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Team Of The Year 2011
Mumbai (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Although season not over - but what is your team of year - 2011

---- Joe hart -----

D. Alves.... T. Silva.... V. Kompany.... Evra

------------------------ X. Alonso----------------------------------

--------------- Xavi --------------------------- Ozil-------------------

----Messi--------------- RVP ------------------- [C.] Ronaldo

Performance is based on this year only

Subs: Neuer, Gotze, F. Ribery, Rooney, A. Cole,

Jeroen (Barcelona) 5 years ago
I'd definitely put Alexis Sánchez in there too: he was quite phenomenal last season and was voted best player in Italy. I can agree with the rest. I absolutely also want to mention Mats Hummels, who is an eternal rock, no, mountain, in the Dortmund defence. I'd probably also select Mario Gómez, merely for his fantastic form he found after a long dry spell. He's been excellent for nearly a year straight now. His teammate Lahm is, to me, the best left-back in the world right now, although that mainly is because Abidal had to fight cancer and Cole's Chelsea declined.

And even though it's crystal clear the Madridistas Ronaldo and Özil deserve their spot, I would not put Alonso there. He's transformed into a brutal player since moving to Madrid, making professional fouls far too much to still earn my respect. He's like a Spanish Van Bommel nowadays. Good to have on your side, but annoying and not classy. I'd replace him with Schweinsteiger. And Neuer was so ridiculously good last season with Schalke, and so far excellent with Bayern, that he's eclipsed all competition for the GK position IMO. Even Valdés, Casillas and Hart.

So here's my pickings:


Valdés, Piqué, Vidic, Thiago Silva, Nuri Sahin, Andrés Iniesta, David Silva, Mario Götze, Alexis Sánchez and Robin Van Persie.

Breakdown of teams: number of starters (+subs)
Bayern München: 4 (4)
Barcelona: 3 (7)
Real Madrid: 2 (3)
Borussia Dortmund: 1 (2)
Manchester City: 1 (2)
AC Milan: 0 (1)
Manchester United: 0 (1)
Arsenal: 0 (1)
Total: 11 (21)
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
---------Xavi-----------David Silva-----
Messi------Rooney-----C. Ronaldo

Subs: Hart, Thiago Silva, Ozil, Gotze, Di Natale, Robin Van Persie and Mats Hummels.

Vidic and Kompany, probably the two spots which has the most competition for as there are several CB's which have proven they are worthy of this title.

Lahm: I was tempted to choose Abidal because I thought his performances were fairly solid for the last season but he probably played at CB for too much time to be considered for the LB position.

Silva: I chose him because he has simply been the best player in the EPL this season and was consistently great last season as well. He was a key player for City on making the Champions League and is going to be a key player for any other titles they win.

Di Natale: Was on fire last season, still on fire this season, no reason to not include him on this list.

Rooney: Since we are including this calender year, Rooney seems like a great choice. His goal scoring form has took a hit the last few weeks (probably because of his dad and his scandals) but his form in the last half of last season was pretty good and he scored in some crucial matches. This season he got off to a flying start but has weened a little after his move to a more central playmaking role. Still a great player and the best that England has got
Mumbai (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Good one Jeroen - agree with Lahm and Schweini
Hill (Arsenal) 5 years ago
The only thing I disagree with you about Jeroen is Gomez starting over RvP. I don't see how that is possible. RvP for a full calendar year has been the man for Arsenal. That is the only reason haha. He has carried Arsenal, goal scoring wise, and led them to victory in nearly all their wins. Gomez and RvP have nearly identical stats.

Gomez has found form and scored 13 goals in 13 games with 2 assists. RvP has the same goals in games, except 3 assists. Van Persie also has 38 goals in 2011. He has failed to score in only 16 matches. Gomez has 34 goals in 2011 and has failed to score in only 17 matches. I believe those are the correct numbers.

