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The English Football Team
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Hi, guys! My English cousin lives in Kyiv and is going to Donetsk for the football. He is happy to help anyone out with travel, accommodation and translation. I know lots of people are having problems. If you need help send me a message. Johnny
Matt612346 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
England played good on Saturday for the first 40minutes or so but after that I have to say as a big England fan I was very disappointed. So many turnovers and careless mistakes. Rooney played awful pretty much turning the ball over everytime he got it, where was bent during that game? How many touches did he have? England play at a much slower pace then EPL play too I've noticed. EPL is the best league in the world for a few reasons one of which is the speed of the game and the defence being all over you. Where as you watch la liga and it's slow style of play players have lots of time on the ball and easy passes.

Honestly I wish man united would just field an elite England team like Barce/Spain have, they do it the right way and that is why they're so good both country/club. Man united have lots of england stars yes but I would love to see fergy get more top quality england players. Some type of cleverley/wilshere/mceachran combo in midfield would be awesome.

On a positive note Englands young talent are very very good.
TopGoalscorer (Manchester City) 5 years ago
***Blaming the worlds problems on capello....  Sorry I type like a retard on speed
TopGoalscorer (Manchester City) 5 years ago
I think englands Passing game needs to be worked on, they lack midfield integrity, I think if Capello uses Scott Parker and steven Gerrard as two CM's then England can really push forward, as we all saw Parker was great at gaining possession (sorry dyslexic :3) in the tottenham/arsenal game, if he was put into an attacking stance and gerrard was holding then I reckon england would have more presence in the middle of the pitch.

England are quite strong in goal, Hart is a generally good shot stopper, the first goal against montenegro took a deflection, it wasn't really his fault. Granted the second goal was somewhat of a goalkeeping let down but the goal scorer shouldn't have been let through.

Defensivly England have john terry who is a brick wall, quality player, but what with the loss of Rio we lack another part of that wall.

@Smiffy7 Well Put my friend, blaming the worlds problems isn't going to solve much, ATM england have a half decent team, but they need serious work on their counter attacking and midfield play.
P. S Milner is an option?
Jashank (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Yeah summed it up pretty well.

Milner is an option but, for me, england need some pace and trickery down the wings. When we need solidarity then we wud put in milner because he holds the ball and passer it good. But other than that when we are going for the kill, walcott, lennon, sowning, johnson, or even SWP(keeping in mind he keeps his current form going) would be good options
Juno (AC Milan) 5 years ago
Problem with Parker is almost all decent centre midfielders are always sacrificed for the Gerrard/Lampard axis
Smiffy7 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
I have considered milner, but what worries me is that he isn't getting regular game time. He is the one man I feel that can replace the crossing of Beckham, obviously not to the standard we were used to from him but hopefully enough to provide damage

Swp for me could find his way back in now that he's playing week in week out. If he could find the form of about 5 years ago he could provide another dimension. Not sure how many people would agree, but again he does have something to offer
Smiffy7 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
By the way Joe Hart is England number one until he says so! Nobody else deserves it. I couldn't rate him higher.... Even though he plays for you guys
Ivanperez08 (Barcelona) 5 years ago
One word: Capello.  Enough said.
Smiffy7 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
A few in reply....

Robson, Taylor, Venables, Hoddle, Keegan, Eriksen, Mclaren.

These men before couldn't do it, I don't think the whole thing can be blamed on capello.
Juno (AC Milan) 5 years ago
Oh yeah, so what is wrong with England?

I'd say the biggest problem they have is the style of play and the technical ability of the players.

First. I read Jashank's statement above that football is about pass and move. True, to a certain extent. Because with all National teams, footballers comes together to train once in a few months. At times, due to drop in form or injuries- resulting in leaving out certain players altogether, the team cannot play a football that has chemistry. Players cannot anticipate their international teammates to make runs that they are used to. Hence, picking out teammates in a good position needs time. Cohesion needs time!

