or you don't even need to be so formal. Open the topic and you guys talk for a few minutes and then move on. If I'm talking to a friend and he says something like Gotze is Dortmund's best player at the moment and I disagree with him we are going to go back and forth with points to prove the case. Although I know this is your first time and you guys will ease into it more later on, that would be the only thing I would change
[account-removed] 3 years ago
Thanks for the feedback Ltm I'm glad you liked the format and stats. We spent quite some time on it, so as to try and ensure we don't end up talking too little or talking too much about something.

So you want the guys around the mic disagreeing with each other to satiate the little devil sitting atop your shoulder with a rusty crowbar, eh? Lol. Jokes aside.... I also do agree that there needs to be a bit of tweaking with regards to the flow of conversation, and we will be looking into slight changes to that. This was our first recording, so hopefully, we're going to be able to show we're improving over time
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 3 years ago
I thought the podcast was pretty good. Felt that you guys went through the topics nicely. Spent enough time to make your point but not enough to bore me with anything. Enjoyed the topics which you covered. I liked the mix of facts when making your points. The Robben one made me giggle a little. I won't ruin it for the rest of you though. I also like the tactical parts. I haven't really watched Bayer Leverkusen but the talk of the tactics and how well Carvajal works well with Schurrle is something which I probably would look out for if I were to watch Bayer.

I think one part which you failed to mention is about Bayerns midfield. You gave the other two teams a mention but didn't talk about the midfield. Would think that they would be worth a mention as they have been equally as good as the attack and defensive units from Bayern.

The biggest improvement though.... Has to be Cloudst and his cat like volume, although Magneto has told me that equipment upgrades are already on the way so you're excused this time
Cloudst (Footytube Mod) 3 years ago
Damnit I knew we missed something T_T thanks for the feedback barcashow
[account-removed] 3 years ago
I guess with the amount of domination the attack and defence were upto, we couldn't really catch up with players like Ribery, Schewinsteiger, Neuer and Kroos. I guess it was a bit of an oversight to skip them completely. Lol. Cheers for the feedback bud
Cloudst (Footytube Mod) 3 years ago
Here is our first modcast for the top 3 teams of the bundesliga this season:

the other mid-table teams will be released later but we cover Bayern Munich (Pep Guardiola, Transfers, and performance of the season), Borussia Dortmund (Nuri Sahin, Season so far, Champions league chances) and Bayer Leverkusen (Sami Hyppia and Sacha Lewandowski effect along with the season so far). We also give our takes on the underrated and overrated players at these teams and the worst and best players as well.

Note to Bundesliga followers this was done before this weeks games so if you confused about the table points and what not.

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