I realize that I am very biased, being an Arsenal supporter, but I feel that Gomez has much more help than RvP does. On Bayern, Gomez leads with 13, while the next two have 6 and 4 (Ribery and van Buyten respectively). RvP leads Arsenal with 13 but the next highest is 2 (Walcott, Gervinho, Vermaelon and Arteta). Munich has 34 league goals versus Arsenal's 25. In my mind the only thing that tips the scale in Gomez's favor is his goal scoring record in the Champions League, he has 6 to RvP's 3. However, that comes with Gomez starting two more matches than RvP (5 and 3 respectively).

I know I'm biased, but I feel that RvP deserves the starting place most!
Jeroen (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Well you're probably right Hill, and for a realistic team, RvP would probably be the better option too: he's not just a great goalscorer with both feet like Gómez, but also a great passer who creates a lot and is involved in the midfield too. But I chose Gómez because of his height and power, I guess, because I can't really name another reason, haha.

Also: I could've picked a number of others, but for a central striker, I like one that scores a lot of goals. Alexis Sánchez, for example, looks amazingly promising and was stellar last season and is now doing great with Barça too.

Edit: I just checked: I found it bizarre that RvP would've scored so much, and Gómez not that much, so I looked up their stats:



Apparently, Van Persie isn't even close: 28 goals last season vs. 48 for Gómez. I guess my choice was justified after all
Hill (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Last season. Not for 2011. I was under the impression this was for calendar year, not for a whole season. The stats I quoted go back to last season, but only within the year 2011. January 1-December 31
Mumbai (Chelsea) 5 years ago
I meant for calander year --- 2011 --- most thing we are forgetting is Gomez have other very strong players to back hi up fpr scoring more goals.... While RVP is playing rather with weaker players.... Def --- RVP in the team ---
Kingsickhead (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Not bad at The top Team kind of a Bundesliga bias though
Kingsickhead (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Not bad at The top Team kind of a Bundesliga bias though
Alfrodo (Barcelona) 5 years ago
I'll take the best of both your posts

Lahm is far better LB than Evra. Casillas has more experience than both your choices. Ozil is great but he gets tired easily and hasn't really proved himself in big matches. I think Xabi Alonso is one of the more overrated DM's in modern football. What he contributes in long ball passing is negated by his lack of pace, poor possession retention under pressure, and dirty play.

It's hard to debate the attacking 3. I can't think of anyone that is better than each of them at the moment. Give Sanchez a few more months and I would take him over Ronaldo for his team play and defensive knack, but currently Ronaldo's superior for his goal-scoring.

--Alves-------------T. Silva-------Kompany-----------Lahm--
--------RVP-----------------Messi-----------------C. Ronaldo-------
Alexinho (AC Milan) 5 years ago
Well I don't get why you would use RVP as a wing? And I get that as an barcelona fan, it would be hard to choose between xavi and iniesta but I really find Silva deserving an spot as well?
Casillas has been good as always but this calender year I really think that Neuer is the best goalkeeper?

Alves - T. Silva - Kompany - Lahm
Silva - Iniesta
Messi - Gomez - [C.] Ronaldo

I know it is alot of discussion between Gomez and RVP so the reason to this pick I would justify this way. Arsenal are having a playing philosophy where they aim to get the ball to RVP in front of goal so he can be their finnisher and therefor more % of their attacks will be ended by Robin Van Persie than Bayern Munichs attacks will be ended by Mario Gomez. Bayern Munich got several alternatives for people who can finnish and this does make it so Bayern Munich will not necessarily play for Gomez but it seems to me that Arsenal does. The statistic when reading is allmost the same but one team plays for that player where the other team got more opportunities and that player still got the same stats through the year. I don't know about you but that really impress me.