For England, I believe this 'time' needed to pick out players kills them. In EPL, most clubs play at break-neck speed. The top players are used to high speed crossing and passing. However, if they are to slow down all their passes to pick out their teammates, opposition tends to cover the defence in time. That's probably one reason why England plays is sometimes so one dimensional and too predictable. They can't play at what they are used to.

To argue my point, Spain is almost exclusively Barca built, Germany and Holland has their youth setup in the country set to play a certain formation, so when the players get picked, they are well-trained to do the job in the tactic. South Korea trained for 2 years together as a team in order to prepare for the World cup 2002. The results are better than previously thought. And why don't other countries aside from England suffers from the same lack of cohesion? Yes they do. But most countries don't have the culture of playing the game at break-neck speed. They do so at a more normal pace. They are more comfortable creating chances at the slower speed. England on the other hand, don't. Make England plays slow, and they suffer.

Second, the top clubs in England are almost 60% foreign, 40% English. With the English players, they are complemented well in the departments that they severely lacks- The creative midfielders, and the strikers. Top clubs like Chelsea and Arsenal employs Drogba, RVP as their strikers, even though MUFC has Rooney, they too employs Berba and Chicharito to fill the slots. For creative midfield, England's best comes from the young Jack Wilshere. The rest of the clubs has Suarez, Modric, Nasri, Silva, Mata for inspiration and flair. I leave Gerrard and Lampard out because they aren't really creative midfield imo. I see them as attacking midfielders. They brings the ball up the field, do some long range passes, and hit finishes, but they generally don't dictate the pace for the team. Someone else does that. For Gerrard, Alonso has done it for Liverpool while he was there. For Lampard, Chelsea was an efficient machine rather than a creative outfit. For the same matter, MUFC seems like they have no one to take the CM for creativity because they emphasize play on the flanks. Even though England is well stocked in the defence, with the dearth of talents up front, the lack of someone like Modric to control the game, the attack lacks both bite and flair, hence another factor to contribute to the failure.

Third, England players play too much football. Every year, they play through the Christmas seasons. During summer, they embarked on long haul trip to far east and America to do their annual promotional trips. English players generally suffer from burnout by the time the big tourney comes around. Yes, the foreign players in England suffers too, but the foreign countries don't entirely depend on EPL to supply their national teams. England do!

Fourth. England clubs do not support national youth teams, and their FA can't do a single thing about it. Countries like Spain, Italy and Germany sends their best youngsters to the youth tournaments to build up their experience and come back with their value enhanced. England does the opposite. The top clubs lock the young starlets in the closet, prevent them from 'international burnout', and restrict their involvement in the first team. Youngster has nowhere to test their ability and make the mistakes required to grow up. In the first team, if their performances couldn't match the regulars, they get the same stick that veterans do but suffers lost of confidence easier than them. A couple of big time mistakes could relegate them to reserves and hamper their growth. EPL has no room for youngster to make their mistakes. Ask Arsenal after the 8-2 defeat to MUFC.

Fifth and final point of this lengthy view. The lack of real technical ability and behavior to keep the ball. England always try to play with good passing. However, if you compare their passing, and for that, say Spain or Brazil, what's the difference? The main difference is that across the board, their players know how to keep ball.
How? You ask. The answer lies in not wasting the ball on 40-50 yard across the field long range passes. Long range passes have the lowest percentage of success in getting the players connected. Its a short cut to success. England only have one Beckham who can gets it right even if he anyhow kicks it. The players from other countries generally keeps it short. England players on the other hand, plays it long whether they are under pressure or not.
After behavioral issue, the technical ability of the players come into question. From the players available to England right now, I see Rooney and Wilshere as the only couple who keeps the ball well. They are able to control the ball in tight area and passes to the safer colleagues. I'm not bashing Gerrard or Lampard here, but even if they have the skills, more often than not, they won't try to wriggle out of tight situation.

The lack of possession in games against some of the best opponents that perfected the art, means that England won't dominate those game because without the ball, England generally don't play well.

