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Should The MLS Be Included In The UEFA Champions League Tournament?
Trueblue (Chelsea) 7 years ago
No and the reason is simple uefa: United European Football Associations
AniBhat (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Yes, I don't know why this thread is existing, when there is no value and point to discuss about it
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 7 years ago
So why did you bother to post? .... The best way to squash a post you think is silly or unfounded is to leave it alone. But everybody seems to want to vent their feelings on this subject. So here's where you do it....
Vodka (Real Madrid) 7 years ago
N+0= NO.... Never because that would kill the UEFA. Sorry Americans
Reidscott (Fiorentina) 7 years ago
Damn dude.... Look what happens when you just throw out an idea.... Lol. Watch out for site sharks swimmin' around looking for blood.... Lol.... (BTW.... Your idea? .... Not gonna' happen, sorry.)
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 7 years ago
Hahaha! I know it will probably never happen in my lifetime but in 4 days its had 40+ responses. This subject obviously triggers some emotions in footytubers
Keong (Manchester United) 7 years ago
I get what you try to say here, nice try buddy! Cheers!
Ltm017 7 years ago
Hahah! I love it. Emotion triggers are always the best topic!
Andy (Rangers) 7 years ago
It is plausible given that Russia, Israel, Serbia, Ukraine and Turkey (among others) have federations within UEFA although aren't members of the EU.

Travelling distance is an issue although don't forget that both CSKA Moscow and Rubin Kazan have been hosting teams from Western Europe in the UCL this season. I know US would be further but it is still do-able.

Do-able? Yah, Realistic? Nah
ManUK (Manchester United) 7 years ago
But The MLS wouldn't be able to compete in the Champions league, no way
Buddy (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Keep taking the tablets mate
Jabernard (Chelsea) 7 years ago
No, it shouldn't happen. Logistically it would be a nightmare, and there is an obvious answer who would win those matches. The fifa club world cup determines the better champions of those divisions, and that is something that should continue
Aeaglan (AC Milan) 7 years ago
Mr. Chelsea61,

Even though you make a very valid point in saying that the addition of MLS teams to the UEFA would give the league a boost, I still don't agree with the fact that they should just be given free opportunities to the cup for many reasons.

The more obvious reason, and less important one, is that this competition is strictly a European competition. This leads me to the main reason: if you are going to add more teams from other continents, I can think of atleast 5 other country leagues outside Europe that offer much better and more competitive football and definitely deserve a spot more than MLS teams. Simply put, MLS shouldn't just get a free pass to the UEFA just so they can get better.

Finally, it is entirely up to the MLS and MLS team owners to revive the sport in north America, it is not the European soccer's duty. I live in Canada as well, and I would LOVE to see the MLS and football become a popular sport here
StadeNyonnais (Liverpool) 7 years ago
I think definately not, it is a european competition, it makes no sense to fly half way round the world to play one game. The way that mls teams can compete against european teams is in the club world championship at the end of every season. I think that this tournement should become bigger and include more teams, it would make participating alot more worthy if there were loads of teams in it. At the moment there is only like 8-10 teams who participate.
But yeah, no mls in the uefa(european) champions league it just wouldnt make sense
Diablo28 (Real Madrid) 7 years ago
That would be really weird to have MlS included in the UEFA champions league.... It just not belongs there
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 7 years ago
I knew before I posted that this topic was a loaded question. The reason I asked was more to pick the brains of fellow footytubers. Beleive me I know that the logistics of having teams from all over the world compete is impractical to say the least. The subject has certainly stirred up some interesting comments though
Salt (Aston Villa) 7 years ago
Don't worry, Mate! I'm sure we all know that you had the best of intentions!

I certainly see the merit of a decent World Club Championship as the existing one doesn't really excite many people and I think that a bigger competition that encompasses more leagues would certainly spark more interest. It would be very tricky because there is always some league somewhere in the world that is being played so somebody would always have to miss out. But I think you were certainly right to pose some form of question about this! A more level playing field may appear in years to come but for now it's all just a wonderful dream!
Samdagooner (Arsenal) 7 years ago
I think everyone hit the nail on the head with this one.
1. Impractical - flights will be ridiculous and pretty expensive when everything adds up
2. UEFA - Union of European Football Associations, so having a concacaf team to play in that defeats its purpose.... That's why there is a concacaf Champions League.
3. If hypothetically, UEFA allows MLS to play in the UEFA Champions League, then the other Federations like conmebol (South America) and AFC (Asia) among others will want to join even though they already have the Copa Libertadores and Asian Champions League.
4. Even if MLS teams were allowed, they would get whooped on for a lack of better words
5. MLS wouldn't generate a big enough increase revenue for UEFA compared to the costs of including them for them to accept it.
6. I will guarantee that none of us will see an MLS team in the UEFA Champions League during our lifetime in its current format. The World Club Cup will probably be the only competition that will include all the Federations under FIFA for the time being.
7. Similar argument as my 3rd point, but you aren't going to have the USA competing at EURO 2012 or whatever year because USA has its own federation. That's why they play in the Gold Cup and Copa America sometimes.

Sorry Chelsea61, this question was meant to get you ridiculed sorta
Ltm017 7 years ago
No I agree with everyone else. It would be kind of weird. Plus yeah it is for Europe so it really wouldn't make sense but men.... Some people don't have to be so mean about it
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 7 years ago
Don't worry my feelings aren't hurt or anything like that its just a question I thought might stir up some controversy and so it has. I knew the moment I hit enter that this subject would bring more hate than love. Just look at any of the other posts involving the MLS. Most people see it as a bush league that has no merit in world football and I myself live in Canada but have no affinity for the MLS. I also was unhappy when the league was founded and they decided to call it Major League Soccer. The word makes my skin crawl. Even if UEFA decided to experiment by adding a couple of teams from outside Europe in the Champions League tournament I'm under no illusion as to how good the teams that play in Europe are. They're best in the world. I just thought I would pose the question to see how open to the subject footytubers were
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 7 years ago
UEFA stands for Union of European Football Associations, MLS stands for Major League Soccer, they don't even call it football, I don't think the MLS would fit in haha. Besides, like other people have said there is a concacaf Champions League and MLS teams rarely even win that, they are usually knocked off by teams from La Liga Mexicana
SP8884 (Barcelona) 7 years ago
MLS have their own version of champions league.... If they cannot dominate that then what's the point of even attempting to play in UEFA champions league.... If they truly want to be up against the best they can get their opportunity in the annual World Club Cup in Japan
Seantoon (Newcastle United) 7 years ago
Sorry but No!  Uefa = Europe, not North America...

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