At midfield I choose Iniesta slightly above Xavi and the reason for this is as I regard both players to be wonderfull passers and have great vision for the game, I find Iniesta slightly more effective in the scoring part and an opposition team would need to mark him more than xavi. For the bench I would most likely put in these:

Casillas - Pique - Marcelo - Xavi - Özil - Di Maria - RVP
5 years ago
-kelly--kompany--t. Silva--abidal--
---------x. Alonso--------------
----xavi----------d. Silva----

Subs: cole, rvp, ozil, iniesta, cassilas, alves, coentrao
Madriduberalles (Real Madrid) 5 years ago
Wrote mine after reading the first two hadn't seen the rest yet
Madriduberalles (Real Madrid) 5 years ago
[Explanation is long so put it at the bottom in case your not interested, which of course you should be ]


--Van der Wiel-----Ramos--Pique/Tiago Silva--------Badstuber

-----------------------Xabi Alonso--------------------------

----------------Xavi------------David Silva-----------------


Subs: Neuer, Ozil, Benzema, Alexis Sanchez

Great squads from both of you, they not only look like real dream teams but I'm sure they would also be quite functional in real life as well. However I think its sometimes good to omit our personal bias's and give credit to players for their performances and results achieved regardless of what team or style they represent. Also I took it that this is about performance this seasons and not just Talent because those two lists would be very different.

Both Casillas and Valdes have been great this seasons with fantastic saves and above all: consistency. I still feel that defenders should be praised more for defensive qualities rather than offensive; so no Alves. Van der Wiel on the other hand has been excellent this season for club and country and after watching him play I have found it really hard to find any mistakes he has made. If he were in a bigger team he would get 10X more recognition. Sergio Ramos has been used as a centre back this season and since then he has been THE outstanding defender in La Liga. Madrid's unbeaten run would not have been possible without him and Carvalho is gonna' have a tough time living up to the new standards he has set. Both Pique and Thiago Silva have been great as always and I think its important to have the towering and inteligent centre back. For me they have been equally good so either one dosnt matter. Badstuber has been exemplary in left back, he is quick, strong, smart and as a result, has gained a first team spot ahead of Lahm.

Now in midfield I think Xavi's place is undisputed, Xabi Alonso has also been equally good in his own role as a deep lying play maker and box to box midfielder. I chose David Silva to start instead of Ozil because as a Madrid Fan who has watched all the games this season I have noticed that Ozil has not been as good this season when compared to last, especially his attitude. David Silva on the other hand has been perfect, I see no difference between the way he has been playing and how Iniesta performs (I know it sounds like blasphemy but its true). He has the dribbling on point and his creative passing has been beautiful. If Mancini had the brains to realise that actually his most talented players are Silva, Nasri and Aguero and the rest should adapt to them rather than the other way around, then the premier league would have its own Barcelona by next season.

Now Messi and Ronaldo are a given. But the guy we can't leave out is Robin Van Persie, his goal scoring rate is second to none at the moment and he is single handedly keeping Arsenal afloat which is more than I can say for Messi and Ronaldo who score goals but they also have the BEST delivery IN THE world. Anyway google Van Persie's goal tally this year and that should do the talking itself
Jeroen (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Great to see quality input from a Madridista, but I'll quickly inform you that Badstuber is not a left-back. He's always played at either centre-back or defensive midfielder in his professional career afaik. Lahm is always Bayern's left-back now that they have Rafinha and Boateng. And Badstuber may be fast on long distances, but he's not exactly able to keep up with any fast little guy over short distances, which is what football is all about: acceleration.

I can see why you like VDW so much, given the fact you're Dutch (or at least support Holland), but I don't consider players that haven't excelled on the highest level, which is European football or in one of the major leagues. VDW does have the potential to be excellent elsewhere, but so far, he remains unproven to me. I think former Ajax-star Luis Suárez deserves the spot in the team more than VDW to be honest
Madriduberalles (Real Madrid) 5 years ago
Your right Badstubber is mainly a centre back but he is left footed and can and has been converted into a left back many times the same way Ramos is converted to become a centre back from right back. And yes his lanky build and size makes it hard for him to accelerate but thanks to good positioning defenders like him have been able to overcome that weakness. If Lahm is in top form he is definitely the best but I don't think he has been in top form this season.

My inclusion of VDW is not because I like him so much but rather because I've seen him play more than most ppl who are not Dutch. If it were only about who I like then Valdes would definitley not make my team and neither would Xavi. VDW truly is excellent. On top of that he has been tested and proven to be outstanding in the national team where he even played in the world cup helping Holland to reach the final as well as the Champions league where despite Ajax not being the great team it used to be, VDW has still held up in top form. Indeed the final test would be to put him in one of the big club teams but then again if this were the only criteria how can we say Gotze is good enough? And we all know he is....