Jashank (Liverpool) 5 years ago
I understand where you are coming from and your points are spot on. But england players do have the techinical abilities that can match any player in the world. We do have people such as adam johnson, stuart downing, rooney who can wriggle through tough spots and open up some space. Gerrard is not one who wriggles some space but if he finds space he will exploit it. People neeed to start giving him some credit because he has been onvershadowed by lampard for all of his england career which is totally unfair because he is millesss ahead of lampard in skill
Juno (AC Milan) 5 years ago
Okie, you are right again, to a certain extend.

First, Stuart Downing - a tradional winger. Technically good. Dribbles with the ball down the flanks. Known for his cross success rate, never been known to play tiki taka(possession).

Adam Johnson - I think this fella has tremendous technique to do well. But he's not first team. Neither Man City nor England.

Rooney - As mentioned in my argument above. He's one who's hard to dispossess.

Gerrard - Technically superb. But he likes to hit long ranges, and in tight situation, Gerrard almost always choose 1-2 return passes. (Not saying its not good, but rather, he does not utilize his physique and skills to keep the ball, and 1-2 returns generally means bringing up the tempo which at club levels its fine, but international teammates are almost always slower to react.

Lampard - I don't rate his technique. Sorry. He's arguably the best finisher in his position, one with decent passing ability, but his play is not on keeping possession. I don't count on him to create chances for my strikers. He's never known for his creativity.

Jashank (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Yeah totally agreed. Lampard has, in part, hampered englands progression because of his lack of creativity.... In the sense that the position that he has been used for needs someone who can put a spark.... He never has that "thrust" in his performance that we see gerrard or scotty parker bring in to the game.

Adam johnson needs to get more first team opportunities because imo he is a great player.
Someone else who I missed, surprisingly, was jack wilshere who is an amazing player. Pairing him up with gerrard would do wonders for england! Keeping that in mind.... I'd have parker as a holding player with gerrard and wilshere in front of him and then have three attacking players.... Walcott, rooney and young. Now we have a lot of talent that we can bring on from the bench and influence the game if either of these 3 fail to play!
Jashank (Liverpool) 5 years ago
There are a lot of things that is wrong within the england squad. The amount of pressure put on by the media takes a hugee toll on the players and once your put under soo much pressure, you are bound to make mistakes. It is diffrent from club because you have a whole country behind you and not a lot of people will sympathize with you when you screw up and hence no one wants to take any responsibility within the camp when it comes to big games.

Another thing has been squad selection. We always hear coaches say " We will pick the players according to their form" but how often does that happen? Keeping this aside, even a blind man can easily see gerrard is better than lampard when playing behind the striker so why not give him the freedom that he is accustomed to while playing for liverpool and see what he does with the team? Coaches need to make big decisions and if that means leaving some players out that that be it! We should be looking at what benefits the whole team rather than an individual. They should be looking at who is better than who and play according to taht ! Incorporating an individual just because of his big name is not going to help the team at all!

There is nothig wrong with the english style. Football is about passing amd movement and we can see a lot of that within the premier league. So saying it is the english style is a very weak argument. The coach needs to let the players know who the boss is and they should be proud of getting a call to play for their nation and represent it. He needs to drop some signals by leaving one or two big name flops out of the squad and pick a young hungry player who will run until the final whistle.

And to the initial poster.... I would never question terry's commitment to the national team. He stilll gives hsi heart out when he plays and he still throws his body at every shot ! This is coming from a liverpool fan fyi!
Smiffy7 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
I wasnt questioning JT, I agree with you that he always gives his all whether for england or chelsea.... Also wasn't saying that the style of play in the premier league is bad, its just when they pull on the england shirt they can't seem to shift from the style of play they are used to with their clubs to the style the england manager wants them to play
Jashank (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Yeah I understand. And to add to the "their style" argument.... I guess getting an english manager will help them out. But I serisouly think rather than an english manager, we need a manager who is brave enough to make big decisions such as capello is making at the end of his tenure. Being strict or bossing the players around isn't going to help. We don't need a tactitian in the national level. We need a motivator, a quck thinker who is brave, These players are where they are because they have the techinical ability to match the best in the world. Anyone that says they arent skilled enough is kidding themselves! For me the greatest mistake has been deploying gerrard in a deep lying midfield role when he was in his pomp instead of giving him the free role. The damage that man could do alone is something that people who don't watch liverpool games wudnt understand. The games when he was given the free role or playing behind the striker role, he has done incredibly well.

We should be using the great wingers that we have as well! Gettin players liek adam johnson and walcott regular games will be godo for them. There will be lots of people who wud argue but walcott is a great player no matter what anyone says and I think playing him in the team will do england a lot of good.

For me, the formation should be.... 4-2-3-1

And I'm not saying this because the other "great" teams are using it. I am saying it because we have got the players right now that would be great in that formation. Pick the defence you want ill pick the mid.


Walcott--Gerrard-----Downing/Adam Johnson


I put crouch in there because no matter what people say, at the end of the day he has a great goal scoring record. But he would really be my last option because he isn't the best passer when it comes down to it. I know I'm missing some other strikers but they just arent coming to my head right now!
Smiffy7 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Totally in agreement.

Walcott's pace is a major threat to any side he plays against, and if Arsene Wenger paid 12 million for him says it all (for those of you that think 12 million isn't much, look at the money Wenger has spent)

Crouch's goal scoring record speaks for itself, I only feel he has lost his place in the team because of, as you said, managers not being strict and bowing to public pressure. Darren Bent for me has always been about the end product, ok he hasn't got the class and touch of rooney but put in a one on one situation I would back him to score 8 times out of 10.

In Defence i'd have to say that gary cahill or phil jones, providing jones can keep the form he has shown for United, should partner John Terry, it may seem harsh on Rio but I just think his best years are behind him (man utd fans don't shoot me its just my personal opinion).

Kyle walker has shown for me that he has the potential the end of the season to be in line to be Englands first choice right back, and having ashley cole at left back it gives us anothing attacking dimension that we have lacked since neville on the right hand side, Anyone who wants to argue that point go ahead, but the Beckham/Neville combination was dominant.

Steven Gerrard imo has never let himself down when he played for england, always committed and always trying to motivate others to push on, if fit i'd have him as england captain without a doubt.

Jashank (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Yes completelllyy agree with every word you said!

I would also put micah richards in contention for right back! HE IS A beast of a player! By kyle walker has impressed me a lot this season! I hoppe its just not the first season syndrome and he can take that form into the championships next year! (I am basing this statement on the assumption that if he keeps his form, capello has no reason to look beyond him)
Smiffy7 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Yes mate, hoping he can continue.    When it comes to richards, I think at times his positional play comes into question....
Georgio (Bayern München) 5 years ago
There is no chemistry. All the players are bland when they are put on the pitch together. There is no spark. I feel the cause is the various teams the England nationals are from, and how much of a difference in style of play there is to their clubs. It makes it harder on the coach to get them all in line for how he wants them to play when the time comes.

The introduction of the younger players has pepped up the squad in the recent games, showing a quicker aggressive style of play that comes natural to them. But there has to be a philosophy. Something the players can really grab a hold of and say "Yes that's how England should play!" and drive towards succeeding at that.

I don't really want to go into the Coaching matters and situation ill leave that for someone else to comment on. Ill take up too much space lol
Lee333 (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Wow! How did you do that smiley face?
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 5 years ago
By doing a smiley face
Smiffy7 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
OK guys I wouldn't mind hearing what you all have to say on this subject....

What exactly has been England's downfall in recent years, in my opinion we have had a team for the last 12 years that should have, on paper, been able to compete with the likes of Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Brazil (only just) and Holland. But for some reason we haven't been able to rise to the big occasions of World Cups/Euro's.