If football had more than 11 players on the pitch then yes guys like Suarez, Edinson Cavani and Roberto Soldado would be in there, especially Soldado. But unfortunatly I only put 11 players and a few subs (forgot to put in a sub for defence). Suarez is by no means performing to RVP level right now and he hasn't been as outstanding as Benzema either.

Epictetus (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Some really nicely developed teams. Kudos.

My lineup:

--------(Dani Alves)--------(Thiago Silva)---(MarcelSchmelzer)------
--(Xavier Hernandez)-------(Andres Iniesta)-------(Mesut Ozil)------
-----------------------------(Leo Messi)----------------------------
-----(Robin Van Persie)-----(Neymar Junior)-----(Cristiano Ronaldo)-

I don't have time at this moment to compile a substitute list, but I will say that the only difficult decision I had was between Van Persie and Asamoah Gyan. Just because I feel that with proper training and guidance, Gyan could still mature into a world-class

Oh, and preferably, I'd like my team to be managed by The Mister
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 5 years ago
A team with one central defender and no defensive midfielder? I guess they would have to rely on score-one-more-than-opposition philosophy. Seriously though, this would never work, you have three attacking midfielders and one striker in your midfield, plus another three strikers. There are certain rules you have to abide to when making a dream team...
Mumbai (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Three defender is ok - but I would surely want one defensive mf. Probably cut down on A Inesta based on performance in 2011. Neymar Jr is real debate -
Epictetus (Barcelona) 5 years ago
No, I'm not sure I agree, Markodon. The positioning is fine. There are other, and equally as effective, ways of playing possession football than relying on a defensive midfielder. To see this in play, one need not look any further than Ajax in the early-mid 90's. Van Gaal deliberately used a non-defensive minded midfielder in the number 4 position to create near perfect total, possession football.

The reason you are skeptical is because this formation is rarely executed effectively, unless the team has the right set of disciplined players who are both versatile in their movement and technical in their precision. The only real threat to this system are sudden counter-attacks. However, there there is a mechanism in place to not only insure possession but to retain it in a prompt and effective manner where form is not compromised--the midfield set up acts as this safety mechanism. To this end, I have no doubt that Xavi, Messi, Iniesta, and Ozil can retain possession in the opponents half for the vast majority of the game. And while I certainly agree that it not easy, in fact, difficult, to dedicate the terms in this way for 90 minutes; I have no doubt that I've selected the most effective and ideal players for this job. In fact, Xavi, Iniesta, and Messi were specifically trained on, and matured through, this system by Pep in their time at La Masia.compliment this with the natural striking abilities of a true number 11, Neymar, and I think the attacks are devastating.

Also, I've since this post moved Messi to clarify his position in case there were any misunderstandings. There are no strikers in my midfield--and Messi will not be reprising his false 9 position--he will be a true 10.
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 5 years ago
I understand your points, but I'm not convinced. I see no balance in your dream team, it is largely made up of attacking-minded fast technical players who have no defending attributes. I agree that it is a team that would be able to be extremely dominant on the ball possesion, but it is also a team that would have a dreadful time defending. Think about set pieces for a second, you have only one tall strong guy (Thiago Silva), how would you defend set pieces against a team that can easily deploy 3-4 giants in your box. Teams with only one true defender have never existed, and I was too young to remember Ajax in the '90 in great detail (all I remember was that they were magnificent), but I am sure they at least played 3 real central defenders in those 3 back spots (de Boer brothers come to mind) and also wasn't Davids a defensive mid?