I mean look at the last 3 world cups. We had Beckham, Gerrard, Lampard, Rio, Terry, Owen, Scholes, Neville, A & J Cole.... The list goes on....

I would say we had the Goalkeeping talent, but pressure seems to get to them all in the big occasions.... Big Dave getting Lobbed by Ronaldinho, Rob Green fumbling a shot our Grannies would have stopped.

Is it simply that the English style of play is outdated? Or as Paul Scholes has mentioned, is it the Rivalry created by the Premier League between players of Utd, L'Pool, Arsenal & Chelsea?

I for the life of me cannot figure out what has caused us to fail on so many different occasions.... I would love to say it was caused by the mountainous pressure placed upon the players from the media and the country as a whole. I mean I don't remember there being a World Cup/Euro's that hasn't passed without a vast majority of the Country believing that we will win it.... Let alone every Tabloid/News Station in England....

Now if it is pressure that gets to the players, why doesn't the pressure of playing in the premier league hinder their performances? Lampard rarely has a bad game for Chelsea and John Terry has always put his body on the line everytime he crossed the white line, Beckham & co at Utd won a treble! Gerrard & Carragher have dealt with the pressure of playing for, in my opinion, one of the most passionately support teams in the world. So I can't see this being such a problem....

And if you look at the current group of players, they haven't exactly instilled me with confidence so far.... Take away Rooney's red card at the weekend, he still hasn't really been able to shine in the team so far, not like he does with Utd (last season exempt).

I'm not trying to make this sound all doom and gloom, I do believe that the younger team that Capello is bringing through is looking good, but there is still that little part of me that doubts whether we will see a Major Cup coming back to England for a long time to come....

VibinManU (Manchester United) 5 years ago
I really want to see some major cups coming into England. Because I am a big fan of England and ManU.... I feel Paul Scholes comment is right.... We have group of shining players but h its not working for England, how they performing in clubs.... Capello, I don't think so he passed to make a team with them. Now he plan to set young players. Its good but not enough for now. We have to beat Germany at any way.... I really looking to see that. One thing we can satisfy, we steped into Euro
Nikhil19 (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Most of the players come from rival teams.... Which mean no or less chemistry in the team and their game. And the england team players are quite old.... UK has got new rising talents.... Milner for instance.... I think they should play more often
Nikhil19 (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Most of the players come from rival teams.... Which mean no or less chemistry in the team and their game. And the england team players are quite old.... UK has got new rising talents.... Milner for instance.... I think they should play more often
REDDEV1L (Manchester United) 5 years ago
It's tough to call when they will put all the chips together. Rooney's red card against Montenegro brought Capello to the point of threatening to cut him out of 2012, suggesting that perhaps Sturridge would take his place in the side. However, it was not Ferdinand, Ashley Young, Danny Welbeck, Jones, or any United teammate to respond to this, it was Liverpools Gerrard.coming in in a press release and supporting Wayne as an essential piece to England was great to see given the clubs rivalry. I'm as big of a Manchester United fan as you'll find, but I am also a huge admirer of players such as Gerrard and Lampard, albeit a bit grudgingly sometimes. With the kind of talent that comes through England and the current squad of young players looking very promising I believe its only a waiting game for the side's pieces to fall into place
Kingsickhead (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Its Simple they always stifle the youngsters, I don't know why. And they also over-hype decent players. But they can do it this year if the Field the right team and get them playing with each other often
Kingsickhead (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Its Simple they always stifle the youngsters, I don't know why. And they also over-hype decent players. But they can do it this year if the Field the right team and get them playing with each other often
FootyRulz (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Yeah there's definitely a problem with the youth system in England because out of all the youngsters that are labeled "the next big thing", very few of them actually turn out to live up to their massive potential. Right now I can't name many young English players with the potential to become superstars in the future. I remember a few years ago Theo Walcott was tipped to be England's next world class player but he has yet to fulfill his potential like many thought he would

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