My point is, there has to be some kind of balance and this is reflected in every team in modern football. Of course there are alternatives to deploying a defensive midfielder, but 3-5-2 formations (which are very rare nowadays as you know, perhaps Barca's 3-5-2 is the only prominent example that I can think of) usually require a strong defensive-minded player who will break up opposition attacks and get the ball back to the creative players and also regulate the holes left by the absence of full-backs
Jess3 (Barcelona) 5 years ago


Alves---Puyol---T. Silva---Evra


D. Silva---Iniesta



Very hard to decide the formation with all those options. We all know that 4-1-2-1-2 can be easily changed to 4-3-3, that's why I decided to choose it especially having Alves and Evra as support. I know a lot of people don't trust Gianluigi but with this team he wouldn't struggle as he does in Juve and would regain the trust again, because I still think he's the best G. K. Out there. I have to admit it was very difficult to choose between Kompany and Thiago Silva, although Kompany would come in if my formation changed to a 3-4-3 subbing Evra and moving Alves to the miedfield. My midfielders are totally versatile, and my strikers, I don't think I could have made a better decision, although it hurts to not have Cavani there
AdnanMessi (Barcelona) 5 years ago
------Alves----------T. Silva--------Hummels-----------Lahm------
Kimaway17 (Liverpool) 5 years ago




Hill (Arsenal) 5 years ago


---------y. Toure---------

--Ronaldo---RvP----Di Natale--

David Silva
Thiago Silva

Yeah, that's right, a starting 11 without Messi. It was a terrible summer with Argentina at the Copa America. They didn't win their group (Colombia did-and they went on to get beat by Peru in the quarterfinals, Peru finished 3rd in their group), and Argentina were knocked out in the quarterfinals by Uruguay (eventual winners). Maybe the international stage isn't the best place judge how good a player is, but if it is lesser talent.... Then perhaps he should have dominated?
Jeroen (Barcelona) 5 years ago
I'll take it this team is a joke, or a mirror image? Alves as a left-back and Lahm as a right-back, no Lionel Messi and Piqué (instead of Kompany or Hummels) who had quite a few bad games last season.

Nah, I know you're not kidding, and of course you're fully entitled to your opinion H, but I can't help but feel that without Messi, it's a complete joke. Even if Messi would score a hundred own-goals for Argentina, he still is the best player on Earth by some margin, and that for 4 years straight now
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
First off Messi didn't even play poorly in the Copa America. He was moved to a more play making role because of the lack of midfield talent in Argentina.

Leaving Messi out but keeping the likes of Ronaldo, RvP and Di Natale using international form as a reason is absurd.

Ronaldo has been poor for his country as well and really has only had one performance where he took charge of a match and that was the deciding match against Bosnia.

Robin Van Persie has been pretty anonymous for Holland too. Not terrible form but not anything great. If you take away his performances against San Marino (Officially the worst team in the FIFA rankings) where he scored 4 goals he would have less than 4 goals for his country.

Di Natale. He doesn't even play for Italy in 2011
Hill (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Lahm should be LB, Alves RB, I wrote it without the thought of looking out from the goalies standpoint. Also, I wrote out a retort for why I didn't include Pique, then looked at your response, and re-read it. Then looked at my team and.... Theres Pique. No idea why I included him. I was thinking Kompany or Hummels the whole time.

Messi didn't dominate the matches like I would expect him to. I feel that he needs a Xavi and Iniesta in order to succeed.

1. RvP did not play San Marino in 2011 though did he? His stats aren't great this year, but 2 goals and an assist in 5 Euro qualifiers in which Netherlands hasn't been terribly pressed. He is also the most in form striker at the moment in my opinion at club level. Absolutely carries Arsenal at times.

2. Ronaldo has 5 goals in 6 Euro qualifiers in 2011 alone, I think.

3. Di Natale doesn't play for Italy, so why include that for him? All he's done is carry Udinese to 3rd in Serie A without the team that Madrid, Barcelona, or really Arsenal, have.

4. Gentlemen, Ronaldo and Messi have nearly identical league statistics for this season, and year. It all comes down to personal preference at this point. For me, I don't think Messi is even the best player on his team. I think that is Xavi. He pulls the strings for that team. Also, Ronaldo is bigger and stronger. I could see him getting 100 goals on Barcelona. And as you said earlier, Jeroen, on a realistic team, perhaps I would include Messi, but he gets a nice comfy spot on the bench on my team of the year right now. RvP and Di Natale carry their respective teams. And I just so happen to prefer Ronaldo (as much as I royally hate him) to Messi. Which is why Messi gets the bench!

To me its almost as if you guys are insulted I didn't include Messi lol
Hill (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Ah, what a glorious double poster I am
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
It just isn't logical to say that Messi shouldn't be there because of his international performances when you have other players which haven't performed internationally either.

Saying RvP is the most in form striker at the moment is a fair thing to say, I'll agree with you there but again. You said he hasn't been spectacular at international level but has been great at club level.

On Ronaldo, his performance against Bosnia was great but playing well against Cyprus makes the guy awesome internationally?

Anyways.... Just wanted to point out that your logic was flawed
Hill (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Ronaldo showed up when it mattered. Where was Messi?

In fairness to Messi I'll say this about his form at international level: he has more ability to run at players at club level than at international level just because of the style of play. No matter who Barcelona play when they lose the ball they immediately pressure as a team and get the ball back. This just doesn't happen at international level. At club level Messi has the freedom to do what he wants without fear. He can lose the ball then get it back instantly, it doesn't hurt the team as much as it does at international level. Teams realize this and give his teammates (at Argentina) time on the ball but highly pressure Messi.

That said, with so much ballyhoo surrounding Messi, I would expect him to bust out a performance to carry his team once in a while. Didn't happen this year for him. Happened for Ronaldo when it really mattered.

Also, I do concede that I would probably include Messi if I were really voting. However, I feel that Di Natale deserves some praise for what he has achieved with Udinese. Far too often do we as fans concentrate solely on one or two players (Messi and Ronaldo) and fail to give others their due. Quite honestly, I feel that Di Natale is the only guy in that team I would remove as a starter at this point
FootyRulz (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Di Natale is underrated by many IMO. I don't really agree with him in the first XI but definitely as a sub at least. Udinese would not be sitting in a Champions league slot right now if it weren't for his major contributions
Wesblitz (Manchester City) 5 years ago
What did you mean 'ronaldo showed up when it mattered, where was messi? '
For an answer messi was everywhere when barca needed them. Champs league victory he was crucial. He was as much as a part of winnning la liga than anybody else. This season he has missed a penalty or 2, messi does the noticed and the unoticed in a graceful way that deserves everybody starting XI.

Dear hill, sorry you are receiving all this stuff but you simply had it coming when you left messi out of the team of the year
Hill (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Really, I should have just left Messi and Ronaldo. And I know Messi plays fantastic for club, I'm saying he doesn't for country. Ronaldo doesn't do well either, but when they needed him against Bulgaria he played well. I'm of the opinion that Xavi pulls the strings for Barcelona and that the style of play they have as a TEAM allows Messi to be the player he is.

After the El Classico I would probably drop Ronaldo. He looked awful and didn't do much against Barcelona
Hill (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Argh. I double post all the time
JulioFC (Inter Milan) 5 years ago
If this is based on what's happening this season, then my team would be:


Alves----T. Silva----Pepe----Lahm



-------------v. Persie-----------

Bench: Cheillini, Neymar, Pique, Ramos, Valdes, Higuain, Aguero, Di Maria & Ribery
Hill (Arsenal) 5 years ago
I've seen several people include Neymar into their teams. Besides the common highlight videos I have seen I haven't watched much of him. I'm going to have to get on that. I would love to watch full matches of him
Wesblitz (Manchester City) 5 years ago
-------------------Joe Hart-----------------
--Dani Alves--Kompany--Vidic--Sergio Ramos--
--------Yaya Toure---------Xavi------------
-----------------David Silva-----------------

Defenseique, lahm
Midfeild:A. Iniesta, Song
ManUK (Manchester United) 5 years ago


Valdes, Pique, Kompany, Nuri Sahin, Iniesta, Rooney, Mario Götze, Sanchez, Rooney, Robin Van Persie
CatGooner (Arsenal) 5 years ago



----Messi -----RVP-----Ronaldo--

Bench: Joe Hart, Dani Alves, Gomez, D. Silva, , Gotze, Koscielny, Aguero, Cavani

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